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  1. Nicola Sturgeon promises 'powerhouse parliament'
  2. She will take over leadership next month, and become Scotland's first female first minister
  3. Record fall in Scottish unemployment
  4. Salmond meets Asghar family
  5. Tata steel to sell some UK plants

Live Reporting

By Marianne Taylor, Louise Sayers and Graham Fraser

All times stated are UK

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  1. Good night

    Graham Fraser

    BBC Scotland

    That is all for today's Scotland Live blog. Join us again from 08:00 tomorrow for more of the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

  2. Nicola Sturgeon - Your Views

    Alan McPherson: 97% of Scottish electorate registered. Country more politically engaged now than perhaps ever. New First Minister is chosen by SNP members. Irony Bru anyone?

    Dougie: I voted No and this had nothing to do with devo max. Many yes voters who had postal votes admitted they would have voted No if they had known about devo max. The point is no one knows how the outcome would have been influenced, but I suspect the outcome would have been the same.

  3. Scotland squad

    Scotland women's head coach Anna Signeul is pleased with the competition for places in her squad but insists the group still has room to develop.

    Anna Signeul

    Ms Signeul made the comments following the announcement of the 20-strong squad to play in the World Cup play-off semi-final against the Netherlands.

    Four women from Glasgow City have been called up, with one each from Celtic, Rangers, Spartans and Hibs.

  4. New CalMac ferry plans

    The Scottish Government is pressing ahead with plans for two new CalMac ferries to serve Arran and the route linking Harris, North Uist and Skye.

    CalMac ferry

    The Transport Minister, Keith Brown, said they'd now started the procurement process for the design and build of the vessels.

    They're expected to be ready by the end of 2017 and during 2018.

  5. Police firing range at Dounreay

    A £2.5m police firing range has been opened near the Dounreay nuclear power complex in Caithness.

    New policing firing range near Dounreay

    The eight-lane 164ft-long (50m) range is for Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers who guard Dounreay.

    Dounreay is in the process of being closed down and cleaned up in a £1.6bn project.

  6. Your Views

    Alan Frame in reply to Michael Wannop: You are arguing pure semantics here. If you were a no voter then sure, Salmond led the country into disharmony! If on the other hand you held a vision of a new, progressive and independent Scotland, then he simply fought for his parties objectives to allow the Scots people to democratically decide their future. Whether the SNP represent the majority of the country or not is by and by.

    Joan Sim: I find it quite insulting to assume that a substantial number of No voters only voted No after the vow! I for one, and many others I know, had long since made up our minds based on the economy, lack of credible answers from the SNP and also the fact that we wanted to remain part of the UK.

  7. Scotland lose to Kiwis

    Scotland lost by one run in a thrilling World Cup warm-up friendly against a strong New Zealand XI in Lincoln.

    Kiwi Test captain Brendon McCullum (52) and Corey Anderson (53) led the way as the hosts made 263 from their 50 overs.

    Matt Machan

    Matt Machan top scored for the Scots with 83, while Hamish Gardiner (54) and Freddie Coleman (56) both made fifties.

  8. Analysis - Nicola Sturgeon

    Andrew Black

    Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    In this post-Salmond, post-referendum era, Nicola Sturgeon is going to have to make the SNP still matter in Scotland. I'm sure a lot of her opponents after the referendum No thought that the SNP was going to dissolve.

    Now, Nicola Sturgeon is trying to move the party forward by selling this message that 'we are the party that continues to stick up for Scotland. We are going to do that by fighting for more devolved powers'.

    She will never rule out the possibility of another independence referendum. The difficulty she has now is when is the right time to strike.

  9. Hutton on Poland draw

    BBC Sport


    Video: Scotland's Alan Hutton was frustrated by the draw with Poland, but he thinks there's reasons to be positive about the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign.

    Alan Hutton

    BBC Scotland's Alasdair Lamont asks the questions.

  10. Tonight's outlook...

    BBC Scotland Weather


    A mainly dry evening then cloudy with outbreaks of rain spreading to Girvan and Campbeltown around midnight, spreading north towards Glasgow by morning. Breezy, strong easterly winds on coast.


