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Live Reporting

By Thomas McGuigan and Keir Murray

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  1. Post update

    Keir Murray

    BBC News

    Well, that was a lively discussion in Canterbury! We hope you enjoyed the programme and the live text commentary here on the BBC website. Have a tremendous festive break. We'll be in Watford on 8 January for the first programme of 2015. Thank you very much indeed for joining us. Good night.

  2. Question Time Extra Time

    David Dimblebly draws the programme to a close.

    Tune into Question Time Extra Time on BBC Radio 5live with Stephen Nolan and John Pienaar where you can follow the post-programme discussion.

    BBC Question Time Extra

    You can listen here.

  3. Post update

    Mary Creagh claims that Michael Gove presided over unqualified teachers in the classroom. She wants to see "world-class" schools in every neighbourhood.

    Mary Creagh
  4. Question Time - Your Views

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    Mark, Crewe: Brand is spot on, Farage wants to go back to past. He wants a tiered education system for white elites. Why can't excellent education be for everybody?

    Anonymous: We abolished most of our best schools. Germany has kept most of its grammar and secondary technical schools. I wonder which country is doing best?

  5. Question Time - Get Involved

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    Trevor, Leighton Buzzard: "Farage actually looks very comfortable in the situation... Brand obviously put there to go after him but has failed."

    JC, Altrincham: "Camilla Cavendish, top woman, speaks a lot of sense!"

    Lynn, Barry: "More people are waiting to see their GP because of uncontrolled immigration."

  6. Nigel Farage ' Social mobility has declined'

    "I think the answer to this question is a very big yes. Social mobility has declined. It's like we've gone back 50 years... One of the biggest mistakes we've made is the destruction of grammar schools."

    Nigel Farage
  7. 'Living wage'

    Russell Brand says education, health and a living wage are rights, "not something we should be squabbling over".

  8. Question four

    "Would education and social mobility improve if we returned to a system that included grammar schools - as we still have in Kent?" Penelope Kimber, recently retired communications director

    Question four
  9. Post update

    Penny Mordaunt's answer does not impress the man in the audience. "I'm a civil servant and I haven't had a pay rise," comes his retort.

  10. Man in audience angered by MPs' pay rises

    Man in audience angered by MPs' pay rises
  11. Post update

    The real cost of PFI
  12. Question Time - Get Involved

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    Steve, Rugby: Scrap the NHS, not fit for purpose, pay as you use is only answer. The NHS costs were based on a population of 25 million, doesn't work with 62 million.

    Brian, Dawlish: There's too many regional variants in the UK NHS to ever be consistent. Regional autonomy for the NHS will secure a more strategic resource that should be sustainable.

  13. Immigration discussion

    You can rewatch Russell Brand and Nigel Farage discuss immigration here at the @BBCNews Youtube channel here #bbcqt

  14. Nigel Farage

    "We've got an ageing population, the demand for health services is going to go up hugely. I've looked at what happens in France and the Netherlands. They tend to use more insurance-based systems. We as a party have decided that the NHS being free at the point of care is absolutely vital and the involvement of the private sector that we saw under Labour and continuing now has not thus far been a great success."

  15. 'Turning in his grave'

    BBC Question Time

    MT @Blogolution Bevan would be turning in his grave #bbcqt

  16. Post update

    "The variability of care is a real problem for us," adds Camilla Cavendish, associate editor of The Times.

    "We need to be very careful that we don't shut down small attempts to make things better."

  17. Question Time - Your Views

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    Jim, Lanarkshire: There is a problem in all NHS trusts, which will only be addressed when the managers are sacked and the matrons are brought back.

  18. Camilla Cavendish

    "This word 'privatisation' is so misleading. It means 'selling off' to the private sector. If we did that it could lead to the end of the NHS as we know it, and the most precious thing about the NHS is that it is free at the point that we need it and we have to keep it that way. But that's not happening, nobody's talking about selling it off. What is happening is that some of these local commissioning groups, which are run by doctors, are giving contracts to private groups and also to charities. That is an experiment, nobody quite knows where it is going to go."

