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  1. Angus Sinclair jailed for 37 years for murdering Helen Scott and Christine Eadie
  2. Serial killer given longest sentence ever handed down by Scottish court
  3. Teenagers raped and killed after meeting Sinclair and his late brother-in-law
  4. Sinclair met teenagers at Edinburgh's World's End pub in October 1977
  5. BBC Scotland Investigates: The World's End Murderer documentary on BBC Two, 22:30 tonight

Live Reporting

By Graham Fraser, Calum Watson and Louise Sayers

All times stated are UK

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  1. Sinclair guilty of World's End murders

    • The sentence is the longest handed down by a Scottish court.
  2. Signing off

    That's all from the Scotland Live team this evening.

  3. Justice for victims

    Kenny MacAskill
    Image caption: Kenny MacAskill is Scotland's Justice Secretary

    Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: "This case came to court after the Scottish government brought forward the Double Jeopardy (Scotland) Act, which was unanimously passed by parliament.

    "Double jeopardy is a centuries old principle of Scots law which prevents a person being tried twice for the same offence, but in this day and age, there should be no escape from justice.

    "We have acted in the interests of Scottish justice, victims and their families and we hope this news brings some comfort to the families of the victims of these terrible crimes."

  4. DNA evidence

    Helen Scott's father Morain praised Edinburgh police for keeping the evidence from that night in 1977 so that it could be used 37 years later when new techniques of identifying DNA samples had been developed.

    "They did not destroy one bit of evidence. They kept everything all these years," he said.

  5. Judge's statement

    Judge Lord Matthews
    Image caption: Judge Lord Matthews presided over the case of Angus Sinclair

    The judge presiding over the case of Angus Sinclair, who was convicted of killing two teenagers 37 years ago, said in his statement: "The girls [Christine Eadie and Helen Scott] were subjected to an ordeal beyond comprehension and then left like carrion, exposed for all to see, with no dignity, even in death."

  6. More crimes

    Morain Scott said he could not believe the way in which Angus Sinclair conducted himself in the witness box when he gave evidence during the trial. "His answers were ridiculous," Helen Scott's father said.

    Mr Scott called Sinclair a "beast" and said he was quite sure he had committed more crimes.

  7. 'I'll never forget'

    Helen Scott's father Morain Scott, who is now 84, said it was what he been fighting for over the past 37 years. "I promised my late wife I would fight to the end of my days.

    "It will be closure I hope for some of my family. It will never be closure for me because I saw Helen that night when she was brought up from East Lothian and I'll never forget as long as I live what I saw that day. What they had done to my beautiful daughter."

  8. Legal ruling

    "Decades after their deaths, Helen and Christine's legacy is to have changed Scotland's justice system for the better," Mr Scott said.

    "Politicians came together for Helen and Christine and the introduction of the Double Jeopardy amendment will prevent other families suffering in the way that we have."

  9. Justice given

    Helen Scott's brother Kevin said: "We have waited 37 years for justice. Today that wait has ended. We finally have justice for Helen and Christine. It has been a long, and at times, very lonely battle but in our different ways we did not give up."

  10. Meticulous work

    Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland
    Image caption: Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland was praised by the family of one of the victims

    Mr Scott said: "Today's conviction of Angus Sinclair is the result of decades of painstaking work by police and prosecutors.

    "We, and Christine's family, would like to offer our heartfelt thanks."

    Mr Scott also thanked the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland "without whose years of meticulous work this case would not have been brought back to court".

  11. Beautiful smile

    Christine Eadie and her friend Helen Scott
    Image caption: Christine Eadie and her friend Helen Scott were killed in October 1977

    Mr Scott said Christine Eadie was a fun-loving girl who enjoyed going out, loved pop music - in particular Donny Osmond - and shopping for the latest fashions. She was a "popular, friendly and likeable girl, who her family dearly-loved".

    Helen Scott was described by her brother as a "country girl" who did not quite grasp fashion in the way others did. "Jeans and a T-shirt were fine". Mr Scott said Helen had "beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful smile, never to forget".

  12. Family reaction

    The Scott family
    Image caption: The Scott family - [from left] Kevin, Morain and Amy-Helen - made a statement outside the court following the guilty verdict

    Kevin Scott [first left], the brother of murdered World's End victim Helen Scott, said the 37-year minimum sentence handed down to Angus Sinclair was "appropriate" as it was 37 years since the murderers took place.

  13. Judge brands Sinclair 'monster'

    Judge Lord Matthews told Sinclair: "Whatever dreams they had, they turned into nightmares shortly after they left the World's End Pub, the name of which has become synonymous with these notorious murders.

    "Little were they to know that they had the misfortune to be in the company of two men for whom the words evil and monster seem inadequate."

  14. 'Waited 37 years for justice'

    Former Detective Superintendent Allan Jones added: "It brings a great level of satisfaction to see this verdict rendered. The families of Christine Eadie and Helen Scott have waited 37 years to see justice, and today that has finally been delivered and I hope this will bring them a degree of closure and solace.

    "I worked on this case, at varying levels, for 35 years. It was a case that got under the skin of everyone who worked on the enquiry, and indeed, everyone who worked within the former Lothian and Borders Police force.

    "After the disappointment of 2007, it brings a degree of personal and professional satisfaction to see a positive result.

    "Angus Sinclair is a dangerous man who has several convictions for murder and sexual assault. He should never again be at liberty."

  15. 'True heroes'

    Det Ch Supt Flannigan added: "Those officers and scientists from 1977 and continuing through the generations are true heroes, for without their care and attention, without their absolute determination to preserve the clothing and samples for some development they could not have dreamt off, then this historic moment could not have happened.

    "The actions and the determination of everyone over the years to fight for justice for Helen's and Christine's families is ultimately what has led to this moment."

  16. Police reaction

    Det Ch Supt Gary Flannigan, from Police Scotland's Major Investigation Team, said: "Today's verdict is the culmination of 37-years of dedicated police work and continued partnership working alongside the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

    "The World's End murders investigation is a remarkable enquiry. Not only because it is the first where a conviction has been secured following the Double Jeopardy legislation, but also because of the exemplary level of foresight demonstrated by police and forensic scientists during the initial stages of the investigation."

  17. Long wait for justice

    The father of Helen Scott made a promise to his wife on the day she died that he would pursue the truth about what happened to their daughter.