    You can catch the full forecast on the BBC News Weather website.

  11. Sturgeon - your views

    Florence Nicholl: Did we expect anything else? Now starts the opposition to all from Westminster. Our parliament will be run now by Mrs and Mr Sturgeon. No one to object to anything. Object way now is to get Labour a majority vote in Scotland and we will be rid of SNP.

    Alan, Perthshire: Alistair Carmichael needs to remember that he represents a small party and would have no position in Scotland if David Cameron had not appointed him because he had no Tory MP in Scotland for the job! The new SNP leader represents the party elected to govern in Scotland and whose membership has increased massively since the referendum, the result of which was significantly influenced from outside Scotland.

  12. Scotland 'should set minimum wage'

    Alex Salmond has urged unions and employers to back the Scottish government's bid for the power to set the minimum wage as part of a new Fair Work Convention.

    The convention, announced today in Glasgow, will encourage dialogue between unions, employers, public sector bodies and government, according to the first minister.

    He said: "One of the aims of the convention will be to exert greater Scottish influence over the minimum wage; it will also champion other aspects of good industrial relations, including payment of the living wage."

    But shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran accused Mr Salmond of "acting in bad faith".

    "People across Scotland voted to continue pooling and sharing resources across the whole of the United Kingdom," she said.

  13. Asghar petition

    Ms Ranah added a petition calling on David Cameron to personally intervene in the case of Mohammad Asghar has attracted almost 70,000 signatures. She said she plans to hand it in to Downing Street on Friday.

  14. 'Whatever it takes'

    The daughter of a Scot imprisoned on death row in Pakistan over blasphemy allegations has said called on the UK government to match the support shown for her father by the Scottish government.

    Mohammad Asghar, who has paranoid schizophrenia, is currently recovering in hospital after he was shot by a prison guard in September. His daughter Jasmine Ranah met Alex Salmond this morning.

    Mohammad Asghar

    She told Radio Scotland's Newsdrive: "We are extremely grateful to Alex Salmond for seeing us this morning. We just want the same support from the Pakistani government, the British government.

    "We hope that Alex Salmond can talk to the prime minister. [The first minister] said he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring my dad home."

  15. Post update

    Gordon Brewer

    BBC Scotland News

    You can still get tickets for this Friday's Big Debate at the Corran Halls in Oban, where a panel of guests will be taking questions on the big political questions of the week.

    Click here to apply.

  16. Macmerry murder

    A 38 year old man has been charged with the murder of a man found in a house in East Lothian.

    Forty-nine-year-old Colin Armstrong, pictured, was found dead at the property in Macmerry on Tuesday, 7 October.

    Colin Armstrong

    The man who has been charged is due to appear at Haddington Sheriff Court on Thursday.

  17. Help for Gaelic learners

    Two new resources for people learning Gaelic have been unveiled at the Royal National Mod in Inverness.

    LearnGaelic said a new app with 60 units for beginners will be available this month.

    The Mod

    It has been designed to provide learners with words and phrases to enable them to "build up a strong foundation" for conversational Gaelic.

    An interactive Gaelic dictionary with audio files will also be available later this month.

  18. Post update

    The Scottish Sun

    tweets: New First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was today likened to late Tory leader Margaret Thatcher.

    The Sun on Nicola Sturgeon

    Read the full story here.

  19. Get Involved


    Michael Wannop in response to Douglas Haggerty: He (Alex Salmond) did lead the country in disharmony, and also if you think people made up their minds on the promises of any politician you are sadly mistaken. As with the Yes voters, I would suspect that the vast majority had already made up their minds long before such promises were made.

    Colin Anderson: Can't believe the hypocrisy (maybe I should) of Alistair Carmichael - accept the will of the people based on what "The Vow" and after yesterday's Westminster sham who exactly has been ducking the issue? I voted Yes and I know what I voted for - if you voted No what did you vote for?

  20. Lamont welcomes Sturgeon leadership

    Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont MSP said Nicola Sturgeon must help "heal and unite" Scotland.

    She added: "I warmly welcome and congratulate Nicola Sturgeon on the confirmation that she will be the new leader of the SNP and believe it to be a positive step that the three main parties in Scotland will all be led by women.

