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Katie Galbraith

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  1. Orgreave: Five things we learned today

    Katie Galbraith

    Local Live, BBC Sheffield

    • Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced there will be no inquiry into the violent confrontation between police and miners at Orgreave in 1984.
    •  Orgreave Campaigner Barbara Jackson was devastated by the news delivered in a phone call from Home Secretary.
    Barbara Jackson
    • The former Shadow Home Secretary, Andy Burnham, says the Orgreave decision is a "nakedly political act".
    Andy Burnham Former Shadow Home Secretary
    • Orgreave familes 'must not give up' says Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall.
    Margaret Aspinall
    • West Yorkshire MP Alec Shelbrooke has called for the merging of the West and South Yorkshire Police forces.
    Alec Shelbrooke MP for Elmet and Rothwell

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  2. Orgreave: Decision not to go ahead with inquiry ' a betrayal of the families'

    South Yorkshire MPs John Healey and Kevin Barron said in a joint statement that the "shock decision by the Government not to go ahead with a statutory inquiry or an independent revieew into Orgreave is a betrayal of the families that have campaigned so long for justice.

    "It is an early stain on Theresa May's premiership and a shameful abdication of responsibility by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

    " Former miners, their families and communities have waited decades for the truth, and they will be deeply disappointed by today's announcement."

    Kevin Barron MP
    John Healey MP
  3. Theresa Villiers supports decision not to hold Orgreave inquiry

    Video content

    Video caption: Former minister Theresa Villiers supports decision not to hold an inquiry into Orgreave
  4. Orgreave: 'Spit in our face from Tory government' says former miner

    Katie Galbraith

    Local Live, BBC Sheffield

    Former miner John Dunn was at Orgreave in 1984.

    He has condemned Home Secretary Amber Rudd's decision not to hold an inquiry.

    Hear his thoughts below:  

    Video content

    Video caption: No inquiry into Orgreave
  5. Orgreave: ' A travesty of justice' says Chair of Association of Police and Crime Commissioners

    Katie Galbraith

    Local Live, BBC Sheffield

    Vera Baird, the Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners, said today was a bitterly disappointing day for the Orgreave miners, their families and it's "a travesty of justice".

    The Commissioner represented a number of miners in court in a previous role following events at Orgreave.

    She says she saw at first hand how families were crushed and still, 30 years on, the wounds have not healed.

    Vera Baird
    Quote Message: Amber Rudd's decision in effect is saying the truth does not matter - the fact that senior officers involved in Hillsborough were also involved in a review of evidence after Orgreave and the fact there are policing operational similarities to both events does not matter to her. Well it matters to me and it matters to the miners I represented." from Vera Baird Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
    Vera BairdNorthumbria Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
  6. MP calls for merger of West and South Yorkshire Police

    Sue McGorrigan

    BBC Local Live, Leeds

    A West Yorkshire MP has called for the merging of the West and South Yorkshire Police forces following the Government's decision not to hold an inquiry into the 'Battle of Orgreave'.

    Home Secretary Amber Rudd today rejected calls for a Hillsborough-style public inquiry into clashes between striking miners and the police in 1984.

    Video content

    Video caption: West Yorkshire MP calls for merger of W and S Yorkshire Police

    Campaigners said officers led by South Yorkshire Police were heavy-handed and manufactured statements.  

    The Conservative MP for Elmet and Rothwell, Alec Shelbrooke said the name of the "South Yorkshire Police" had tarnished the reputation of frontline officers.

  7. Orgreave families 'must not give up', says Hillsborough campaigner

    Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall said she is "disappointed for families" there will be no inquiry into the so-called "Battle of Orgreave" but urged them "to keep fighting".

    Margaret Aspinall

    Thousands of miners and police clashed at the Yorkshire coking site in 1984.

    Orgreave campaigners have accused South Yorkshire Police of using excessive force and manufacturing evidence. 

