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  1. David Cameron to resign as Prime Minister
  2. The UK has voted to leave the European Union after 43 years in a historic referendum
  3. Leave has won by 52% to 48%
  4. East of England votes to Leave by nearly 57% to 43%
  5. Value of the pound falls to its lowest level since 1985

Live Reporting

By Pete Cooper and Alex Pope

All times stated are UK

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Our EU referendum coverage across the day

It's been a massive day for British - and European - politics.

The nation has voted for a Brexit and prime minister David Cameron has announced he is to resign.

Scroll through our page below to see all the reaction from across Beds, Herts, Bucks and Northants.

Former MP of St Albans predicts beginning of end of EU

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

"We're now seeing the death of the European Union because other nations will now want to get out."

Those are the views of the former Labour MP for St Albans.

Kerry Pollard says he "determinedly" voted to stay in and is proud of his former constituents for voting to Remain.

After today's announcement to leave the EU he says it "could be the start of the end".

EU flag with a hole in it
Getty Images

Former Corby Labour MP backs Leadsom for PM

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

Andy Sawford, the former Labour MP for Corby, and a campaigner for the UK to remain in the EU, has backed Andrea Leadsom as Britain's next prime minister.

He said although he "disagrees with her politics" he could see the South Northamptonshire MP in the position.

Andy Sawford and Andrea Leadsom
BBC/Getty Images

Mr Sawford, who lost his seat at the 2015 election, said Ms Leadsom, who was prominent in the Leave camapign, was "nice" and "constructive" and there was no reason why she couldn't lead the Conservative Party.

EU vote: Mixed reactions to Britain coming out

Kate Bradbrook

BBC Look East

Shoppers and stall holders at Luton market have told me "they're glad," but an "uncertain" time is ahead of them after the country voted to come out of the EU.

EU vote: Labour out of touch with supporters in region

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

If any party is out of touch with its supporters in the region it is Labour.

Norwich and Cambridge did vote remain, but in other traditional Labour strongholds like Harlow, Basildon, Ipswich, Peterborough, Northampton and Great Yarmouth - which recorded the fifth highest leave vote in the country - the party's supporters backed Brexit in large numbers.

EU map of Eastern region

With another election looming, Labour will need to make it a priority to reconnect with its supporters in the East. 

Those who won this referendum will be expected to tackle immigration and restore trust in politics - quickly.

EU vote: 'Politicians don't understand us'

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

You only had to spend a few days on the campaign trail or go along to some of the well attended public meetings to see that deep down there was a lot of anger.

Anger about immigration and the pressures people believe it puts on public services and anger with politicians.

Teller counts ballot papers

Too often I heard people complain "politicians don't understand us and they don't keep their word". 

There appears to have been a complete breakdown of trust in and respect for the political establishment and every time it issued another warning about the dangers of leaving the EU, it seemed to embolden a few more people to decide to vote Leave.

EU vote could leave thousands of jobs at risk in the East

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

The warnings could not have been greater: 300,000 jobs at risk in the East of England, the loss of millions of pounds of new investment, damage to the region's status as a world leader in science and research.

But despite all this the East sent a very clear message: "We've had enough of the EU, we want out".

The shock among remain campaigners in the region is palpable.

EU referendum map

They knew we were Eurosceptic, they were expecting a strong showing for Leave, but thought more than four areas in the East would back remain and didn't see the national result coming.

Luton stall holder feeling 'positive'

Kate Bradbrook

BBC Look East

I've been speaking to a clothing stall holder at Luton indoor market, who is happy the country voted to leave the EU.

Pirmjit Sohal told me the main issue for him in the referendum was the influx of people coming in from Europe without visa and "taking all the jobs".

He said: "I think in the long term it will be better for the country having control over our own borders and the economy."

Pirmjit Sohal

If you think Britain should leave EU straight away 'you're not fit to be an MP'

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

"Only a fool would suggest that we leave Europe straight away."

These are the views of Dr Richard Heffernan, a reader in Government at the Milton Keynes based Open University.

He was speaking after Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn said this morning that the PM should invoke Article 50 - to leave the EU - immediately.

Jeremy Corbyn
Getty Images

If you believe that you are not fit be to a member of Parliament, let alone a leader of a political party."

Dr Richard HeffernanReader in Government at the Open University.

No immediate changes to Herts Uni European research funding

There will be no immediate changes to any European research funding or programmes for current and joining students, research colleagues and staff at the University of Hertfordshire as a result of the Brexit decision.

That's according to the vice chancellor of the university of Hertfordshire, Prof Quintin McKellar, who said he wants anyone thinking of joining the university to proceed with their application.

He added the British Council will be issuing guidance on Erasmus programmes shortly.

Lighthouse at the University of Hertfordshire
Dr Duncan Pepper/Geograph

Former minister calls on Corbyn to step down

Former minister calls on Corbyn to step down
Former Labour cabinet minister Ben Bradshaw has called on leader Jeremy Corbyn to "do the honourable thing and step down".

He said Mr Corbyn's leadership had been "abysmal" and described the EU referendum result as "a catastrophic defeat".

