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  1. Updates for Friday, 28 October 2016
  2. 4,000 drivers caught in new speed limit
  3. New Ipswich Arts Centre stages first gig on Friday night
  4. Elvis Porksley 'returns to sender'
  5. Campaigners save Somersham pub
  6. Council inadvertently asks residents to log on to porn site

Live Reporting

By Philippa Taylor

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  1. Weather: Gradually brightening up

    Kate Kinsella

    BBC Look East weather

    Early low cloud, mist and fog patches should very gradually clear most areas to reveal a dry day with some sunny intervals and a high of 16C (61F).

    Here is my full forecast...

    There are more details on the BBC Weather website.

  2. Welcome to Suffolk Live

    Philippa Taylor

    BBC Local Live

    We're ready for a new week, I hope you are too.

    It's 10 years since Tania Nicol, the first of five women who were murdered by Steve Wright, left the house where she lived with her mother and brother and set off for Ipswich.

    She never returned home.

    We'll be remembering those victims, hearing from Steve Wright's father, and finding out whether street prostitution is becoming a problem in the town again.

    Gemma Adams,Anneli Alderton,Tania Nicoll, Paula Clenell, Annette Nicholls
  3. Our live coverage across the week

    That's it for our live updates from the Suffolk newsroom, until we return on Monday morning.

    Here's a reminder of some of the stories we've covered during the day:

    • Mid Suffolk District Council has been forced to apologise, after around 80 documents were delivered to people reminding them to sign up to vote, via a website address that went to a pornography site
    • Police revealed that 4,000 drivers have been caught speeding by average speed cameras on the Orwell Bridge in a three-month period since the speed limit dropped
    • West Suffolk and Ipswich hospitals have a total deficit of £25m, despite having made huge savings

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Overnight weather: Mainly dry with some patches of mist and fog

    Julie Reinger

    BBC Look East weather

    Tonight will be mainly dry, with clear intervals and some patches of mist and fog. 

    Temperatures are expected to fall to around 10C (50F) across the Eastern region.

    Overnight weather map

    Tomorrow morning any mist and fog may take a little while to clear and then it’ll be a dry day with some bright or sunny intervals as the temperature peaks at 17C (63F).

    Get the full forecast where you live from BBC Weather.

  5. Your response to speeding drivers on Orwell Bridge

    We asked you earlier for your response to news that 4,000 speeding drivers have been caught by average speed cameras on the Orwell Bridge since the speed limit was cut in July.

    MW Peck has emailed us saying: "I have just read the inspector's comment as to "being amazed" by the number of people that have been caught by the cameras on the Orwell Bridge. 

    "Obviously a person in his position has to be very careful what he says in public and has to choose his words wisely. 

    "As a retired professional driver I now do not have the same restrictions hanging over my head any more, and I find that most vehicles are now equipped with so many electronic gadgets and screens that the driver does not feel he/she has the need to look out of the window any more. 

    "This can be witnessed at most road junctions, especially exit slips from main roads and motorways. 

    "Unfortunately, most cameras only catch drivers when they are speeding.

    "If this number have been caught through not seeing the cameras or signs, then I'm sure that they are more than likely to be committing other misdemeanours as well, but these can only be seen by traffic officers, of which there seems to be a horrendous shortage."

  6. Simon Dobbin's face 'lights up' when Cambridge United is mentioned

    The chairman of Cambridge United says it's clear that Simon Dobbin is still passionate about his football club, even if he doesn't find it easy to communicate.

    Simon Dobbin

    Dave Doggett explained: "When they talk about Cambridge United then his face does light up, so there's obviously something that sparks it.

    "Hopefully by coming there'll be a big crowd and they'll no doubt be singing his name as well, then that might just help. It'll certainly give a lot of comfort to Nicole [Simon's wife] and the family."

    Simon, from Mildenhall, is attending his first match at the Abbey Stadium tomorrow since being attacked at an away game last year.

  7. Bucket collection as Simon Dobbin attends first match since brain damage

    A bucket collection will be made at the Abbey Stadium in Cambridge United tomorrow, when football fan Simon Dobbin attends his first match since being attacked at an away game in March 2015.

    Simon Dobbin with Josh Coulson (right) and Matt Walker

    Simon, from Mildenhall, was put into a medically-induced coma after the incident, which happened after he'd been supporting Cambridge United at a match in Southend. 

    Cambridge chairman Dave Doggett says Simon's family and friends are coming along: "We'll be in the director's room before the match and then he'll be on the half-way line watching the match.

    "He'll be introduced to the crowd and we'll be holding a bucket collection because unfortunately they still need money to adapt the house and adapt transport."

  8. Lauri Love 'believes he can fix the world'

    Rev Alexander Love says his son Lauri's autism and mental state made it hard for him to understand the consequences of what he does, that his judgement is flawed frequently.

    He said: "Lauri actually believes that he can fix the world and that's what he tries to do, and in doing so, in a way he's wrecking his own life."

    Rev Alexander Love

    Lauri, who's 31 and autistic, could face trial in the US over and he's charged with stealing huge amounts of data from government agencies, including NASA, the US Army and the FBI.

    More than 100 MPs recently signed a letter to Barack Obama asking him to block the Stradishall man's extradition.

