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  1. Thank you and good night

    BBC Politics

    Thank you for joining us - your updates were brought to you by Becky Morton, George Bowden, Jennifer Meierhans, Jennifer Scott, and Sinead Wilson.

    Join us tomorrow as the new shadow cabinet meets for the first time and the remaining results of police and crime commissioner elections in England are announced.

    Good night from us all.

  2. Tomorrow's front pages

    Here's a flavour of the coverage of today's election stories in the morning papers:

  3. The four key election takeaways in maps and charts

    Results in maps and charts promo image

    What have we learned after a bumper crop of elections?

    Read all the details here in our comprehensive guide to the four key election takeaways:

    1. Majority for independence in Scottish Parliament

    2. Governments performed well

    3. Labour still strong in England's big city areas

    4. Good night for the Greens

  4. The latest from the 2021 elections

    We are going to be wrapping up our live elections coverage soon so here's a reminder of the main stories:

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer returning to his north London home tonight
    Image caption: Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer returning to his north London home tonight
  5. Angela Rayner vows to reconnect with voters in new roles

    Angela Rayner has vowed to work towards reforming the Labour party and reconnecting with voters as she accepts high profile roles following her sacking as party chair and campaign coordinator.

    She will now shadow Michael Gove in the Cabinet Office, and become the shadow first secretary of state and shadow secretary for the future of work.

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    Ms Rayner added: "I will take the fight to the Tories on their dodgy contracts and sleaze. And I will set out Labour's policy to replace Tory cronyism and cash for mates with an insourcing revolution so that public services are delivered in the public interest, not for private profit.

    "I will work tirelessly to reform our Party and deliver a policy agenda that will enable us to reconnect with the voters that we need to win, especially in our traditional heartlands, and show that the Labour Party speaks for the working class. That is our founding mission.

    "I also want to thank friends from all across the Labour Party and our movement who have been in touch with me. United we stand, divided we fall. The past we inherit the future we build. Solidarity."

  6. Ashworth: Sacked chief whip 'a Labour legend'

    Jonathan Ashworth has said in a Tweet he is "delighted" to be staying in his job as shadow health secretary:

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    He also paid tribute to Nick Brown who has been sacked as Labour's chief whip.

    Ashworth said Brown was a "Labour legend":

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  7. More reaction to Rayner's new role

    The BBC understands Angela Rayner will play a leading role in developing Labour party policy, particularly in relation to the government's "levelling up agenda", economic policy and workers' rights.

    A supporter of Ms Rayner told the BBC: "On Friday Keir couldn't answer a simple question about what Labour's vision is, what our offer is and how we will win back the voters in our heartland seats. Angela can answer that question and is the best person to lead the fightback in the Red Wall."

    Rayner remains the party’s elected deputy leader, and will now also shadow Michael Gove as the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. She was also given two new titles - shadow First Secretary of State, and shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work.

  8. Powell promoted to shadow cabinet

    Lucy Powell

    Sir Keir Starmer has promoted Manchester Central MP Lucy Powell in his reshuffle of the shadow cabinet.

    She moves from a junior job as shadow business minister to shadow housing secretary

    In a Tweet she said: "Really pleased to become the shadow housing secretary - some really big issues to tackle from cladding, housing crisis, private rented sector, homelessness and providing decent housing for all, to name a few.

    "I will really miss my role as shadow business minister and Ed Miliband."

    Miliband remains in his position as the party's shadow business and energy secretary.

  9. Analysis

    Starmer's reshuffle: It was messy - but he kept his head down and got it done

    Laura Kuenssberg

    Political editor

    It's not an enormous sweeping reshuffle on some kind of vast scale, but there are some particular changes of note.

    First of all, Angela Rayner, deputy leader of the Labour party - the bust up with Keir Starmer began all the bitterness and the disputes of this reshuffle today.

    She will actually go to another big job, she'll be the shadow chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, a fancy name for being somebody who will be very senior indeed in the team who will face off in the House of Commons against Michael Gove.