    The Hillsborough inquests, which concluded in April, were told that the same force altered statements five years later to deflect blame onto Liverpool supporters.

    Hillsborough families are among those who backed calls for a full public inquiry or independent review into events at Orgreave.

    Margaret Aspinall from the Hillsborough Family Support Group called on the home secretary "to go back to the drawing board" and urged Orgreave families "to do what we have had to do".

    Quote Message: We had a lot of things turned down, we had to pay for a private prosecution ourselves, we took it to every level we could and these families must not give up. from Margaret Aspinall Hillsborough campaigner
    Margaret AspinallHillsborough campaigner
  8. Video content

    Video caption: Chris Matheson accuses Amber Rudd of "leading families up the garden path" over Orgreave.
  9. Orgreave: Police Commissioner shocked at Government decision

    Katie Galbraith

    Local Live, BBC Sheffield

    The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, says he's shocked and dismayed by the decision not to hold an inquiry into events at Orgreave.

    Reacting to the statement from the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, the Commissioner said he was not convinced by the reasons given for refusing an investigation.

    Mr Billings said the former miners and the former mining communities in South Yorkshire deserve an explanation as to what happened on that day and where Orgreave fits in the wider story of the Miners' Strike.

    He added that South Yorkshire police were ready to co-operate in any enquiry.

    Dr Alan Billings
    Quote Message: This was a critical moment for the police service in South Yorkshire. It could have shown that it had really learned lessons of past mistakes and was ready to co-operate fully with any enquiry. We wanted to see a new era of openess with no attempt to be self-justifying or defensive." from Dr Alan Billings South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
    Dr Alan BillingsSouth Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  10. Burham: Orgreave 'establishment stitch-up'

    Video content

    Video caption: The home secretary is accused of an "establishment stitch-up" over the Miners' Strike.
  11. Orgreave decision a 'nakedly political act' says Burnham

    Andy Burnham

    Labour's Andy Burnham, shadow home secretary until a few weeks ago, says that an IPCC investigation found evidence of perjury and perverting the course of justice and that "in the last month new evidence has emerged" of orchestration of violence by police commanders and the mass manufacture of police statements.

    "Aren't we right in concluding that the establishment stitch up that she's announced is nothing more than a nakedly political act?" he asks

    "No," says Amber Rudd. Mr Burnham is "entirely wrong, he chooses to politicise it". 

    She says she's met with campaigners and had a "frank exchange of information" and made her decision "honestly, based on the evidence"

  12. Orgeave: Home Secretary on why there'll be no inquiry

    Police and striking miners clash at Orgreave

    The Home Secretary has been setting out why there'll be no inquiry into events at Orgreave.

    She said:

    • Despite the forceful accounts and arguments provided by the campaigners and former miners who were present that day, about the effect that these events have had on them, ultimately there were no deaths or wrongful convictions.
    •  The campaigners say that had the consequences of the events at Orgreave been addressed properly at the time, the tragic events at Hillsborough would never have happened five years later. That is not a conclusion which I believe can be reached with any certainty.
    • The campaign and their supporters explained to me when I met them that they want to get to the bottom of what happened on the 18 June 1984, and that only by doing so will their trust, and that of their community, be restored in the police. However, there have been very significant changes in the oversight of policing since 1984, at every level, including major reforms to criminal procedure, changes to public order policing and practice, stronger external scrutiny and greater local accountability. 
    • With regards to the external scrutiny of complaints against the police, this was strengthened by the creation, in 1985, of the Police Complaints Authority which was replaced in 2004 by the more effective Independent Police Complaints Commission and in turn will be replaced by the Office for Police Conduct in 2017. The exemplary standards of behaviour expected of everyone who works in policing were reinforced by the introduction of a statutory Code of Ethics, laid before this House in 2014. 
    • Lastly, the introduction of directly elected Police and Crime Commissioners in 2012 has given the public a voice in shaping their local policing priorities and improved the accountability of police leadership.