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  1. Nick Clegg has urged his party to "hold its head" high and to take the fight to the Conservatives and Labour
  2. In his end-of-conference speech, the Lib Dem leader said the party should be judged on its record in office
  3. The Lib Dem leader announced new waiting time guarantees for mental health patients in England
  4. Ahead of Mr Clegg's speech, activists debated the state of the banking industry and the rights of private tenants

Live Reporting

By Pippa Simm

All times stated are UK

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Further coverage

It's time to bid you all farewell, as we wrap up our live text reporting of the Lib Dem party conference in Glasgow. The BBC's coverage does not end here, however. Vicki Young brings you her round-up of events on BBC Two at 23:35 BST - which will be made available on iPlayer and the Live Coverage tab above. And, of course, there will be plenty of reaction and discussion on BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio 4's PM and the World Tonight, and Newsnight on BBC Two. Looking forward, the BBC's coverage of the by-elections in Clacton-on-Sea and Heywood and Middleton will begin after polls close on Thursday, with all the reaction and analysis as the results are declared early on Friday morning.

Conference highlights

Nick Clegg's speech brings the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow to a close. It's been another busy week - but you can catch up on all that has happened by clicking on the tabs below. Highlights of today's events in Glasgow are available on the Key Video tab above.

Saturday: BBC Parliament's recorded coverage of proceedings, including speeches on international development and justice, and debates on poverty and safer sex work

Sunday morning featured a speech from Treasury Secretary Danny Alexander and a policy motion on child abuse, while
Sunday afternoon was dedicated to a session on Scotland and a speech by Pensions Minister Steve Webb

Monday: In a keynote speech Business Secretary Vince Cable attacked proposed Conservative spending cuts after the election and Nick Clegg hosted a Q&A with party members

Tuesday: The Lib Dem leadership was defeated over plans to reverse the party's opposition to airport expansion, and keynote speeches were delivered by Energy Secretary Ed Davey, Health minister Norman Lamb and Party President Tim Farron.

Clegg speech in full

For those that missed it - or want to watch it again - you can catch Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg's speech

here in full.

More on Speaker's aide

In a speech to the conference, Ms McGuinness - a former Lib Dem election candidate - claimed the Conservatives would try to "buy" the 2015 election while Labour would try to "steal" it. Her comments prompted one Conservative MP to write to Mr Bercow, suggesting the remarks undermined the impartiality of his office.

Speaker's aide 'to quit'

The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg is reporting that Justine McGuinness, an aide to Commons Speaker John Bercow, has decided to quit after launching an outspoken attack on the Conservatives, Labour and UKIP at the Lib Dem conference on Tuesday.

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Patchwork Foundation

@UKPatchwork team Nick Clegg


tweets: Great meeting @nick_clegg & Miriam @LibDems #ldconf @LibDemConf #GetInvolved2015

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Tim Shipman, Political Editor, The Sunday Times


tweets: Team Clegg happy to have had second most successful conference but Lib Dem minister admits: "We didn't give you lot much to get excited about."

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Jonathan Browne, London, texts: It isn't often I agree with Harriet Harman, but her comments about the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg are absolutely right.

'Just brush strokes'

The British Chambers of Commerce says there was a lack of detail in Nick Clegg's speech about the economy, saying he touched on future objectives "only in brushstrokes". While welcoming a commitment to invest in infrastructure, the organisation said it was disappointed that there was no reference to airport capacity after the party voted on Tuesday to maintain its opposition to any new runways in the south east of England.

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Jeremy Cliffe, Economist UK politics correspondent.


tweets: Clegg speech verdict: plodding, audience-pleasing, a bit "Blue Peter" but some decent policy points - a classic Lib Dem conference speech.

Labour reaction

Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman believes voters will be "rightly wary" about giving the Lib Dems another chance in government because of the party's record of "broken promises and weakness". Ms Harman characterises Nick Clegg's speech as that of a man "trying desperately to justify the decision he and his party took to back the Tories all the way".

More Lib Dem reaction

Nick Clegg conveyed a "fantastic" message that can be promoted across the country in the run up to the election, says Lib Dem Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael. The Lib Dem believes his leader set out priorities which will "strike a real chord" with both party members and up and down the country.

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Tim Farron, President of the Liberal Democrats


tweets: After my final speech as President from the #ldconf platform I just wanted to say a massive thank you for giving me the honour.

Business reaction

The Confederation of British Industry welcomes Nick Clegg's focus on mental health and delivering opportunity for all. Its director general John Cridland says: "With the economy back on track, business is ready to play its part to ensure that the benefits of growth are felt by everyone in the UK."

'Pitch for coalition'

Norman Smith

BBC Assistant Political Editor

The BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith says Nick Clegg made a "pitch for another coalition", and tried to carve out an identity that was "distinct and different" from Labour and the Conservatives. But he says the Lib Dem leader's "core difficulty" is his inability to shake off the mistrust people feel towards him after his U-turn on tuition fees, hence the "defensive" plea in his speech to be judged on policies the Lib Dems have introduced, rather than ones they didn't.