    Morain Scott

    Morain Scott, 84, said: "I made that promise. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I would try to get this conviction."

    Read more here.

  18. Life in jail

    Angus Sinclair will be 106 years old before he will be eligible for parole.

  19. BreakingSinclair guilty of World's End murders

    • The sentence is the longest handed down by a Scottish court.
  20. Previous murder conviction

    Lorna Gordon

    BBC News Scotland correspondent

    2001 Sinclair convicted of the murder of a young women #worldsend jury told.

  21. Post update

    Mark Daly

    BBC Scotland Investigations Correspondent

    A special documentary will be broadcast tonight on BBC2 Scotland at 22:30.... BBC Scotland Investigates: The World's End Murderer.

  22. Evil past

    Lorna Gordon

    BBC News Scotland correspondent

    Sinclair's previous convictions being listed in #worldsend trial. Culpable homicide in 1961, 3 rapes, 8 indecent assaults of children 1982

  23. Change in law brought Sinclair to justice

    The trial of Angus Sinclair was the first to be held in Scotland following the ending of the centuries-old double jeopardy rule.

    The first trial of Angus Sinclair for the World's End murders collapsed in 2007

    Previously a person could not be brought before the courts for a second time on the same charge after being acquitted.

    An earlier trial of Angus Sinclair for the World's End murders collapsed in 2007.

    The change in the law meant Sinclair could be tried again because of the existence of new DNA evidence not previously available.

    Reevel Alderson explains why the case was a legal watershed

  24. How DNA trapped Sinclair

    'When Angus Sinclair voluntarily gave a DNA sample to police in the mid-1990s, he could never have imagined it would lead to convictions for the murders of three women two decades earlier.'

    Christine Eadie (left) and Helen Scott

    Reevel Alderson, the Home Affairs correspondent of BBC Scotland, on how DNA trapped Angus Sinclair.

    Sinclair has been found guilty of the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie. He met the teenagers at the World's End pub in October 1977.

  25. World End murders: Sinclair is serial killer

    World's End murderer Angus Sinclair is a convicted serial killer already serving life for murder.

    Police believe he has killed at least six other women and girls.

    Angus Sinclair

    Read James Cook's report on the verdict

  26. Angus Sinclair: Scotland's worst serial killer?

    'The long-awaited guilty verdicts in the case of the World's End murders mean Angus Sinclair has now been convicted of four killings. But he is suspected of many more.'

    Angus Sinclair

    BBC Scotland Investigations Correspondent's Mark Daly on the brutal past of Angus Sinclair.

  27. Verdict: World's End murders

    Angus Sinclair has been found guilty of the murders of Helen Scott and Christine Eadie.

    The teenagers were raped and killed after meeting Sinclair and his late brother-in-law at Edinburgh's World's End pub in October 1977.

    Sinclair was the first man to be tried following a change in the law abandoning the ancient principle of double jeopardy.

  28. Lucky black cat

    A cat which fell 20ft into a tank at a West Lothian sewage works has been .

    The cat was rescued on Thursday in an operation involving firefighters and animal rescue staff.

    Firefighters climbed down a ladder into the tank and coaxed the animal into a cage, which was then hoisted up.

    Animal charity staff nicknamed the cat Fireman Sam - though it turns out his real name is Mick Mac.

  29. Naked man seen in park

    Police are investigating after a young man was seen wearing only a rucksack in Dundee's Caird Park.

    Officers are treating the incident, which occurred at about 10:00 on 7 November, as an indecent exposure.

    The man is described as being about 16 years old, 5ft 6in tall, of slim build and with short dark hair.

    Anyone who saw the naked man or anyone acting suspiciously is asked to contact police.

  30. Pair charged with fraud

    A man and a woman have been charged in connection with a continuing investigation into a £2m fraud in south-west England.


    Shameem Mohammed Ali, 43, and Atif Mohammed, 23, both from Glasgow, were arrested in the city on Thursday.

    They have been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering offences, police said.

  31. School closure proposed

    Dundee City Council has proposed a major shake-up of the city's school estate, including the closure of Menzieshill High School.

    Harris academy

    If the move is approved, pupils from the "half empty" school would transfer to the newly built Harris Academy (pictured) when it opens in August 2016.

  32. Rangers T-shirt apology

    Burton has apologised to Rangers for selling a T-shirt with an altered image of the club's founders and the slogan: "underworld division champions".

    Fans of the Ibrox club contacted the retailer after images of the T-shirt went viral on social media.

    Burton T-shirt
    Image caption: Burton has removed the T-shirt from sale after complaints from Rangers fans

    Burton said it wished to "apologise unreservedly for any offence" and said it had removed the item from sale.

  33. Craig Whyte

    Police are expected to issue an arrest warrant for former Rangers owner Craig Whyte following an investigation over the sale of the club in 2011.

    Craig Whyte

    The development came after four men were detained in England.

    David Grier, Paul Clark and David Whitehouse worked for Duff and Phelps, who were Rangers' administrators.

  34. Shereen Nanjiani

    On Radio Scotland from 10:00 tomorrow, Shereen Nanjiani and her panel of guests will be discussing the week's top stories and talking to some of the people who are making the headlines.

    Shereen Nanjiani

    This week, author Linda Wise will be speaking about being held captive for 13 days by Iranian forces on suspicion of spying. She'll be reflecting on her ordeal and how it has informed her writing.

  35. Ancient basket removed from beach

    Steven McKenzie

    BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

    An ancient basket - thought to be 3,500 years old - found on a Western Isles beach has now been excavated.

    Basket being unearthed

    The artefact was discovered in an area of shoreline where the sea has been eroding the land at Baleshare in North Uist.

    Archaeologists have managed to remove the object with help from the local community.

    It will be examined by AOC Archaeology Group.

  36. Salmond's speech -Your views

    David Forrester, Glasgow: Ludicrous hyperbole in the comments posted. The SNP has achieved little or nothing. Many schools in Glasgow and elsewhere have no students qualifying for University places. Free tuition simply a subsidy for the well off by the poor. Reverse redistribution. What the SNP calls "social justice".

