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Live Reporting

By Becky Morton and Harriet Agerholm

All times stated are UK

  1. MPs filing past Speaker

    And after some cap-doffing and Norman French in the House of Lords, Parliament is prorogued until 14 October. Speaker John Bercow tells MPs that he will see them again soon, before they file past, shaking his hand.

    While Parliament is prorogued, politics will not be going quiet any time soon. Expect more twists and turns over Brexit, especially when the parties' faithful gather for their big set-piece conferences over the coming weeks.

    That's it from us for now. Good night.

  2. MPs listen as Lords leader outlines government action

    House of Lords


    Now the ceremony moves back to the House of Lords.

    Baroness Evans, the leader of the Lords, outlines the government bills which have passed this session.

  3. How the votes stacked up: All SNP and most Labour MPs didn't vote on the motion

    For: 293 - Con 279, DUP 10, Ind 3, Lib Dem 1. Against: 46 - Lab 23, Lib Dem 14, Ind 3, Plaid 3, TIGfC 3. Did not vote: 303 - Lab 222, SNP 35, Ind 29, SF 7, Con 6, TIGfC 2, Green 1, Lib Dem 1
  4. Prorogation 'an act of executive fiat'

    House of Commons


    The Speaker says prorogation represents "an act of executive fiat".

    He leaves for the House of Lords, and there are calls of "shame on you" from the SNP MPs on the benches.

  5. Disturbance in Commons as prorogation continues

    House of Commons


    Black Rod

    Black Rod is present in the Chamber, calling for MPs to attend the Lords.

    There appears to be some sort of disturbance.

    The Speaker, John Bercow, says this prorogation is "not a standard or normal prorogation".

    There is outcry as the Speaker continues.

  6. Peers enter the Chamber to begin prorogation ceremony

    House of Lords


    There are three members of the Royal Commission in the Lords tonight to begin the prorogation ceremony, because the leader of Labour in the Lords, and the leader of the Lib Dems are boycotting it.

  7. So how is Parliament prorogued?

    The act of proroguing or suspending Parliament is marked by a traditional ceremony in the House of Lords.

    This begins with an announcement on behalf of the Queen, read by the Leader of the House.

    A Royal Commission made up of five peers – usually made up of the leader and deputy leader of the Lords, the Lord Speaker, the shadow leader of the Lords and the convener of crossbench peers – then enter the Chamber dressed in parliamentary robes.

    They instruct Black Rod, a senior officer in the Lords, to summon the House of Commons.

    Black Rod then heads to the Commons where, as is customary, the door is slammed shut in his or her face.

    After knocking three times with his ebony rod, the door is opened and MPs proceed to the Lords.

    When MPs arrive, there is a ceremonial greeting from the Royal Commission, who doff their hats, with representatives of the Commons bowing in return.

    The Clerk of the Crown then announces the names of Acts to be given royal assent, declaring “La Reyne le veult” – Norman French for “The Queen wishes it”, after each Act.

    The achievements of the government are reviewed and back in the Commons, MPs traditionally file out of the Chamber and shake the Speaker's hand.

    Whether many of them are still awake at this early hour of the morning is another question...

  8. Parliament to be prorogued shortly

    House of Commons


    Now the main business of the day has finished, preparations are being made for the formal move to prorogue - suspend - Parliament.

  9. PM a 'disgrace' - Corbyn

    House of Commons


    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says the government and the way the prime minister is operating is a "disgrace".

    "The one thing the prime minister did not say was that he was going to obey the law of this country," the Labour leader says.

    "He did not say he acknowledged or accepted three votes that have taken place in this Parliament," he adds.

    He urged Boris Johnson to reflect on the decision to shut down the Commons.

  10. Government again fails to call early general election

    For: 293, Against: 46
  11. Opposition MPs think they know better - PM

    House of Commons


    Boris Johnson is accusing opposition MPs of thinking they know better than the British public, after his motion calling for a general election was defeated.

    "They want the British prime minister to go to a vital negotiation without the power to walk away," he says.

  12. BreakingGovernment defeated on motion calling for early election

    House of Commons


    The government has been defeated on a motion pushing for an early general election because not enough MPs supported the PM’s call.

    Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Acts, Boris Johnson needed the support of two-thirds of MPs - at least 434 - to trigger an early poll.

    But only 293 MPs voted for an election – with 46 against. We’ll find out how many MPs abstained on the motion later.

  13. MPs voting on PM's general election call

    House of Commons


    MPs are voting on the motion put forward by the government, that there should be an early general election.

    Results will come at about 00:30 BST.

  14. Former PM's Brexit negotiator joins Goldman Sachs

    Olly Robbins

    Olly Robbins, who helped negotiate the EU withdrawal agreement for Theresa May, will join investment bank Goldman Sachs after a sabbatical.

    The civil servant headed talks which led to the former prime minister's withdrawal agreement which formed the basis for the UK's exit from the EU.

    However, the deal repeatedly failed to get through Parliament, prompting Mrs May to resign earlier this year.

    Mr Robbins, 44, announced he would quit his role shortly afterwards.

    Former PM's Brexit negotiator joins Goldman Sachs

    Olly Robbins was Theresa May's chief Brexit negotiator

    Olly Robbins, who helped negotiate the EU withdrawal agreement, will join the bank after a sabbatical.

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