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  1. Martin McGuinness' funeral took lace at Saint Columba's Church in his native Derry
  2. Large crowds followed Sinn Féin politician's coffin through the Bogside to the church
  3. The paramilitary turned peacemaker died on Tuesday after a short illness, aged 66
  4. Ex-US President Bill Clinton, the Irish president and Taoiseach attended the funeral
  5. DUP leader Arlene Foster was applauded as she entered the church

Live Reporting

By Michael Hirst, Lee Costello and Amy Stewart

All times stated are UK

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Christy Moore playing at the burial

Irish folk singer Christy Moore closes the ceremony with his song 'The time has come'.

That brings our live coverage of the funeral of Martin McGuinness to an end. You can keep up to date on our news website 

Martin McGuinness

Adams reaches out to unionists

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams wants a better future for republicans and unionists. 

Martin McGuinness Funeral: Gerry Adams calls out to unionist neighbours

Gerry Adams claims McGuinness was not a 'terrorist'

Gerry Adams says the former Deputy First Minister had been a 'freedom fighter'.

Speaking at the grave of Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams says he "was not a terorrist"

Adams' message to unionists

Gerry Adams appeals to unionists to set seek friendship and embrace difference. 

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'There was no bad Martin or good Martin'

Gerry Adams pays tribute to former Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. 

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McGuinness an 'iconic' republican leader

Sinn Fein's leader at the Assembly pays tribute to Martin McGuinness. 

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Flowers on the hearse

The wreaths that were placed on the top of the hearse outside St Columba's church.

Martin McGuinness

Father Michael Canny begins the ceremony

Fr Michael Canny reads the opening prayers at the burial of Martin McGuinness. 

Martin McGuinnes priest

Bystanders capture the moment on their phones

The mourners at the city cemetery take photos of the historic funeral of Martin McGuinness. 

Martin McGuinness

Coffin arrives at the cemetery

The coffin of Martin McGuinness entering the City Cemetery. 

Martin McGuinnes

Presidential pet

President Bill Clinton takes the time to pet a dog that was at the service. 

Martin McGuinness funeral

Burial plot prepared for Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness' burial plot is prepared for the interment. 

Martin McGuinness funeral Bill Clinton

'Finish the work McGuinness started'

Bill Clinton told mourners: "If you want to continue his legacy go and finish the work he has started."  

"Finish the work that has been done"

Clinton leaves Derry

Ciaran McCauley


Bill Clinton arrived in a helicopter that landed in the middle of the nearby GAA stadium, Celtic Park, and left the same way twenty minutes ago.

Mourners arriving at City Cemetery

The crowd continues to increase in numbers as they await the burial of Martin McGuinness. 

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Adams and Robinson shake hands

Mourners in the Bogside

The cortège makes its way to the City Cemetery. 

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Former US President Bill Clinton addressed the congregation at Martin McGuinness' funeral

"After all the breath he expended cursing the British, he worked with two prime ministers and shook hands with the Queen."

He also thanked First Minister Arlene Foster for attending the funeral.

Bill Clinton: "He worked with two prime ministers and shook hands with the Queen"

Crowds make way to cemetery

Crowds follow the coffin as it makes it way for burial at the City Cemetery.


Frances Black sings Raglan Road

Singer Frances Black pays her own tribute to Martin McGuinness.

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Good reflects on night before decommissioning

Bear hug

Handshake between @DUPleader and Michelle O'Neill


Bill Clinton outside after speech

Clinton talks to Pat Hume, Mark Durkan and SDLP leader Colum Eastwood. 

Martin McGuinness

Pipe salute

The pipe band played as Martin McGuinness' coffin was carried from the church. 

Martin McGuinness

Coffin leaves church

The funeral service has now ended and Mr McGuinness' body is being taken for burial at the City Cemetery.

coffin leaves

No IRA symbols at funeral

The McGuinness family promised there would not be IRA symbols or tributes in the church. 

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A message for the future

Former president Bill Clinton talks about making a better future. 

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Clinton's advice

Before closing his address, Mr Clinton says that Mr McGuinness "risked the wrath of his comrades and the rejection of his enemies".  

"He expanded the definition of us and shrank the definition of them," he said, adding: "If you want to continue his legacy, go and finish the work he has started".  

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Coffin applauded

The congregation breaks in to applause as the service ends and the coffin is carried from the church.

Martin McGuinness' body will now be taken to the City Cemetery for burial.  

Special relationship

Mr Clinton jokes about Mr McGuinness' special relationship with the late Ian Paisley, saying: "It was great he got a word in edgeways - I never could"  

Martin McGuinness Bill Clinton

Married to Gerry?

Bill Clinton jokes about the close bond between Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. 

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Clinton 'treasured' meeting McGuinness

Clinton paying tribute

Former US President Bill Clinton acknowledges Arlene Foster in his tribute to Martin McGuinness.

"First Minister Foster, thank you for being here," he says. 

"I know your life has been marked in painful ways by the Troubles."

bill c

'Martin bequeathed us a better place to live'

Watch our YouTube stream of Rev David Latimer's tribute.

"Martin bequeathed us a better place to live"

Priest's tribute

Watch a YouTube stream of Fr Michael Canny remembering Martin McGuinness. 

Father Michael Canny: "Martin realised the time for peace had come"

Historic handshake

As the service nears its close and Martin McGuinness' coffin is sprinkled with holy water, look back at an historic handshake during the Queen's two-day visit to Northern Ireland in 2012.

Queen and Martin McGuinness shake hands

Her Majesty and the former IRA commander shook hands for the first time.  

In 1979, the paramilitary group murdered the Queen's cousin, Lord Mountbatten, while he was on holiday in the Republic of Ireland

Life in full

Martin McGuinness' life followed an extraordinary trajectory between violence and politics, moving from being a senior commander in the IRA to helping broker talks that eventually led to the peace negotiations of the 1990s. 

Read more in our obituary.

Martin McGuinness

Paramilitary to politician

Take a look back at the career of Martin McGuinness, and his transition from IRA commander to political peacemaker.

Martin McGuinness, from paramilitary to politician

Life in pictures

The choir is singing as Communion is distributed. At this time of reflection, take a look at Martin McGuinness' life in pictures .

Martin McGuinness (second from right) with his family
McGuinness Family