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  2. MSPs asked about fracking, dualling the A9 and Scotland's steel industry during general questions
  3. Nicola Sturgeon was quizzed by opposition party leaders during first minister's questions
  4. MSPs debated the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill for the final time, before it was passed at decision time

Live Reporting

By Craig Hutchison and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. That's all from Holyrood Live today

    That's all from us here at Holyrood Live until next Tuesday.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Holyrood at night
  2. Housing Minister Margaret Burgess's valedictory speech

    Ms Burgess says there was a recognition that increasing household supply will impact and improve the rents across the housing sector.

    The housing minister says the government has delivered on 30,000 affordable homes and the SNP will deliver on at least 50,000 affordable homes.

    Margaret Burgess and Marco Biagi

    She says Siobhan McMahon was as ever very reasoned, measured and considered and wishes her well.

    Ms Burgess says this is her last debate in the chamber and says she and Siobhan and everyone leaving the parliament recognise what a privilege it has been to serve at Holyrood.

    Deputy Presiding Officer Elaine Smith pays warm tribute to Ms Burgess and wishes her well. 

  3. Labour's proposal of a charter is a huge policy shift says minister

    The housing minister says Labour's proposal of a charter is a huge policy shift and was not part of this bill and was not costed.

    Ms Burgess says it was a new policy proposed to late. 

  4. Government have a strategic approach - Minister

    Housing Minister Margaret Burgess says the result of this bill will be a fairer balance between landlords and tenants. 

    Housing Minister Margaret Burgess

    Ms Burgess says the government have a strategic approach and that is why they did not support the charter.

  5. Father pays warm tribute to daughter

    Labour MSP Michael McMahon pays tribute to Siobhan McMahon, who is of course his daughter.

    Labour MSP Michael McMahon pays tribute to Siobhan McMahon

    He says she has not been a book at Holyrood as she suggested, bookended by himself and Ken Macintosh, rather this has been a chapter and she has much more to do and offer.

  6. 'Everyone in Scotland deserves a safe, warm and secure home'

    Mr McMahon says everyone in Scotland deserves a safe, warm and secure home. 

  7. Labour MSP complains about rejection of rent arrears amendment

    Mr McMahon says the fact that a tenant can be evicted for failing to make one month's rent on time is a huge failing in the bill.

    House keys

    He says Labour's compromise of two months was rejected by the government.

  8. The protections for tenants in the bill are good but may not be good enough

    Labour MSP Michael McMahon  says the bill requires that landlords must show evidence for certain reasons of eviction.

    Labour MSP Michael McMahon

    Mr McMahon says landlords are given greater security by the bill as well as tenants.

    He says the protections for tenants in the bill are good but may not be good enough.

  9. Not enough rental properties available - Tory MSP

    Mr Johnstone says the reason why there are high rents in certain areas is because there are too few rental properties available.

    The Conservative MSP says maybe one day there will be enough of his party in power to make a difference.

    Green MSP Ptrick Harvie intervenes to ask if the private rental sector should dominate the housing market in Scotland.

    Green MSP Ptrick Harvie
    Image caption: Green MSP Ptrick Harvie

    Mr Johnstone says the ideal is home ownership. 

    "Unlike Patrick Harvie I will always believe in the sector", he says. 

  10. Tories to vote against bill at decision time

    Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone says he feels the bill could have been better and at decision time his party will stand with landlords and vote against the bill.

    Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone

    Mr Johnstone says most landlords are single property owners and if asked to do the right thing, will do the right thing.

  11. Siobhan McMahon's valedictory speech

    Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon calls for more detail about the implementation of the bill, but she says she welcomes it.

    Ms McMahon says scrutiny of the implementation will be crucial.

    She says this is her last speech in the chamber.

    The Labour MSP says she is proud of her record as Holyrood's youngest female and her party's only disabled member of the parliament

    Ms McMahon says she is most proud she could represent her constituency with her father by her side.

    Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon
    Image caption: Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon

    She says she is looking forward to her first child in July and spending quality time with her husband.

    Ms McMahon closes quoting her father's maiden speech who said: "It is only right that the first aim of this parliament is the creation of prosperity for this country.

    "However if we do not work to ensure that nobody is in any way excluded from access to that prosperity we will undoubtedly fail the people."

    The deputy presiding officer wishes her all the best for the future. 

  12. Green MSP calls for Scotland to be more bold on private rented sector

    Mr Harvie says more full scale reform is required to close the gap between the social rented sector and the private rented sector.

    Patrick Harvie

    He says Scotland must be more radical and bold.

  13. Is Holyrood Palace rented? Asks Green MSP

    Scottish Green Party co-convener says he is delighted the Queen has given consent to the bill, although he does not know if she rents Holyrood Palace.

    Holyroodhouse Palace

    Mr Harvie jokes that these are difficult times for a big family.   

  14. Lib Dems support the bill

    Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume says the Scottish government has a duty to stop rent prices going up by supplying more housing.

    Lib Dem MSP Jim Hume

    Mr Hume says his party will support the bill at decision time.

  15. Bill will not be enacted until tribunal is in place

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson says the bill will not be enacted until the tribunal is in place which is likely to be in a year or year and a half.

    SNP MSP Clare Adamson

    Ms Adamson says tenants deserve the right to a home and a home they have rights to. 

    The SNP MSP says a family should be allowed to stay in their home after a landlord passes away because that is their family home. 

  16. Tory MSP says more could and should have been done to bill

    Quote Message: we should have done more to create a proper balance between landlord and tenant from Alex Johnstone Conservative MSP
    Alex JohnstoneConservative MSP
  17. The bill contains 'threats to the private rented sector'

    Tory MSP Alex Johhstone says the government has taken the side of the tenant.


    Mr Johnstone says more should have been done for the landlord.

    He says the bill contains threats to the private rented sector, like rent pressure zones.

  18. Stakeholders disillusioned by bill

    Mr Johnstone says as the process has drawn on a number of stakeholders have become more disillusioned with the bill.

    The Conservative MSP says there is a misconception of landlords being rich and greedy but a number of them are "reluctantly" renting their properties. 

  19. Stage one 'as good as it got' - Tory MSP

    Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone says he said at stage one he didn't think he could support it but with amendments he would consider it.

    Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone

     "Stage one was as good as it got", he says.