    "For too long Scotland has been on pause but now people want action. We have just been through a referendum that at times was divisive. We must now work to heal and unite Scotland.

    "Tours of the country speaking to your own supporters will only do so much. If, as expected, Nicola Sturgeon is voted in as first minister she will have to lead the whole country not just those that vote SNP."

  21. Your views on Nicola Sturgeon


    William Boot: Tory MP David Mundell congratulates Nicola Sturgeon for "emulating Margaret Thatcher" by becoming Scotland's first woman first minister! One Thatcher was more than enough, and is why the Tories have only one MP in Scotland.

    Andrew Brown: Perhaps with new leadership the SNP will finally realise they do not represent a majority of Scots, either ideologically or in parliament. They still talk about the referendum as if it were current. Had Yes won, and the losing side continued to "battle" for remaining in the Union regardless, they'd have been mocked to the ends of the earth.

  22. Monkey business

    A troop of 30 monkeys from Gibraltar has arrived at their new home at Blair Drummond Safari Park.


    The Barbary macaques were moved to the park near Stirling following a deal to reduce the territory's monkey population, after a rise in wild monkey numbers caused problems for Gibraltarians.

    They will be on show to visitors at a new drive-through section of the park from next March.

  23. Post update

    Douglas Fraser

    Business and economy editor, Scotland

    tweets: Brent crude dips again, sub-$84. Oil & Gas UK recently said $80 level wd end 1/3 of projects in development pipeline and accelerate field closure.

  24. Old crocs

    The life of the crocodile's prehistoric relative, the machimosaurus, has been revealed by a study of fossils from across Europe.

    Ancient crocodile

    Edinburgh University researchers said the ancient crocodile group included a nine-metre long saltwater species that lived in open seas and fed on turtles.

  25. Carmichael urges Strugeon to 'accept' vote

    Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael has said he wishes Nicola Sturgeon "very well".

    Speaking to the BBC, the Lib Dem MP added: "I think the first thing she could do to make her job easier would be do come out and say categorically that having accepted the decision of the people of Scotland that she will not now be looking for another referendum.

    "She keeps trying to duck that issue and unless or until she answers it openly and honestly then there is going to be an element of uncertainty hanging over Scotland's economy and that would be bad for Scotland's business and Scotland's jobs."

  26. Get involved


    Rod West in response to Margaret on Scotland Live: You need to get your facts right if you want people to listen. No one voted for or against the SNP in the referendum, and the SNP is the majority voice in the Scottish Parliament.

    Douglas Haggarty in reply to D Fox: Alex Salmond never led the country to disharmony but gave people a choice to express how they wished their country governed. The choice would have been independence if the Westminster Parties had not interfered and promised "more powers" which are not going to happen!

  27. 'Historic' Sturgeon

    Kate Higgins, who runs the pro-independence blog A Burdz Eye View, she says Nicola Sturgeon will have no problem setting herself apart from her predecessor.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    She told the BBC: "Nicola has always been hugely ambitious - not for herself, but for her country and her people.

    "I have no doubt that she will be a hugely successful as Scotland's first female first minister, and will not only go down in history for that fact alone, but also for the achievements she will have in office."

  28. Teenager raped

    A 15-year-old girl has been raped as she walked home in Cumbernauld.

    Police said the girl was walking in the town's Beechwood Road shortly before midnight on Saturday when she was approached by two men.

    Beechwood Road

    After a short time, one of the men left. The other man then subjected the girl to a serious sexual assault.

    She made her way home and police were called. CCTV footage is being examined and door-to-door inquires are taking place.

  29. Sturgeon - your views


    Gordon: What a bitter nobody Alex Johnstone MSP sounds. I can understand his fear though, now there are three matrons who will smack his petulant little bum in the chamber at Holyood in the shape of Tricia Marwick, Nicola Sturgeon and his own leader Ruth Davidson. Queens of their own domain.

    David Francis: Congratulations to our new female First Minister! Remember, Nicky, the Scottish people are sovereign - not politicians and certainly not Westminster or the media. It is your duty to make sure we get the substantial new powers promised by Brown et al. And, if the majority of Scots think they have been hoodwinked by the "vow", they have every right to have the matter reconsidered. You have a very hard act to follow. Good Luck.