    Shadow chancellor, Anneliese Dodds, has been demoted to become the party chair. She will be replaced by Rachel Reeves, somebody who's been prominent in Labour circles for a long time, not somebody who's identified with the left of the party in any way.

    And one other thing, perhaps not a huge household name, but a name that really matters around these parts, is the veteran chief whip - Nick Brown - he is out.

    He's put out a statement saying that he and Keir Starmer have left things on perfectly decent terms but in terms of the machinations of how this place works, his departure is something that really will matter.

    This is certainly not been the kind of day that Keir Starmer would have wanted. A reshuffle is supposed to be about putting a rocket in people's bellies, getting things going.

    Particularly after Labour had a very patchy set of results with some really tough contests, losing ground to the Tories in many areas that they like to think of as their own.

    That said, Starmer's allies are saying tonight that he resisted some demands other people were making, he kept his head down, he took longer than they would have wanted and it was messy - but in the end he did manage to get it done.

    But I think this does give a wobble to Labour's sentiment. He has critics on the left who have already used this as an opportunity to pile in and push him to try to change direction.

    The shadow cabinet itself is due to meet tomorrow at noon, one wonders quite what the atmosphere will be like in the room.

  10. Reeves: 'Honoured' to be Labour shadow Chancellor

    Rachel Reeves has replaced Anneliese Dodds as Labour's shadow chancellor.

    In a Tweet, Reeves said she was "honoured" to take the role:

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  11. Reaction to Rayner's new shadow cabinet titles

    The Labour reshuffle was triggered when Sir Keir Starmer sacked Angela Rayner from her role as party chair and campaign coordinator, following poor results in the English local elections.

    She has now been given the role of shadowing Michael Gove in the Cabinet Office, and will also take the titles shadow First Secretary of State, and shadow secretary for the Future of Work

    An ally of Rayner said:

    “Angela obviously comes out of this significantly more powerful both in terms of the party and policy. She will be much more visible now she isn't being held back.

    “She will lead both party reform and the development of a policy agenda that is credible, radical and actually connects with the voters we need to win.

    "She will set out our vision, develop policy across the board and lead the fight to win back voters across former Labour heartlands and take on the government's sham "levelling up" agenda."

    Starmer and Rayner
  12. BreakingShadow Cabinet in full

    Labour’s Shadow Cabinet team is as follows:

    Angela Rayner - Deputy Leader, Shadow First Secretary of State, Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Shadow Secretary of State for the Future of Work

    Anneliese Dodds - Party Chair & Chair of Labour Policy Review

    Shabana Mahmood - National Campaign Coordinator

    Alan Campbell - Shadow Chief Whip

    Rachel Reeves - Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

    Bridget Phillipson Shadow Chief Secretary to HM Treasury

    Lisa Nandy - Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs

    Nick Thomas-Symonds - Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Department

    David Lammy - Shadow Secretary of State for Justice

    John Healey - Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

    Jonathan Ashworth - Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

    Ed Miliband - Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

    Jonathan Reynolds - Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    Emily Thornberry - Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade

    Kate Green - Shadow Secretary of State for Education:

    Jo Stevens - Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

    Luke Pollard - Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Steve Reed - Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government

    Lucy Powell - Shadow Secretary of State for Housing

    Jim McMahon - Shadow Secretary of State for Transport

    Preet Gill - Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

    Nia Griffith - Shadow Secretary of State for Wales

    Ian Murray - Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland:

    Louise Haigh - Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland

    Marsha de Cordova - Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities

    Thangam Debbonaire - Shadow Leader of the House of Commons

    Charlie Falconer - Shadow Attorney General

    Rosena Allin-Khan - Shadow Secretary of State for Mental Health

    Wes Streeting - Shadow Secretary of State for Child Poverty

    Cat Smith - Shadow Secretary of State for Young People and Democracy

    Andy McDonald - Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights & Protections

    Angela Smith - Shadow Leader of the House of Lords

    Tommy McAvoy - Opposition Chief Whip in the House of Lords

  13. BreakingStarmer statement: 'Refreshed and renewed' team

    Sir Keir Starmer

    Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has completed his shadow cabinet reshuffle to unveil his "refreshed and renewed team" and vows the party will "learn from the places we lost".

