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  1. News, sport, weather and travel updates will resume on Monday from 07:00
  2. Live updates on Friday 24 June 2016

Live Reporting

By Andrew Barton

All times stated are UK

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  1. Goodbye: Our live coverage across the day

    That's the end for BBC Local Live for York and North Yorkshire today in the aftermath of Britain's historic EU referendum.

    Ballot box in EU referendum being emptied

    We'll be back from 07:00 on Monday, with more news, sport, travel and weather updates from around the county plus more, no doubt, on the EU as the dust begins to settle.

  2. Decision time: How the referendum result unfolded

    BBC News Channel

    Here's a chance to take a look back at the story of the past few hours as the UK came to its decision to leave the European Union.

    Video content

    Video caption: Referendum result: The story of the night
  3. 'It's not important': Brexit reaction from Pole working in North Yorkshire

    BBC Radio York

    Britain is now set to be only the second country to leave the EU since its formation, but how will the decision affect non-British EU citizens currently working in the country?

    Boris JOhnson and Michael Gove

    Majek Rhodik is from Poland and works on a farm near York. 

    He told BBC Radio York he doesn't think "Brexit" will have a big impact on him.

    Quote Message: I don't care. For me it's not important. if I want to work here, I can work here, even if you are not in European Union." from Majek Rhodik Polish farm worker, North Yorkshire
    Majek RhodikPolish farm worker, North Yorkshire
  4. York MP Julian Sturdy 'delighted' at EU referendum result

    The Conservative MP for York Outer, Julian Sturdy, says he's "delighted" at the outcome of the EU referendum which has seen Britain vote to leave the European Union.

    Julian Sturdy MP

    However, speaking on BBC Radio York, Mr Sturdy said he did not support the decision of Prime Minister David Cameron to announce he'll quit his job by October.

    "I'm delighted at the result but saddened at the decision David Cameron's taken," said Mr Sturdy.

    "He's been an excellent Prime Minister and he's led a great revival in Britain. So, it's an extremely sad day." 

  5. How will Brexit affect your finances?

    Brian Milligan

    Personal finance reporter


    If you want to know what happens when a country leaves the European Union, you might as well ask an Inuit.

    In one respect, I mean that seriously.

    Greenland is the only other country ever to have left the EU - or the European Economic Community (EEC) as it was back in 1985.

    Residents of Greenland - including the Inuit - appear to have done well out of leaving, but then their only export is fish.

    So can residents of the UK expect to net similar gains, or are our personal finances destined for the deep freeze?

  6. EU referendum result: 'The most momentous single political decision in a lifetime'

    Jonathan Cowap

    Presenter, BBC Radio York

    It's a historic day in British politics.  

    Fifty two per cent of people opted to leave the European Union in yesterday's referendum, defying the advice of the Prime Minister who has since announced his resignation. 

    Neil Carter

    I've been speaking to Neil Carter, a Professor of Politics at the University of York.

    He told me it's difficult to see what options Britain has now. 

    He says:  "All we know is we're leaving and we don't know what we're going to. We have no idea what kind of relationship we'll now have with Europe."

    Quote Message: It's a momentous decision, the most momentous single political decision in a lifetime and I think people on all sides of the argument can't anticipate the implications of it yet." from Neil Carter Professor of Politics, University of York
    Neil CarterProfessor of Politics, University of York
  7. EU referendum: How Scarborough voted

    Scarborough stats
  8. 'Devastated to the point of moving back to Holland': York's Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs

    Andrew Barton

    BBC Local Live, York

    Earlier, I saw this tweet from Bethan Vincent, Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs in York, in response to BBC Radio York's Jonathan Cowap:

    View more on twitter

    I spoke to Bethan and she told me she studied in Holland as part of the Erasmus scheme and because of the EU referendum result is thinking of going back there to live.  

    Bethan says she was looking at exporting aspects of her business overseas - but now can't:

    Quote Message: Now, it'll be made more costly and difficult for small businesses who don't have the larger buffer bigger businesses have." from Bethan Vincent Master of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, York
    Bethan VincentMaster of the Guild of Entrepreneurs, York
  9. EU referendum: How Harrogate voted

    Harrogate figures
  10. 'I'm absolutely gutted': EU referendum reaction from North Yorkshire

    I've heard from two people with an interesting take on the referendum result because of their personal circumstances.

    Sarah Gusten is German, but she lives here in North Yorkshire. She told me she can't imagine not being part of the European Union:

    Quote Message: I'm absolutely gutted. I'm talking with a German heart and am very grateful to live in the UK, but extremists are rising and this referendum decision is giving them more more power." from Sarah Gusten
    Sarah Gusten
    European and German flags

    Tony Mallet is from York, but he now lives in Brussels, which is at the very heart of the European project.

