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  1. 9am: Environment Committee
  2. Next: 1.30pm: Questions to the Minister for Public Services
  3. Next: Questions to the Minister for Finance and Government Business
  4. Next: Welsh Conservatives debate on Welsh businesses
  5. Next: Welsh Conservatives debate on public services
  6. Next: Plaid Cymru debate: NHS investment
  7. Short debate: Fracking

Live Reporting

By Alun Jones and Janet Ebenezer

All times stated are UK

  1. Hwyl fawr

    That's it for today.

    We'll be back on Tuesday the 22nd.

  2. 'Precautionary'

    "I am clear that we have a precautionary planning framework", says Carl Sargeant.

    Carl Sargeant
  3. 'Scandal'

    Mr Roberts says "we are under threat from this industry in the north and the south".

    He adds that it is a "scandal that the UK government has been carrying out a sustained attack on renewable energy".

    Aled Roberts
  4. Fracking

    The final item is the short debate. The topic chosen by Aled Roberts, Liberal Democrat member for north Wales, is "Fracking: Implementing a moratorium for Wales".

  5. 'Prioritise'

    The Welsh government will "continue to prioritise the NHS", says Jane Hutt.

  6. NHS budget

    Conservative Nick Ramsay calls on the Welsh government "to follow the example of the UK government by protecting the NHS budget".

  7. Safe nurse staffing levels

    Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams stresses the importance of investment in safe nurse staffing levels "which have a significant impact on patient care and the recruitment and retention of staff".

    Kirsty Williams
  8. Health and social care

    The penultimate debate of the day is Plaid Cymru's Debate.

    Elin Jones calls on the Welsh government to ensure that any increases in the block grant which result from an increase in UK Government health expenditure, are invested in Welsh health and social care services.

    Elin Jones
  9. Dylan Jones-Evans

    Minister Leighton Andrews refers to quotes from Professor Dylan Jones-Evans - a former Conservative candidate - comparing Wales' economic recovery favourably with other parts of the UK.

  10. Corbynmania?

    Llanelli AM Keith Davies attracts cheers and jeers when he addresses the AMs as "comrades". An example of Corbynmania?

    Keith Davies
  11. Public service performance

    Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas says that the Welsh government must ensure that data is collected and published in a way that ensures public service performance can be compared with other nations.

    Simon Thomas
  12. 'Failure'

    Angela Burns leads the second Welsh Conservatives Debate, criticising "the repeated and persistent failure of the Welsh government to meet its own key targets linked to the delivery of key public services; and the damaging consequences this has for the people of Wales".

    Angela Burns
  13. Minister's response

    Economy Minister Edwina Hart responds to the debate by saying that over the last 12 months Wales has seen the largest rate of increase in employment of any part of the UK.

    "We have seen significant falls in the level of economic inactivity which is down by 1.2% on the quarter and has continued to outperform the rest of the UK over the past year", the minister says.

    Mrs Hart adds: "This level of performance reflects the proactive policies and strategies that we've taken. I think they say it all".

    Edwina Hart
  14. Finance Wales

    Janet Finch-Saunders says "Finance Wales has repeatedly been a cause for concern and has been reluctant to respond to the change in environment for SME's since the financial crisis of 2008".

  15. Entrepreneurial spirit

    Liberal Democrat AM Eluned Parrott highlights the need to "nurture that entrepreneurial spirit in Wales" and to encourage people to "make the leap from being employed to being an employer".

    Eluned Parrott
  16. Business bank

    Plaid Cymru's Rhun ap Iorwerth calls on the government to establish a business development bank for Wales to help the financing needs of Welsh businesses.

    Rhun ap Iorwerth
  17. Job losses

    William Graham says there have been a loss of jobs at businesses in receipt of Welsh Government grant funding.

    He accuses the government of failing to provide "sufficient support to Wales' businesses".

    William Graham
  18. Conservatives debate

    Welsh Conservatives are leading a debate on sufficient support to Wales' businesses.

  19. Welsh produce

    Fellow farmers, Liberal Democrat William Powell and Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies call on the government to do more in promoting Welsh meat produce.

  20. NHS investment

    Plaid Cymru and Conservative AMs are focusing their questions to the finance minister on NHS investment.

  21. "Weak and poor"

    Jane Hutt calls Mr Ramsay's comments "weak and poor" and says that since May 2011, the total number of businesses from whom the government is seeking to recover funds represents 1.3% of the total offers made.

    Jane Hutt
  22. Finance

    Nick Ramsay says: "Doesn't this all add to the growing impression that this Welsh government doesn't really do finance".

