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Live Reporting

By Amy Stewart, Paul Doran and Ali Gordon

All times stated are UK

  1. Only a handful of constituencies yet to declare


    At the closing stages with 37/40 declared.

    Yes - 67%

    No - 33%

    All constituencies so far have voted yes.

  2. 'People in the north would vote the same' - Michelle O'Neill

    Sinn Féin's deputy leader Michelle O'Neill told Sky News "the women in the north deserve the same rights as the women in the south.

    "We need to see legislation across the island."

    michelle o'neill

    "I'm confident that people in the north would vote the same as those in the south.

    "It's not about young versus old.

    "Young and old have come together to change the law".

  3. 'A sad and dark day for the RoI' - Marion Woods from Life NI

    The group Life NI has described the vote so far as "a sad and dark day for the Republic of Ireland".

    Spokeswoman Marion Woods said: "We join with those in Ireland who are feeling the weight of this devastating result."

    Marion Woods

    "We are critical of the Irish Government who led the "Yes" campaign.

    "Rather than addressing the issue of crisis pregnancy and provision of all necessary care and support structures for women, unborn babies and families in Ireland, they chose the cheaper option - abortion."

  4. Here's how things are looking right now

  5. Turn out at the halfway point

    The referendum on same-sex marriage in 2015, attracted turnout of 60.6% which was considered high.

    Same-sex marriage referendum

    So far, just past the halfway point, and turnout is at 64.8%.

  6. One woman says she travelled 26 hours to vote

  7. What we know at the halfway stage...

    20 of the 40 constituencies have been counted so far, with a turnout of 63.9%.

    The highest yes vote so far has been at Dublin Central with 76.5%. The biggest no vote was 41.9% in Limerick County.

    Referendum signs

    Limerick County: Yes 24,448 (58.1%), no 17,644 (41.9%)

    Limerick City: Yes 32,169 (66.9%), no 15,941 (33.1%)

    Louth: Yes 46,429 (66.6%), no 23,333 (33.4%)

    Tipperary:Yes 42,731 (59.1%), no 29,516 (40.9%)

    Kildare South: Yes 27,307 (70.7%), no 11,339 (29.3%)

    Kildare North: 40,058 (73.6%), no 14,399 (26.4%)

    Clare: Yes 34,328 (64.3%), no 19,079 (35.7%)

    Wexford: Yes 49,935 (68.4%), no 23,069 (31.6%)

    Laois: Yes 24,232 (61.4%), no 15,264 (38.6%)

    Waterford: Yes 37,016 (69.4%), no 16,296 (30.6%)

    Carlow/Kilkenny: Yes 44,211 (63.5%), no 25,418 (36.5%)

    Wicklow: Yes 54,629 (74.3%), no 18,931 (25.7%)

    Cork North-Central: Yes 33,639 (64.02%), no 18,908 (35.98%)

    Cork South Central: Yes 40,071 (68.84%), no 18,138 (31.16%)

    Dublin Central: Yes 18,863 (76.51%), no 5,790 (23.49%)

    Galway East:Yes 26,525 (60.18%), no 17,546 (39.81%)

    Offaly: Yes 24,781 (58.1%), no 17,908 (41.9%)

    Dublin North-West: Yes 28,477 (73.1%), no 10,489 (26.9%)

    Meath East: Yes 30,686 (69.2%), no 13,652 (30.8%)

    Roscommon-Galway: Yes 23,677 (57.2%), no 17,709

  8. 'Now all eyes will focus on NI' - Naomi Long

    Alliance leader Naomi Long says she's pleased with the way the vote is going.

    "It has clearly moved people to understand how important it is that women are able to access healthcare.

    "I think that shows a massive change in terms of attitudes in the Republic of Ireland and a leap in the respect people have for women".

    Naomi Long

    "Now - all eyes will focus on Northern Ireland.

    "We are a place apart. Here, we will continue to export that problem elsewhere."

  9. Post update

    The Labour MP Stella Creasy has long been a critic of abortion laws in Northern Ireland.

    View more on twitter

    The referendum on the Eighth Amendment has seen her intensify her campaign.

  10. Post update

    The DUP MLA Jim Wells, a former NI health minister, says the expected result of the referendum "is an extremely worrying development for the protection of the unborn child in Northern Ireland".

    Jim Wells
    Image caption: DUP MLA Jim Wells

    'Whilst deeply disappointed by yesterday's vote the Pro Life movement must now redouble its efforts to prevent any change in law in Northern Ireland," he said.

  11. County Down band Ash support repealing the Eighth Ammendment

    Ash say that a yes vote in the Irish abortion referendum would be “a major step forward” and that it would show that “attitudes are changing” across the whole of the country.

    Tim Wheeler

    Speaking ahead of their set at the Belfast leg of the Biggest Weekend this afternoon, singer Tim Wheeler said: “This looks like positive results, attitudes are changing and it just shows everyone’s getting caught up with modern times.”

  12. More than half a million votes counted

    Of the votes counted, 68% are Yes, 32% are No.

    That is seven constituencies out of 40 declared. All have voted Yes.

  13. 74% vote yes in Kildare North

  14. Amnesty International calls for changes to abortion laws in Northern Ireland