    In a statement he said: “The Labour Party must be the party that embraces the demand for change across our country. That will require bold ideas and a relentless focus on the priorities of the British people. Just as the pandemic has changed what is possible and what is necessary, so Labour must change too.

    “In the last 24 hours we have seen fantastic results for Labour Metro Mayors, as well as the Labour government in Wales under Mark Drakeford. They have shown the difference Labour can make in power, standing up for their communities.

    “We have seen Labour begin to turn around its fortunes in Scotland under the leadership of Anas Sarwar. These results give us optimism and inspiration for the future. The challenge for us now is to build upon these successes and learn from the places we lost.

    “I look forward to working with our refreshed and renewed team to take on that challenge, deliver that change and build the ambitious programme that will deliver the next Labour government.”

  14. BreakingRachel Reeves becomes shadow chancellor

    Rachel Reeves

    The leader of the Labour party, Sir Keir Starmer, has re-shuffled some of his top team.

    • Rachel Reeves has been appointed as shadow chancellor, replacing Anneliese Dodds.
    • Angela Rayner, the party’s elected deputy leader, will now also shadow Michael Gove as the shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
    • Thangam Debbonaire becomes the shadow leader of the House of Commons (replacing Valerie Vaz).
    • Lucy Powell has been promoted to the shadow cabinet with the housing brief.
    • Wes Streeting has also been promoted – to a new brief that will look at tackling child poverty.
    • Shabana Mahmood will become the party’s campaign coordinator – a role previously held by Ms Rayner. It is unclear whether she will remain on the NEC, the party’s ruling body.
    • Jonathan Ashworth stays as shadow health secretary.
    • Lisa Nandy remains as shadow foreign secretary.
  15. Lisa Nandy to remain shadow foreign secretary

    Lisa Nandy

    Lisa Nandy is expected to stay in her position as Labour's shadow foreign secretary, the BBC understands.

    More moves are expected to be announced imminently.

  16. BreakingDodds and Brown demoted in Labour reshuffle

    Laura Kuenssberg

    Political editor

    Sources have confirmed to the BBC that the shadow chancellor, Anneliese Dodds, is being demoted to become chair of the Labour Party.

    The Chief Whip, Nick Brown, has also been removed from his position.

    A spokesman for Mr Brown said: "Nick thinks it's a reasonable time to move on. He and Keir have parted on good terms, with mutual respect. He wishes Keir and the new chief whip every success.'

    More moves are expected to be announced imminently.

  17. BreakingLabour reshuffle under way

    Laura Kuenssberg

    Political editor

    Sir Keir Starmer has started calling members of the shadow cabinet in his reshuffle, hours after he sacked his deputy Angela Rayner as Labour's chair and campaigns co-ordinator.

  18. Quiz: Test yourself on your election knowledge

    While we wait for the Labour reshuffle to commence - why don't you test your knowledge of this weekend's election bonanza?

    The answers are below the picture... no cheating!


    1. The SNP has secured another victory in the Scottish parliament. How many elections have they now won in a row?
    2. The mayoral race in West Yorkshire has been won by Labour's Tracy Brabin. Before entering politics, which soap opera did she star in?
    3. The Welsh Senedd confirmed its election result on Saturday. How many seats make up the parliament?
    4. Sadiq Khan has been named Mayor of London for a second time. But what is the name of the YouTuber who also stood in the London mayoral election?
    5. The fall-out is still being felt from the Hartlepool by-election, won by Conservative candidate Jill Mortimer - how big was her majority? (we will let you answer to the nearest thousand...)

    And here are the answers...

    1. Four
    2. Coronation Street
    3. 60
    4. Niko Omilana
    5. 7,000 (or 6,940 to be exact)

    How did you do?

    Five out of five - Landslide victory

    Three or four - No overall control

    One or two - Historic defeat

  19. England's final council and mayoral election results

    elections map

    With the final local election result now in, here's a recap of England's local and mayoral elections:

    Use our postcode checker to find the full results in your area.