  19. British citizenship

    BBC Question Time

    British citizenship's been granted to those with "poor immigration histories."

  20. Mary Creagh

    "I think we need to repeal the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Health Bill and we have made that a promise in our election campaign. We do not want to see it (the NHS) opened up.

    "The private sector was used by Labour in government to tackle certain problems - health waiting lists where people were waiting 18 months for cataract operations and going blind, hip replacements where people were living in pain and heart operations where people were dying before they were getting their treatment."

  21. Question three

    "What role should the private sector play in the future of the NHS?" Alexander Quinn

    Question three
  22. Question Time - Your Views

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    Chris, Rothwell: Is this Question Time or the Jeremy Kyle Show? Russell Brand is a fool with loud mouth that is just trying to make a name for himself. Is he campaigning or the working class? If so, I feel embarrassed.

    Joe, Brandon: Reducing immigration might not solve all our problems but it would help a great deal and improve our quality of life.

  23. Tighten Border controls

    Conservative MP for Portsmouth North Penny Mordaunt calls for better border controls and remove financial incentives for people coming to the UK.

  24. Woman in the audience on immigrants

    "They should contribute to the country, we shouldn't have to support them. We need to vet people coming into the country."

  25. 'Best ever'

    Boy George tweets: Best @bbcquestiontime ever!

  26. Post update

    Mary Creagh MP argues that in difficult times the country needs investment in public services. She points out that her father came from Ireland and worked hard.

  27. 'Sense of control'

    BBC Question Time

    Camilla Cavendish: 'I don't think anyone in this country wants to shut the door, but… people want a sense of control' #bbcqt

  28. Post update

    Camilla Cavendish says people are generally welcoming to immigrants but that most people want controlled immigration.

  29. Man in the audience has a message for Russell Brand

    "Stand for Parliament. If you're going to campaign, stand!"

    Another member of the audience criticises Nigel Farage and rebukes UKIP's policies. Temperatures are running high in Canterbury...

  30. Question Time - Get Involved

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    Mark Chazot, Faversham: There are a lot of clever people in politics but not many wise people. Russell Brand is like the court jester - funny but wise. This world needs more wisdom and less clever double-speaking politicians.

    Henry, Norfolk: Please tell Nigel Brand that Australia has high turnout because it has compulsory voting and nothing to do with their politics.

  31. Russell Brand

    "Since the financial crash, banker bonuses have exceeded £80 billion. George Osbourne campaigned to stop caps being placed on banker bonuses at the same time as there were austerity cuts against the poorest among us. We need to close tax loopholes that are exploited by big corporations. I've got money now, I've seen rich people. There's plenty of money out there, it's just not being distributed."

  32. Russell Brand

    "Immigrants are not causing the economic problems and suffering we're experiencing. I enjoy seeing Nigel Farage in a boozer with a pint and a fag laughing off his latest scandals about breastfeeding or whatever. But this man is not a cartoon character. He ain't Del Boy, he ain't Arthur Daley, he's a pound-shop Enoch Powell and we've got to watch him."

    Russell Brand
  33. Nigel Farage

    "If you fly into Gatwick you will see lots of green spaces. However, if you have a country in which the population goes up as a direct result of immigration, what you find is not a shortage of green fields, you find a shortage of primary school places, you find a shortage of GP surgeries. We have fewer GPs per head than any other country in Europe today. You find congestion on the roads and the London Underground or wherever you go.

    "You are constantly playing catch-up and the general quality of life for the mass of population goes down. In 1990 the population of this country was 55 million. It is now between 62 and 63 million and that is a massive increase."

  34. Question two

    "Is Britain really overcrowded?" Lynne O'Donoghue, retired civil servant

    Question two
  35. Post update

    Camilla Cavendish
  36. Question Time - Get Involved

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    Charlie, London: The reason Russell Brand has 9 million Twitter followers is because he speaks sense. His comments on not voting resonated with me because it feels like a paradigm shift is needed.

    Graham, Ramsgate: Nigel Farage is out of touch with no policies and riding on the poorly equipped alternatives in Tory/Lab/Lib Dem world. Let's see the US-style ballot papers with "none of the above" added. Then we'll see how good these so-called politicians really are.