The week ahead in the European Parliament

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

The MEP for the East of England, Vicky Ford, who was a Remain supporter, has told us that scheduled meetings of the Parliamentary Committees for Monday have been cancelled.

On Tuesday, there will be an extraordinary plenary session of the full European parliament to debate the referendum.

MEPs in the chamber in Strasbourg
Getty Images

She's confirmed the final results of the negotiations will be voted on by the European Parliament, including UK MEPs.

Also, there could be a change in the order of the incoming Presidencies of the Council, so the UK doesn't take up in it's Presidency in the latter half of 2017, as it could coincide with the negotation process.

Airbus Group 'disappointed' with decision to leave EU

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

On Wednesday, the Remain campaign visited Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage to campaign for votes in the EU referendum. 

At the time the company's president Paul Khan said Britain needed to be in Europe so his company could "explore the world and space" by working together with French and German colleagues. 

Today he's released a statement saying he's "disappointed" and Airbus will "study the longer term consequences of this decision on the competitive environment".

Airbus Group EU statement
Airbus Group

David Cameron a 'great leader,' says East Midlands MEP

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

For those thinking a "Brexit" would lead to immediate change, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, Emma McClarkin, warned the negotiation to take leave the European Union would "take some time".

She also said she was "very sad" the prime minster has resigned...

I didn't feel he had to step down. David Cameron is a great leader - Emma McClarkin

East Midlands MEP: 'I'm a turkey, and today is Christmas Day'

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

Emma McClarkin is a Conservative MEP for the East Midlands.

She backed the UK to leave the EU, and has now said this is a "a historic day"...

'I'm a turkey, I voted for Christmas and today is Christmas Day' - Emma McClarkin

Two people found dead in Berkhamsted house

Jane Killick

BBC Three Counties Radio

Away from the EU referendum, we've just had some news from Berkhamsted, where police have revealed two people have been found dead at a house.

Hertfordshire Police and paramedics went into the property in Highfield Road at 11:30 yesterday following reports of concern for the welfare of two people. 

They were pronounced dead at the scene and police are currently treating their deaths as unexplained.

PwC is 'helping' businesses in area cope with the 'impact' of today

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

The accounting firm PwC, which has an office in Milton Keynes, has come out to say UK businesses are adaptable and innovative.

It has confirmed it is working with clients in the area to contemplate the impact of Brexit.

Mark Hammond

There will be significant uncertainty over the coming months... and business confidence may be impacted."

Matthew HammondRegional chairman at PwC in the Midlands

Luton based Monarch airlines 'less affected' than other airlines

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

The Luton based company Monarch says as it has no EU bases and 85% of customers are UK citizens, it will be "less affected" by today's news than other airlines.

It has confirmed changes in consumer confidence, the exchange rate and anticipated short term shocks to the economy will impact the company.

The airline says it'll work with trade industry bodies like BATA and ABTA on possible changes to air fares and competition issues and will raise them with the Government.

Monarch airline

Do I need a new passport?

Reality Check

Nigel Farage holding a passport
Getty Images

The Reality Check team answers your questions about passports, EHIC, visas and whether EU nationals will be allowed to stay in the UK.

The short answer is that almost nothing will change until the negotiations to leave the European Union have been completed.

Read the full Reality Check here.

MK MPs say challenging times are ahead

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

In a joint statement, Milton Keynes MPs Iain Stewart and Mark Lancaster have said the vote to leave the EU "was a huge exercise of democracy and it is important that we accept the majority view" as there are many "challenges and huge opportunities ahead".

Milton Keynes
M J Richardson/Geograph

We now need a time of stability and both us will be working to ensure Milton Keynes economy continues to be successful."

Iain Stewart and Mark LancasterMilton Keynes MPs

UK votes to leave EU: What now?

UK votes to leave EU: What happens now?
As the UK votes to leave the European Union, the BBC’s Rob Watson looks at what could happen next.

University vice chancellor says leave vote 'not what we hoped for'

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

Nick Petford, the vice chancellor of the University of Northampton, says the vote to leave the EU "will create significant challenges for universities," adding"this is not the outcome the sector had hoped for".

nick petford
University of Northampton

In a statement to staff and students, Prof Petford, said: "The University has been advised the vote to leave the European Union does not mean there will be any immediate material change to the immigration status of current and prospective EU students and staff."

Markets will 're-adjust,' says business owner

Stuart Ratcliffe

BBC Look East

The boss at Bambino Mio, which makes cloth nappies in Brixworth, says markets will "re-adjust".

Guy Schanscieff, who backed the UK to leave the EU, says the economy is still "strong".

Ann Main's spokesman tells BBC: 'I'm an MP for the country'

Katy Lewis

BBC Local Live

We've now heard back from Ann Main's office about her reaction to the majority of her constituents voting to remain, while she "campaigned strongly and robustly" to leave the EU.

Ann Main
Ann Main's office

Her spokesman said Ms Main knows from her experience of campaigning in St Albans that "the voice of the leave campaign is as loud there as anywhere else".

