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  2. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a statement entitled 'Taking Scotland Forward', outlining her programme for government
  3. MSPs then debated the programme for government

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live today, join us for a debate on the EU from 10am tomorrow

    Image caption: MSPs are back with a debate on the EU tomorrow morning
  2. BreakingMSPs unanimously vote to extend first minister's questions to 45 minutes

    Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh gets the first decision time of this new session underway.

    Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh

    MSPs unanimously vote on a parliamentary bureau motion to extend future sessions of first minister's questions to 45 minutes. 

    Mr Macintosh the adjourns the parliament for today. 

  3. New finance and constitution minister brings debate to a close, but there's more tomorrow...

    SNP MSP Derek Mackay says there has been general consensus in the chamber today and he now follows the "champion" of parliament consensus Scottish Labour MSP Neil Findlay.

    The new finance and constitution minister says he is confident the Scottish government will meet the requirements promised in terms of broadband.

    Derek Mackay

    Mr Mackay jokes Scottish Conservative MSP Annie Wells may be about to challenge SNP MSP George Adam for the number of times a representative can mention their constituency during a speech.  

    He says the Scottish government will reach out to all parties not lease in dealing with equality.

  4. Labour MSP calls for justice for miners convicted during the strike

    Labour MSP Neil Findlay says everyone would have been humbled by the Hillsborough ruling.

    In April the jury at the Hillsborough inquests found 96 football fans were unlawfully killed, after hearing two years of evidence.

    It will have inspired class justice campaigner around the world, he says.

    Labour MSP Neil Findlay
    Image caption: Labour MSP Neil Findlay

    He says the call for inquiry into Orgreave and other miners strike policing grows louder and louder and says there were many injustices in Scotland.

    Mr Findlay says the Scottish government should stop obstructing legitimate calls into these miscarriages of justice.

    He also calls for justice against companies guilty of blacklisting and for mesh implant victims.

  5. SNP MSP says her party offers sanctuary from a 'tsunami of horrifying welfare reforms'

    SNP MSP Christina McKelvie welcomes the baby box and says the NHS should be the cradle to the grave.

    SNP MSP Christina McKelvie

    Ms McKelvie says: "When we are battered about like debris, in a tsunami of horrifying welfare reforms, we have promised the sanctuary of a social security system that cares, not castigates."

  6. New Tory MSP says 'I have been a Conservative all my life, although I only realised it recently'

    Conservative MSP Annie Wells gets up to speak for the first time in Holyrood.

    Ms Wells says up until the 5th of May she worked on the shop floor of Marks and Spencers and is happy to be on the Scottish Parliament's floor now. 

    The Glasgow list MSP says people want an alternative Conservative agenda.

    Conservative MSP Annie Wells

    Ms Wells says it is a great honour to represent Glasgow and says she will work to make her home city stronger.

    She says: "I have been a Conservative all my life, although I only realised it recently."

    Ms Wells say she and many others challenge the stereotype of being working class and from Glasgow and so you must vote Labour.

  7. SNP MSP 'enthused' by Climate Change Bill

    SNP MSP Graeme Dey says he is particularly enthused by the up and coming climate change bill.

    SNP MSP Graeme Dey

    Mr Dey says this enthusiasm is shared by industry professionals.

    The SNP MSP says more information is required in what the bill will include. 

  8. Here's how to get ahead in politics.......

    Scottish Labour MSP Alex Rowley begins by congratulating the new deputy presiding officer Christine Grahame on her post.

    Christine Grahame and Alex Rowley
    Image caption: Deputy Presiding Officer Christine Grahame and Scottish Labour MSP Alex Rowley

    Ms Grahame replies: "Your going to the top of my list." 

  9. New SNP MSP says named person scheme "should not be used as a political football".

    New SNP MSP Rona Mackay says she is proud the government have put educational attainment as its top priority.

    Ms Mackay says she wants every town and city in Scotland to have high performing schools, as her constituency Strathkelvin and Bearsden has.

    New SNP MSP Rona Mackay

    She says she is "dismayed and dissapointed" that the opposition want to scrap two initiatives, Offensive Behaviour at Football Act and the named person.

    In particular the named person scheme "should not be used as a political football".

  10. New Tory MSP says there is a sense of change in the Holyrood air

    Scottish Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart
    Image caption: Scottish Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart

    Scottish Conservative MSP Dean Lockhart steps up to give his first speech at Holyrood.

    Mr Lockhart says he is the Scottish Conservative spokesperson on the economy and he says he looks forward to working with Economy Secretary Keith Brown in this role.

    He says he wishes to bring "new, fresh perspectives on the economy".

    Mr Lockhart says there is a sense of change in the air and there are significant new powers coming from the Scotland Act. 

  11. Scottish government 'committed to empowering local authorities' says SNP MSP

    In her first speech Jenny Gilruth says she is honoured to be the first of the new SNP MSPs to contribute to the debate.

    Ms Gilruth says none of us want to see inequality in Scotland, "whether it be on the golf course or the boardroom". 

    Jenny Gilruth

    The SNP MSP says the Scottish government are committed to "empowering local authorities".

    The former modern studies teacher says the new education secretary wants to listen to teachers, parents and education authorities in a bid to close the attainment gap. 

  12. It must be ensured rural areas are served with connectivity says Labour MSP

    Labour MSP Rhoda Grant says we need to ensure BT, who have been given public money, serve remote areas with connectivity of broadband. 

    Labour MSP Rhoda Grant

    Ms Grant says the economy in rural areas suffers through the lack of these technologies.   

  13. Paisley mentioned again by George Adam, is this a pattern?

    SNP MSP George Adam gets Paisley into the first ten seconds of his speech, when congratulating the new MSP's maiden speeches.

    George Adam

    Mr Adam goes on to say what an honour it is to represent Paisley.

    He moves on to say that he is pleased to agree with the first minister that closing the educational gap starts before school and ends beyond the school gate.

  14. Superfast broadband no longer a luxury, it's essential says Scottish Tory MSP

    Scottish Conservative MSP Gordon Lindhurst, in his first speech, says Scotland today benefits from great technological advances and he hopes this parliament will benefit from those technologies. 

    Scottish Conservative MSP Gordon Lindhurst,

    Mr Lindhurst says things have progressed far but there is more to be done. 

    Superfast broadband is no longer a luxury but essential, he says.

  15. SNP MSP says Holyrood does not have enough powers yet

    SNP MSP Joan McAlpine

    SNP MSP Joan McAlpine congratulates the maiden speeches from both Mr Leonard and Golden.

    Ms McAlpine reminds the parliament it does not yet have as many powers as she would like it to have, which from a member of the SNP comes as no surprise. 

    She says: "I welcome the priorities which the first minister has outlined."

  16. Unemployment levels a 'stain on our society' says Scottish Labour MSP

    Labour MSP Richard Leonard, in his maiden speech says, he has come to the parliament to make a change.

    Mr Leonard says 21,000 men and women in Scotland are out of work and facing "grinding poverty" and it is a "stain on our society". 

    Labour MSP Richard Leonard

    The Labour MSP says Scotland has an economic system which favours those who own the wealth as opposed to those who create it.

    He says this is why we need a government prepared to act and intervene and calls on the Scottish government to act decisively and swiftly.

    Tinkering with these problems will not work, he says, "we need a vision". 

    Mr Leonard says there are "democrats in the parliament who answer the call of the nationalist bugle" and "there are more of them than there are of us".