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  1. Plenary begins at 1.30pm with Questions to the First Minister
  2. Statement by the Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services: Our Valleys, Our Future Progress Report
  3. Legislative Consent Motion on the Non-domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill
  4. Debate: The First Supplementary Budget 2018-19
  5. Debate: The Affordable Housing Supply Review

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Nia Harri

All times stated are UK

  1. Hwyl fawr

    That brings today's proceedings in the Siambr to a close.

    Senedd Live returns tomorrow for the Health, Social Care and Sport Committee.

  2. Welsh Government motion passed unamended

    The Welsh Government motion on the Affordable Housing Supply Review is passed unamended.

  3. First Supplementary Budget 2018-19 approved

    AMs approve the First Supplementary Budget for the financial year 2018-19.

    There were 30 for, 23 abstentions, and nobody against.

    Mark Drakeford
  4. 'Classic large firm, oligarchy behavior, and as a socialist that disgusts me'

    Labour AM for Caerphilly Hefin David quotes from the Independent Review of Build Out Rates by Sir Oliver Letwin MP:

    "The fact that a major house builder holds large amounts of land, is explained by the fact that the major house builders need to maintain a sustainable business and seek to do this by ensuring that they, rather than their competitors, hold as much of the land on which they will later wish to build as is compatible with their capital constraints. This may well enable them to minimise market entry".

    Mr David says, "that's classic large firm, oligarchy behavior, and as a socialist that disgusts me".

    Conservative David Melding shouts out, "as a capitalist, it disgusts me".

    Hefin David
  5. '20,000 affordable homes will not meet current or future needs'

    On behalf of Plaid Cymru, Bethan Sayed disagree's with the Welsh Government's assertion that their target of building 20,000 affordable homes is "ambitious".

    She says that "independent advice and analysis has demonstrated that 20,000 affordable homes over the course of this Assembly term will not meet current or future needs".

    Plaid Cymru:

    • "Calls on the Welsh Government to have a long-term plan for increasing the amount of affordable housing to meet the needs of local communities throughout Wales, recognising that this can be achieved in different ways.
    • "Calls on all new social and council housing, where possible, to have solar panels installed, to ensure that tenants can benefit from lower energy bills.
    • "Regrets that the number of empty homes in Wales has increased over recent years, despite the Welsh Government’s Houses into Homes scheme.
    • "Notes the scope and agreed work streams of the affordable housing review.
    • "Calls on the affordable housing review to examine the wider context of access to public services in new estates, noting that poor access to public services can significantly increase costs faced by people living in such estates, particularly those on a low income.
    • "Calls on the review to include tenants groups and those in the private rented sector, so that they can inform the future social and rented housing landscape in Wales."
    Bethan Sayed
  6. 'Accelerate the construction of modular housing'

    UKIP's Gareth Bennett expresses regret that "fewer than 3,000 additional affordable homes have been delivered in each of the last six years for which statistics are available".

    He calls for the Welsh Government to "accelerate the construction of modular housing in order to deliver additional affordable housing units at pace."

  7. 'Our ambition should be homes for all'

    Conservative David Melding says "our ambition should be homes for all".

    The Conservatives propose to delete all of the Welsh Government motion and replace with a proposal that the National Assembly for Wales:

    1.Recognises the importance of increasing the supply of affordable homes in Wales.

    2. Notes the scope and agreed work streams of the affordable housing review.

    3. Recognises the robustness of the late Professor Holman’s alternative projection, 'Future Need and Demand for Housing in Wales', as a basis for predicting housing need.

    4. Calls on the Welsh Government to replicate the ambition of Welsh housing associations, who are aiming to double their current rate of new house building to achieve 75,000 new affordable homes in Wales by 2036.

    David Melding
  8. Recommendations by the end of April 2019

    Minister for Housing and Regeneration Rebecca Evans talks about the independent review of affordable housing supply in Wales which will be expected to issue a report and make recommendations to her by the end of April 2019.

    The review will:

    • examine the scope for increasing match funding to build more affordable homes, to maximise the number of homes created by the Welsh Government’s contribution to social housing
    • review the arrangements governing partnership working between local authorities and housing associations
    • consider the implications of moving to deliver zero carbon homes by 2020, including the role of off-site manufacture and modern methods of construction
    • review the standards governing affordable housing and advise on whether they require updating
    • make recommendations regarding a sustainable rent policy that will both allow long term affordability for tenants and allow viability of existing and new housing developments.
    Rebecca Evans
  9. 'Ambitious target of building 20,000 affordable homes'

    The final item of the day is a debate on the Affordable Housing Supply Review.