He said: "Yes, St Albans voted to remain but in the bigger picture of Hertfordshire there was a resounding vote to leave.

"She is not only an MP to her constituents, but to her country and the country has decided to leave."

On the national vote as a whole, he told me Ms Main felt that "finally the people of Britain have spoken loudly and spoken clearly" to leave the EU.

He said: "Ann says no-one can ignore the will of the people here - the average voter has decided leaving is the best option and the government must ensure the process is as smooth and as stable as possible."

How Beds, Herts and Bucks voted in the EU referendum

People in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire - like most people in England - voted in favour of a Brexit...

EU vote in Beds, Herts & Bucks: 51.2% leave, 48.8% remain

How Northamptonshire voted in the EU referendum

In case you missed it earlier, here is how the people of Northamptonshire voted in the EU referendum...

EU vote in Northamptonshire: 59.1% leave, 40.9% remain
David Cameron in Luton

St Albans and Buckinghamshire buck the national Brexit result by voting to remain in the European Union.

Read more

How local papers are reporting Britain's vote to leave the EU

Katy Lewis

BBC Local Live

The Bucks Free Press is reporting the leader of Bucks County Council says he is “pretty optimistic” for the future after the country voted to leave the European Union, while the Bucks Herald has Aylesbury Vale District Council Labour leader Robin Stuchbury - who voted Remain - saying everyone must work together to find a new way after Brexit.

The MK Citizen has Paul Griffiths, chief executive of the Milton Keynes Chamber, calling for “swift, decisive, and coordinated action” after the vote.

And the Hertfordshire Mercury focuses on the results for Stevenage and Broxbourne, while Luton Today unsurprisingly has the results for Luton.

What next for Brits living in Europe?

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

Victoria Walker is from Northamptonshire and used to work in Milton Keynes, but she now lives and works in The Netherlands. 

She wants to know what will happen to all the British people living and working abroad. 

She's described today as a "very sad day" as she hoped for a "remain outcome".

Victoria Walker
Victoria Walker

She told me there are "just too many unanswered questions" and is now seeking Dutch citizenship in order to "have security to stay living in the Netherlands with my family".

Business would be effected by 'prolonged period of uncertainty' - Chamber chief

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

Paul Griffiths is also the chief executive of Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce...

Paul Griffiths, chief executive at Milton Keynes Chamber
Milton Keynes Chamber

Business will want to see a detailed plan to support the economy during the coming transition period - as confidence, investment, hiring and growth would all be deeply affected by a prolonged period of uncertainty."

Paul GriffithsChief Executive of Milton Keynes Chamber

Health of the economy 'priority' following leave vote, says Northants business leader

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

The chief executive of the Northamptonshire Chamber says in the wake of the vote to leave the EU "all companies will expect swift, decisive, and coordinated action from the government and the Bank of England to stabilise markets".


Paul Griffiths says a "clear timeline for the UK's exit from the European Union" is needed.

He added "the health of the economy must be the number one priority – not the Westminster political post-mortem".

MEP: UK will not 'turn our backs' on Europe

Pete Cooper

BBC Local Live

East Midlands MEP, Conservative Andrew Lewer, who wanted to leave the EU has said he does not "believe the leave vote means we are turning our back on our European neighbours".

Andrew Lewer

Mr Lewer said: "We continue to be a tolerant society, including to those who have come to work here and make their lives here."

He also praised David Cameron for his "extraordinary leadership," adding it is "sad to see him announce he is stepping down but statesmanlike of him to postpone that to help to ensure there is a period of calm and stability".

Wetherspoons boss calls for 'period of calm'

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

"The UK will thrive as an independent country". 

These are the words of Tim Martin, the founder and chairman of Hertfordshire based Wetherspoons, who says the result will "enhance freedom and security".

Tim Martin
Getty Images

Some people will now be anxious, but concentrating on these immensely important factors will provide reassurance. The most important factor now is to work together for our mutual benefit. There is plenty of time and the UK is in an immensely strong position. A period of calm, reflection and discussion will be beneficial.”

Tim MartinFounder and chairman of Wetherspoons

How did Northamptonshire vote?

East Northamptonshire
south northamptonshire

How not to be a sore Brexit loser

A child crying over the EU

Newsbeat's guide to taking Brexit in your stride, even if it's not what you voted.

A child crying over the EU

How not to be a sore Brexit loser

Newsbeat's guide to taking Brexit in your stride, even if it's not what you voted.

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Laurie fear for footie fans after Brexit

Actor Hugh Laurie, who has a home in Bedfordshire, is trying to make light of this morning's big news...

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Santander remains committed to customers, employees and business

Alex Pope

BBC Local Live

A statement has been released by the banking company Santander, which has a large base in Milton Keynes, stating it is a "British bank" so "nothing has changed".

Santander branch

Following the vote to leave the European Union, Santander UK remains committed to our customers, our employees and our business. There are no plans to change our products or services."


Herts hospital comes out in support of overseas staff

West Herts Hospitals has come out today in support of its overseas staff...

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