  30. The longest journey

    Philip Sim

    Tayside and Central reporter, BBC Scotland

    A record number of pink-footed geese have flocked to a wildlife reserve at Montrose Basin.


    A total of 70,153 geese were recorded arriving at the Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve for the winter, having flown 1,200km (745 miles) from Iceland and Greenland.

    The previous record counted by volunteers at the site was 65,060, set in 2010.

  31. Post update

    BBC Scotland Weather


    An east / west divide across Scotland yet again this afternoon, with western parts enjoying the best of any brightness and sunny spells, while the east remains cloudier. Temperatures likely to be between 11C and 15C.

  32. Post update

    Edinburgh Evening News

    tweets: £1.5million bid to save Ross Fountain

    Ross Fountain

    Read the full story here.

  33. War dead remembered

    Pupils at a primary school in the far north of Scotland have discovered the stories behind the men listed on their local war memorial.

    The monument in Reay, a small community near Thurso in Caithness, lists the names of soldiers and sailors with connections to village and surrounding area who lost their lives in the world wars.

    War memorial

    They include men who died in World War One's battles in France and Belgium, and others who perished in Sicily, Libya and Burma in World War Two.

    The children have drawn pictures of the soldiers, and found out about their war service.

  34. Secrets of TV

    Sky News Scotland correspondent Niall Paterson has been revealing the secrets of television journalism, with a little help from BBC News Correspondent Laura Bicker.

    He tweeted: Where does a TV reporter hang their kit when belt-less? @BBCLBicker demonstrates her boots are made for broadcasting.

    Laura Bicker reporting
  35. Football Gossip

    The latest rumours around the Rangers boardroom, Goram on Scotland's goalies, and which Celtic player does Neil Lennon want to sign for Bolton?

    Dave King

    Find out in the latest football gossip.

  36. Post update

    The Courier

    tweets: 'I felt we were going be together for a long time' — widower sues NHS Tayside for £150,000 after wife's death.

    Read the full story here.

  37. Ex-boyfriend speaks at World's End trial

    A former boyfriend of Helen Scott - one of two girls murdered 37 years ago to the day - has told a murder trial he never had sex with her.

    Christine Eadie and Helen Scott

    Alan Dixon, 56, was in a relationship with the 17 year-old for about two years until her death. He says they met when Helen - who lived in Edinburgh - was visiting her aunt in Coldstream in the Borders, where he lived.

    Helen and Christine Eadie, also 17, were last seen at the World's End pub in the High street in Edinburgh on 15 October 1977. Their bodies were found in two different parts of East Lothian.

    Angus Sinclair, 69, denies raping and murdering the girls. The trial continues.

  38. 'Vanity trip'

    Reacting to the news that Nicola Sturgeon will replace Alex Salmond as SNP leader and first minister, Scottish Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone said: "Apparently the SNP are the most democratic party in Scotland, at least that's according to Nicola Sturgeon who has just become leader completely unopposed, without so much as a peep from anyone else.

    "We all know how keen the SNP leadership were on keeping the monarchy and that seems to extend to adopting a similar succession model for their new leader.

    "It's also astonishing that Nicola Sturgeon is planning to celebrate her coronation with her own vanity trip around the country - no doubt hoping the streets will be paved with cheering SNP loyalists."

  39. Post update

    Evening Express

    The mother of missing Aberdeen woman Kelli Ferris says she fears her daughter is dead.

    Kelli Ferris

    Kelli has not been seen since September 10 and extensive searches carried out over the past month have failed to find her.

  40. Drug accused extradited

    A Scots lorry driver has been extradited to Belgium for trial on drugs charges.

    Raymond Urquhart, from Perth, was arrested by Scottish police in March over his alleged involvement in moving cocaine and MDMA across international borders.

    Raymond Urquhart

    Lawyers acting for Urquhart had argued that extradition would breach his human rights. It is understood the 51-year-old was taken to Belgium on Monday.

  41. 10 year-old charged over stabbing

    A 10-year-old boy has been charged with assault after another child was allegedly stabbed in the head in Dundee.