    The Welsh Government proposes that the National Assembly for Wales:

    "1. Recognises the importance of increasing the supply of affordable homes in Wales; and the Welsh Government’s commitment to doing so through its ambitious target of building 20,000 affordable homes during this term of Government - towards which good progress is being made

    "2. Recognises the Welsh Government is laying the groundwork for the prospect of building more affordable housing in the future, in response to a range of housing needs

    "3. Notes that the Welsh Government is working to create the conditions which drive innovation and improvements in terms of design, quality and energy efficiency in housing provision

    "4. Notes the scope and agreed work streams of the affordable housing review."

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  10. Conservatives to abstain

    Nick Ramsay confirms that the Conservatives will abstain in the vote on the First Supplementary Budget 2018-19 "as we didn't support the original budget, and these are amendments to it".

    Nick Ramsay
  11. 'Additional information would be helpful at the draft budget stage'

    Finance committee chair Simon Thomas presents their scrutiny report of the supplementary budget.

    The committee has identified areas where additional information would be helpful at the draft budget stage.

    Simon Thomas
  12. Debate on the First Supplementary Budget

    We move on to a debate on the First Supplementary Budget 2018-19.

    This supplementary budget amends the Final Budget 2018-19.

    The supplementary budget documentation shows that there are no changes to taxation or borrowing, whilst borrowing repayments have decreased by £0.5 million to reflect the lower than anticipated levels of borrowing in 2017-18.

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  13. Legislative Consent Motion approved

    AMs approve a Welsh Government proposal "that the National Assembly for Wales, in accordance with Standing Order 29.6, agrees that provisions in the Non-Domestic Rating (Nursery Grounds) Bill, relating to non-domestic rates, insofar as they fall within the legislative competence of the National Assembly for Wales, should be considered by the UK Parliament."

  14. 'Need for a radical change in what we do and how we do it'

    Calling on the Welsh Government to be "bold", the report by Chwarae Teg stated: "To deliver the change required to be a world leader for gender equality there will be a need for a radical change in what we do and how we do it."

    About 42% of senior Welsh Government officials are women.

    To help new mothers back to work within the government, the report says fathers who share parental leave with their partners should be paid the higher - or enhanced - rate of maternity pay.

    The report also highlights delays in implementing the Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act, passed by the assembly in 2015.

    People who gave evidence talked about a "'culture of disbelief' in which often the default position of authorities is to disbelieve a report of harassment or sexual assault; a position that is not seen when other crimes, such as theft, are reported", it added.

  15. 'That's not feminism, it's humanism'

    UKIP leadership contender Caroline Jones says "we have to fight misogyny, stand up to domestic violence and challenge gender stereotypes.

    "That's not feminism, it's humanism".

  16. Welsh Government's childcare offer 'not fit for purpose'

    Plaid Cymru's Sian Gwenllian calls on the Welsh Government to lead by example as both an employer and a policy-maker to drive lasting change.

    As an example, she says the Welsh Government's childcare offer is "not fit for purpose".

    Sian Gwenllian
  17. 'Nervous of criticizing Welsh Government policy'

    The final theme of the report, ‘External Scrutiny and Accountability’, finds that external scrutiny is welcomed and that effective scrutiny drives behaviour change.

    Conservative leadership contender Suzy Davies questions whether "some quarters are nervous of criticizing Welsh Government policy" in case they are less likely to receive Welsh Government support in the future.

    Suzy Davies
  18. 'We can and will do better'

    Leader of the House Julie James says "we need to strengthen the current vision and leadership in Wales and build on our existing legislative and regulatory framework to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.

    "The report makes it clear that this framework and how the various pieces fit together is not well understood by stakeholders and is consequently perceived as not fully integrated.

    "We can and will do better."

  19. Report by charity Chwarae Teg

    We move on to a Statement by the Leader of the House, Julie James, on the Review of Gender Equality.

    More women are needed as senior civil servants if the first minister is to fulfil a pledge to lead a feminist government, a report by charity Chwarae Teg has said.

    According to Chwarae Teg, radical change is needed to ensure equality between men and women.

    Grant funding provided to Chwarae Teg for phase one of the review was £39,360.

    Progress against the Welsh Government's equality objectives is captured and reported in annual reports on equality.

    Public bodies have duties towards gender equality, but the report says in some cases there are "tick-box responses".

    The report calls for the Welsh Government to be "bold" on gender equality
    Image caption: The report calls for the Welsh Government to be "bold" on gender equality