  23. Business grants

    Conservative Finance Spokesperson Nick Ramsay accuses the Finance Minister Jane Hutt of failing to provide figures with regards to how much money will be recovered and written off from businesses who have been awarded grants.

  24. FM refugee statement

    First Minister Carwyn Jones will be making a statement on the refugee crisis following tomorrow's summit.

  25. "Old system"

    Nick Ramsay opposes the minister's plans for council reorganisation saying "there is real concern out there amongst the public that these proposals have not been thought out".

    He adds: "We will return to an old system of local government that didn't work then and won't work now."

    Nick Ramsay
  26. Many maps

    The minister admits he has studied many maps over the past several months, some going back to the 19th Century.

    He stresses: "Many different authorities have been historic counties."

  27. Historic councils

    Conservative William Graham says that there is a need for fundamental reform of local authorities, but asks the minister to consider keeping "historic councils" like Monmouthshire, Pembrokeshire, Powys and many others "for which there is overwhelming public support to retain them".

    William Graham
  28. Summit

    In response to Mr Griffiths' question, the minister assures members that this will be discussed in the Refugee Summit, held tomorrow in Cardiff Bay.

  29. Refugee crisis

    Labour AM John Griffiths asks the minister to provide information for communities across Wales that have expressed their willingness to help refugees.

    John Griffiths
  30. Name and shame

    In response to Ms Finch-Saunders' concerns, Leighton Andrews says that people should be "named and shamed" if they fail to carry out their statutory responsibilities.

    He says: "Neither I nor the Welsh government run these town and community councils nor should we. These should be run by local people and held accountable by local people."

    Leighton Andrews
  31. Welsh councils

    Conservative Janet Finch-Saunders raises concern that 45 Welsh councils have received repeated qualified audit opinions for at least two of the last three years.

    Janet Finch-Saunders
  32. Public Services

    Minister Leighton Andrews is answering members' questions.

  33. Prynhawn da

    The plenary will begin shortly with questions for the Public Services Minister.

  34. Hwyl

    The committee has now moved into private session.

    We'll be back this afternoon for the chamber session.

  35. Explanatory Memorandum

    According to the Explanatory Memorandum of the bill, "A general biodiversity and resilience of ecosystem duty will apply to all public authorities who exercise functions in relation to Wales. That duty will be one which obliges all public authorities to seek to 'maintain and enhance biodiversity' in the course of exercising their functions (but without prejudice to the proper exercise of those functions) and in so doing 'promote the resilience of ecosystems'."

  36. Devolution

    The environment minister stressed that it would be "foolish" to take the Bill forward to cover only a percentage of Wales.

    "It just flies in the face of the devolution settlement", he says.

  37. MOD land

    Plaid Cymru AM Llyr Gruffydd says that whilst MOD land is "quite significant, the rest of Wales is much more significant".

    He asks the minister if he is prepared to "throw everything out because of the failure to accommodate some land in Wales".

    Llyr Gruffydd
  38. Clarification

    Labour AM Julie Morgan asks the minister to seek clarification from the UK government on how much land in Wales would be excluded from biodiversity duties.

    Julie Morgan
  39. "Rip holes"

    "I think it would rip holes in the Bill if we were to remove that section (on biodiversity duties) and therefore I don't think it would be a credible bill to take forward", says Mr Sargeant.

    "We have to get this resolved", he adds.

  40. 'In Wales, for Wales'

    The minister says that "it's wholly inappropriate that we're not able to manage our natural resources in Wales, for Wales".

  41. Negotiations

    Mr Sargeant says that negotiations will continue with the UK government with regards to the Environment Bill.

  42. Biodiversity duties

    The UK government has not agreed on the consenting of biodiversity duties on public bodies, that include crown estates and MOD land.

  43. Scottish government

    "It is completely unacceptable that the UK government has given the Scottish government consent but not us", says minister.

    He adds: "It does present to me with a difficult decision of whether to withdraw this Bill at this stage, or not. "

    Carl Sargeant
    Image caption: Carl Sargeant
  44. Bill at risk

    "This puts the whole Bill at risk", says Mr Sargeant

  45. Refused consent

    The UK government has agreed three parts out of four of the Environment Bill and refused consent with regards to the element on biodiversity, says Carl Sargeant.

  46. Environment bill

    Carl Sargeant AM, Minister for Natural Resources, says that "with regret" he has received a letter from the Secretary State for Wales consenting to only a part of the environment bill.

  47. Good Morning!

    The Environment Committee is due to begin at 9am.