  37. Salmond's speech

    On Twitter #SNP14

    Rickets Telethon: Anyway, that was a pretty happening speech. Humour and Substance. Should be good for a few thousand more memberships and votes. #snp14

    Aileen Campbell: @AlexSalmond has no doubt about @NicolaSturgeon's ability to 'create history' as our new @theSNP leader #snp14

    POA Scotland: An exceptional politician exits stage left. Look forward to continuing positive relationship with @scotgov under new @NicolaSturgeon #snp14

  38. Not so Angry Salmond

    Severin Carrell, The Guardian's Scotland correspondent, tweets: @AlexSalmond has parting word for #snpconf14 "conference, conference hashtag sexy social democracy"

  39. 'Driving seat'

    Towards the end of his address, Mr Salmond also said: "In 2015, the Westminster election offers a real possibility of putting Scotland in the driving seat.

    "Let also every voter in Scotland be clear - only a vote for the SNP in 2015 can force Westminster to deliver on its promises.

    "And getting that vote in 2015 depends on you - the members of this party."

  40. General Election

    Mr Salmond, in his speech, repeatedly emphasised the importance of success at next year's general election.

    He said the SNP's job is to now "hold Westminster's feet to the fire", saying "starting now and until we have secured for Scotland what we were promised".

    He added: "That is why voting SNP is more important than ever."

  41. Salmond's call

    The former first minister told the conference "we have come a long way but we have a step further still to travel".

    He added: "It must be infuriating for our unionist opponents to see us lose the referendum and then go on to prosper. They are totally disorientated. They cannot understand what on earth is going on.

    "The reason is actually quite simple - for us, the referendum was never about party. It was always about country."

  42. Labour and Tories 'desperate'

    Mr Salmond, in his speech, said the response by the unionist parties to the Yes campaign was desperate. He said: "Rattled by the Yes campaign, the unionist parties were prepared to say and do anything to preserve the status quo.

    "As Scotland dared to dream, Labour offered nothing but nightmares.

    "When Scotland was alive with ideas and debate - all Labour could demonstrate was timidity and fear."

  43. Speech reaction

    Political commentator David Torrance tweets: Disappointing final speech from FM: just usual ad hominem attacks & corny soundbites. Capable of much better & occasion warranted it

  44. 'Who would you rather have representing the nation?'

    Alex Salmond has praised Women for Independence, Business for Scotland, National Collective and other groups within the grassroots movement during the Scottish independence campaign.

    Addressing the conference, he asked rhetorically: "Who would you rather have representing the nation?

    "The new people who awoke the national spirit or the old Westminster parties who have done their best to break it?"

  45. Post update

    Laura Bicker

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    .@AlexSalmond 'Labour didn't trust Scotland and now Scotland doesn't trust Labour'

  46. Oil discoveries

    Alan Roden, Political Editor of the Scottish Daily Mail, tweets: Salmond delights his party's conspiracy theorists by claiming new oil fields have "suddenly been discovered" since the #indyref. #snp14

  47. SNP target

    Alex Salmond has set the SNP the target of winning their first UK general election in Scotland.

    He told the conference: "Together we will ensure that the vow made to Scotland will be redeemed in full.

    "Ten years ago when I was re-elected in a partnership leadership with Nicola the SNP had 8,000 members.

    "We now have ten times that number, ready and willing to pick up the gauntlet for Scotland."

  48. Post update

    Laura Bicker

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    .@AlexSalmond pledges £1m over 3 years to secure Scottish Youth Theatre. Money to come from private sector Clyde Blowers.

  49. "Scotland expects the vow to be redeemed"

    Alex Salmond warned the "Westminster gang" against reneging on promises made by Gordon Brown on the eve of the referendum.

    Alex Salmond

    "He pledged 'home rule' - his words not mine.

    "That is now the yardstick by which the Smith Commission will be measured.

    "And each of the parties in that commission needs to understand one thing very clearly - Scotland expects the vow to be redeemed."

  50. Post update

    Laura Bicker

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    .@AlexSalmond stops as hall applauds @JohnSwinney describing him as 'Scotland's Merlin' for balancing budget

  51. Salmond: 'Cynical ploy' by no campaigners lost referendum

    Alex Salmond has said that independence would have happened were it not for the "cynical ploy" by the pro-union campaign.

    He said: "Without that desperate vow of maximum devolution, Scotland would already be in a process of becoming independent. A cynical ploy? A last minute bribe? Certainly.

    "A desperate response to a Yes campaign which was gaining such ground? Absolutely.

    "But for many it was enough to convince them to give the union one more drink in the last chance saloon."

  52. Salmond gives thanks

    Alex Salmond has thanked all those involved in the referendum campaign.

    In his speech, he said: "As I look out on each and every one of you, and think of the 1.6 million people who stood with us on 18th September 2014, let me start by saying simply this: Thank You

    "Thank you for believing in a better country. Thank you for working to persuade that 1.6 million. Thank you for transforming this nation."

  53. 'Scotland will one day become independent'

    Alex Salmond tells delegates in Perth Scotland will become independent.

    Alex Salmond

    "The referendum vote was 45%, not 55%," he said.

    "But let us proclaim what each of us know now with a greater certainty than before.

    "Scotland will become an independent nation"

  54. Post update

    Laura Bicker

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    .@AlexSalmond If Westminster reneges on pledges made in the campaign - they will discover that Hell hath no fury like this nation scorned.'

  55. Post update

    Laura Bicker

    Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    .@AlexSalmond tells #snp14 'They thought it was all over.. well it isn't now. For Scotland has changed and changed utterly.'

  56. Alex Salmond begins speech

    Alex Salmond has begun his speech to the SNP conference - after Nicola Sturgeon was appointed new party leader.

    Alex Salmond

    Mr Salmond - who has served at first minister for more than seven years - was given a standing ovation as he approached the podium in Perth.

    He was introduced by Ms Sturgeon who said "thank you for being a friend, mentor and wonderful leader".

  57. Salmond speech

    Sturgeon Salmond introuduction

    Nicola Sturgeon introduces Alex Salmond, saying she is "close to tears" and watching the tribute video has "brought home to her what big boots she has to fill".

  58. Salmond's speech

    On Twitter #SNP14

    Aileen Campbell: Trip down memory lane ahead of @AlexSalmond 's speech to #SNP14 conference - think folk will need their hankies!

    Rachel Heydecker: This video tribute to Alex Salmond is really very well done. What a man. #ThanksAlex #snp14

    Jamie Ross: Crowd are absolutely loving this Salmond retrospective. I will provide vines of crying SNP supporters during the speech if I can.

