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  1. Covid in Scotland: The headlines

    • Covid restrictions tightened around takeaway and click-and-collect services in Scotland
    • The changes are among six new rules that will come into force on Saturday
    • They also include a ban on the consumption of alcohol outdoors in all level four areas - which includes all of mainland Scotland and some islands - meaning takeaway pints will no longer be allowed
    • Statutory guidance will also be published for employers to support people working from home
    • Rules around work carried out in private properties will also be restricted
    • Finally, the first minister said the wording of the stay at home law will be altered to "close an apparent loophole" allowing people to do other things during lockdown
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    That's all from us here on the live page today. Please take care and stay safe.

  2. Teaching unions to give evidence

    MSPs will shortly take evidence from teaching unions, the SQA and Education Scotland on education during the pandemic.

    You can watch the evidence session here on this live page with us from 2.30pm.

  3. Archbishop of Glasgow dies after testing positive for coronavirus

    Philip Tartaglia

    The Archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, has died suddenly at his home in Glasgow.

    A spokeswoman for the Catholic Church said that Archbishop Tartaglia had tested positive for Covid-19 shortly after Christmas and was self-isolating at home.

    The cause of death is not yet clear.

    Archbishop Tartaglia, who was 70, was ordained a priest in 1975 and served as Archbishop of Glasgow since 2012.

    The spokeswoman said it would be for Pope Francis to appoint a new archbishop, but until then the Archdiocese will be overseen by an administrator.

  4. Covid in Scotland: The six new lockdown rules

    Changes to Scotland's lockdown restrictions have been announced. The tightening of the rules follows concerns the "stay at home" message is not having the same impact it did during last year's lockdown. The changes will come into effect on Saturday and affect:

    1. Click and Collect
    2. Takeaway services
    3. Alcohol consumption
    4. Working from home
    5. Home maintenance
    6. Stay at home message

    Click here to find out all the details.

  5. Greens: More support needed for those forced to self-isolate

    Patrick Harvie

    The Scottish Greens' Patrick Harvie asks the first minister about support for those who need to self-isolate.

    A more proactive approach is needed to help people to do the right thing, Mr Harvie adds. He points out that generally people want to comply with the rules.

    The first minister says eligibility criteria for support grants has been extended and that outreach services are available through local authorities.

    "There is not a suggestion that people are not" self-isolating, the FM adds.

  6. Lib Dems: We should be using 'gold standard' tests to hunt down virus


    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie says the full capacity of the gold-standard PCR tests is not being used.

    Why are we not using the full capacity to find as many cases as possible?

    Ms Sturgeon says PCR tests are used for testing everyone with symptoms. She says turnaround times are extremely good and it's important that capacity is available when it's needed for those who have symptoms.

    She says mass testing for those who don't have symptoms is generally most effectively carried out through a different route - using lateral flow tests - which are not as sensitive at detecting the virus.

    Mr Rennie says the government is great at making announcements about testing but is poor at delivering on them.

    Quote Message: We should be using the gold standard tests to hunt down the people in our community who have the virus but don't know it. from Willie Rennie Scottish Liberal Democrat leader
    Willie RennieScottish Liberal Democrat leader
  7. Labour: 'When will Scotland stop fighting the epidemic with one arm behind our back?'

    Richard Leonard

    Richard Leonard says in the past four weeks Scotland has carried out fewer tests per 100,000 than any other nation of the UK.

    The Scottish Labour leader quotes Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at Edinburgh University, who says "we are only finding half, or even less than half of the cases. This is like fighting the epidemic with one arm behind our back".

    He asks when the community roll out of mass testing will happen

    The first minister suspects the figures Mr Leonard is using are from the demand-led testing schemes.

    The numbers are lower in Scotland than the rest of the UK is because the prevalence of the virus is lower here, she explains.

  8. Government closing 'loophole' allowing people to do non-essential things outside

    The Scottish government will seek to close a loophole allowing people to do non-essential things during lockdown.

    Nicola Sturgeon said regulations would be changed, forbidding people from leaving home for an essential purpose and then doing something considered not to be essential after they have left the house.

    Quote Message: It does mean that if the police challenge you for being out of the house doing something that is not essential, it will not be a defence to say you initially left the house to do something that was essential. from Nicola Sturgeon First Minister
    Nicola SturgeonFirst Minister
  9. Tories ask for evidence to back up rule changes

    Ruth Davidson

    The Scottish Conservatives' Ruth Davidson asks if businesses that are affected by today's changes will be given extra financial support, and asks where the evidence is to back up the changes.