    The British Home Secretary Amber Rudd is studying the application for extradition and is expected to make a ruling next month.

  9. Lauri Love's father says son will take his own life rather than be extradited

    The father of alleged computer hacker Lauri Love, who's 31 and from Stradishall, has given a fresh warning that his son will take his own life, rather than be extradited to the United States.

    Lauri Love

    Rev Alexander Love said: "I have sat down with my son more than once and said Lauri, what are you going to do if everything fails, if we're not able to stop this irresistible steamroller of the American desire to have you, what's going to happen?

    "He said 'I won't make it to America dad, because I will take my life because I cannot survive without the two of you being in my life, and the family. I just couldn't cope with it.'"

  10. Suffolk's hospitals are £25m in the red

    Vikki Irwin

    BBC Radio Suffolk political reporter

    Hospitals in Suffolk are tens of millions of pounds in the red this year, despite having made huge savings.

    Research by BBC East has found the Ipswich and West Suffolk hospitals have a total deficit of £25m, but the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston is one of only two in the East to be in the black. 

    Ipswich Hospital

    A rise in demand for hospital services, even before winter sets in, means budgets are already stretched despite extra government funding this year. 

    Hospitals were offered the carrot of extra cash by the Department of Health, but had to hit agreed savings targets to get it.

    There’ll be more on this story on BBC East Sunday Politics on BBC1 at 11:00 on Sunday, 30 October.

  11. How is council's 'pornography blunder' being reported?

    The exclusive story we brought you earlier about Mid Suffolk District Council inadvertently asking people to log onto a pornographic website is now being reported by several other media outlets:

    • East Anglian Daily Times: "Apology after Suffolk council mistakenly directs voters to porn site"
    • Bury Free Press: "Mid Suffolk District Council apologises after issuing letter directing residents to porn website"
    • Herald Scotland: "Council sorry for 'unacceptable' letter directing residents to porn website"
    • Metro: "Council letter accidentally directs residents to hardcore porn site"
  12. Campaigners raise nearly £300,000 to buy Somersham pub

    The campaign group which has managed to save the Duke of Marlborough pub in Somersham, say they've raised nearly £300,000 since they launched a shareholder offer in September 2015.

    Save the Duke of Marlborough pub campaigners

    Frances Brace from the group said they're all really excited: "We'd love to have completed and exchanged by the beginning of December. 

    "The committee think that's wildly ambitious, but we want to do it and we're aiming to do it."

  13. Speedway: Risager blames Brexit for Witches departure

    Brenner Woolley

    BBC Radio Suffolk sport

    Ipswich Witches rider Morten Risager says the result of the EU referendum is behind his decision to take a year out of British speedway.

    Morten Risager

    The 29-year-old Dane will continue to ride in his homeland in 2017, but is finding the cost of coming over to the UK to race too much.

    "After the whole Brexit thing the exchange rates went down so much, that effectively I've lost 20% of my income and it just makes it too hard," said Risager. 

    "I think you'll see more and more riders doing it because I think something needs to change for riders to make a decent living."

  14. Speed limit changes at major bridge have made a 'difference' say taxi drivers

    Vikki Irwin

    BBC Radio Suffolk political reporter

    It's been more than three months since a 60mph (95km/h) speed limit has been enforced over the A14 Orwell Bridge. 

    Figures revealed by police to Ipswich Borough Councillors last night show 4,000 motorists were caught speeding July-September.

    Orwell Bridge

    Also in the meeting giving evidence was John Hunt from the Ipswich Taxi Drivers Association. 

    He said the change "has made a difference there's no question of it, but it only addresses part of the problem".

    He added: "The volume of traffic is going up and we'll probably be in the same situation by the time we have our next meeting here."

    The scrutiny committee wanted to analyse crash and carriageway closure data on the bridge to see if the changes had improved traffic flows in the town. 

    But councillors were left frustrated as Highways England said it was too early to assess the impact. 

  15. The new Ipswich Art Centre to host first gig

    Richard Haugh

    BBC Introducing in Suffolk

    Tonight is a big night for the Ipswich music scene, with lots of gigs across the town - including at the Willis Building, Loveone and The Swan.

    But the most noteworthy event may be taking place at a church which closed more than 30 years ago.

    St Clement's Church

    After two years of planning, Ipswich Arts Centre is to host its first gig, as part of the Spill Festival.

    Dead Rat Orchestra, She Shanties, Cath & Phil Tyler, Documents and MacGillvray are on the line-up at the former St Clement's Church, which was built in the 15th Century.

    Cad Taylor, part of the community interest company behind the centre, said: "After 30 years of disuse, everyone in the Arts Centre development is delighted to be hosting the very first music gig at the venue.

    "This is a great moment for the town."

    However, despite recently receiving backing from Ipswich Borough Council, the group is still fundraising to complete work at the centre.

    It is currently asking people to back a bid for £25,000 from Aviva

  16. 'Don't attend A & E unless it's an emergency' asks hospital

    All beds at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston are occupied and its asking members of the public to use other health services if it isn't an emergency.

    The level of demand for services has remained high over the last two weeks, and this is expected to continue over the weekend and into next week.

    Clinical staff are reviewing all patients on wards, and those that no longer need hospital-based care can either go home or be moved to other healthcare providers.

    Interior of the James Paget hospital