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  1. A referendum on whether to continue the UK's membership of the EU takes place on 23 June
  2. Ahead of the vote, the BBC's Reporting Scotland programme focused on the key issues in a live debate
  3. The panel featured Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale and SNP MP Joanna Cherry, both speaking for Remain
  4. Putting the case for Leave were ex-SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars and former Tory Scottish secretary Michael Forsyth

Live Reporting

By Sandy Murray and Christopher Sleight

All times stated are UK

  1. Debate concludes with discussion about a Brexit vote would mean for Scottish independence

    BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor advises caution in assuming whether or not the outcome of the EU referendum would result in a new vote on independence.

    He told Jackie Bird: "The entire thing is in the mists of uncertainty on Thursday.

    "On what the Scottish government might seek to do, I don't think they would regard another independence referendum as an absolutely guaranteed prospect in the event that Britain votes to leave but I think they try to set the treadmill in motion."

    Brian Taylor
  2. Michael Forsyth claims supporters of the UK in Scotland should vote to Leave the EU

    Asked about the possibility of a second independence referendum in Scotland following Brexit, Michael Forsyth says supporters of the UK in Scotland have a clear incentive to vote Leave.

    He told Glenn Campbell: "If the argument is... if England votes to leave but Scotland votes to remain, then we should have another referendum.

    "The simple message to anyone who wants to keep the Union is that you should vote Leave in Scotland."

    Debate audience ask a question
  3. Nationalists - Jim Sillars and Joanna Cherry - argue over the indyref2/Brexit question

    Pro-European and SNP MP sets out the case for how a second Scottish independence referendum might happen.

    Anti-European and former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars says why he believes a second Scottish independence referendum would not happen in the event of Brexit.

  4. Arguments for Scotland staying in UK 'even stronger' in event of Brexit, says Kezia Dugdale

    Ms Dugdale said she opposed a second independence referendum for Scotland over the next five years, saying the result of the 2014 vote needed to be "respected".

  5. Joanna Cherry says 'myth' EU migrants create pressure on public services should be challenged

    The SNP MP, for the the Remain campaign, told the debate: "We have a skills gap in Scotland, it needs to be filled. We need more immigrants."

    She added there was no reason why free movement should prevent the UK from doing its fair share of taking in refugees or having a sensible immigration policy.

  6. Question three on the position of Scotland - in or out of the EU?

    Question three
  7. Jim Sillars insists not all the Leave side are like Nigel Farage on immigration

    Jim Sillars

    "We are not all Nigel Farages," says Jim Sillars on the topic of immigration.

    "What we need is a rational sensible adult discussion.

    "Not so much a debate, but a discussion about immigration."

  8. That much-debated UKIP poster is raised during the TV special

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage posed next to a billboard showing a crowd of people who appear to be migrants or refugees, with the words "Breaking Point" in large letters.

  9. Kezia Dugdale says 'no easy answers' when it comes to fishery and agriculture policy

    But she said that a vote to Leave would not necessarily mean a better deal for farmers or fisherman.

    She asked the audience: "Do you genuinely believe that a Tory government would want to give more money to farmers. Do you think they want to give more money to the NHS?"

    Kezia Dugdale

    The Scottish Labour leader also called Leave claims that 60% of laws came from Europe "scaremongering stories".

    She said only 13% of UK laws even referenced the EU.

  10. Second question about the levels of immigration to the UK

  11. The UK only gets back half the money it sends to Brussels, claims Michael Forsyth

    Michael Forsyth and a tenner

    Michael Forsyth waves a £10 note at the audience and claims the UK gets £10 back for every £20 it sends to the EU.

  12. Joanna Cherry warns that vote to leave could make UK government a 'lobbying organisation' in Europe

    The SNP MP said this was how the Norwegian prime minister had recently described her government.

    She added that the UK could not predict what the terms of an agreement with Europe would be if they left the EU.

    Quote Message: You will need to agree to the free movement of workers as Norway has had to do and Switzerland has had to do." from Joanna Cherry
    Joanna Cherry
  13. Former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars is confident of future trade deals

  14. BACKGROUND: What are the key issues for trade and the economy?

    Douglas Fraser

    Scotland business & economy editor

    Exports and imports are at the heart of the European project. And in this referendum, a lot hinges on how they would be affected. 

    In this piece, I tackle some of the key questions in the debate, including whether Scotland would be better or worse off economically if it left the EU.

  15. Michael Forsyth says major economic downturn because of Brexit vote would be unlikely

    Former Scottish Secretary and Tory peer Michael Forsyth plays down the chances of a major economic shock from Brexit.

    "Despite all the scare mongering that's been going on, if you look at the markets today the pound is broadly where it was before the referendum was announced," he said.

    Quote Message: The stock market went up this morning. I don't think that's the way to look at it anyway." from Michael Forsyth
    Michael Forsyth
  16. Europe brings 'very significant' benefits to UK and Scotland, says MP Joanna Cherry

    The Remain campaigner told the audience that Scotland benefited from £16bn a year from Europe.

    Joanna Cherry
  17. Kezia Dugdale says a vote to leave the EU would be a big 'shock' to economy

    The Scottish Labour leader said the effect would be seen "almost instantly" as markets opened on Friday, if there was a vote to leave.

    But she said she wanted to create a positive case to remain, rather than to scare people.

  18. First question on how the economy would react to Brexit

    Question One
  19. The live Reporting Scotland EU referendum debate is on air

    It's time: Reporting Scotland's live EU referendum debate on BBC One Scotland

    Studio set just before on air