    The victim, also 10, was taken to Ninewells Hospital following the incident at about 19:00 on Sunday, where he was treated for a head wound.

    Police were called, and the child was taken into custody.

    A spokeswoman confirmed the boy was charged, and a report submitted to the Youth Justice Assessor.

  42. Sturgeon - your views

    Thomas: I think it's good thing. Maybe it'll bring change to the view a lot of Scots have towards SNP, as many hated Salmond for no reason when he was one of the best leaders out there.

    Michael Fraser: Whilst it is refreshing and encouraging for politics as a whole to have three women lead the major Scottish parties, the divisive attempts at populist gesturing of the present first minister and his heir apparent should serve as fair warning to all those throughout the UK who see devolution of power away from Westminster as the way forward.

  43. Salmond meets Asghar family

    First Minister Alex Salmond has met the family of Mohammad Asghar, the Scot imprisoned on death row in Pakistan over blasphemy allegations.

    Mr Asghar, who has paranoid schizophrenia, was shot by a prison guard in September. He has since been recovering in hospital.

    Mohammad Asghar

    His relatives urged Mr Salmond to do all he could to secure his release.

    A petition calling on the prime minister to personally intervene has gained more than 68,000 signatures.

  44. New housing for Glasgow veterans

    A new housing development providing military veterans with a combination of independent and supported accommodation opens in Glasgow's East End today.

    Plans for Bellrock Close accomodation

    Bellrock Close, run by the charity Scottish Veterans Residences, aims to help younger veterans - many of whom served in Afghanistan and Iraq - to make the difficult transition into civilian life.

    Former soldier David Timmins is a support worker at the new facility. He told BBC Radio Scotland: "When I was discharged eventually I was in veterans accommodation, which was absolutely fantastic but it was just too far away from friends and family, and I felt very isolated.

    "The way Bellrock close will work is that the guys will support each other, and it's has been noted now that the best support is is peer support which we will actively encourage."

  45. Video - Sturgeon on leadership

    Watch Nicola Sturgeon give her reaction after it is confirmed she will become the new leader of the SNP, and Scotland's first female first minister.

    Nicola Sturgeon
  46. Post update

    Alasdair Lamont

    BBC Scotland

    Four points from three matches: perhaps not the start to a qualifying campaign that dreams are made of, but one Gordon Strachan can be very satisfied with.

    Gordon Strachan

    Read my full analysis on why the Scotland national team have grounds for optimism here.

  47. Post update

    Mike Gammon tweets: Salmond replaced by Sturgeon? All sounds a bit fishy to me #SNP

  48. Sturgeon - Twitter reaction


    Tony McNulty: Three main parties in Scotland now led by women - congratulations to Nicola Sturgeon. Important day for politics.

    David R Hawkins: Sturgeon to become new SNP leader... I hope she will stand by the voice of the people!

    Jen Nugent: Well done to Nicola sturgeon our first female first minister.

    Tweet us using #ScotlandLive.

  49. Mums behind bars

    Alicia Queiro

    BBC Scotland

    The Scottish Prison Service has announced a scheme to allow children of women prisoners extended "sleepover" visits at the new HMP Inverclyde.


    But what's life really like for the young people who are separated from their mothers by prison bars? I've been speaking to mum-of-two Kirsten Johnston who was sentenced to two years in prison for embezzlement.

  50. Nicola Sturgeon - your reaction


    D Fox: Quite alarming the fact that some Scots feel Alex Salmond was a good leader. he led this country to dis-harmony and his influence was ultimately hugely disruptive to millions of Scots. Salmond is a dangerous breed and Nicola Sturgeon is his prodigy.

    Margaret: Ms Sturgeon needs to accept the referendum result and talk about something else. The majority voted against SNP, let Scotland move forward with other voices being heard and not the minority SNP boring voice.

    What do you think? Email us here, tweet using #ScotlandLive or text 80295.

  51. Post update

    Scotsman journalist David Maddox

    tweets: David Mundell congratulates Nicola Sturgeon for "emulating Margaret Thatcher" in becoming the 1st female leader of her party

  52. Economy expands by 0.9%

    Scotland's economy grew by 0.9% during the second quarter of 2014, according to statistics released by the Scottish government.

