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  1. Nicola Sturgeon announces new independence bill
  2. Bill will be published next week
  3. SNP say it is 'draft legislation' for consultation

Live Reporting

By Jo Perry and Colin Bell

All times stated are UK

  1. More coverage of the Indyref bill announcement on Reporting Scotland and 2016

    Reporting Scotland

    BBC One Scotland at 18:30: The first minister tells BBC Scotland she feels she may have a "duty" to call a second independence referendum. Brian Taylor reports.

    Scotland 2016

    BBC Two Scotland at 22:30: Andrew Kerr reports on a day at the SNP conference, plus an interview with  the SNP's new deputy leader, Angus Robertson.

    SNP conference

    Live page coverage has now ended

  2. Round-up: New Indyref bill

    • Nicola Sturgeon announces consultation on plans for second Scottish independence referendum
    • Independence Referendum Bill to be published next week
    • Marks first step to holding second vote
    Nicola Sturgeon

    Analysis from:

    Read the full news story.

  3. Analysis: Preparing for a second referendum on Scottish independence and actually holding one are not the same thing

    Glenn Campbell

    BBC Scotland Political Correspondent

    To be clear, Nicola Sturgeon is in preparation mode. Keeping an option open, rather than committing to indyref2 anytime soon.

    Her promise to publish a draft referendum bill next week energises the SNP membership.

    Ms Sturgeon hopes it will also concentrate minds in the UK government - to head off a possible referendum with further devolution and a Brexit deal that preserves Scottish links with the EU.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    The SNP wants Holyrood to have new powers over agriculture and fishing, a say on immigration and the ability to make some international agreements.

    It also wants Scotland, if not the whole of the UK, to remain inside the European single market.

    The more of that that's delivered, the less likely indyref2 during Brexit negotiations becomes. 

    However, even if none of the SNP's demands are met, another referendum is still not inevitable.

    That's because having lost once, Nicola Sturgeon and co. do not want to lose again.

    They don't want to call a vote unless they are confident of winning and it would take a further shift in public opinion to convince them of that - a shift they think may come if Brexit looks like a bad deal for Scotland.

  4. Indyref2 bill: What's Sturgeon's message to Downing Street?

    Sarah Smith

    Scotland Editor

    It is certainly true that every day since the EU referendum the question is asked when, or if, the SNP's call for Indyref2 - as it's known - might happen.

    independence supporter
    Image caption: For some, the campaign for a second independence referendum was started the day after the first in September 2014

    Today Ms Sturgeon made very clear that she is prepared to trigger a second referendum if she feels that is the only way to protect Scotland from what she calls a "hard Brexit imposed by the hard right of the Tory party". 

    Read more of Sarah Smith's blog here

  5. Watch: Angus Robertson puts the case for a new independence vote

    The Moray MP, who was announced as the new party deputy leader said "things have turned on their head" since the EU referendum in June.

    Video content

    Video caption: Angus Robertson on the case for Scottish people to get a new independence vote.
  6. PM 'absolutely committed' to engaging with the people of Scotland

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    She was asked whether she thought the first minister's language this morning at the SNP party conference seemed threatening, she said:

    Quote Message: That's not the way the PM is approaching these matters. Not the kind of language I would use. The PM is approaching both the relationship between the four constituent parts of the UK and our relationship with the EU as we leave in a constructive and engaged spirit that's focused on getting the best interests for the UK whether that is the people of Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland. She will be approaching these negotiations as she is the PM of the UK. from Spokeswoman for the prime minister
    Spokeswoman for the prime minister
  7. Watch: Views from Dundee on the chances of a new independence vote

    From BBC Daily Politics reporter Adam Fleming

    Dundee backed independence in the 2014 vote.

    Video content

    Video caption: Views from Dundee on the chances of a fresh IndyRef vote about Scotland leaving the UK.
  8. Analysis: Winning is all that matters with an Indyref2

    Brian Taylor

    BBC Scotland Political Editor

    She is adamant that she didn't mean it. The little dry gibe, seemingly about Alex Salmond, that is. You remember? When Nicola Sturgeon was talking about the sundry items of advice which come her way, unbidden? Yes, that.

    Image caption: How soon will there be a second independence referendum?

    What she intended to say was: "There's not a day that passes just now without someone advising me to hurry up with a referendum." Except she said: "SOMEONE." With unwarranted emphasis.

    Read more of Brian's analysis here

  9. Your views: 'Calling for another independence vote, on the back of the brexit vote is totally undemocratic'

    A selection of your views on the news that a consultation will begin next week for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

  10. 'Bespoke solution needed to keep Scotland in Europe'

    The World at One

    BBC Radio 4

    As Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon announces a new independence referendum bill, her deputy calls for the UK government to work on a "bespoke plan" to keep Scotland in Europe.

    Angus Robertson, the newly appointed deputy leader of the Scottish National Party told BBC Radio 4's The World at One programme that because 62% of the voters in Scotland voted to remain in the EU, his party will be looking for ways to work with the UK Government to make that happen.

    He also said if the only solution was to have a second referendum, then the Scottish government would be willing to do that.

    Video content

    Video caption: Deputy leader of SNP says a bespoke solution with UK Government needed to remain in Europe
  11. Prime minister's spokeswoman says SNP should focus on 'working together' to get best EU deal

    A spokeswoman for Theresa May has said the SNP's focus should instead be on "working together as a union, as a United Kingdom, to get the best deal as we leave the European Union".

    Nicola Sturgeon

    He comments follow Nicola Sturgeon's speech at the SNP conference in Glasgow in which she said a consultation would begin next week on legislation for a second Scottish independence referendum.

    The SNP leader said Scots should have the ability to reconsider the issue in light of the vote for Brexit and "to do so before the UK leaves the EU".

  12. In pictures: Delegates react to the news of a consultation on a second independence referendum

    Man in kilt and yellow t-shirt standing by seated delegates
    Image caption: Delegates enjoy the atmosphere at the SNP conference in Glasgow
    Newly elected party deputy Angus Robertson leans in towards Nicola Sturgeon
    Image caption: Newly elected party deputy Angus Robertson leans in towards Nicola Sturgeon
    Delegates react to news of consultation on second independence referendum
    Image caption: Delegates react to news of consultation on second independence referendum
    Nicola Sturgeon enjoys the applause on stage at the SECC in Glasgow during the SNP conference
    Image caption: Nicola Sturgeon enjoys the applause on stage at the SECC in Glasgow during the SNP conference
  13. Scottish Greens: 'Independence may be Scotland's best hope of remaining in EU'

    The Scottish Greens have welcomed Nicola Sturgeon's announcement of a consultation on a new referendum bill.

    A spokesman for the party said: "Independence may be Scotland's best hope of remaining in the EU, and it's right that preparations are made and the case continues to be built.

    "The Scottish Greens look forward to the consultation on the proposed Independence Referendum Bill."

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  14. Your views: 'IndyRef2.. ya dancer.. canny wait to tick that YES box again'

    A selection of your views on the news that a consultation will begin next week for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

  15. Poll suggests 'hard Brexit' would convince 12% of those opposed to second Indyref to change their mind

    The survey by BMG of 1,000 people, carried out between 29 September and 3 October, found 47% respondents were against another vote, with 38% in favour and 15% unsure.

    When asked about a hard Brexit where Britain would leave the single market, 12% said that result would sway them towards wanting another independence referendum.