    Ms Sturgeon says an evidence paper is due to be published, but adds that because community prevalence is so high - due to the new variant - all interactions between people have to be minimised.

    "There is significant money available, much of it already with businesses and much more of it flowing to businesses over the course of this month," the first minister insists.

    She adds that she will continue to look at what the Scottish government can do "within its resources".

  10. Scottish government strengthening laws requiring employers to allow staff to work at home

    woman at pc

    The first minister told MSPs in Holyrood that statutory guidance would now be introduced urging employers to support workers to remain at home "wherever possible".

    Guidance previously issued to only allow essential work in people's houses will now be placed into law, Ms Sturgeon added.

    Quote Message: We have already issued guidance to the effect that in Level 4 areas work is only permitted within a private dwelling if it is essential for the upkeep, maintenance and functioning of the household. We will now put this guidance into law, from Nicola Sturgeon First Minister
    Nicola SturgeonFirst Minister
  11. FM insists new measures are 'regrettable but necessary'

    The first minister says today's measures are a "regrettable but necessary means to an end".

    Ms Sturgeon points out that although these are dark and difficult times, there are also grounds for hope.

    She says there are early signs the lockdown is having an affect so "we must stick with it".

    The first minister says vaccination will protect many more in the weeks and months ahead.

    She concludes none of us are powerless in the face of this virus as we can behave in a way that reduces the risk of passing it on.

    "Please stick to the spirit and not just the letter of these rules."

    Interactions should be minimised and in anything we do we should assume we have the virus and follow FACTS.

    "At this critical and dangerous moment please Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives."

  12. More detail on new restrictions on click-and-collect services

    The first minister has set out new restrictions designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. From Saturday, only shops selling essential items will be allowed to offer click and collect services and customers won't be able to go into takeaway food and drinks venues.

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  13. Six changes to Covid-19 restrictions...

    1. Limit availability and operation of Click and Collect retail services, with only essential items being allowed. Staggered appointments will need to be offered for customers.
    2. Restrictions to takeaway services with customers banned from going inside premises from now on
    3. From Saturday it will be against the law in all level 4 areas to drink alcohol in public. When you do leave home, only for essential purposes, you should only meet one person from a different household in a group no bigger than two
    4. Strengthen the obligation on employers to allow their staff to work from home where possible, which is already law. Statutory guidance will make clear employers must support people to work from home.
    5. Strengthen the provisions in relation to work in people's houses making it law that only essential work is carried out
    6. Amendment to regulations requiring people to stay at home, making it clear people must not leave or remain outside of the home unless for an essential purpose
  14. Pressure on NHS in Scotland 'likely to increase'

    The first minister warns pressure on the NHS is likely to increase further and continue for some time.

    Ms Sturgeon says last week saw the highest number of registered deaths from Covid since early May.

    The case numbers must be reduced to relieve pressure on the NHS and save lives, she says .

    That is why the cabinet is further tightening the lockdown restrictions.

  15. FM: 'We must slow down the virus'


    The first minister says: "For now of course we are in a race against the virus.

    "To win the race we must complete the vaccination programme as quickly as possible and that is what we will do.

    "But we must also slow down the virus."

    Ms Sturgeon says the new variant is spreading rapidly making up 60% of new cases and is making it more difficult to get the R number below one without severe restrictions.

    There are some signs lockdown may be having some affect, appearing to slow down and stabalise new cases.

  16. FM outlines vaccination plan and targets


    The first minister outlines Scotland's vaccination programme and highlights:

    • more than 80% of care home residents have already been vaccinated
    • More than half of frontline social care and health workers have been vaccinated
    • Over 80s vaccination is under way and first doses will be completed by the start of February
    • Over 70s will be offered vaccination by mid-February
    • It is the aim to vaccinate everyone over the age of 65 and those with extreme clinical vulnerability by the end of February
    • By the start of March, 1.4m people will have received the first dose
  17. BreakingNew restrictions from Saturday to limit click & collect services to essential items only

    • Takeaway services to be restricted, with takeaways permitted from serving hatches only. (Customers NOT allowed inside)
    • From Saturday - outdoor alcohol drinking will NOT be allowed in level four areas
    • There will be a legal obligation on employers to allow working from home
    • Requirement for only "essential" work taking place in a private home (e.g. by tradespeople) will be put into law