    Production industry

    On an annual basis, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew by 2.6% compared with the same period last year.

    The services sector, which accounts for nearly three-quarters of the economy, grew by 0.9% in the latest period. The production sector expanded by 0.3%, while construction output grew by 3.6%.

  53. Sturgeon on more devolution

    Asked what she would do if the Westminster parties fail to deliver on substantial devolution, Ms Sturgeon responded: "If Westminster renege on those promises, then it is not a case of what I will do to them - it is a case of what the Scottish people will do.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    "The Scottish people would ensure [Westminster parties] would pay a heavy, heavy electoral price."

  54. Sturgeon on her 'coronation'

    Speaking to the BBC, Nicola Sturgeon said she would have "relished a contest" for the SNP leadership.

    She added: " I would have loved the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country, setting out my case to be the next SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland.

    "That wasn't within my control. The fact that the SNP, after reflection, has decided that I am the best person to succeed Alex Salmond is an enormous privilege."

  55. Post update

    Douglas Fraser

    Business and economy editor, Scotland

    tweets: Unions say c400 Scots jobs involved in "bolt from the blue" sale of Tata Steel assets to Klesch Group. Awaiting news on employment transfers.

  56. Nicola Sturgeon - your views

    Anon: I believe had Nicola Sturgeon been first minister at the time of the referendum I and many others would have voted for independence. I do not belong to a particular party but having met her when she was minister for health she talks to people as an equal. I think there will be a bigger shift of voters to the SNP as the people of Scotland know that if promised powers are not devolved Nicola has both the experience and will to take Scotland to another referendum.

  57. Sturgeon 'needs no advice'

    Outgoing First Minster Alex Salmond said he had no words of advice for his "capable" successor, Nicola Sturgeon.

    Sturgeon and Salmond

    Speaking at a Scottish Trades Union Congress event in Glasgow, Mr Salmond said, "Nicola is well capable of dealing with any events in the future."

    "But what I would like to say is congratulations to her, I think she will be an outstanding leader of the Scottish National Party and an outstanding first minister of Scotland.

    "Of course that has to be elected by the parliament, but I think Scotland's first woman first minister will be an outstanding first minister."

  58. Steelworks for sale

    Unions warn there could be "serious consequences" for steelworkers after Tata Steel announced plans to sell some of its plants.

    Tata is to sign an agreement with Klesch Group, a global commodities company. One of the operations that will be affected by the deal is Clydebridge in Cambuslang.

    In a joint statement by the Community, Unite and the GMB unions, they said the development could have "serious consequences for employees and contractors right across Tata Steel".

  59. Post update

    @Nicola Sturgeon

    tweets: Thank you to @theSNP for choosing me as your new leader. I now look forward to becoming FM for ALL of Scotland.

  60. Get involved - Nicola Sturgeon


    New SNP member Lorraine: So happy to see a leader that will be direct, committed and tough enough to make a big difference in Scotland. She uses her abilities to target the inequalities and brutal policies which have been detrimental to less fortunate Scots, the disabled, unemployed. She tells the truth as it is. You have my support!

  61. First for Marilyn bagger

    A climber from Peterborough has become the first person to bag hills named after Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe - and many of them are in Scotland.

    Rob Woodall started his quest to reach the summits of every Marilyn - hills with a one hundred and fifty metre drop on all sides - in the 1990s.

    On Monday, he bagged the last two on his list - formidable sea stacks in the remote Scottish archipelago of St Kilda.

    Rob Woodall

    The name Marilyn is a cheeky play on the word Munro, the name for mountains in Scotland over three thousand feet.

  62. Unemployment falls by 40,000

    Unemployment in Scotland fell by 40,000 between June and August according to official figures - the biggest quarterly fall in Scottish unemployment since records began.

    Job centre

    It now stands at 151,000, with Office for National Statistics (ONS) data showing employment increased by 35,000 to stand at 2,611,000.

    The Scottish jobless rate is now 5.5%, 0.5% lower than that of the UK as a whole.

