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  2. MSPs quiz health ministers during portfolio questions
  3. Economy Secretary Keith Brown gives an emergency ministerial statement on the delay to the opening of the new Forth bridge
  4. The Scottish Conservatives lead a debate on the Named Person scheme and the education secretary announces the guidance would be refreshed
  5. SNP MSP Clare Adamson leads a debate on child safety

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

That's all from Holyrood Live

That's all from Holyrood Live on Wednesday 8 June 2016, the day when: 

Economy Secretary Keith Brown told the chamber that the new £1.35bn bridge across the Forth will now open in May 2017, six months later than originally planned.

Economy Secretary Keith Brown
Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament
Economy Secretary Keith Brown announces delay in opening the Queensferry Crossing
Workers lost 25 days to high winds during April and May alone
Getty Images
Workers lost 25 days to high winds during April and May alone

Education Secretary John Swinney announced the government is to "refresh" guidance about its named persons scheme after acknowledging "concerns"

John Swinney announces the government is to "refresh" guidance about its Named Persons scheme
John Swinney announces the government is to "refresh" guidance about its Named Persons scheme

Minister looks forward to improving child safety

Ms Ewing says she took the Bitrex test and confirms it was indeed very bitter, requiring five chocolates to address it.

The minister concludes saying she looks forward to working to further improve child safety awareness in Scotland.

Minister praises work in Child Safety Week by the Child Accident Prevention Trust

Community Safety Minister Annabelle Ewing says this week is Child Safety Week, which is a flagship community education week raising awareness of child accidents and how to prevent them.

Community Safety Minister Annabelle Ewing

Ms Ewing says the week reaches tens of thousands of children and families, which is very much to be welcomed.

She says unintentional injuries happen when people are distracted, which is why the theme "Turn of Technology" is a good one.

This theme gets children involved which is crucial.

'People take drivers' full concentration for granted' - Tory MSP

Scottish Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell says he was shocked by statistics that one in 20 child deaths in Scotland are preventable.

Scottish Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell

Mr Mundell says he only had his "Sony Walkman and S Club 7 songs" to distract him but with advancements in technology people have more gadgets when outdoors now. 

He says  when driving he often watches pedestrians, with a coffee in one hand and a smartphone in the other, approach the road and wonders if they will look up.

"People take drivers' full concentration for granted", he says. 

Here's the BBC Scotland story on the Named Person debate

Community safety minister highlights child safety before this debate

'No to Named Persons' group respond to today's debate...

'Time to concentrate on supporting our young people' - Scottish government minister

SNP MSP praises the Child Accident Prevention Trust

SNP MSP David Torrance says accidents to young children often happen when people are disengaged or distracted.

SNP MSP David Torrance

 Mr Torrance thanks the Child Accident Prevention Trust for their work. 

'Nothing prepares you for the love and fear of being a parent' - Labour MSP

Scottish Labour MSP Elaine Smith says nothing can prepare you for the love or fear of being a parent.

Elaine Smith

Ms Smith says the best experience of her life was 20 years ago when her son was born and one of the worst was when he tumbled down the stairs as a child and thankfully was unharmed.

The Labour MSP says one of her main concerns was that her son was watching age appropriate movies and video games as some parents thought Grand Theft Auto was OK for children.

She says encouraging water safety with children is very important. 

Tory MSP uses maiden speech to highlight risk to children of technology distraction

Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour begins his maiden speech saying he will talk about the Lothians in the  future, but he does not want to take away from the importance of this debate.

Mr Balfour also highlights the risks of becoming distracted by technology and stresses that accidents relating to mobile phones could be prevented.

Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour makes his maiden speech
Conservative MSP Jeremy Balfour makes his maiden speech

The Conservative MSP says road safety campaigns are vital and must be aimed at young people who may be distracted by technology.

He says parents are bombarded by messages on parenting, but this message must get through.

Bitrex taste test

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SNP MSP Clare Adamson calls on MSPs to take the Bitrex Taste Test and it looks like her colleague Richard Lochhead already has.

The test seeks to highlight the impact of using household and garden products that contain Bitrex and to reduce the risk of accidental poisoning amongst children. 

'Turn of the Tecnhology' to avoid accidents

The SNP MSP says the theme this year is "Turn of the Technology".

Ms Adamson highlights the risk of accidents caused by the distraction of a mobile phone.

Child safety a social justice issue - SNP MSP

SNP MSP Clare Adamson says, with many new members in the chamber, but what is not new is that she is on her feet talking about child safety and she makes no apologies for that.

SNP MSP Clare Adamson

Ms Adamson says child safety is a social justice issue.

She says children in deprived areas are more likely to find themselves in the emergency room and one in 12 deaths in children are caused by unintentional accidents. 

Background: What is Child Safety Week?

The Child Accident Prevention (CAPT) Trust run Child Safety Week annually.

