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  1. In pictures: Doctor Who series 11 Sheffield premiere

    It's been a great day in Sheffield as the cast, writers and specially selected guests were in the city for the world premiere of the news series of Doctor Who.

    Here's what it looked like:

    Jodie and Tardis
    Bradley walsh and Jodie Whitaker
  2. Watch: What Doctor Who means to new companions

    New companions Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill have spoken of their excitement about their roles in the 11th series of Doctor Who.

    The pair were on the red carpet at the Sheffield premiere of the latest series.

    Video content

    Video caption: Sheffield Doctor Who premiere: Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole on new roles
  3. Doctor Who - A drama for all ages

    One of the nice things about Doctor Who is that it is for people of all ages, just like Miranda, 11, from Sheffield and Isaac, 12, from Winchester.

    Miranda and Issac

    Miranda said: “I’m really glad we’ve got a female doctor. My favourite moment is probably the 10th Doctor (David Tennant) regeneration. He says ‘I don’t wanna go.’ He was my favourite Doctor.”

    Isaac added: "I’ve always been a big fan ever since I was little. Favourite moment is when Matt Smith regenerates - he was my favourite doctor."

  4. Watch: Bradley Walsh can't wait for fans to see new series

    Bradley Walsh is one of the Doctor's companions in the new series.

    We caught up with him on the red carpet, this is what he had to say:

    Video content

    Video caption: Bradley Walsh at Doctor Who premiere in Sheffield
  5. Behind every great Doctor there has to be a great writer

    Let's be honest, today has mostly been about the people who appear in front of the camera.

    But here's three people who usually have to stay well and truly behind the scenes - the writers of the show.

    But at least they got to come to Sheffield, hope they managed to get hold of some local delicacy Henderson's Relish!

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  6. 'Best moment' for fan from Scotland

    Oli Constable

    BBC Yorkshire Live

    Ellis came down all the way from Scotland to Sheffield today to be at the world premiere of the new series of Doctor Who.

    Ellis and Bradley Walsh

    The 19-year-old said it "was the best moment of his life" and that he was obsessed with the show.

    Lucky for him he after travelling down just for the day, he bagged a selfie with Bradley Walsh.

    He had been waiting since 10:00 to meet the cast as they came up the red carpet.

  7. Doctor Who: Seven top facts to amaze your friends

    Doctor Whos
    1. The Doctor actually is a doctor! This fact was revealed in a sickbay in the 1967 story The Moonbase
    2. The regeneration effect, used for when one Doctor changes into the next one, was created at the end of the first series by accident!
    3. The original pilot episode, which was thought to be lost forever, was rediscovered in 1978 in a mislabelled film can.
    4. The Doctor has some top celeb friends from across time including Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I and Winston Churchill.
    5. Asteroid 3325, a main belt asteroid discovered in 1984, is named TARDIS after the Doctor's time/space machine.
    6. The words "TARDIS" and "Dalek" became so familiar to British audiences that they were added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
    7. The first ever episode of Doctor Who, called An Unearthly Child, first appeared on BBC TV on 23 November 1963.
  8. Fans' view on series ahead

    "I've been a fan since I was 10, which is about 34 years, and I've never been this excited," said Ruth Mellor from Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

    "I'm very, very excited for Jodie. When it got announced I was jumping around my living room. And up north as well!"

    Doctor Who fans

    "There's definitely something about the new series that I haven't felt for a few years," said Amy Spencer, 19, who travelled from Brighton and was one of the first in the queue, dressed in a rainbow shirt matching Whittaker's.

    "It's the most excited I've been for Doctor Who since the 50th anniversary. I'm excited for the new vibe of it and all new characters and a new gateway for new fans to come in."

    Tracy Duff, Grimsby, also in a rainbow shirt, said she hopes the new series will be "a bit more family friendly", adding: "It's got a bit too complicated lately."

    She had reservations about Whittaker's appointment, though, she admitted. "I wasn't keen. But you've got to give everything a chance and I'm coming round to the idea now."

  9. Watch: Jodie Whitaker - Doctor will be from Yorkshire

    This is a very Yorkshire affair today, as the cast and crew descended on Sheffield.

    Jodie Whitaker says that it was "important" that she used her own accent, having being born in Huddersfield.

    Video content

    Video caption: Jodie Whitaker speaks ahead of the first showing of the new series
  10. Watch: Trailer for new show

    Well, in Sheffield right now, the cast, crew and selected guests are the first in the world to sit down and watch the brand new first episode.

    You and I aren't invited I'm afraid, but this is a taster that we are allowed to see.

    The BBC say it's a series "full of action and adventure, humour and thrills - an unmissable drama everyone will enjoy."

    See what you think:

    Video content

    This content is currently not available

  11. Doctor's companions walk the red carpet

    It's not just Jodie Whitaker, the Doctor, who's in Sheffield grabbing the limelight this afternoon, her companions are too.

    Bradley Walsh features in the new series:

    Bradley Walsh

    Mandip Gill, who's from Leeds and Tosin Cole also star along the doctor in the new series:

    other companions
  12. 'I've never been this excited' - Doctor Who fans

    These fans are in Sheffield for the world premiere of the new series of Doctor Who in Sheffield this afternoon.

