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  1. David Cameron took questions from Ed Miliband and backbench MPs
  2. Watch the whole session back in today's Daily Politics (via the Live Coverage tab on this page)
  3. The two leaders clashed over the NHS, including access to GPs
  4. Ed Miliband said the NHS would only be safe under a Labour government
  5. David Cameron countered by saying the NHS would only be safe is the economy was safe
  6. Speaker has to intervene to get MPs to be quiet so new UKIP MP's question can be heard

Live Reporting

By Jackie Storer and Adam Donald

All times stated are UK

  1. Media reaction

    The Spectator

    The Spectator's Isabel Hardman says Mark Reckless's question on the NHS in his constituency shows he is "still fighting his by-election". She says we may yet see "an interesting division of labour in the two-man UKIP parliamentary party", with Douglas Carswell acting as the big-ideas man scrutinising the executive while Mr Reckless tends his patch in anticipation of a tough fight in May 2015.

  2. Newspaper reaction

    The Independent

    The Independent asks the question exercising many Twitter users today: "What on earth was going on with George Osborne at PMQs?" The Chancellor was "sat next to David Cameron with his hair, tie, collar and frankly face all slightly askew". Long nights preparing for the Autumn Statement?

  3. Newspaper reaction

    The Mirror

    Nigel Nelson, writing for The Mirror, says that if the PM and the Leader of the Opposition are to be believed, there are two National Health Services in the country: one doing "just splendidly" and one "at breaking point". He also highlights Mark Reckless's role as a villain for the entire Commons, and says the PM suggested "that UKIP would wreck the PM's NHS, Ed's NHS and Mark's NHS".

  4. Newspaper reaction

    The Guardian

    The Guardian's Andrew Sparrow says today's action was like a "tug of war", with Ed Miliband focusing his questions on the NHS and David Cameron answering by dragging the discussion back to the economy. Mr Sparrow says this is hardly surprising: YouGov polls show Labour 11 points ahead on the NHS, and the Tories 15 points ahead on the economy.

  5. Newspaper reaction

    The Daily Telegraph

    The Daily Telegraph's Michael Deacon enjoyed Conservative MP's Nadhim Zahawi's mention of "my constituent William Shakespeare", and quoting of the latter's words in Richard II, as much as Tories on the green benches did. But the real awkwardness for Ed Miliband, Mr Deacon writes, was his own party's Jamie Reed highlighting his own working class credentials - which inevitably put the spotlight on Miliband's "metropolitan gawkiness".

  6. What's coming up

    That brings to an end our live text commentary on today's Prime Minister's Questions. You can follow the reaction now on BBC Radio 4's The World at One, PM at 5pm and Newsnight tonight - or watch the whole session back on Daily Politics, by clicking on the Live Coverage tab above. The best clips from the session are under the Key Video tab. We'll also be rounding up reaction to the session later on this page - and, of course, you can continue to follow events in Parliament today on Democracy Live.

  7. Who could resist?

    BBC2's Daily Politics also revealed that 10 Lib Dem Christmas cards featuring a snowman were selling for £5, while UKIP's Cornish pewter necklace, featuring a pound sign, was going for £12. A Green Party pen is on sale for £2.95.

  8. Searching for that Christmas gift?

    Conservative chairman Grant Shapps showed off a Tory mug with the slogan, "Securing Britain's Future", which he said was on sale for £20. A bag designed by artist Grayson Perry is being sold by the Labour Party for £19.

  9. Sol Campbell v Owen Smith

    Conservative chairman Grant Shapps said it was not fair that people who had lived in their homes all their lives should pay the mansion tax. But Labour's Owen Smith dismissed the claims, describing them as "scare-mongering".

  10. 'Can't afford it'

    Sol Campbell said he could not afford to pay the mansion tax. But Labour's Owen Smith said the tax would hit 0.5% of people in this country. "I think it's fair to ask you to pay your fair share towards a better society," he told the ex-football star.

  11. Low paid?

    Sol Campbell told BBC2's Daily Politics that Google, Amazon and Starbucks were "not paying their way". He said he was not earning what he had been earning five years ago.

  12. 'Zero sympathy'

    Also on Daily Politics Labour MP Owen Smith tells Daily Politics that Sol Campbell had recently put a £25m house in Chelsea up for sale. He told the ex-footballer he believed people in this country would have "zero sympathy with millionaires like you pleading poverty".