This year's theme is "Turn off technology!"

CAPT homepage
Child Accident Prevention Trust

CAPT aim to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented.

They say: "We provide a range of resources to help practitioners run local activities and events and promote safety messages in a fun and engaging way.

"Events are held by a range of different organisations and individuals, including children’s centres, childminders, fire and rescue teams, hospitals, schools and many more."

Member's Debate: Child Safety Week 2016

Clare Adamson motion
Scottish Parliament

SNP MSP Clare Adamson leads a debate on the safety of children as this week has been designated Child Safety Week 2016 by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. 

Ms Adamson asks the parliament to recognise organisations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

EU referendum voter registration extended

Holyrood's committee membership motion agreed

Amended Tory motion agreed

The Conservative motion, as amended, was agreed with 74 MSPs backing it, 31 against and 21 abstentions.

Government amendment agreed

SNP amendment
Scottish Parliament

The amendment from Education Secretary John Swinney is agreed, with  74 MSPs backing it, 31 against and with 21 abstentions.

Lib Dem amendment from Named Person debate agreed

Lib Dem amendment
Scottish Parliament

MSPs agree to the Lib Dem amendment with 74 MSPs backing it, 30 against and  22 abstained.

Green MSP raises point of order

Scottish Green Party co-convener Patick Harvie raises a point of order about the motion on committee membership, without having seen who will be the parliamentary liaison officer.

Scottish Green Party co-convener Patick Harvie

Mr Harvie says this is a concern and he asks about potential conflicts of interest.

Presiding Offider Ken Macinosh says this is not a point of order but an important political point.

Tories want to 'bury' the Named Person scheme

Prof Tomkin says everyone knows his party want to bury the Named Person scheme but today it is causing for a pause and for thought.

The Conservative MSP concludes saying it has not been his party's intention to turn up the heat on this issue, which leads to much laughter in the chamber.

Adam Tomkins says the scheme will undermine child protection

Prof Tomkins says the "burden of box ticking" from the scheme will lead to increased risk for children.

Family silhouette

The deputy first minister asks how the Conservative MSP can make these comments in the face of the reduction of the number of children on the protection register in Highlands and Islands.

Prof Tomkin says there are number of opinions on the scheme.

He says the evidence strongly suggests the Named Person policy will undermine child protection.

Tory MSP says the principle problem with the law is its 'overreach'

Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins says; "The principle problem with this law is its overreach."

Prof Tomkins says the focus is on "wellbeing" and not on abuse or neglect.

Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins

The Tory MSP says the Named Person will be required, irrespective of the parents wishes, to raise an issue of wellbeing.

He says there is no right of appeal against a Named Person.

The law must be rewritten, says Mr Tomkins, which is why the Tories are calling for a pause. 

It's not looking good for the Tory motion....

Minister accuses Tories of 'appalling rhetoric'

Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald says the Named Person policy in Highland reduced the case load work.

Woman with young child

The minister highlights the "appalling rhetoric the Conservatives have employed" around tragedies in recent weeks to link it with the scheme.

Lib Dem amendment will be supported by the government - minister

Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald says to Daniel Johnson, as the man responsible for the baby box, he has made a request that "grippy gloves" are included so that should help when Mr Johnson is bathing his daughter. 

Childcare and Early Years Minister Mark McDonald

Mr McDonald says the government is committed to making sure the Named Person policy is resourced and they will be happy to support the Lib Dem amendment at decision time.

Daniel Johnson accuses Tories of u-turn

Mr Johnson says the Tories have railed against the Named Person scheme, but have come to the Parliament today and only called for a pause.

Hands holding drawing of a house and family

The Labour MSP says the Conservatives have admitted again today that they want the scheme scrapped.

He accuses the Conservatives of a u-turn and Ruth Davidson of "pulling the hand brake hard".

Labour MSP says parents have lost trust in the government and the intent of the scheme

Labour MSP Daniel Johnson says it was terrifying the first time he bathed his baby daughter and as well as a baby box, he would like an instruction manual too.

Mr Johnson says his initial reaction to the Named Person scheme was one of caution, but society must work together to look after the most vulnerable children.

Labour MSP Daniel Johnson

He says parents have lost trust in the government and the intent of the scheme. 

The Labour MSP says time is needed to build trust in this scheme. 

He welcomes Mr Swinney's pledge to work on the guidance for the scheme and again calls for a pause and a review. 

Lib Dem MSP calls for adequate resources for Named Person scheme

Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott says the government must get resourcing right in the implementation of the Named Person scheme.

Mr Scott says the scheme will provide a single point of contact and reduce bureaucracy.

Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott

He says it worked in the Highlands and Islands and the scheme will be a step forward in this area.

The Lib Dem MSP says the Tories are wrong on this issue.

He says the government needs to bring more clarity to the scheme. 

