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  2. Deputy First Minister John Swinney gave more detail on the fiscal framework deal to the Finance Committee
  3. Health, wellbeing and sport ministers were quizzed during Portfolio Questions
  4. Scottish Labour then led a debate on health
  5. SNP MSP Fiona McLeod led a member’s debate highlighting Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

Live Reporting

By Colin Bell and Craig Hutchison

All times stated are UK

  1. That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the Scottish Parliament

    That concludes Holyrood Live's coverage of the Scottish Parliament on 2 March 2016. 


    We're back with Finance Secretary John Swinney, Scottish Secretary David Mundell and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Greg Hands giving evidence to the Devolution Committee, on the fiscal framework deal, from 9am.

  2. Support for Fairtrade products

    Mr Yousaf says the Scottish government is happy to support a number of Fairtrade products.

    The chamber as the debate ends

    The minister says the government is delighted to support Fiona McLeod's motion on Fairtrade and calls on people to buy Fairtrade products.  

  3. Schools with Fairtrade status

    The minister praises the schools across Scotland that now have Fairtrade status and the understanding of Fairtrade that pupils across the country have.

    Humza Yousaf

    Mr Yousaf says it is important that children know about Fairtrade as they often tell the adults about it.   

  4. Warm tribute to Fiona McLeod

    International Development Minister Humza Yousaf praises Fiona McLeod and says she has been a great example as an MSP.

    International Development Minister Humza Yousaf praises Fiona McLeod

    Mr Yousaf says people still suffer huge abject poverty around the world.

    "Two billion people still live under $2 a day."

    The minister says Fairtrade fits very much into the government's ambitions.

    "We are one of only two Fairtrade nations in the world."

  5. Fairtrade empowers people to a 'better chance in life'

    Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor says trade brings something even more than poverty reduction, it empowers people, giving them a better chance in life.

    Scottish Conservative MSP Jamie McGrigor

    Mr McGrigor says Highlands and Islands is a Fairtrade zone and Oban is a Fairtrade town.

  6. Fairtrade sponsorship helps to raise awareness

    SNP MSP George Adam pays warm tribute to Fiona McLeod for her work on this issue and with him.

    Mr Adam says he watched his wife eat a Fairtrade banana fritter this morning and he is not so sure that is healthy.

    SNP MSP George Adam

    Mr Adam says she will do her bit for Fairtrade Fortnight and eat one as often as she can in the next few weeks.  

    The SNP MSP says because of the Fairtrade sponsorship of sporting goods and events it makes it "cool" and therefore will raise awareness among young Scots.

  7. Lib Dem MSP praises Fairtrade schools in Orkney

    Scottish Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur begins by praising the commitment of Fiona McLeod to Fairtrade.

    Mr McArthur says the theme for this awareness week is Sit down for Breakast, Stand Up for Farmers.

    He says given the mess of the CAP payments he is tempted to say that some farmers and crofters in locally are making the much same plea.

    Lib Dem MSP Liam McArthur

    Mr McArthur praises the Fairtrade schools in his own constituency of Orkney.

    The Lib Dem MSP wishes the Fairtrade movement and all the people it supports the very best.

  8. Background: Scotland achieves Fairtrade Nation status

    Scotland become a Fairtrade Nation in 2013 after achieving its target of having all six cities and 18 of its 32 councils garnering fair trade status.

    Scottish Fairtrade Forum director Martin Rhodes welcomed the news that it had followed Wales in becoming one of the first nations to have the accolade at the time.

    Banana farmer

    Fairtrade products are said to offer a better deal to workers in developing countries.

    Mr Rhodes said it had a positive impact on their lives and their communities.

  9. Fairtrade nation

    Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm says Scotland had to meet a range of tragets to become a Fairtrade nation.

    Labour MSP Malcolm Chisholm

    Mr Chisholm says this week of awareness looks to highlight the difficulties farmers face across the world.

    He says it also highlights the benefits of local solutions.

  10. Pupils working and playing Fairtrade so important

    Ms McLeod stresses how important it is that school children go to school in Fairtrade uniforms and play with Fairtrade footballs.

    The SNP MSP also points to the importance of Fairtrade in procurement.

  11. Balmore Coach House praised

    Ms McLeod says Balmore Coach House has raised £1m in her constituency invested back into the farmers and workers around the world to give them a decent wage.

    Balmore Coach House
  12. 'Schools and churches can achieve Fairtrade-status'

    Ms McLeod says this is her last member's debate and it is fitting that it is on Fairtrade Fortnight.

    The SNP MSP says schools and churches can achieve Fairtrade-status.

    Fiona McLeod

    She says she has mentioned her constituency three times already and will continue to do so as she stands down in three weeks.

    Ms McLeod says thank you to her constituents in Strathkelvin and Bearsden.

    She praises Lenzie for being a Fairtrade town.

  13. Fortnight will bring together shops, cafés and delicatessens with farmers and producers

    The SNP MSP says the fortnight will bring together shops, cafés and delicatessens with farmers and producers in similar-sized towns across the world who are being paid a fair price for their foodstuffs.

    Ms McLeod says this is thanks to the work of the activists from the Fairtrade network. 

    Cows in farm

    The Strathkelvin and Bearsden MSP supports the continuing status of Scotland as a Fairtrade nation and the underpinning and celebration of the country's achievements. 

    Ms McLeod believes that these inspire innovative and groundbreaking new ways to make trade fairer for farmers.

    She notes the view that public bodies and private businesses should be encouraged to procure fairly-traded products. 

  14. Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers!

    SNP MSP Fiona McLeod users her motion to highlight Fairtrade Fortnight 2016 which will have the theme, Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers!. 

    Sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers! document front page

    Ms McLeod says it will run from 29 February to 13 March and will be celebrated across Scotland, including in the Fairtrade-status local authority of East Dunbartonshire and its Fairtrade towns such as Lenzie, Bearsden and Milngavie.

  15. Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

    SNP MSP Fiona McLeod will now lead this evening's member’s debate highlighting Fairtrade Fortnight 2016.

    SNP MSP Fiona McLeod surrounded by colleagues in the chamber
  16. Decision time

    The Labour motion from the health debate is amended by the SNP amendment and then passed, with 75 MSPs backing it and 43 voting against.

    Health Secretary Shona Robison's amendment was passed.

    Decision time, Labour front bench
  17. There is a GP crisis says Labour MSP

    The Labour MSP says there has been a  5% rise in population in Scotland, in terms of the staff rise in the NHS.


    Dr Simpson says there are one in four practices in Edinburgh where there is no choice of doctor.

    There is a GP crisis and we have to accept it says Dr Simpson.

  18. 'Some of the targets in the NHS are causing considerable clinical problems'

    Dr Simpson says some of the targets in the NHS are causing considerable clinical problems, leading, perhaps, to the drop in staff morale.

  19. Uncertainty leads to job vacancies not being filled

    Dr Simpson says the uncertainty leads to staff not applying for jobs at the hospital, leading to them being clinically unsafe and making their closure more unlikely.

    Dr Richard Simpson

    The Labour MSP also echoes colleagues by highlighting the difficulties in tackling delayed discharge.

  20. 'We are on a descending curve in terms of morale' in the NHS

    The Labour MSP says: "We are on a descending curve in terms of morale."


    Dr Simpson lists some issues in the NHS: 

    • highest number of drug deaths of anywhere in Europe and cuts to Alcohol and Drug Partnerships
    • slow progress and limited success on obesity 
    • problems with waiting times
    • 15% of hospital beds have gone since the SNP came to power
    • uncertainties around hospital closures