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  1. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says there is a real risk the UK could be facing a "lost decade" after Brexit
  2. Environment, climate change and land reform ministers are quizzed during Portfolio Questions
  3. The government leads a debate on the implications of the EU referendum debate
  4. SNP MSP Ivan McKee leads this evening's members debate entitled 'Reusable Nappies and the Scottish Baby Box'

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

  1. That is all from Hollyrood Live


    That brings our live coverage of the Scottish Parliament on 14 September 2016 to a close.

    We'll be back tomorrow with coverage of First Minister's Questions. 

    Have a good night. 

  2. The government estimates the baby box will cost £6m to deliver

    Children and Early Years Minister Mark Macdonald says the first minister announced the plans for a baby box in May.

    The minister says the government estimates the baby box will cost £6m to deliver.

  3. Green MSP backs the baby box

    Green MSP Mark Ruskell says he used reusable nappies with his two sons.

    Mr Ruskell says councils are making significant increases in recycling but there is a reduction in landfill so disposable nappies can be a problem.

    He says there are recyclable nappies but they are not as good as real nappies for the environment.

    The Green MSP says the support for real nappies has slipped and he says this is a shame.

    He says the baby box is fantastic idea and in Finland, where parents are offered the cash equivalent, 95% still take the baby box.

  4. Labour MSP very supportive of real nappies

    Labour MSP Claire Baker says on balance she felt real nappies were the ones to use.

    Ms Baker says parents could request a real nappy rather than another outfit.

    She says she was grateful for the advice of the online Nappy Lady.

    The Labour says she has concerns including a real nappy in the baby box might not work and it may end up in landfill.

  5. 'Real nappies have come a long way'

    SNP MSP Gail Ross
    Image caption: SNP MSP Gail Ross

    SNP MSP Gail Ross says like Maree she used disposable nappies.

    Ms Ross says real nappies have come a long way and are now easier to use.

    She says they take a lot of washing but its worth it for the benefits accrued. 

    The baby box shows the commitment the Scottish government has to early years and preventative spend, says Ms Ross.

  6. Scottish Conservatives still remain sceptical about the baby box.

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs
    Image caption: Tory MSP Miles Briggs

    Tory MSP Miles Briggs says he is sympathetic with Mr McKee's points on disposable nappies.

    Mr Briggs says this is a significant issue and it will take time and effort for parents to look at alternatives to disposable nappies and it is right for Ivan McKee to try to do so. 

    He says the Scottish Conservatives still remain sceptical about the baby box.

  7. SNP MSP says the baby box is a 'fantastic idea'

    SNP MSP Maree Todd
    Image caption: SNP MSP Maree Todd

    SNP MSP Maree Todd says the baby box is a fantastic idea and including reusable nappies is a really good idea.

    There is a big up front cost, says Ms Todd, but in the long run there is a big saving.

    The environmental benefit is great too, she says, as disposable nappies take 500 years to degrade.

  8. SNP MSP praises disposable nappies and the Scottish baby box

    SNP MSP Ivan McKee
    Image caption: SNP MSP Ivan McKee

    SNP MSP Ivan McKee highlights the impact of disposable nappies on the environment and sings the praises of reusable nappies.

    Mr McKee says the cost of reusable nappies can be high for hard pressed families.

    He says the nappy solution in the Scottish baby box could remove this poverty trap. 

  9. Background: Why babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes

    Nearly three years ago, the Magazine reported on the Finnish baby box - a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys the state gives to expectant mothers.

    The story went viral and was read by 10 million people in 18 months. Now the box idea itself is spreading around the world.

    Baby sleeping in a box

    It's a tradition that dates back to the 1930s. 

    Every new mother, regardless of background or income, gets a baby box from the government. 

    The box contains a stash of supplies - bibs, bodysuits, nappies, a sleeping bag, outdoor gear, bathing products - as well as a small mattress. 

    Putting the mattress in the bottom of the box creates the baby's first bed.

    It has been credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

    Read more: Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes

  10. Disposable nappies and the Scottish baby box debate

    Ivan McKee motion

    SNP MSP Ivan McKee leads a debate on disposable nappies and the Scottish baby box. 

  11. Decision time

    MSPs back the Scottish government motion as amended by Labour, with 87 MSPs backing it and 34 against.

    The amendment from the Conservatives fell.

  12. Ms Hyslop draws to a close....................

    Ms Hyslop concludes urging all members to back the Scottish government motion.

    Ms Hyslop
  13. Minister calls for 'respect and understanding'

    The cabinet secretary says everybody in the chamber wishes Mike Russell well in his meeting tomorrow with David Davis.

    Ms Hyslop says it is the Tories recklessness that has led to the position we are in.

    She calls for "respect and understanding" moving forward. 

    The cabinet secretary concludes saying "the clock is ticking".

  14. Social protection must be protected

    The cabinet secretary says membership of the EU has ensured social protection has been championed.

    "We won't tolerate any attempt to downgrade any social protection."

  15. Minister: 'All options are being looked at'

    Ms Hyslop reiterates the mantra that all options are being looked at in Scotland's interests.

    The cabinet secretary says the Standing Council on Europe is looking in depth at all the options. 

    The external affairs secretary says any relationship with the EU short of being a member of the single market would risk trade and tariffs.

    The idea the UK is going to be able to pick and choose is something we need a reality check on, she says.

  16. Minister says the enormity of the challenge of Brexit cannot be underestimated

    External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop says the enormity of the challenge of Brexit cannot be underestimated.

    Ms Hyslop says the Scottish government moved swiftly after the vote.

    The cabinet secretary highlights the meeting of new Brexit minister Mike Russell's meeting with his UK government's counterpart, David Davis, tomorrow.

    Fiona Hyslop
  17. What does Brexit mean?

    Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott intervenes asking when will the UK government sort its position out.

    Mr Tomkins says the next section of his speech is called, what Brexit means.

    However he starts to explain what Brexit does not mean.

    He says the softest form of Brexit would be EEA membership, which would mean not taking back contol over the UK's borders.

  18. 'Scotland formally has no legal status in the European Union'

    Mr Tomkins says Scots want the UK and Scottish government to work together to get the best Brexit possible.

    The Conservative MSP says Scotland will get a preferential deal only if it deals with the UK government which is the member state.

    He says Scotland formally has no legal status in the EU. 

    The Tory MSP says the most pressing issue is that the Scottish government works in good faith with the UK government using diplomacy and sincere co-operation.

  19. Tory MSP says 'whole of the UK voted to leave'

    Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins says Scotland voted that the UK remain a member state not that Scotland remain.

    Mr Tomkins says the whole of the UK is leaving because the whole of the UK voted to leave.

    Adam Tomkins