    The word excited seems to feature a lot:

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  13. Jodie Whitaker arrives on red carpet

    And here she is!

    Jodie Whitaker, the brand new Doctor Who, arrives on the red carpet:

    Jodie whitaker
  14. What will the new series bring?

    Tom Ingall

    Journalist, BBC Look North

    "That's the trouble with regeneration. You never quite know what you're going to get," the Doctor once declared. Actually that's the wonder of them. Every few years this extraordinary programme, conceived as a 1960s Saturday afternoon children's serial reinvents itself. It's 55 years since William Hartnell first transported viewers through space, time and across their living rooms to the defensive side of the sofa.

    Who is that behind the Doctor?

    Now we stand on the edge of another fundamental change. The trailers tease glorious new worlds to explore, friends to make and foes to fear. At their heart, mischievously brandishing a sonic screwdriver is Jodie Whitaker, promising "Right. This is gonna be fun!" I'm already won over.

    A new generation will come to regard her as their Doctor. A touchstone to remember to their children perhaps. It's precisely these changes which bring in new audiences. As the Doctor wakes following the trauma of renewal, it's an ideal place to join the adventure. We're all at the same place - page one.

    Behind the scenes, with a move to a Sunday night slot and a fresh executive producer, there's a clear aspiration to shake up, disrupt and win hearts. "Well, here we go again," muttered one character as Jon Pertwee's bouffant became Tom Baker's curls. We know how they felt. Ready to be thrilled anew.

  15. Fans come from all over the world for premiere

    Oli Constable

    BBC Yorkshire Live

    Some people have travelled a long way - just through space mind, not through time - to be at the premiere today.

    Paloma Garcia has travelled to Sheffield all the way from from Georgia in the United States.

    Paloma Dr Who fan

    The 20-year-old has been a Doctor Who fan for a couple of years.

    She told us “I wanted to make my friends jealous so I thought I’d pop down. I’m hoping to see the one and only Doctor Who.”

    Paloma is over in Sheffield with her partner, Alex Birds. They’re both fans and have been at the barrier since midday hoping for a good view.

    “It’s a nice city to film in. It’s greener,” Alex said. “It’ll be nice to think Jodie wanted to film in Sheffield.”

  16. World's press gathers to see the Doctor

    It's fair to say that quite a few members of the press are at the red carpet in Sheffield this afternoon.

    Let's just hope the Cybermen haven't sneaked in at the back, you know how tricky those lot can be...

  17. Why new showrunner Chris Chibnall is the perfect fit

    Ian Youngs

    Entertainment and Arts Reporter, BBC News

    As well as waiting to see what Jodie Whittaker will do as the Doctor, fans are also keen to see how new showrunner Chris Chibnall will put his stamp on the series.

    Chris Chibnall

    He’s far from new to the show, having written a string of episodes since 2007 and worked as head writer on spin-off Torchwood.

    He was the obvious choice to take over from Steven Moffat. Not only has he been closely involved with Doctor Who, he has a long track record in TV across a variety of genres.

    They include drama – notably with Broadchurch and Law & Order: UK – and fantasy, in the form of Life On Mars and Camelot.

    The Doctor and Friends…

    Reinventing Doctor Who once more will be his biggest challenge.

    He’s said he’s not trying to pay homage to the show’s history, but to make its new Sunday night slot a weekly appointment for families in an age when young viewers are used to snacking and bingeing on any number of glossy edge-of-seat adventure shows.

  18. Red carpet is ready for the stars of Doctor Who

    And here it is, the red carpet itself (and the Tardis too):

    Red carpet
  19. Seeing, double, treble, quadruple....

    As well as the stars from the new series of Doctor Who in Sheffield today, there are also a lot of fans.

    And some of them bear a striking resemblance to..., well, you know who!

    Lots of Doctor Whos
    Doctor Whos
    13 Doctor Whos
  20. How will the first female Doctor shake things up?

    Ian Youngs

    Entertainment and Arts Reporter, BBC News

    OK, so Jodie Whittaker is the first female Doctor. Some people will probably always feel having a woman is somehow wrong, while others will have discovered a newfound interest in the Time Lord’s intergalactic exploits as a result of her appointment.

    The Thirteenth Doctor and her brand new Sonic Screwdriver

    But the debate over her casting has subsided somewhat and we’re now just ready to see her in action.

    The first episode will be a significant moment in British telly, but I don’t think it will take any longer for fans to get used to her than it would for any new Doctor.

    The Doctor and the team on their first adventure

    Whittaker can do drama, as we’ve seen from Broadchurch and Trust Me. Her interviews have shown that she has a quirky side that all Doctors seem to require. And the trailer suggests she’ll have no trouble in whisking us on an adventure.

    And what a great way to refresh a franchise, especially after four years of Peter Capaldi, who certainly wasn’t universally loved.

    Assuming she’s allowed to fully showcase her qualities, it says more about the TV industry and society over the last 50 years that nobody thought of casting a woman before.