  37. Question Time - Your Views

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    Dan, Oxford: "It was said earlier that the reason people vote is because of hope and optimism. I would argue that in fact many people vote to ensure tyrannical parties don't get in, to counter their chances of being elected or re-elected. I for one will be voting Labour, purely to ensure the NHS isn't destroyed rather than having much faith in Miliband."

    Ant, Rhyl: "More hecklers in the QT audience than in the Commons!"

    Sue, Colchester: "Just hope Farage gets his policies into Parliament and let's all save Great Britain before it's too late."

  38. Penny Mourdant ' 'Hearts are in the right place'

    "There are pieces of theatre in parliament and some fantastic debates," she tells the audience in Canterbury.

    Even though she disagrees with a lot of what politicians from across the political spectrum say, "their hearts are in the right place".

  39. Political debate

    Another member of the audience says people are fed up with the "Punch & Judy" style of political debate but also raises concerns over the voting system.

    Automatically attacking political opponents is a real problem, he adds.

  40. Camilla Cavendish - Attention to detail

    Says she is amazed some MPs spend such little attention to detail when voting on issues at Westminster.

    An audience members says she feels "disillusioned" with politics, as do many other young people in the UK.

  41. Question Time - Your Views

    Tweet #bbcqt

    Tim Walker: Russell Brand doesn't get that #bbcqt is not a one-man show.

  42. Penny Mourdant - 'Punch & Judy'

    "We say we don't like Punch & Judy politics, but [the electorate] tune in for Prime Minister's Questions..."

    The Tory MP says that, with nine million followers on Twitter, Russell Brand would be better served to deliver a positive political message to voters.

    Brand responds by saying she is a member of parliament and has the power to change.

  43. Question Time - Your Views

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    Dean, Timperley: Nigel Farage seems to speak more sense the more I watch him.

    Michelle, Staffordshire: Politicians like Nick Farage are the reason the younger population do not turn out to vote!

  44. Mary Creagh - 'Ideological Divide'

    "There's a big choice facing us at the next General Election. I still think politics really matters.

    "The question now facing us at the next General Election is - who do you want the country to work for? Do you want it to work for a few people at the top or for everybody in this country so that everybody has the chance to get on? The ideological divide and the choice at the next General Election could not be clearer between Labour and the Conservatives."

  45. Post update

    Nigel Farage
  46. Nigel Farage - 'Political class'

    "I agree that it is petty. We now debate what colour of tie is Ed Miliband or David Cameron wearing. We're not doing real politics any more, we're not discussing big political issues.

    "You know, 25 or 30 years ago there was a big difference between left and right. Whether Michael Foot became prime minister or Margaret Thatcher became prime minister fundamentally affected the country, and we have seen the growth of a career professional political class, who do the same degrees, who have never had a job in their lives, go straight into back offices age 23 and become career politicians."

  47. Russell Brand - 'Feel detached'

    "I sometimes think people in our country feel detached from what takes place in Parliament, that the issues being discussed and the manner in which they are discussed are detached from ordinary people.

    "I think we get a bit tired of seeing poor attendance in Parliament for issues that we care about and high attendance when they are talking about their pay rises. So I think that petty, adversarial nature is contributing to decline."

  48. Question one

    "Is the petty adversarial nature of politics causing its own demise?" Jonathan White, information analyst

    Question one
  49. Postcard appeal

    David Dimbleby laments the fact that his appeal for postcards to be sent to Glasgow, where the show is produced, has fallen on deaf ears.

  50. 'Welcome to Question Time'

    David Dimbleby says: "welcome to Question Time" and we're under way.

  51. Question Time - Your Views

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    Roger, Hitchin: Brand and Farage - should be good tonight with two comedians on the panel.

    Don, Plymstock: Why Russell Brand? What is the point?

  52. Festive break

    This will be the final Question Time before the festive break. The programme will return on 8 January.

  53. Question Time - Your Views

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    Jon, Canterbury: Hope David D keeps panel in order tonight.