  63. Hutton unhappy with performance

    Alan Hutton, the Scotland defender who was at fault for both of Poland's goals last night, has said he is unhappy with his own display in Scotland's 2-2 draw in Warsaw but drew satisfaction from an impressive team effort.

    Alan Hutton in action for Scotland against Poland

    The Aston Villa full-back said: "It's frustrating from a personal point of view. It shows how from we've progressed that we're disappointed with a draw in Poland. We've come so far in the last few years."

  64. Your Views - Nicola Sturgeon

    Denis Currie: Patronage at its best! I believe new blood should be allowed through as leader, as she is a product of Salmond. To move forward and give fresh drive to the SNP for the post referendum era, a different perspective is required.

    Wilma: What happens when a leader who had delivered unprecedented success is replaced by his chosen candidate? I give you Alex Ferguson being replaced by David Moyes. Whatever you think of Salmond, he was an excellent leader and pulled the party together. I suspect that the infighting prevalent before his second term will return, and then we will see what Nicola is made of.

    Do you agree? Tell us using #ScotlandLive, by emailing here or texting 80295.

  65. Post update

    Fred MacAulay

    On today's MacAulay and Co I'll also be chatting to Irish comedian David O'Doherty, Waterloo Road's Zoe Lucker and The Apprentice's first evictee Chiles Cartwright.

    And we're learning how to become a lorry driver today- tell us about your last great road trip! 100 miles? 2,000 miles?

    Road trip pic

    Text us on 80295, email, or tweet using #ScotlandLive.

  66. 'In great heart'

    Speaking this morning, Ms Sturgeon added: "I will also work to ensure that the Scottish Parliament gets the extensive new powers that Scotland was promised before the referendum.

    "I will always make the case for Scotland to be an independent country, but with the Westminster parties already backsliding on the delivery of new powers, my immediate job will be to hold them firmly to account - and I am today putting them on notice that I intend to do just that.

    "The SNP that I will lead has grown dramatically in recent weeks and we are now the third largest political party in the UK. We are in great heart as we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead."

  67. Sturgeon on leadership

    Following confirmation that she is the sole nominee to be leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to deliver a "strong and competent government in a powerhouse parliament".

    She has also announced a tour of Scotland to "rally and engage" the party's tens of thousands of new members, who signed up following the "No" vote in the referendum.

    Ms Sturgeon said: "It is a privilege to have been chosen by the SNP to succeed Alex Salmond as party leader. Alex is a hard act to follow but I am determined to lead the SNP - and the country - from strength to strength.

    "My job will to be to build on that record and deliver strong, competent government with job creation, fairness and the protection of high quality public services at its heart. If elected by Parliament to be the next First Minister, that will be my priority each and every day that I hold office."

  68. Minimum alcohol pricing

    The Finnish government is set to give its support to the Scottish government in a controversial court case over minimum pricing levels for alcohol.

    alcohol in show

    BBC Scotland has learned that Finnish officials will present papers to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg this week.

    The papers will back the Scottish government in a case being brought by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA).

  69. Post update

    Douglas Fraser

    Business and economy editor, Scotland

    tweets: Weir Group, Glasgow, buys mining equipment maker Trio, based Shanghai, for $220m: 700 employees, 31% in US market

  70. Price of success

    Following the BBC's Price of Football study, BBC Sport's Richard Wilson considers what clubs across Scotland need to do to get fans back through the turnstiles.

    Hearts fans
  71. Price of Football

    How much will you spend supporting your team this season?

    This year's BBC Price of Football study reveals the prices you pay to watch football in Scotland's top four leagues, the English leagues, Women's football, and in Europe.

    Price of Football 2014

    It takes into account not only the price of match tickets, but also the cost of added extras like a t-shirt, match programme, and a pie and cup of tea from the ground.

    How does your team compare? Use the BBC's price of football calculator.

  72. Northern lights

    Tony Rickwood has sent in this lovely picture of the Northern Lights - officially known as the Aurora Borealis - which he saw from Ullapool last night.

    Aurora Borealis
  73. Serious assault in Dingwall

    Steven McKenzie

    BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands reporter

    A 25 year-old woman was seriously assaulted in a disturbance in the early hours of this morning.

