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  1. Nicola Sturgeon's first speech as party leader
  2. SNP leader urges voters to dump Labour
  3. Ms Sturgeon announces increased childcare plan
  4. SNP conference taking place in Perth

Live Reporting

By Graham Fraser, Louise Sayers and Deirdre Kelly

All times stated are UK

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Good night

Graham Fraser

BBC Scotland

Thanks for all your comments, and thanks for watching Nicola Sturgeon's first speech as the SNP leader.

You can keep up-to-date with all the latest news and analysis on the

BBC's Scotland's Politics website.

'Interesting logic'

Lindsay McIntosh, Scottish Political Editor of The Times said,: "We knew that today, she (Ms Sturgeon) was going to say to Scots 'You don't need to vote Labour to ensure the Tories don't get in, we will ensure the Tories don't get in to Westminster'.

"By doing that, they will have to prop up Ed Miliband's government.

"It is interesting logic to me that you are saying to Scots 'you don't need to vote Labour to get Labour'."

Speech reaction on twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

Moonfly: Listening to Nicola sturgeon makes me believe that a brighter future may be possible.Time to focus my rage and join the SNP ranks #snp14

Marcus Hook: I find Nicola Sturgeon very confusing. She has ruled out a coalition with the Tories, yet believes the SNP will hold the balance of power.

Helen Bradley: What a contrast to the four shades of Westminster grey @LeanneWood @NicolaSturgeon @Plaid_Cymru #snp14

Leanne Wood and Nicola Sturgeon

Jamie McColl: watching the #SNP14 you have to keep reminding yourself of the #Indyref result cause that doesnae look like the side that lost. #Onwards

New members

Kevin McKenna, of The Guardian, told the BBC's Brian Taylor: "One would have expected the conference to have the atmosphere of a wake, given the 55-45 defeat, but it was like a victory rally.

"A lot of that impetus was coming from the new members."

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David Matanle emails: As SNP believe that they should have full control over Scotland, they presumably will not partake in business at Westminster that does not directly affect Scotland, as they presumably think England and Wales should have control over their territory in the same way.

Therefore they would not be taking part as full-time members of parliament. Will they really do this? Or will they wish to partake as full time members playing their part, which would put them in the position of interfering in business in which they have no direct interest? This would surely be a double standard, as it is what they stand against in Scotland.

Speech reaction on twitter

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Stevie Boal

tweets: The meme never dies! #snp14

Sturgeon meme
Stevie Boal

John Curtice

Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

"If we take opinion polls for Westminster, one is saying the SNP has over 50% support - that looks on the high side. We have others suggesting 45%. However, the SNP and Labour are on a cliff edge, there is hardly a Labour or SNP marginal in Scotland. With standard swings the SNP won't pick up much more than three or four seats. But if there is a swing of 20-30% then all of a sudden those seats fall. If the SNP can maintain a big lead in the polls, they can do great damage to Labour."

The SNP on twitter

Shona Robison MSP: Very proud that #snp14 conference has supported gender equality on public boards, thanks to @GailRossSNP @ChristinaSNP for gr8 speeches

Colin Beattie MSP: An excellent conference! The buzz has been phenomenal #snp14

The SNP: A fantastic #SNP14 draws to a close. Thank you to members - old and new. Have a safe journey home.


Hosie on balance of power

Stewart Hosie MP, the new deputy leader of the SNP, told BBC Scotland's Brian Taylor about the possibility of coalition government and the SNP holding the balance of power in Westminster.

He said: "We wouldn't keep the Tories in power, and nor should we. Look at the damage Tory governments have done in Scotland - Thatcher with deindustrialisation, and now Osborne with his wee Liberal friends and this appalling austerity programme.

"I can see no justification ever for keeping the Tories in power.

"Ed Miliband is useless, but the visceral dislike of the Tory party in Scotland we can probably sense at the concert hall in Perth."

On twitter

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SuperMhario: John Curtice! He loves the SNP, keeps him in a job.