    Tony tells me he believes the EU brought us European peace for more than 50 years, but isn't sure it'll last now:

    Quote Message: I'd like to think Europe will still stick together, but scepticism is running high and it could be the start of a domino effect. But I certainly hope it isn't." from Tony Mallet
    Tony Mallet
  11. EU referendum: How Ryedale voted

    Ryedale stats
  12. 'We've decided the future for younger people': Conservative MEP, Timothy Kirkhope

    Jonathan Cowap

    Presenter, BBC Radio York

    Many parts of England, particularly here in Yorkshire, have voted to leave the European Union, with York, Harrogate and Leeds the only areas in the region to support the Remain campaign.

    Timothy Kirkhope

    I've been speaking to one of Yorkshire's Members of the European Parliament, the Conservative Timothy Kirkhope, who backed the Remain campaign.

    He told me he fears for the future of Britain's younger people and questions whether, in 10 years time, those in power "will be able to say they can give young people the outcomes they hoped to have".

    Quote Message: It doesn't please me and I believe one of the problems we have now is that we're not doing things for young people. Seventy five per cent of younger people voted to stay in the EU and we have decided their future for them." from Timothy Kirkhope Conservative MEP, Yorkshire
    Timothy KirkhopeConservative MEP, Yorkshire
  13. Watch: North Yorkshire husband and wife farming team divided on EU decision

    Joanita Musisi

    Reporter, BBC Radio York

    I've been out and about in North Yorkshire getting reaction to the EU referendum result and dropped in on an asparagus farm at Sand Hutton, between York and Malton.

    The farm is owned by Ronda and Richard Morritt. Ronda voted to leave the EU but her husband, Richard, voted to stay. This is what they've told me:

    Video content

    Video caption: Farming husband and wife team divided on EU decision.
  14. EU referendum: How Selby voted

    Selby stats
  15. EU referendum: How Richmondshire voted

    Selby stats
  16. BreakingMPs submit Corbyn no confidence motion

    Two Labour MPs have submitted a motion of no confidence in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey confirmed the move in a letter to the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

    The motion has no formal constitutional force but calls for a discussion at their next PLP meeting on Monday.

    It will be up to the PLP chairman to decide whether it is debated. If accepted it would be followed by a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Tuesday.

  17. Yorkshire votes to quit EU: What we know now

    Union flag and EU flag

    Here are the main points so far following the EU referendum result:

    • The UK votes to leave the EU in a historic referendum
    • Yorkshire voted in the referendum by 58% to leave the EU
    • York and Harrogate only areas in North Yorkshire to vote Remain
    • The Prime Minister announces his intention to step down by October
    • 'Sad to see PM go': Scarborough MP's reaction to PM's decision
    • 'Build bridges not barriers' after referendum result - Archbishop of York
  18. 'An honourable man': Thirsk and Malton MP on David Cameron

    BBC Radio York

    The Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake, has told BBC Radio York he understands the reasons the Prime Minister has stepping down by October following the vote to leave the EU.

    The Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton, Kevin Hollinrake

    Mr Hollinrake says David Cameron "felt we need new leadership to renegotiate our position within Europe and the rest of the world". 

    Quote Message: I very much regret his decision to resign, I think he's a very honourable man who has turned our economy into one of the fastest growing economies in the world." from Kevin Hollinrake Conservative MP for Thirsk and Malton
    Kevin HollinrakeConservative MP for Thirsk and Malton
  19. EU referendum: How York voted

    York stats
  20. Analysis: How the referendum played out in Yorkshire

    Len Tingle

    Political Editor, BBC Look North

    This was the campaign where the Remain camp underestimated the simple clear message being voiced by Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage on their frequent barn-storming campaign tours through Yorkshire. 

    Nigel Farage

    They repeatedly voiced anger at the "big brother" EU spending our money in ways which are not in our best interests. It struck a chord with voters even in areas like South and West Yorkshire where over the years billions of Euros  have been spent on Regional reconstruction packages. 

    In the agricultural market towns and fishing ports latent euro scepticism was deeply enhanced. The Prime Minister and the Chancellor were simply disbelieved and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's message was received as being so half-hearted as to be worthless . 

    Ed Miliband

    Doncaster MP Ed Miliband on the last day of campaigning in Leeds made a plea to voters not use this as an opportunity to punish the government or "the establishment". 

    Looking at the overwhelming support voter support in Yorkshire to quit the EU his message too fell on largely deaf ears.