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  1. That's it from the Commons

    House of Commons


    The debate on the Voter Registration Bill runs out of time for today, and MPs now turn to run through a list of other private members' bills which are on the list.

    That's where we leave our coverage of the Commons for today. Thanks for joining us.

  2. Lords adjourn

    House of Lords


    That's farewell from the Lords for today.

    You can find out more about the proceedings in the Lords here, and look back over debates on Hansard here.

  3. MPs debate Voter Registration Bill

    House of Commons


    MPs move on to Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope's Voter Registration Bill in the last few minutes of today's proceedings.

    This would prevent people from being registered to vote in parliamentary elections in more than one constituency.

  4. Want to know more?

    Remember that you can find out more about what's been happening in the Commons and Lords today on Radio 4's Today in Parliament.

    Click here to find out more.

  5. Parking bill debated in Commons

    House of Commons


    Now it's time for Tory MP Sir Greg Knight's private member's bill.

    It's the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill which is being considered.

    This bill would institute a code of practice containing guidance about the operation and management of private parking areas.

    This is report stage debate, where MPs can pick apart the bill and suggest amendments, as well as vote on changes they think should be made.

  6. Stalking bill passes its Commons stages

    House of Commons


    That's the third reading of Sarah Wollaston's Stalking Bill over, and it will now make its way to the House of Lords for consideration there.

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  7. What's on in the Lords?

    Private members' bills

    House of Lords


    It's private members' bill day in the Lords too.

    First is the committee stage of the Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill.

    This is followed by the second readings of the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill; and the Homes (Fit for Human Habitation Bill) - which both cleared the Commons with government support, and have a good chance of becoming law.

  8. What is the stalking bill designed to do?

    Private members' bills

    House of Commons


    The purpose of this bill is to create a new civil Stalking Protection Order to protect members of the public.

    The new order will:

    • be available on application from the police to the courts
    • enable the imposition of both prohibitions and requirements on the perpetrator
    • have a criminal penalty for breach.

    The new order is designed for use particularly in cases where the stalking occurs outside a domestic abuse context, or where the perpetrator is not a current or former intimate partner of the victim - so-called ‘stranger stalking’.

    The bill is designed to provide the police with an additional tool to protect victims of stalking.

    Read more about the bill: Devon MP calls for change to stalking laws - BBC News

  9. So what's on in the Commons today?

    Private members' bills

    House of Commons


    The agenda lists 122 bills for consideration (27 of them from Friday frequent flyer, Sir Christopher Chope).

    Realistically, though, only the first three or four bills have any chance of being debated.

    Top of the list is the remaining stages (report and third reading) of Dr Sarah Wollaston's Stalking Protection Bill.

    This aims to deal with a gap in the law on stalking, which is mostly configured around stalking by ex-partners, by focusing more on the problem of "stranger stalkers".

    And it also provides for anti-stalking orders which can be issued "on the balance of probability" to restrain stalking, when it may not be possible to reach the "beyond reasonable doubt" standard of proof required for criminal cases.

    They could cover banning people from approaching a person and their friends and family, in the digital as well as physical world, and breaches could result in criminal penalties. This bill commands enthusiastic government support, so it seems set fair to clear the Commons and go to the Lords.

    Then MPs will turn to the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill from the Conservative, Sir Greg Knight. This aims to ensure the private parking sector operates in a consistent and transparent manner for the motorist.

    Next on the agenda are second reading debates for a series of bills from Sir Christopher Chope - on Voter Registration, Student Loans (Debt Interest) and Border Control Bill.

    At this stage of the parliamentary year these have no chance of making progress - but they do provide a chance to raise an issue, and perhaps extract some comment from the government.

  10. Good morning

    Welcome to a day of private members' bill debate in the House of Commons and the House of Lords - a double whammy.

    We'll be showing live coverage on this page - you can watch using the tabs above, to bring up video from both chambers.

    Remember, you can watch on your mobile devices too.

    Thanks for joining us.

  11. Roundup: Today in the Commons

    That's where we leave our coverage of an eventful day in the House of Commons.

    The main event of course came at 3pm, when Theresa May updated MPs on the draft agreement on post-Brexit relations she has agreed with the EU.

    She told MPs the agreement will honour the result of the referendum, as well as protecting jobs and "the integrity of our precious United Kingdom".

    But Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn described the declaration as "26 pages of waffle" which "could have been written two years ago".

    Brexiteer Tory MPs criticised the agreement for what they saw as a further loss of sovereignty.

    DUP MPs said they would not support a deal whilst proposals for a 'backstop' on the Irish border remain in place.

    Other MPs insisted that there should be a further referendum on the final deal - an idea Theresa May repeatedly rejected.

    Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom earlier declined to give MPs a date when their vote on the deal will take place, when she announced forthcoming parliamentary business.

    MPs also debated the announcement yesterday that Bombardier is to cut a further 490 jobs from its Northern Ireland operations.

  12. Brexit statement ends

    House of Commons


    After almost two and a half hours, Theresa May finishes answering questions from MPs on the draft Brexit political declaration.

    Today's sitting will finish with a short adjournment debate led by Labour MP Mark Tami on psychological support after cancer treatment.