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Live Reporting

Emma Harrison, Alice Evans and Harriet Agerholm

All times stated are UK

  1. That's it for today

    Boris Johnson

    That's the end of our live coverage for today. On another busy day of Brexit news:

    • A No 10 source said a Brexit deal was "essentially impossible", after a phone call between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel
    • President of the European Council Donald Tusk sent a public tweet to Mr Johnson saying "the future of Europe and the UK" was at stake
    • Mr Johnson and his Irish counterpart Leo Varadkar have said they hope to meet later this week
    • But president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, said his talks with Mr Johnson did not end with any progress
    • Meanwhile, trade and customs experts gave MPs sharply differing opinions on the government's Brexit plan for the Irish border
    • Cabinet minister Michael Gove said there was still "every chance" of a deal but the EU must engage with the UK's plans
    • And finally, Parliament has been prorogued for five days ahead of a Queen's Speech on 14 October, which will set out Mr Johnson's government's plans for the country
  2. BreakingIt's official - Parliament has been prorogued

    John Bercow

    The prorogation ceremony has just finished, bringing an end to the longest session since the English civil war, at 349 sitting days (or two years and three months).

    After Baroness Evans addressed the House of Lords to set out what was achieved during the previous Parliamentary session, MPs then traipsed back into the Commons to hear the formal suspension of that House.

    "This Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Monday the 14th day of October," Speaker John Bercow said, in the final formal words of the ceremony.

    He's now shaking hands with MPs - many taking the opportunity to thank him for one of his last acts as Speaker before he steps down.

  3. MPs back in Commons

    House of Commons

    MPs are walking back into the Commons after the House of Lords was suspended.

  4. Baroness Evans sets out achievements

    Baroness Evans

    Baroness Evans of Bowes Park is setting out what has been achieved in this Parliamentary session, which lasted 839 calendar days, making it the longest in the history of the UK.

  5. MPs in House of Lords for prorogation ceremony

    MPs have followed Black Rod into the House of Lords for prorogation
  6. What is the role of Black Rod?

    Lady Usher of the Black Rod Sarah Clarke is the first woman to hold the post

    Black Rod is best known for the State Opening of Parliament, knocking on the door of the House of Commons to summon MPs for the Queen's Speech.

    When Black Rod summons MPs to the House of Lords to hear the Queen's Speech, she (or he) has the door to the Commons slammed in her face, and has to knock three times to gain entry.

    Black Rod is the Monarch's representative in the Lords and the routine is symbolic of the Commons' independence from the Crown.

    As well as organising ceremonial events, Black Rod, who can earn up to £93,000 a year, manages a team of 30 staff involved in the day-to-day running of the House of Lords.

    Read our full explainer here.

  7. Speaker John Bercow follows Black Rod

    Speaker John Bercow has followed Black Rod out of the House of Commons, which is quiet compared to the last time Parliament had a prorogation ceremony in September.

    John Bercow in the House of Commons
  8. Black Rod declares Parliament prorogation

    Black Rod

    Black Rod has had the door of the House of Commons shut in her face as she arrives there to shut down Parliament.

    This is all part of the pomp and ceremony.

    After knocking on the door, Black Rod was allowed in to address the Commons.

    She declared Parliament prorogued and MPs filed out of the Commons, led by the Speaker, John Bercow.

  9. Black Rod walks from Lords to Commons

    Lady Usher of the Black Rod Sarah Clarke has left the House of Lords and is on her way to the House of Commons.

    Black rod in the House of Lords
  10. Handful of MPs in Commons ahead of prorogation ceremony

    House of Commons

    A few MPs have trickled back into the House of Commons ahead of the ceremony.

    There are only a handful of them there at the moment, suggesting it's not going to be quite the riotous atmosphere of September's suspension, which was later deemed unlawful.

  11. 'Not convenient' for Queen to be in Parliament

    House of Lords


    Baroness Evans of Bowes Park tells the Lords it is not convenient for the Queen to be in Parliament in person for the prorogation.

  12. BreakingHouse of Lords adjourned ahead of prorogation

    House of Lords


    The debate on the rural economy being held in the House of Lords has just finished.

    They have agreed to adjourn the House until 19:53.

  13. Brexit deal puts 'strain' between Scotland and rest of UK - Tony Blair

    Tony Blair

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson's proposed Brexit deal will put more strain on the relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK, former prime minister Tony Blair says.

    Mr Blair says the "separate treatment" of Scotland and Northern Ireland would "not go unremarked".

    He says "Brexit fanatics" in the Tory Party seem "indifferent" about the impact the policy would have on the unity of the UK.

    Mr Blair - who is in Edinburgh - says there needs to be a "strategy which celebrates the union of the UK", to tackle a rise in support for Scottish independence.