  13. Sol Campbell

    Raising the issue of Labour's proposed mansion tax, former England football star Sol Campbell tells BBC2's Daily Politics he had paid millions in income tax and stamp duty but this would penalise him for investing in a property portfolio. "I see this as a tax on aspiration," he said.

  14. John Rentoul, columnist for The Independent


    Tweets: "What didn't come up at #PMQs: Angelina Jolie & Bill Oddie's opposition to the mansion tax; David Mellor and the taxi driver."

  15. Luke Evans, Conservative parliamentary candidate for Edgbaston


    Tweets: "@Ed_Miliband "weaponising" the NHS is EXACTLY what you SHOULDN'T do to solve the health problems facing the entire UK #pmqs"

  16. Coma call

    Mr Shapps recounts how he had been in a serious car crash in the US and was woken from a coma by the phone ringing and questions about where the hospital should send the bill. Mr Shapps said he did not want to live in a country like that.

  17. GP waiting times

    Asked by BBC2's Daily Politics why one in four people were waiting to see a GP, Conservative chairman Grant Shapps said David Cameron had said GP services should run until 8pm at night.

  18. Dangerous dogs

    The Commons is now debating a motion by Labour's Julie Hilling on dangerous dogs, She is talking about a case in her own constituency. You can follow on-going coverage of this on the BBC's Democracy Live website.

  19. NHS hot topic

    Over on BBC2's Daily Politics, BBC political editor Nick Robinson said the NHS had dominated question time. He said it would be interesting to see if the health service received more money in the autumn statement.

  20. Danny Shaw, BBC home affairs correspondent


    Tweets: "No sign of Tory MP David Davis at #pmqs -that's because he's again at High Court for legal sparring match in #plebgate libel case."

  21. Clean shave

    Mr Cameron pointed out colleagues in the chamber who had joined in the moustache challenge as well as his protection team. He said he was disappointed he could not seem to be able to join in the fund-raising.

  22. Vicki Young, BBC chief political correspondent


    Tweets: "Cameron admits he doesn't "seem able" to join fellow Tory MPs who've grown moustaches for #Movember"

  23. Movember

    One more from the end of the session - Tory Jason McCartney asked if Mr Cameron would congratulate all those who had taken part in Movember charity - which encourages men to grow their moustaches in November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer.

  24. Deja vu?

    The BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith says PMQs resembled a "cracked record", with familiar themes being discussed.

  25. Blair-Brown

    In a further question, the PM was asked by Tory Andrew Turner if he believed Save the Children was right to give ex-Labour PM Tony Blair an award. Mr Cameron jokes that the most remarkable thing was that it had been presented to Mr Blair by someone who used to work for Gordon Brown.

  26. Adrian Sanders, Lib Dem MP for Torbay


    Tweets: "Really bad of Tories & some Lab MPs to try and shout down new UKIP MP Mark Reckless at #pmqs All elected voices should be heard"

  27. Neglected diseases

    Labour's Pamela Nash said 76% of children living with HIV in the world did not receive medication, and claims that more widely, the lack of investment in neglected diseases had resulted in the Ebola outbreak. She asked what investment the government was making in treatments.

  28. Andrew Woodcock, political editor of the Press Association


    Tweets: "Loud groans as Mark Reckless called to speak at #pmqs - Speaker has to intercede to silence heckling"

  29. Pic: Mark Reckless's first UKIP question

    Mark Reckless
  30. UKIP attacked over NHS

    Mr Cameron said he did not understand why his former Tory colleague had decided to join a party that did not believe in the NHS and wanted to break it up.

  31. UKIP debut

    To rowdy scenes, Mark Reckless, speaking for the first time as a UKIP MP, said he was grateful to the PM for spending so much time in his Rochester and Strood constitutency.

  32. EU poll

    Labour's Phil Wilson asks if the PM would ever lead a "no" campaign in the coming EU referendum. Mr Cameron replies: "Trust the people and let the people decide."

  33. Roberta Blackman-Woods, Labour MP for Durham City


    Tweets: "Sadly no recognition from Prime Minister of need to do more to get people earning at least the living wage to tackle in work poverty #pmqs"

  34. A&E beds

    Labour's Andrew Slaughter asks the PM to prevent any further cuts in A&E in West London. Mr Cameron replies by saying more beds were going into hospitals in Hammersmith.