  59. Salmond's speech

    On twitter #SNP14

    Nicola McGarry: Never seen a queue like this for Salmond's speech. Out the door of the marquee. #snp14

  60. Alex Salmond - Your views


    Alistair, Waterside: (Responding to Louise, Black Isle at 09:40) The Alex Salmond story is far from over. Never underestimate his ability. I believe his strategy is moving into plan B phase following the No vote.

    Nicola will heal any gaps Alex's personality created and will be an amazing First Minister. We have a lot to be proud of in Scottish politics - you only have to look south of the border. He's more "best thing since sliced bread", than Marmite.

    You can always text your comments to 80295 or tweet us using #ScotlandLive.

  61. Salmond's highlights

    The conference hall is watching a video about Alex Salmond's career before he speaks.

    You can watch his speech at the SNP conference in Perth on the 'Live Coverage' tab on this page.

  62. What lessons has Westminster learned from the Scottish referendum?

    Laura Kuenssberg

    BBC Newsnight

    In the run up to the Scottish referendum, I lost count of the number of times that people told us that "Yes" campaigners had been everywhere, and Better Together was nowhere to be seen.

    Yes campaigners

    They weren't ultimately successful of course, but there was no question about which side had the political energy, which is arguably now flooding to the SNP.

    I've been looking into whether that support could fatally undermine Ed Miliband's efforts to make it to Number 10.

  63. Trump signs Prestwick deal

    US tycoon Donald Trump has signed a partnership deal with Prestwick Airport to use it as a Scottish base for his private jet and helicopter.

    Donald Trump

    The billionaire bought the nearby Turnberry course and hotel in Ayrshire for an undisclosed sum in April.

    Mr Trump said he expected hundreds of extra international flights each year to Prestwick following completion of Turnberry's £250m revamp.

  64. Island paradise

    The Press and Journal

    A stunning island in the extreme north of Scotland could be inhabited for the first time in more than 80 years.

    Island of Linga off Shetland

    The £250,000 price tag for Linga in Shetland includes permission to create an eco tourism business on the island, which has been uninhabited since the last resident died in 1931.

    The 64-acre island presently has no power, water supply or internet.

    Read the full story here.

  65. Green rector for Aberdeen University

    Scottish Green Party co-convener Maggie Chapman has been elected rector of the University of Aberdeen.

    Maggie Chapman

    She triumphed over solicitor James Steel, who tutors law students, by 1,415 votes to 695.

    The vote followed the death of businessman Dr Maitland Mackie.

    Dr Mackie - chairman of the family-run Aberdeenshire ice cream maker Mackie's - had taken up the post in 2012, but died earlier this year, aged 76.

  66. Post update

    The Scotsman

    A new Highland development has sparked fears over an old prophecy by the Brahan Seer.

    Eagle Stone

    The 16th century Brahan Seer predicted that if the Eagle Stone, an ancient relic carved with Pictish symbols, fell three times the surrounding valley would be flooded.

    Read the full story here.

  67. Post update

    BBC Scotland Weather


    Met Office Yellow 'be aware' warnings for rain are in place across Tayside, Perthshire, Angus and southern Aberdeenshire and there is a risk of localised flooding.

    East to southeast winds will be strong with gales in coastal areas and across Orkney and Shetland. The winds ease in the south as the rain clears.

    This evening, the rain will gradually become confined to the Northern Isles and the far north east leaving a dry night for most with some clear spells.

    Overnight lows of around 5 or 6C inland, closer to 11C in coastal areas.

  68. Update: Body found in Marine search

    A body has been found in an air and ground search for a Royal Marine who went missing in the Cairngorms National Park.

    Luke Ireland, 20, who was on leave from RM Condor in Arbroath, had gone walking and running in the Glen Clova area of the Angus Glens on Thursday afternoon.

    His father raised the alarm two hours later after he failed to return.

    No positive identification has yet been made.

  69. What do you think of this week's picture gallery?

    This picture, of Pitmedden in Aberdeenshire, was taken by Julie Glennie.

    Also featured in this week's picture gallery - autumnal leaves in Dundee, dusk falling on St Ninian's Isle in Shetland, and Glen Etvie up in the Highlands.


    If you fancy having your snaps featured in our next picture gallery, email them to and remember to tell us where you captured the picture perfect moment.

    Head on over to the BBC Scotland News' Facebook page to let us know what you think of this week's pictures.

  70. Why Yes lost the referendum

    BuzzFeed's Political Reporter Jamie Ross, armed with an A4 pad of paper and a pen, asked 14 SNP supporters why they lost the referendum.

    Here is what they wrote.

  71. Children in Need

    The annual Children in Need extravaganza is gearing up at BBC Scotland's Glasgow HQ.

    street dancing at PQ

    These young performers have been taking some tips in Indian dancing.

  72. Time for the All Blacks

    'How do you beat the All Blacks? And the first response is probably "with difficulty".'

    All Blacks

    Former Scotland scrum-half Mike Blair looks forward to Scotland vs New Zealand on Saturday.

  73. SNP conference

    You can watch the SNP conference from Perth on the 'live coverage' tab at the top of this page.

  74. Oil price slump 'to continue'

    Oil prices are likely to continue falling well into 2015, the International Energy Agency has said.

    oil platform

    The IEA, a consultancy to 29 countries, said weak demand and the US shale gas boom meant crude's recent fall below $80 a barrel was not over.

    Today, Brent crude, one of the major price benchmarks, traded at $78.13 a barrel, near a four-year low.

  75. Nevin on Scotland

    Pat Nevin reckons the wide men, including Ikechi Anya (pictured), hold the key to Friday night's Euro 2016 qualifier between Scotland and the Republic of Ireland at Celtic Park.

    Ikechi Anya

    The 28-times capped former Scotland winger believes the hosts will edge it.

  76. Update: Missing marine

    About 250 people have joined the search for a Royal Marine who has gone missing in the Cairngorms National Park.

    Marines arriving for search

    Luke Ireland, 20, was walking and running in the Glen Cova area of the Angus Glens when he disappeared on Thursday afternoon.

    His father raised the alarm when he failed to return. He was on leave from RM Condor in Arbroath.

  77. Devo More: What does business want?

    Douglas Fraser

    Business and economy editor, Scotland

    Scotland could become a world leader in driverless cars, urban drones and animaloid robots. Yes, animaloid. We're already leaders in subsea robots, so why not?

    driverless car

    This could be the first country to develop a fridge which orders your milk for you, using 'blockchain' technology, by which machines use sensors, control the supply chain, and trade with each other. What this needs, of course, are the necessary regulatory powers at Holyrood.