    The incident happened at an address in Deas Avenue in Dingwall. Police Scotland said that a 20 year old man was in custody and have appealed for information about the incident.

  74. Nicola Sturgeon - give us your views

    The deadline for nominations for the leadership of the SNP has now passed, and Nicola Sturgeon is the only candidate. This means she'll be crowned leader at the party's conference in November, and will become first minister, subject to a parliamentary vote. The SNP's Holyrood majority means the vote is a formality.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    So, what sort of leader and first minister do you think Ms Sturgeon will make? Is she the right person for the job?

    Tell us what you think using #ScotlandLive, by emailing here or texting 80295.

  75. Child poverty

    Campaigners have published a child poverty map of Scotland, claiming it shows "shocking levels of hardship" across the country.

    The Campaign to End Child Poverty said 220,000 youngsters - or one in five - were living in poverty.

    child poverty

    The new figures suggested Glasgow was the worst-affected local authority area, with one in three children in poverty after housing costs.

    In Clackmannanshire, Dundee, East Ayrshire, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire, a quarter of children were identified as living in poverty.

  76. Today's papers

    The Scottish Sun leads with the news that Nicola Sturgeon has not ruled out the prospect of a "Bute House baby". Meanwhile ,the Herald focuses on the call from legal experts for a shake-up of justice safeguards.

    Scotland's newspapers

    Meanwhile the Scotsman's front page is dominated by the news that the Scottish government's Help to Buy scheme is to be limited to properties under £250,000.

  77. Morning Call

    BBC Radio Scotland

    Coming up at 08:50, Darren Adam will be talking about Judy Finnegan's comments about footballer and convicted rapist Ched Evans that he should be allowed to return to his club, Sheffield United. Should a convicted criminal be given a second chance, regardless of their crime?

    And, as a Newsbeat poll teenagers indicates a quarter feel happier online than they do in real life, we're asking: does being online make you happy?

    Lines are open now. Call 0500 92 95 00, text 80295 or email here.

  78. Travel update

    BBC Scotland Travel


    There's slow traffic on the M8 Eastbound between Junction 22 M77 Plantation and Junction 19 A804/A814 Anderston Cross.

    M77 Northbound is also busy but moving as you approach Plantation from Junction 3 A726 (Nitshill Road). Traffic is very slow on the M8 eastbound between Junction 2 Claylands and Junction 1 Hermiston Gait.

  79. 'God knows what will happen'

    Asked about the prospects for the May 2015 general election, the Independent's James Cusick added: "The arithmetic is up in the air. There's a high possibility the SNP will take labour seats - God knows what will happen."

  80. Sturgeon - analysis

    So, what can we expect from Nicola Sturgeon if, as expected, she becomes the new leader of the SNP?

    Former SNP treasurer Ian Blackford told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland prgramme: "Nicola is ready for leadership. She's had a very good referendum campaign and has developed into a rounded politician that people will respond well to.

    "Nicola comes from the left and the SNP is a socially democratic party - I don't expect much change in terms of policy."

    James Cusick from the Independent added: "She can turn the general election in May into a retrieval exercise. She can go to Westminster and get the extra powers for Scotland.

    "The new members need something to support - the purpose and the drive is already there."

  81. Today's forecast

    BBC Scotland Weather


    There will be a chilly start in the north west, becoming brighter to the west again today.

    It will be cloudy with showers further east. Highs of 12C to 14C.

    For a full forecast, click here.

  82. Leadership deadline expires at 9am

    The deadline for nominations to be the new leader of the SNP expires at 09:00 today, with Nicola Sturgeon the only person to put her name forward.

    Nicola Sturgeon

    Ms Sturgeon, who also stands to become Scottish first minister, is bidding to succeed Alex Salmond who announced he was stepping down last month.

    The new leader will be announced at the SNP conference in November.

    Scottish Transport Minister Keith Brown, who is seen as a front runner in that contest, is up against Youth Employment Secretary Angela Constance and SNP Treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie for the deputy leadership.

  83. Welcome

    Marianne Taylor

    BBC Scotland news

    Good morning and welcome to Scotland Live. We'll be bringing you live news, sport, weather and travel from across the country until 18:00.

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