Greens do not support any pause in the Named Person policy - Ross Greer

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer says he wonders why the Named Person policy is a priority in the government's education portfolio at a time where there is an attainment gap.

Mr Greer says the Scottish Conservatives asking for a pause is not about more scrutiny but destroying yet more confidence in the policy.

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer

The Scottish Greens education spokesperson says the policy has been "lied about" outside this chamber.

"This policy is about children who do need help", he says. 

Mr Greer says children who are at risk need someone who will always be there. 

"The Greens do not support any pause", he says. 

SNP MSP says the scheme will benefit all children, but particularly the most vulnerable

SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor
SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor

SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor, who was a social worker for 12 years who worked predominately in child protection, says this legislation can help resolve problems before they become a crisis.

Mr MacGregor says the Named Person legislation is aimed at increasing protection and services for Scotland's most vulnerable children and will have no affect on the majority of people.

He says he dearly believes this legislation will benefit all children, but particularly the most vulnerable.

Public have lost faith in Named Persons policy - Tory MSP

Scottish Conservative MSP Ross Thomson says he believes that the Named Person policy was created with he best of intentions in protecting children.

Mr Thomson says there can be no getting away from the fact that the public have now lost faith in it.

Ross Thomson

The Tory MSP says by supporting a pause the policy can be fully reviewed in order to get a clear idea of what is required in terms of cost and resource.

He says the nervousness around implication of the policy is affecting teacher recruitment.

"Teachers are becoming increasingly concerned by how their workload will be affected", he says.

SNP MSP calls for 'pause in the misleading Conservative rhetoric'

SNP MSP Gillian Martin
SNP MSP Gillian Martin

SNP MSP Gillian Martin says her husband, who is a guidance teacher, is 100% behind the Named Person policy.

Ms Martin says the scheme will provide one person as a central contact to make sure key information about children is not missed.

She says the Daily Mail has referred to guidance teachers as "state snoopers" and says the pause that is needed is a "pause in the misleading Conservative rhetoric".

SNP MSP says there is no obligation to engage with the scheme

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan says the Named Person policy is supported by some of the major third sector organisations, as well as teachers, social workers and Police Scotland.

Mr McMillan accepts there is work for the government to do in increasing confidence in the policy.

SNP MSP Stuart McMillan

He says the vast majority of children will have no contact with their Named Person in that guise.

The SNP MSP says the Named Person merely ensures that the work that is already being done by professionals is co-ordinated.

He says there is no obligation for families to make use of the service, or engage with it. 

'Hasty action may do more harm than good' - Tory MSP

Delivering his maiden speech, Scottish Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell says while he would not be here without his dad, Tory MP David Mundell, he must pay tribute to former Dumfriesshire MP Sir Hector Munro.

David Mundell and Oliver Mundell
Scottish Office/BBC
Oliver Mundell says he would not be an MSP without his dad, who is of course Scottish Secretary David Mundell

Mr Mundell says even the most ardent supporter of Named Persons must concede that parents and industry professionals have lost confidence in it.

The Tory MSP says the government should "hit the pause button" and look at the body of evidence put forward.

He asks that the cabinet secretary accept the possibility that hasty action may do more harm than good. 

Labour MSP says SNP have messed up the Named Person policy

Labour MSP Monica Lennon
Labour MSP Monica Lennon

Labour MSP Monica Lennon says: "There is no space for spin or speculation when it comes to the safety of children."

Ms Lennon says her party supports the policy but the Scottish government must gain the support of parents and professionals on the frontline.

The Labour MSP says that is why her party is calling for a pause, accusing the SNP of messing up the implementation of the policy. 

Background: Liam Fee death had 'absolutely nothing to do with Named Persons'

Liam Fee
The education secretary says the death of Liam Fee had 'absolutely nothing to do with Named Persons

The debate over the Named Person policy was reignited last week following the convictions of Rachel Fee and her partner Nyomi Fee for the murder of Liam Fee.

Liam, two, was killed at the family's home in Fife, one of the areas in Scotland which is piloting the initiative.

The No to Named Persons (NO2NP) campaign group questioned if "this universal scheme got in the way of the kind of targeted intervention we all wish had been used to save his life".

Education Secretary John Swinney insisted on Friday that Liam's death had "absolutely nothing to do with Named Persons" and that Liam was very much "on the radar" of social work services.

SNP MSP accuses Tories of using the death of Liam Fee to score political points

SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth says the Tories have used their first act as the major party of opposition to start an argument.

The Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP says: "It has been to use the death of a child in my constituency to score political points."

That simply is not good enough for an opposition she says.

SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth
SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth

Ms Gilruth says the parliament deserves a leader of the opposition who will "not take to social media to air her ill informed views", particularly when that view has been completely discredited by Fife Council, she adds.

She says: "The SNP will not allow the opposition to kick education about like a political football."