    Read Douglas Fraser's latest blog.

  78. Children in Need

    The annual Children in Need fundraising extravaganza will feature some special Scottish highlights later.

    Jackie Bird will be presenting live throughout the night from BBC Scotland's Glasgow studios.

    Children in Need 2014

    A choir of 140 children from schools across Fife will sing with hundreds of others from across the country.

    Glasgow band Prides will make an appearance - as will Nae Direction, featuring some of BBC Scotland's best-loved faces including River City's Tom Urie (pictured second left), Radio Scotland's John Beattie (second right) and actress Katrina Bryan (right).

  79. Post update

    BBC Scotland Travel


    On the M8 in Glasgow, a broken down van at junction 23 Dumbreck has caused westbound delays back to junction 13 Provan.

  80. Avalanche warnings to continue

    Avalanche risk forecasts for mountains in Torridon are to continue this winter following a pilot project.


    The Sportscotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) assessed threats in the area for the first time during the winter of 2013-14.

    It said the forecasts would be more regular this winter.

  81. Rangers latest

    Chris McLaughlin

    BBC Sport

    Paul Clark, David Whitehouse, Gary Whithey and David Grier are the 4 detained in relation to acquisition of #Rangers

  82. 500 tonne straw fire

    Fire crews battled a blaze in 500 tonnes of straw bales which forced the closure of a Perthshire road.

    The B950 was closed in both directions between the A93 at Blacklunans and the A924 due to smoke from the fire at Wester Bleaton Farm in Kirkmichael.

    Fire crews were alerted at about 06:00 and arrived to find a shed containing 500 tonnes of straw well alight.

    Firefighters got the flames under control by 08:00, but remained in place to damp down.

  83. Nigg harbour plan

    Global Energy Group has formally applied to the Scottish government to create a new harbour at Nigg on the Cromarty Firth.

    The Cromarty Firth Port Authority (CFPA) has criticised the proposal.


    CFPA, which operates a harbour at Invergordon, has concerns that the new harbour would control a large section of firth's main access.

    Global Energy said the facility was needed to support its work at sites it operates at Nigg and Invergordon.

  84. Flood prevention plan

    Public views are being sought on plans to protect properties in Jedburgh from a repeat of serious flooding suffered in August 2012.


    Homes and businesses in the town were affected by waters overflowing from the Skiprunning Burn.

    The proposed £313,000 scheme aims to cut the risk of flooding in the area.

  85. Bookmakers robbery

    Police are attempting to trace two men following an armed robbery at a bookmakers in Port Glasgow.

    The men, who wore dark clothing, entered Ladbrokes in the town's Dubbs Road, at about 21:00 on Thursday.

    One of the men produced a knife and demanded cash before both made off with a three-figure sum of money towards the nearby cycle track at Crosshill Palace.

    No-one was injured during the raid but staff and customers were left shaken. Police have appealed for witnesses.

  86. Scottish Power warned

    Energy supplier Scottish Power has a three-month deadline to improve customer service or it will be banned from sales to new customers.

    Scottish Power logo

    Regulator Ofgem said the company must answer customers' calls quicker, reduce a backlog of bills and act on outstanding ombudsman rulings.

    Scottish Power said it was taking on more staff to improve its service.

  87. Fraserburgh fish fire

    Firefighters tackled a "large" blaze at a fish factory in Fraserburgh last night.

    Crews were called to G&J Jack on the town's Harbour Road at about 18:45 on Thursday.

    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said the fire in the two-storey building was "well-developed" when crews arrived.

  88. Dumfries earthquake

    The British Geological Survey has confirmed an earthquake has affected parts of southern Scotland.

    Quake chart

    Reports of tremors in the Dumfries area were received at about 11:23.

    Data from the monitoring station at Eskdalemuir in Dumfries and Galloway also showed a spike at that time.

  89. World's End judge gives directions

    The judge in the World's End murder trial has started giving his directions to the jury.

    Angus Sinclair, 69, denies raping and murdering 17-year-olds Christine Eadie and Helen Scott in 1977.

    World's End victims

    The judge said the jury had possibly heard a great deal in the media about the girls, which may arouse "feelings of sympathy and of revulsion".

    Lord Matthews told jury members at the High Court in Livingston they had to put that out of their minds, and not to base the verdict on any emotions.

  90. Post update

    BBC Scotland Travel


    High wind warning on the Kessock and Dornoch Bridges and the Tay Road Bridge is closed to double deckers.

    Newton Stewart - A714 Wigtown Road is closed following an accident - police are diverting traffic locally.

    Forth Road Bridge - queues on the M90 s/bound approach. Traffic back to Masterton.

  91. Live Sport Q & A

    Tom English

    BBC Scotland

    I'm here ready to answer your questions... Scotland, rugby, and everything in between - what do you want to ask me?

    Tom English

    Post them on the BBC Sport Scotland facebook page for my live Q & A srating right now!

  92. Arrests over Rangers sale

    Four men have been detained by police following an investigation into the sale of Rangers in 2012.

    Ibrox stadium

    BBC Scotland understands they were held during early morning raids at addresses across the UK involving officers from Surrey Police and Thames Valley Police.

    Police Scotland have been investigating the sale of Rangers from Sir David Murray to Craig Whyte for over a year.

    It is understood Mr Whyte is not one of the four men who are being held.

  93. SNP conference

    On twitter #SNP14

    Scott Aitkin: Proud - @theSNP has just voted for apprentices to be paid the living wage (currently £2.68). Time for #morepowers over min wage. #snp14

    Jamie: Social justice talk from @mhairi1921. She is one for the future! Great speaker. #snp14

    SNP conference

    Joan McDowall: Watching SNP impressed by the young people taking part...level of discussion very high. Mhairi Black...superb.

    McD: Never before have I watched a party conference and been able to put a name to the faces. Thank you SNP #ThanksAlex

  94. Deputy leadership result

    Results data
  95. Conference coverage

    Graham Fraser

    BBC Scotland

    We are coming to the end of our coverage of the SNP conference from Perth.

    At around noon, the live stream on this page will end. Join us again from 14:00 for more coverage of the conference, including a speech by Alex Salmond at around 15:00.

