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  1. In a motion vote, the European Parliament calls for the UK to begin formal exit negotiations from the EU 'as soon as possible'.
  2. However, MEPs reject an amendment calling for the UK to be effectively stripped of its European Commissioner.
  3. The vote follows an emergency sitting of MEPs in Brussels following the UK's vote to leave the EU last week.
  4. MEPs will not participate directly in the exit negotiations but will have to eventually ratify the final deal struck by national governments.

Live Reporting

By Paul Seddon

All times stated are UK

  1. Thanks & goodbye

    European Parliament


    That's it for the European Parliament today, in what has been a heated debate on how the UK should begin the process for withdrawal from the EU. 

    It comes as David Cameron is due to meet EU leaders later today to discuss how exit talks should start. 

    MEPs' next meeting will be held in Strasbourg between 4-7 July, when they will hold a debate on the outcome of this week's talks. 

  2. MEPs call for UK to trigger Article 50 'as soon as possible'

    Voting session

    European Parliament


    MEPs pass their motion calling for the UK to begin formal negotiation talks by activating Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty "as soon as possible". 

    In backing an amendment from the Green/EFA group, they override a draft version of the motion which had called for Article 50 to be triggered "immediately". 

    However MEPs reject an amendment supported by the Liberal ALDE and Socialist and Democrat groups calling for any replacement UK commissioner not to be given a policy brief. 

    They also massively reject, by 480 votes to 108, an amendment tabled by the anti-EU ENF group calling on Jean-Claude Juncker to resign as Commission President in the wake of the referendum. 

  3. Video content

    Video caption: Alyn Smith MEP: "Scotland did not let you down. Please... do not let Scotland down now"

    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith has urged members of the European Parliament to stand by his country following the UK referendum on EU membership.

  4. MEPs begin vote on motion

    Voting session

    European Parliament


    With the debate now finished, MEPs move onto voting on their motion to set out their position on how Brexit negotiations should proceed. 

    There will be a number of votes on amendments tabled by the different groups to the main motion, which is backed by four of the Parliament's political groups. 

  5. UKIP leader addresses MEPs in Brussels

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    Video content

    Video caption: Farage tells EU Parliament: 'You're not laughing now'
  6. Schulz: Uncertainty ‘the opposite of what we need’

    The Guardian

    Parliament President Martin Schulz has already called for exit negotiations to begin as soon as possible to prevent uncertainty surrounding the bloc’s future.

    He told the Guardian on Friday that it would be difficult to accept that “a whole continent is taken hostage because of an internal fight in the Tory party”.

    He said David Cameron’s decision to wait until October before beginning formal exit talks “must not be the last word”, adding: 

    Quote Message: I doubt it is only in the hands of the government of the United Kingdom”
    Martin Schulz
  7. 'Britannia waives the rules' if NI dragged out of Europe

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    Martina Anderson

    Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson says the party respects and defends the wishes of people of the north of Ireland, but that if English votes "drag us out of Europe", that would be like "Britainnia waives the rules". 

    We voted to remain, she tells the MEPs. 

    She says the EU has supported the peace process in the Northern Ireland; she asks for that to continue.

    She says that she wants the Commission and the Council to understand that they did not realise the depth of opposition to the anti-democratic policies and practices and those must change if the EU is to survive. 

  8. SNP MEP calls on EU not to 'let Scotland down'

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    The SNP's Alyn Smith says he feels proudly Scottish and "proudly pro-European Union".

    He says the vote in Scotland to stay in the EU "should be respected", before adding, to a long round of applause: 

    Quote Message: Scotland did not let you down... please, I beg you, chers collègues, do not let Scotland down now."
    Alyn Smith
  9. What’s in the draft motion?

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    A draft motion supported by four of the Parliament’s political groups calls for the UK to begin formal negotiation talks immediately by activating Article 50 of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty.

    It adds that opening negotiation talks straight away would prevent “damaging uncertainty for everyone” and “protect the Union’s integrity”.

    The draft text also says that any new relationship between the UK and the EU “may not be agreed before the conclusion of the withdrawal agreement”.

    It adds that the financial services brief of UK Commissioner Lord Hill, who resigned in the wake of the vote, should be reallocated “with immediate effect”.

    The Liberal ALDE and Socialist and Democrat groups are supporting an amendment which calls for any replacement UK commissioner not to be given a policy brief at all.

    It also calls for:

    • reforms to make the EU “better and more democratic”
    • a reinforcement of the “core of the EU”
    • the EU’s common foreign and security policy to be “strengthened”
    • changes to the “internal organisation” of the Parliament to reflect the referendum result.
  10. Cameron 'deserves praise' for holding vote - DUP MEP

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    Diane Dodds, who leads the DUP delegation in the Parliament and campaigned for a Leave vote, says last week's vote was a "victory for democracy". 

    However, she adds that Prime Minister David Cameron should be "praised for giving the British people their say", even if he found himself on the losing side. 

    Now is a time for "cool heads", she adds, noting that member countries should avoid "knee-jerk reactions". 

    Diane Dodds
  11. Le Pen: 'Put away those sulky faces'

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    Look at how beautiful it is when history succeeds, Marine Le Pen, the Front National leader, tells MEPs. 

    "It's a kind of love of a people for their country. The British have chosen a route we thought was closed for all time," she says, adding that the British people have given a slap in the face to the system.

    She says the British saw through the threats of an apocalypse.

    "Put away those sulky faces," she tells MEPs and rejoice in the emancipation, adding: 

    Quote Message: I can already hear urban myths and falsehoods to discourage others from going down the same path."
    Marine Le Pen
  12. Farage: Leave vote 'a beacon of hope for democrats'

    Debate on Breixt negotiations

    European Parliament


    UKIP leader Nigel Farage says that when he first came to the Parliament campaigning for the UK to leave the EU, the MEPs "all laughed at me". 

    "Well I have to say, you're not laughing now, are you?" he adds. 

    He says that EU politicians are "in denial" about the failures of the eurozone and the "massive divisions" between countries caused by the migration crisis. 

    He adds that the referendum result should provide a "beacon of hope for democrats" across Europe, and predicts that the UK will not be the last member state to leave the EU. 

    He says that he agrees politicians should not "spend too long" on the negotiation talks, but should move to strike a "sensible, tariff-free deal" that suits both the UK and remaining EU. 

    He notes that "even no deal" is better for the United Kingdom than the "rotten deal" it has as a member of the EU at the moment.  

    Nigel Farage
  13. German left-wing MEP urges 'clarity' on negotiations

    Debate on Brexit negotiations

    European Parliament


    Gabriele Zimmer

    Left-wing GUE group leader Gabriele Zimmer says "economic elite in London" got behind the campaign led by UKIP. 

    She says her group does not want "punishment" for the UK, but does want "clarity" on how the negotiations are to proceed. 

    The European Parliament, she adds, must be involved in the exit talks "right from the very outset". 

    Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, the co-leader of the Green/EFA group, says that in the modern world, "you can only have sovereignty if you share sovereignty". 

    He adds that Euroscepticism is rising because an "ever larger number" of EU citizens are being marginalised by the "neoliberal" economic model. 

    Philippe Lamberts