Helen Bradley: #salmondselfie #sexysocialism #snp14

Salmond Selfie
Helen Bradley

On twitter

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Misssy M: #snp14 Top trending topic in UK. Revolutions can never be predicted and sometimes you don't realise they are happening until you're in one.

Feargal Dalton: Route out of #SNP14 Conference blocked by #ThanksAlex crowd.

Rally outside conference
Feargal Dalton

Derek Paterson: Now to try and beat the traffic home to watch @Scotlandteam vs @AllBlacks! #SNP14 #backingblue


John Curtice

Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

"Even though we haven't got a lot of detail. she said: 'I'm going to deliver social justice by providing childcare for everyone'. 'I'm going to deliver social justice by increasing public spending on the NHS in real terms in the third term of an SNP government'. In other words, this is very much about applying universal public services.

"Quite a lot of the territory Nicola Sturgeon was talking about - free childcare, trying to increase wages in the Labour market, you will hear parts of the coalition talking about that. This is not as distinctive public policy territory as Nicola Sturgeon would like to make out."

Laura Bicker

Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

tweets: And outside the #snp14 there is a rally to thank @AlexSalmond as the bagpipes play inside.

Flags fly outside SNP conference in Perth

On twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

Jon W Chambers: Everyone trying to shake Sturgeon's hand formally and she just goes straight in for a hug and a kiss. Brilliant. #snp14

Dean Best: Nicola Sturgeon outlining some attractive pledges on NHS, childcare and living wage at #snp14 ..... Are they costed?

Tim Callaghan: Nicola Sturgeon chosen SNP Leader, after long serving, predecessor. Bet she hopes she will not be the David Moyes of Scots Politics!

Wladyslaw Mejka: Hmm. #Sturgeon has bad track record on predictions. Remember #indyrefdum ? Opps, got it less than half right

'Thank You Alex'

A couple of hundred people outside Perth concert hall calling for Alex Salmond to say hello.

Salmond rally


Brian Taylor

Political editor, Scotland

"The speech had a reserved section and a devolved section. The reserved section was the price for supporting Labour post the UK general election - the creation of more powers for the Scottish Parliament, toning down the austerity programme and no new Trident on the Clyde.

"In the devolved section, the big ticket number was that offer of enhancing childcare. When that offer was made during the referendum, it was said it was predicated on independence because only under independence would the money from the higher taxation accrue to the Scottish government.

"Nicola Sturgeon is assuming I guess two things - it is a slightly scaled down offer on childcare, and she is presuming income tax powers will revert to Holyrood post the Smith Commission. It is a pledge that is deliverable post-2016 election."

Alex Salmond

tweets: Fantastic speech by @NicolaSturgeon - a leader of extraordinary talent to take Scotland forward.

Laura Bicker

Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

tweets: Other BBC coverage of #snp14 includes myself on the TV and Radio highlights programme tomorrow

Your views by email


Jacqueline Baird: Watched Nicola Sturgeon at the Hydro promising free education to all the schoolchildren. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? Not telling them other people will be picking up the bill in their taxes. Very few things in life are free. Is the endless oil going to pay? Same old drivel.

Jean Johnston: The SNP leader says 'education has been key to her own background, and says everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential'. But all are agreed education in Scotland is in meltdown with talk of the school-age being raised to 6 to save money? The foundation of any society is based on education - and ours is in dire straits.

Trident future

Norman Smith

BBC Assistant Political Editor

"The SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has ruled out any deal with a future Labour government - unless it agrees not to base the next generation of Trident submarines on the Clyde.

"The Faslane base is home - along with Devonport in Plymouth - to the UK's four nuclear submarines.

"Ms Sturgeon said it was 'odds on' there would be a hung parliament after the next election and the SNP could hold the balance of power.

"She ruled out any deal with the Conservatives but said she would also not do any deal with Labour unless it agreed Trident was removed from Faslane."

On twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

Sunder Katwala: I expect Nicola Sturgeon will want to (and will) find a way to avoid promising an independence referendum in the 2016 Scottish elections

Robbiethecelt: #snp14 so much respect for the Snp. they handle themselves so well, Good luck to Nicola, great speech. #indyref changed us all for good.