    In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy the normal Scotland Live blog.

    You can also keep across all the news from the SNP conference on our Scotland Politics website.

  96. Top team

    On twitter #SNP14

    Derek Mackay MSP tweets: #snp14 our new SNP Leadership team with media interest on stage at SNP conference.

    Media interest in Sturgeon/Hosie
  97. Oil decommissioning

    Speaking at the SNP conference earlier, John Smart said: "In 2011 the Tories grabbed £10bn from the oil industry and by way of compensation said that the government would take over more responsibility for oil decommissioning.

    John Smart at SNP conference

    "Now that the price of oil has gone down the oil industry is asking for more help with decommissioning, we must not undertake that cost.

    "[The Scottish government] will be left responsible for decommissioning even though the UK has had all the income. So we have to get it onto our policy and into our statement to the Smith Commission that the UK is entirely responsible for the costs of decommissioning the oil and gas."

  98. Set a date

    Tom Gordon, Scottish Political Editor of the Sunday Herald, tweets: On sale at #snp14 conference. A calendar with a foreword by @AlexSalmond

    Yes calender
  99. Salmond 'will go for it'

    Norman Smith

    BBC Assistant Political Editor

    The feeling at conference is that Alex Salmond will stand as an MP in the general election.

    Everyone I have spoken to here, everyone believes Alex Salmond will go for it.

    He hasn't formally said anything. He's keeping his options open but everyone seems to be working on the basis that yes, he will go for a Westminster seat.

  100. Minimum wage

    A motion on equalising the minimum wage has been supported by delegates at the conference.

  101. Hosie: Another referendum?

    BBC News Channel

    Newly elected SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie tells the BBC News Channel that if the people of Scotland feel let down by Westminster - or if the UK votes to leave the EU - that would be grounds for another independence referendum.

    Stewart Hosie

    But the Dundee MP said he believed Alex Salmond was right when he said he thought the issue was settled for "a generation".

    He added: "The formal position is that you need a new mandate. But you can't go engineering a mandate. The people need to determine when they're ready to say I'm going to change my mind, I'm not voting No, I'm voting Yes.

    "We're not there today and we're not there next year. Next year, general election 15 is about holding Westminster's feet to the fire to make sure they deliver the promises they made. What happens after that only time will tell."

  102. Motion passed

    SNP delegates have supported a motion which recognises the result of the referendum but says Scotland will become an independent country and refers to the Smith Commission process on new powers for Scotland.

  103. A tweet about a tweet

    Shona Robison has tweeted this picture with her husband - the new SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie: "Very proud of @StewartHosieMP becoming deputy leader of @theSNP #snp14"

    Shona Robison selfie

    What she may not have known was colleague and fellow MSP Joe Fitzpatrick was documenting her action on his Twitter account.

    He tweets: Congratulations to @StewartHosieMP on being elected deputy leader of @theSNP. 1st task a selfie with @ShonaRobison

    Shona Robison selfie
  104. 'Grassroots campaign'

    Garry Macdonald, from the SNP Provan group, was a first-time conference speaker.

    He told delegates: "The referendum in September this year and the preceding work put in to the Yes movement has brought alive the true meaning of a grassroots campaign.

    Garry Macdonald
  105. Alternative views

    On twitter #SNP14

    Rich McPosh: Has anyone at #snp14 mentioned the price of oil yet? #fantasists

    Gerry Hassan: Is being on same side as Tories defining for parties? #SNP were on same side as Tories in prev UK #Brexit referendum. Happens. #snp14

    George Melhuish: Luckily for Keith Brown he only lost 45% to 55%, which means he'll be able to walk about #SNP14 telling people he won

    Eunis Jassemi: SNP goes about the Westminster elite etc- can i remind the #SNP that Salmond will get a FM pension of £42,051, inc MSP and MP pension.#SNP14

  106. Christine Grahame's speech: Reaction

    On twitter #SNP14

    Jamie: Christine Grahame warns Eck not to cramp her style on the back benches. She was awesome! #snp14

    SNP conference on twitter

    Cllr Alan Hill: "I'm proud if 1.6m scots who withstood a tsunami of negativity..." Christine Graham MSP #SNP14

    Jill McAlpine: Christine Grahame's speech brought a tear to many an eye, I'm sure. Did love the 'don't be cramping my style on the backbenches Alex' #snp14

  107. Grahame's message for Salmond

    SNP MSP Christine Grahame told the Perth conference: "I've got a final world for Alex Salmond when he joins me on the back benches.

    "Dinae cramp my style!"

    Christine Grahame MSP
  108. SNP conference

    On twitter #SNP14

    Irene Golden: Congratulations @NicolaSturgeon and @StewartHosieMP ! The @theSNP has a wealth of talent. Onwards and upwards to a free Scotland! #snp14

    Abby Shepherd: I am so excited about the future of our country and the SNP! So proud to be a member #snp14

    Calum Livingstone: Congratulations to @StewartHosieMP on election as deputy leader, wasn't my first choice in vote but sure he will do a great job #snp14

  109. Ewing: Young people will not be silenced

    Annabelle Ewing spoke of the "winds of change" blowing through Scotland and of people showing "engagement, enthusiasm, hope, ownership of their dream for a better life for themselves and their families, their communities and for their country".

    Annabelle Ewing

    She said, "Nowhere is this change most visible than in the voices of our young people.

    "Young people have come alive to political discussion and are simply not going to be silenced by Westminster in the future.

    "They are not going to be put back in their box."

  110. Sturgeon: "Persuade fellow Scots'

    In her first speech as SNP leader earlier, Nicola Sturgeon said: "I believe today, perhaps more strongly than I ever have, that we will be independent.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    "But that will only happen when a majority of our fellow citizens vote for that in a referendum.

    "So our task remains as it has always been. Not to impose our will, not to berate those who disagree with us - but to persuade.

    "To respectfully and intelligently through the strength of our arguments and the power of our actions, to persuade the majority of our fellow Scots that the best future for our country, that the way to build a more prosperous, successful country and a fairer society is for us to become a normal independent nation."