    Shaun, Oldham: Who will come out on top tonight: the dandy, Brand, cocking a snoop at the establishment or the bane of the Tory Party, Farage?

  54. Post update

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    Ryan, London: Normally I'd rant about Farage being on Question Time again, but seeing him come up against Russell Brand will just be too brilliant.

    Joe, London: The excitement over Brand v Farage shows how desperate people are for alternatives in politics. The age of crowded centre ground.

    Chele, Liverpool: Bring it on. Let's hear Brand's verbosity take on Farage's Quixotism.

  55. Question Time panellist Camilla Cavendish

    Camilla Cavendish is associate editor of The Times and is a columnist and leader writer for the paper. The Times website states that "She was the Wincott Senior Financial Journalist of the Year 2012, Campaigning Journalist of the Year 2009 and won the 2008 Paul Foot Award for exposing miscarriages of justice that convinced the Government to change the law and open the family courts.

    "A mother of three, she has been a McKinsey consultant, aid worker and CEO of the trust that rebuilt London's South Bank."

    Question Time panellist Camilla Cavendish
  56. Question Time panellist Mary Creagh

    Mary Creagh is the Labour MP for Wakefield and the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development. The UK Parliament website lists her areas of political interest as Europe, employment, social policy, disability issues, Irish community, human rights, children's issues, environment and genocide prevention.

    Question Time panellist Mary Creagh
  57. Question Time panellist Penny Mordaunt

    Penny Mordaunt is Conservative MP for Portsmouth North, Royal Navy Reserve ASLt, artist, amateur astronomer and Burmese cat lover and breeder. She had a majority of 7,289 over Labour at the 2010 General Election.

    The Conservative Party website says that "she worked at the old Johnson and Johnson factory and as a magician's assistant for former President of the Magic Circle, Will Ayling, before becoming the first person in her family to go to university".

    Question Time panellist Penny Mordaunt
  58. Question Time panellist Russell Brand

    Comedian Russell Brand first appeared on Question Time in June 2013, with London Mayor Boris Johnson among his fellow panellists.

    Brand previously told BBC Newsnight that he has never voted, and never will, as the UK's political system has created a "disenfranchised, disillusioned underclass" that it fails to serve.

    Russell Brand

    "It is not that I am not voting out of apathy. I am not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations", he added.

  59. Question Time panellist Nigel Farage

    Nigel Farage is leader of the UK Independence Party. He is the MEP for the South-East of the UK. He was born in Kent in 1964. He attended fee-paying Dulwich College, where he developed a love of cricket, rugby and political debate.

    He decided at the age of 18 not to go to university, entering the City instead.

    UKIP leader Nigel Farage

    He joined the Conservatives but became disillusioned with the way the party was going under John Major. Like many on the Eurosceptic wing, he was furious when the prime minister signed the Maastricht Treaty, stipulating an "ever-closer union" between European nations.

    Mr Farage decided to break away, becoming one of the founder members of UKIP, at that time known as the Anti-Federalist League.

    His website states that: "he has served his constituents in opposing the encroachment of the European Union into British public life since 1999, and has been the leader of the UK Independence Party, with a brief break in 2010, since 2006".

  60. Question Time - Get Involved

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    Steven: Nigel Farage and Russell Brand on Question Time tonight. Not sure who irritates me more... both are parodies of whom they aim to portray!

    Stewart, Cardiff: Ah it's Mary Creagh. Hope she goes to town on Farage and Brand. Both should be easy pickings for senior politicians.

  61. Question Time - Your Views


    Get in touch with your views on tonight's topical debate via text to 83981 or tweet using #bbcqt

  62. Who's on tonight's programme?

    Tonight's panellists:

    • UKIP leader Nigel Farage
    • Comedian Russell Brand
    • Labour's shadow international development secretary Mary Creagh
    • Conservative MP Penny Mordaunt
    • Journalist Camilla Cavendish
    Question Time panel in Canterbury
  63. Welcome

    Thomas McGuigan

    BBC Scotland News

    Good evening and a warm welcome to our live text coverage of Question Time. David Dimbleby presents tonight's programme from Canterbury.