Andrew Scott Crines: Nothing new in @NicolaSturgeon's, just re-fighting lost battles. 55% said No. Can't change history by wishing it away. Move on #snp14

Chris Jones: A confident and revitalised party - SNP conference finishes with a terrific speech from our new FM #snp14

SNP conference
Chris Jones

Among the delegates

Ms Sturgeon receives a standing ovation from the Perth Concert Hall at the end of her speech, as the analysis begins.

Tweet using #SNP14

Morna: The thing I like about Nicola Sturgeon is that like... you can actually laugh at her jokes, she actually feels like a human being.

Kate: Nicola sturgeon and billy Joel are my two favourite people

Ciarán: #Sturgeon basically saying come ahead Westminster. What a speech. #snpconf14

R Hansen: Miliband should buy Sturgeon's conference speech on DVD so he can re-watch it and learn what left-leaning leadership looks like. #SNP14

Journey to independence

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon takes the applause at the 2014 SNP conference in Perth

On the issue of independence, Ms Sturgeon says by working hard they can persuade other voters of the merits of an independent Scotland.

In the closing remarks of her speech, she urges the SNP to come on a journey with her to independence.

'My priority'

Ms Sturgeon pledges the NHS will be "a daily priority" for her as First Minister.

On twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

Jonathan McAveety: Glad to hear Sturgeon announce that SNP ministers will finally pay their office cleaners a living wage #SNP14

Kenneth Watt: SNP tells Parliament for 4 years they can't enforce living wage in government. Then they announce it at #SNP14 conference.

Bonaventura: Sturgeon's SNP conference speech is like a chilling dystopian leftist nightmare.

Richard Nicholl: It is absolutely unacceptable that the SNP can be doing what amounts to a victory lap after losing by ten points. Buck up, Labour. #snp14

NHS future

On the NHS, Ms Sturgeon said the SNP would always do everything in its power to protect "our public NHS".

On twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

BBC's Norman Smith: Nicola Sturgeon pledges to double childcare hours in Scotland #snp14

Sam F: But @NicolaSturgeon I thought the only way to guarantee good childcare was with a Yes vote? #snp14

Childcare hours


On the issue of childcare, Ms Sturgeon says the 2016 SNP manifesto will pledge to increase childcare provision. All 3 to 4 your olds will receive 30 hours of childcare a week.

'My background'

The SNP leader says education has been key to her own background, and says everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Living wage

Ms Sturgeon announces that the cleaners who work for the Scottish government will earn the living wage by the end of this year.

Better pay

Ms Sturgeon says she will tackle poverty with better paid jobs.

She says: "People who work hard every day should not struggle to feed their children or make ends meet at the end of the week."

Ms Sturgeon also plans to address low pay for women.

Laura Bicker

Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

tweets: @NicolaSturgeon officially rules out Tory coalition. But asks voters to think about what Scotland could win if Labour had to rely on SNP


Nicola Sturgeon describes poverty in Scotland as "a scandal". She says it will be her "personal mission" to tackle the issue.

Business support

The SNP leader pledges to continue to support small businesses, and says if the SNP are re-elected in 2016 this will continue for the life of that parliament.

On twitter

Tweet using #SNP14

Cat Robertson: In the packed overflow room for @NicolaSturgeon speech and there are people standing outside watching through the windows #snp14

Sam F: Can @NicolaSturgeon stop referring to the SNP as 'Scotland' #snp14

Hortense McGuffin: #snp14 sitting down to watch Nicola Sturgeon deliver her keynote speech. Blubbing already!

Kenny Stevenson: Referendum done and dusted but #Sturgeon won't shut up about it. Try saying something about actual policy. #snp14 #snpconf14

Policies outlined

Ms Sturgeon said she will set out her programme for government in the next two weeks, with.....

  • land reform
  • raising attainment in schools
  • and gender inequality

as key policies.

Victory promise

Turning to the Scottish Parliament, Ms Sturgeon highlights the record of the SNP government and says she intends to lead the SNP into victory at the 2016 Scottish elections.

She wants the SNP to be the party of "economic and social progress".