  111. Standing ovation

    Chris Jones tweets: A standing ovation welcomes our new leader and new depute leader @NicolaSturgeon and @StewartHosieMP #snp14

    SNP conference
  112. SNP conference

    On twitter #SNP14

    Roddy McHardy: Nicola Sturgeon makes me feel less cynical about politics. I can't think of a higher compliment for a politician than that. #snp14

    Keith R: Nicola Sturgeon showing she is more than a capable first minister, wonderful, inspiring speech. #SNP14

    Tom Freeman: SNP trade union group has more members than the entire Scottish Labour Party, says Nicola Sturgeon at #snp14

  113. Sturgeon: 'Third biggest party in UK'

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, in her speech earlier, said: "Our membership is the equivalent of a UK-wide party having more than one million members.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    "That hasn't happened anywhere in the UK since possibly the early 1950s"

    SNP membership currently stands at about 85,000.

  114. SNP priorities

    Sturgeon has set out three priorities for the SNP in the coming year:

    1. To govern well

    2. To win the Westminster election in Scotland

    3. To continue to make the case for independence

  115. Sturgeon: "Wind is in our sails"

    Talking about the vastly increased SNP membership, Nicola Sturgeon says: "We are now by a country mile the biggest political party in Scotland.

    "We are now twice the size of the Liberal Democrats. One in 50 of the adult population is a member of our party.

    "This gives us the ability to reach parts of Scotland others can never reach. The wind is in our sails.

    "When the SNP is strong, Scotland is strong."

  116. Hosie: 'Federal state'

    Newly elected SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie MP told the conference the general election would be a chance to make sure Westminster politicians fulfil their promise of more powers for Holyrood.

    Stewart Hose

    He said: "Remember what it was they told the Scottish people, many of whom voted 'No' to get more powers. The closest thing to a federal state within one to two years.

    "Let's make sure they deliver that promise and let's do it by delivering a record number of SNP MPs next year. That's the raw power Westminster understands. That's what Scotland needs to deliver next year."

  117. Sturgeon on new role

    As Nicola Sturgeon is confirmed as the new SNP leader, she says "the moment is one that I cherish and relish".

    She has also congratulated the three candidates - Keith Brown, Angela Constance and the winner Stewart Hosie - who ran for deputy leader, calling them "a credit to the party".

  118. Your Reaction - Stewart Hosie

    On twitter #SNP14

    Lewis Hollaran: Congrats to @StewartHosieMP I'm sure he'll do an amazing job! #snp14

    Jill McAlpine: Delighted that @StewartHosieMP elected as our Deputy Leader. What a team we have! #SNP14

    Cllr Owen Thompson: Three excellent candidates for deputy leader in @KeithBrownMSP @AConstanceMSP and @StewartHosieMP well done to Stewart on election #snp14

  119. Sturgeon is new leader

    Nicola Sturgeon has formally been announced as the new leader of the SNP.

    Nicola Sturgeon
  120. SNP conference

    On twitter #SNP14

    Euan C. Purchase: Hall is absolutely packed. Think they're going to need a much bigger venue for next year... #snp14

    Scott Macdonald: Does Labour have a leader that can actually take on Nicola Sturgeon and win? Seriously, I'm expecting SNP wins for another decade.

    Paul Monaghan: Packed house in Perth for the 80th National Conference of the Scottish National Party. Exciting times. #snp14

    Packed house at SNP conference
  121. Hosie elected Deputy Leader

    Stewart Hosie MP has been elected deputy leader of the SNP.

    Stewart Hosie

    He won 55.5% of the vote in the second round of voting, once the first round votes were redistributed.

  122. Conference under way

    The SNP 2014 conference has begun in Perth.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    Nicola Sturgeon will formally take over as party leader after Alex Salmond's decision to step down.

    We will learn shortly which of the deputy leadership candidates - Keith Brown, Stewart Hosie and Angela Constance - has been successful.

  123. Post update

    On twitter #SNP14

    Taylor Wallace Mair tweets: @theSNP annual conference about to kick of, this is the 80th conference for the SNP #SNP14

    SNP conference
  124. Alex Salmond - Your Views

    Mary: One word to describe Alex Salmond "conniver"

    Sarah, Dunoon: Alex Salmond-UNIQUE !

    Anne: My word for Alex Salmond is "Deflated" !

    Richard, Oban: Alex Salmond indefatigable

  125. SNP conference

    On twitter #SNP14

    Elspeth Kirkman: Nicola Sturgeon to take over from Alex Salmond...There's something a bit fishy about all of this.

  126. 'Ronaldo of politics'

    BBC Radio Scotland

    tweets: On Morning Call one contributor has called Alex Salmond the @Cristiano Ronaldo of politics - 'so good he divides opinion' apparently.

    Salmond V Christiano Ronaldo
  127. Alex Salmond - Your views

    Davy, Troon: One word to describe Alex Salmond - Inspirational. He made a nation think and feel proud. He will be missed in Scottish politics.

    Sheila, Paisley: Alex Salmond will be a massive loss to Scottish politics; he has been head and shoulders above everyone else in the Scottish Parliament. In a word 'outstanding'.

    John, St Andrews: An arrogant smug egomaniac. A smug individual to the end who clearly thrived on publicity, especially TV cameras.

    Louise, Black Isle: Alex Salmond in one word- marmite!

  128. Edinburgh rape

    A man has been arrested after a woman was allegedly raped at knifepoint in an Edinburgh park.

    The 28-year-old woman was in the Leith links area when the incident happened at around 01:00 yesterday morning.

    Police said that a 24-year-old man had been arrested and charged.

    He is expected to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday.

  129. Football gossip

    Will the Republic of Ireland feel at home at Celtic Park tonight? Not according to Scotland manager Gordon Strachan.

    Celtic Park

    Can Hearts handle the pressure after Rangers closed the gap on them at the top of the table? Robbie Neilson thinks so.

    And what advice did Celtic full-back Mikael Lustig offer Swedish countryman John Guidetti before his summer loan switch to the Scottish champions?

    Find out in today's football gossip.

  130. Tannadice chief's Australian mission

    BBC Sport


    Dundee United chairman Stephen Thompson has been in Australia to help find the club's next group of star players.

    Stephen Thompson

    The Tannadice chief is "constructing relationships" that could lead to young Australians using United as a launch pad to a career in Europe.

    Australian agent Lou Sticca has told media in his country that Scotland is the perfect place for players from down under to make their name.

    "We have seen a lot of Australian players have achievement after moving from Australia to Scotland,'' Sticca said.

  131. Non SNP members as candidates?

    BBC Radio Scotland

    Nicola Sturgeon explained why she wants non-SNP members to be able to stand under the party's banner at next spring's General Election.