Tim Farron reaction

Nick Clegg's speech was "epoch-making" for mental health, according to Lib Dem party president Tim Farron. He says the reforms will be "possibly the most significant thing to happen in the NHS for at least a generation".

A post-speech embrace

Nick Clegg embraces his wife Miriam after the speech
Getty Images
Unlike Samantha Cameron and Justine Thornton - Ed Miliband's wife - Miriam Gonzalez Durantez did not come onto the stage after her husband's speech. But the couple embraced soon afterwards

George Eaton, political editor of the New Statesman


Tweets: "Key line from Clegg: Britain "will have more" coalitions in the future - not confidence and supply."

Activist's reaction

Lib Dem activist Ibrahim Taguri tells the BBC there was "real electricity" in the conference hall when Mr Clegg spoke about mental health. The reaction showed how much the issue means to the party, he says.

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Tim Shipman, Political Editor, The Sunday Times


tweets: Clegg was told to deliver the final sound bites down the barrel of the camera for the news bulletins. Back to his 2010 leaders' debate technique

Well wishers

Nick Clegg and Martin Horwood
Nick Clegg embraces MP Martin Horwood as he makes his way out of the hall after his speech

Plenty of opportunity

Political correspondent Paul Rowley

Nick Clegg mentioned the word opportunity 19 times in his speech to his party's conference in Glasgow.

Nick Robinson reaction

Nick Robinson

Political editor

BBC political editor Nick Robinson tells the Daily Politics that Nick Clegg presented himself as the man to take on "what he regards as the increasingly extreme" two main parties - Labour and the Conservatives. It was a message to the country to "think about us again" and forget the "anger" at the party for entering into coalition with the Conservatives and breaking its tuition fees pledge.

Kevin Maguire, associate editor of the Daily Mirror

The Mirror

Tweets: "Clegg says 'shun the politics of blame and fear' he blames the Cons and Lab and stokes fears of what both would do.

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BBC News website reader texts: Nick Clegg, brilliant speech... just one problem nobody believes him

Campbell reaction

BBC News Channel

Nick Clegg's predecessor, Sir Menzies Campbell, tells the BBC that there is a "large hole in the middle of British politics" and the Lib Dem leader is "determined" to fill it.

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Sam Macrory, Editor of Total Politics


tweets: Good closing stuff from Clegg. And a pretty decent speech all round. Hall seems happy. Let's see if it dents the outside world. #ldconf

Andrew Neil's reaction

Daily Politics

Live on BBC Two

On the Daily Politics, Andrew Neil says the speech was "more passionate and less calculating" than previous efforts. It was if Mr Clegg was saying "don't count us out yet as we have something to say", he argues.

Nick Clegg leaves the stage to a standing ovation. He spoke for 51 minutes.

The Lib Dem frontbench team applauding Nick Clegg

'Holding firm'

In a rousing finale which prompts a standing ovation, Nick Clegg tells his party: "We are now the only party holding firm to decent, liberal values while anger and blame are on the rise. The only party refusing to trade in fear because we believe what the British people want desperately from their politics is hope."

Nick Clegg

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Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader


tweets: Nick Clegg's fantasy funding for the NHS sounds nice, doesn't it? But this is sheer guesswork, not real and calculable sums.

The choice people face

Nick Clegg says the country faces a choice - between Labour who has not learnt its lessons from the past or a Conservative Party that "doesn't share your values" and will "make poor people poorer". The Lib Dems, on the other hand, will give the people of Britain a stronger economy and a fairer society, he adds.


Endorsing coalition government, Nick Clegg says it "unlocks the grip on power of the old, establishment parties". He says his time in office has made him more impatient with the establishment. He claims vested interests would relish to eject the Lib Dems from office before our time is up but however tempting it might be, we should never play their game and should stick it in government until the election.

Vince Cable's reaction as Nick Clegg urges him to "start telling us what you really think about the Tories"

Vince Cable

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Iain Watson

Political correspondent, BBC News


tweets: Nick Clegg says improving mental health services will be slap bang on front page of his party's manifesto


Changing tack now, Nick Clegg predicts that as the general election looms "our opponents will do everything they can to do us down - and we'll give as good as we get". But he says he will not accept "our motives being caricatured" - stressing that the economy recovery would not have been possible without the Lib Dems. He predicts more coalition governments in future.

NHS funding

Nick Clegg vows to protect the NHS budget in real terms, and raise an extra £1bn for it every year, by ending three different tax breaks which benefit the highest earners, such as George Osborne's "ludicrous shares for rights gimmick".

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Al Murray, British Comedian


tweets: Dear Nick Clegg: Pub Landlord asks: Unemployment causes crime you say, but will you lock up the unemployed?

Front of manifesto

Nick Clegg stresses the Lib Dems' commitment to end the "discrimination" against mental health. While everyone in the party might not agree, he wants it to be "smack bang on the front page" of the party's election manifesto because it is a "great liberal cause", Mr Clegg tells activists, to applause.

'Big changes'

The Lib Dem leader relays his experience of a visit to a group of young mental health service users, who talked about their experiences of the care they received. The conference cheers when he confirms that national waiting times will be introduced for patients with mental health conditions. These are "big, big changes," he says.