  35. Ebola

    Conservative Sarah Newton asks Mr Cameron to thank RFA Argus for their work to tackle Ebola in Sierra Leone. Mr Cameron said RFA Argus' presence in the region was a key part of that strategy.

  36. Invitation?

    Mr Cameron said if Mr Reed valued people who worked hard and got on, he should cross the floor and join the Conservatives.

  37. Family van

    Referring to Ms Thornberry's tweet, Labour's Jamie Reed said when he saw a white van the first thing he thought was whether it was his father or brother driving it.

  38. Pic: Nadhim Zahawi

    Nadhim Zahawi
    Image caption: Nadhim Zahawi quotes Shakespeare in raising Labour's troubles over a white van/flags tweet
  39. Yarl's Wood

    Labour's Karl Turner asks the PM if he agreed a full independent inquiry should have been carried out into a contract by Serco at Yarl's Wood removal centre. Mr Cameron said one or two bad contracts should not fulfil the unions' dream of ending all contracts altogether.

  40. Adrian Pearson, Yorkshire Post political editor


    Tweets: "Glum faces on Lab front bench for white van man question. No choice but to take a kicking and hope it passes. #pmqs"

  41. Patriotic agreement

    Mr Cameron said he agreed with every word Mr Zahawi said, saying he wondered if the Labour benches were quieter because Ms Thornberry was not present.

  42. Robin Brant, BBC political correspondent


    Tweets: "tory mp nadhim zahawi appears to have just told mps that shakespeare is still alive, referring to him as 'my constituent'"

  43. White van photo

    Conservative Nadhim Zahawi raises the issue of white vans and the cross of St George - referring to a tweet by shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry - saying people should not sneer at people who work hard and were patriotic.

  44. Angus MacNeil, SNP MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar


    Tweets: "At #PMQs SNP @PeteWishart showing SNP are only ones standing up to UKIP.. hence in Scotland UKIP low but in England LabTory dance to UKIP"

  45. Israel

    Labour's Sir Gerald Kaufman asks the PM to make clear that the removal of citizenship rights on the basis of religion will turn Israel into an apartheid state. Mr Cameron says he is a strong supporter of Israel, saying one of the reasons is that it gives rights and democracy to its people and "it's very important that that continues". He says it is one of few countries in the region to tick the boxes of indexes of freedom.

  46. Autumn statement

    Liberal Democrat Annette Brooke asks if the PM would give extra money into the NHS in his forthcoming autumn statement. Mr Cameron says he was committed to safeguarding and improving the NHS.

  47. UKIP

    SNP Pete Wishart raised the issue of UKIP, to which Mr Cameron said his party was about uniting the UK and bringing people together.

  48. Iain Martin, Daily Telegraph blogger


    Tweets: "This parliament done. Leaders going through motions, MPs bored, public not paying attention. Bring on craziest general election ever. #PMQs"

  49. Bonnie Greer, author and playwright


    Tweets: "Question: isn't Lewis Hamilton a tax exile? #Justasking #pmqs"

  50. Empty hospital

    Conservative Sir Edward Garnier said a 92-bed hospital in Sierra Leone was treating five patients and asked if the PM would ensure that Save the Children would ensure it reached its full capacity. Mr Cameron agreed.

  51. Lewis Hamilton

    Conservative Sir Oliver Heald asks the PM to congratulate Lewis Hamilton for his F1 success. Mr Cameron said Hamilton was a young man with "nerves of steel, huge ability" and had made "everyone in this country proud".

  52. Poverty

    To a Labour question about poverty, Mr Cameron said the Joseph Rowntree report had said since last year there had been huge increases in employment, which would surely impact on incomes and poverty.

  53. Mehdi Hasan, Huffington Post political director


    Tweets: "Cameron, at #pmqs, makes the usual economically-illiterate comparison between the UK and Greece. And throws in Portugal too. Ludicrous."

  54. The leaders' last word

    Their exchanges end with Mr Cameron telling Mr Miliband: "You only get a strong health service with a strong economy."

  55. Ben Riley-Smith, Daily Telegraph political correspondent


    Tweets: ""If you can't run the economy, you can't run the NHS," says PM. Expect to see more of that in next 6 months. #PMQs"

  56. NHS row

    "He can't run the economy, he can't run the NHS, he's got no plan for either" Mr Cameron tells the Labour leader. Mr Miliband replies that the PM had closed walk-in centres, introduced top-down reorganisation and caused a "crisis of his making". "Only a Labour government can save the National Health Service," he says.