    SNP logo

    "I campaigned shoulder to shoulder during the referendum with people that I share much with in terms of political outlook, philosophy and ambitions for Scotland but are not members of the SNP," she told Good Morning Scotland.

    Asked to name such a person, she declined to "thrust them into the limelight" - but agreed that Jeane Freeman from Women for Independence was "a good example".

    On the issue of a possible coalition with Labour at Westminster she said: "I would tend away from a formal coalition towards an arrangement which was more on an issue by issue basis."

  132. SNP 'victory celebration'

    Norman Smith

    BBC Assistant Political Editor

    On the face of it you would think that this conference should be a wake almost, after defeat in the independence referendum. Far from it.

    It's nearer a victory celebration. The polls show that SNP support has just gone through the roof since the referendum. They're now polling at around 50%. There are projections they could win up to 20 MPs at the next Westminster General Election and could actually hold the balance of power.

    The idea that independence is off the agenda seems very wide of the mark. SNP figures no longer take the view that the referendum settled the issue for a generation. Privately, they take the view that events could move an awful lot quicker, and you could have another referendum within years.

  133. Video - Sturgeon's independence 'dream'

    Nicola Sturgeon spoke on BBC Breakfast about her dreams of independence and what she hopes to achieve as leader of the SNP.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    Watch the video.

  134. Will you miss Alex Salmond?

    As Alex Salmond steps down, will you miss him? That's what Kaye Adams wants to know on Morning Call.

    Morning Call

    Let us know. Email, text 80295 or tweet using #ScotlandLive.

  135. Post update

    BBC Scotland Travel


    There is disruption to a number of CalMac routes including Tobermory - Kilchoan, Ardrossan - Brodick and Oban-Castlebay and Oban-Lochboisdale this morning.

    Check on the Caledonian MacBrayne site for updates on your sailing.

  136. Missing marine

    An air and ground search is being carried out for a Royal Marine who has gone missing in the Cairngorms National park.

    The 20-year-old man, who is from the Tayside area, had gone walking and running in the Glen Clova area of the Angus Glens on Thursday afternoon.

    The man's father raised the alarm after he failed to return.

    Police, Tayside Mountain Rescue, dogs and an RAF helicopter were involved in an overnight search.

  137. Ferry disruption

    BBC Scotland Travel


    Argyll Ferries has suspended its Gourock to Dunoon sailings for now, with a bus service replacing it.

    CalMac Ardrossan - Brodick has been placed on amber alert, and may be liable to disruption or cancellation at short notice.

    CalMac 0840 from Mallaig and the 0925 from Armadale have been cancelled this morning due to adverse weather.

  138. Rain on the way

    BBC Scotland Weather


    A cloudy start for much of the country. Very quickly a band of rain will spread into the south west and move north eastwards during the morning.

    A Met Office Yellow "be aware" warning is in place for Tayside, Angus, along with southern Aberdeenshire where the ground is already saturated.

    Drier and brighter conditions will develop across the south west early this afternoon and spread in towards Strathclyde later in the day.

    Temperatures will range from 13C in the north west to around 11C for most.

  139. Today's papers

    The murder of toddler Madison Horn again features on the front pages of a number of Scottish papers.

    The Daily Record has an interview with the ex-girlfriend of Madison's killer Kevin Park who says he subjected her to horrific beatings, while The Scottish Sun speaks to the two-year-old's grandfather who believes her killer should hang for her murder.

    The Scottish Daily Mail questions how Park was 'free to murder' Madison, given his 38 previous criminal convictions, and says he was wearing an electronic tag at the time of the murder having been spared jail for a brutal assault on a former partner.

    Newspapers composite

    The Herald, The Times and The Scotsman all dedicate much of their front pages to outgoing First Minister Alex Salmond's vow to continue the fight for independence, with The Scotsman quoting the soon to be ex-SNP leader as saying "it's not all over".

    The Herald focuses on the SNP's election plans, saying that the door has been opened to non-party members as "Salmond's fight goes on".

  140. Another referendum?

    BBC Breakfast

    First minister designate Nicola Sturgeon says she hasn't decided yet if the promise of another independence referendum will be in the SNP's manifesto for the 2016 Holyrood elections.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    She told BBC Breakfast: "I'll decide that in line with the democratic processes of the SNP at the appropriate moment and we'll take that decision based on a judgement of what we consider to be in the best interests of Scotland."

    She said the decision on whether or not there was another referendum would also depend on "how Westminster politicians behave".

    "I would suggest to them that if they want to stem rising demand in Scotland for another referendum, they need to deliver the promise they made in the campaign to more powers, they need to think again about the austerity cuts that are impoverishing so many of our children.

    "Perhaps they need to think again about dumping a new generation of nuclear weapons on the River Clyde."

  141. SNP candidates move

    SNP leaders plan to change party rules to allow non-members to stand as candidates in the General Election.

    Yes campaigners

    The move is designed to appeal to activists who campaigned for a "Yes" vote in the independence referendum.

    The plan will be unveiled at the party's conference, which will open in Perth later.

  142. Drink-drive limit

    A health board has issued advice to motorists crossing from England into Scotland ahead of new drink-driving limits starting north of the border.

    Man drinking beer

    After approval by the Scottish Parliament, the legal level would be cut from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood on 5 December.

    NHS Dumfries and Galloway said drivers could leave England under the limit but find they were over the Scottish limit.

    It said the best advice was not to get behind the wheel at all after drinking.

  143. Fraserburgh fishermen memorial

    A memorial service will be held in Fraserburgh later for three fishermen who died when their boat sank off the coast of Northumberland.

    Ocean Way

    Skipper James Noble was found in the water but died later, after the Ocean Way went down 100 miles east of the Farne Islands on 2 November.

    Crewmen Junito Antonio Junior and Michael Pulpul, both from the Philippines, have not been found.

  144. Sturgeon takes the reins

    Nicola Sturgeon is to formally take over the leadership of the SNP today from Alex Salmond.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    She will be confirmed in the post as the SNP's annual conference gets under way in Perth, before being voted in as Scottish first minister next week.

    Ms Sturgeon, who has been the SNP's deputy leader for the past decade, was the only candidate for the job.

  145. Good morning

    Graham Fraser

    BBC Scotland

    Good morning, and welcome to today's Scotland Live blog.