  57. Pic: Ed Miliband in action

    Ed Miliband
  58. Labour's fault?

    Mr Cameron counted that this was a problem created by the previous Labour government.

  59. Jeremy Hunt

    Mr Miliband asked the prime minister what it said about the NHS that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt had admitted going to A&E rather than a GP for treatment for his child.

  60. Pic: Cameron in action

    David Cameron
  61. George Eaton, political editor of the New Statesman


    Tweets: "Miliband goes on NHS again: Labour keen to keep its best issue at the top of the agenda. #PMQs"

  62. Health stats

    Mr Cameron said last week 429,000 people across England were seen by A&E - that was 3,000 more patients every day.

  63. Waiting times

    On broader health care Mr Miliband said there was a report this week of a patient waiting 35 hours in A&E and asked if this was a sign of the NHS in England at breaking point.

  64. System failure?

    Labour leader Ed Miliband tells Mr Cameron there were many people with learning disabilities being moved into institutional care.

  65. Cameron attacks Labour over Wales NHS

    David Cameron said Labour in Wales had cut the NHS in Wales and had failed to reform it.

  66. Welsh NHS

    Conservative Anne Main told MPs that her mother died under the Welsh health service, and says the state of the NHS in Wales should be discussed in an opposition day debate later.

  67. Steve Hawkes, deputy political editor of The Sun


    Tweets: "Oh, UKIP's second MP @MarkReckless looking to be called by the Speaker #pmqs"

  68. Kick off

    And we're off! David Cameron's first question is about the economy.

  69. David Singleton, news editor of PoliticsHome


    Tweets: "#PMQs set to start soon. Westminster on tenterhooks for Dave's joke about Emily Thornberry/Islington/white van man"

  70. Autumn diversion?

    BBC political editor Nick Robinson tells BBC2's Daily Politics that if he was Labour leader Ed Miliband he would talk about the forthcoming autumn statement, how the deficit was doing and spending on the NHS.

  71. Vicki Young, BBC chief political correspondent


    Tweets: "#PMQs coming up at midday on @BBCNews channel. How many white van gags can Tory MPs come up with in half an hour?"

  72. Speaker gets in early

    Is this a record - an intervention before the session even starts. "Far too much noise in the chamber," says Speaker John Bercow.

  73. Legal framework 'needed'

    Speaking on BBC2's Daily Politics, Antony Walker, of TechUK, sidestepped questions about whether Facebook was wrong in failing to pass on information posted by Lee Rigby's killer Michael Adebowale. "The question is: 'Is there a clear legal framework that enables companies in the future to respond and address these issues in a clear legal way?'" he said.

  74. Anne McLaughlin, former SNP MSP for Glasgow


    Tweets: "Just heard some Tory MP ask would Scot Gov accept or begrudge what is 'offered to them' after Smith Commission. Offered? #capinhand #pmqs"

  75. Pic: Government benches

    Scotland questions
    Image caption: William Hague, in his seat ready for PM's questions
  76. Social media and security

    The death of Fusilier Lee Rigby is also likely to be raised in the Commons, after David Cameron said internet companies had a "social responsibility" to act on terrorist material posted online after a report detailed how one of his killers spoke on Facebook about wanting to murder a soldier.

  77. Pic: Labour front bench

    Labour's frontbench favours a purple look at Scotland questions
    Image caption: Labour's frontbench favours a purple look at Scotland questions
  78. Still plenty of space...

    There are still plenty of seats up for grabs on the green benches of the Commons as PMQs approaches.

  79. In the Commons

    Scottish questions are currently under way in the House of Commons.

  80. PM speech on immigration?

    The deputy prime minister's proposals to tackle "benefits tourism" come ahead of David Cameron's long-trailed speech on his proposals to cut immigration.

  81. EU immigration

    Immigration is also a hot topic, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg outlining his proposals to curb benefits for European Union migrants, while meeting his German counterpart in Berlin.

  82. Counter-terrorism bill

    The government's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation has spoken out to describe powers to stop some British fighters returning from Syria and Iraq as an "announcement waiting for a policy".

  83. Terrorism

    It comes a day after a report into the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby concluded the security agencies could not have prevented his death.

  84. Likely topics?

    So, what's likely to come up? Counter-terrorism is the big story today with Home Secretary Theresa May set to outline new measures to tackle radicalisation.

  85. Morning

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of this week's Prime Minister's Questions.