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  1. Updates on Wednesday 30 March 2016
  2. News, sport, weather and travel updates resume at 08:00 on Thursday

Live Reporting

By Jenny Cork

All times stated are UK

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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    Thanks for joining us today. We'll be back with more updates for South Yorkshire from 08:00 tomorrow.

    Thanks for your comments today. We've had a lot of reaction about the news that 20 lambs have been killed in two separate attacks in Hatfield, Doncaster over the past week.

    I'll leave you with some of your thoughts from our Facebook page:

    Lambs at a farm in Hatfield
    Quote Message: Well I can't believe what people can get out of killing these lambs in such a sickening manner just for 'fun'?" from Steve Parkin
    Steve Parkin
    Quote Message: What I find shocking is that these people would want to act in such a brutal way by shooting at such a lovely animal. They need catching." from Joy Clarke
    Joy Clarke
    Quote Message: Nothing nicer than seeing Spring lambs running about in the grass and enjoying the fine days......whoever is doing this is sick from Julie Robson
    Julie Robson
    Quote Message: This is disgusting. Farmers have a hard time making a living without this going on. What sort of person does this." from Jane Tipping
    Jane Tipping
  2. Weather: A cold night in South Yorkshire

    Paul Hudson

    Weather presenter, BBC Look North

    Isolated heavy showers dying out, becoming dry and clear later. A cold night tonight with frost and fog in rural places. 

    Take care if you're on the roads early tomorrow. 

    Weather graphic

    Join me for a full weather report on BBC Look North at 18:30 on BBC One.

  3. Watch: Twenty lambs shot and killed in attacks at Doncaster farms

    BBC Look North, Yorkshire

    Now for more on this shocking story from Hatfield, Doncaster:

    Video content

    Video caption: A dozen lambs shot in attack at Doncaster farm. It follows a similar shooting last week
  4. Latest headlines: Downing Street rejects calls to recall parliament over future of UK steel and Blades boss looks ahead to tonight's game

    Liz Roberts

    BBC Radio Sheffield News

    The top stories in Sheffield and South Yorkshire today include:

  5. Barnsley MP calls on government to act immediately to 'save steel'

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    The government is considering "all options" for Tata's Port Talbot steel plant, UK Business Minister Anna Soubry has told the BBC.

    She says she wants the company to take enough time to find a buyer for the plant. Failing that, other options being considered include government support.

    However, several MPs from the Labour party are now calling for immediate action from the government:

    View more on twitter
  6. South Yorkshire Police get support on planning protests and marches

    Lara Rostron

    Presenter, BBC Look North

    A new independent panel's been created in South Yorkshire to work with police on planning protests and marches. 

    Since 2012 there have been 20 protests in the region - and policing them cost the force £4m over the last three years.

    Protest in Rotherham

    Many of the demonstrations have focused on concerns around child sexual exploitation.

    The new panel will have seven members who will advise the force when campaigners alert authorities of plans to protest. 

    Policing protests in Rotherham

    More on this tonight on BBC Look North at 18:30 on BBC1.

  7. Pack your trunk and trundle off to join BBC Radio Sheffield's competition for Children's Hospital

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Have you heard about our new elephant competition?

    You can lead the herd and celebrate the spirit of Sheffield.

    Elephants in the Winter Garden

    The Children's Hospital is highlighting its work by creating a sculpture trail of about 40 elephants in the city.

    Be part of one of the biggest arts projects in Sheffield this year and design the elephant for BBC Radio Sheffield. 

    Details here.

  8. Listen: 'Government needs plan B on steel', says Labour

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    Following Tata's announcement that it will sell its UK steel business, putting thousands of jobs at risk in South Yorkshire, Labour's Shadow Business Secretary has called on the government to present a "viable" plan to protect jobs in the British steel industry. 

    Video content

    Video caption: Shadow Business Secretary calls for a viable government plan to save steel jobs.
    Quote Message: It's certainly possible for them to take them into some kind of public stewardship to preserve them while conditions change." from Angela Eagle
    Angela Eagle
  9. Your comments: Twenty lambs killed in Doncaster double farm shooting

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    Twenty lambs have been killed at farms around Hatfield in two separate attacks.

    You've been leaving your reaction to this story on our Facebook page...

    Dead lambs at a farm in Hatfield
    Quote Message: This is disgusting they are sick in head to do something like this. It makes my blood boil. Wish I could get my hands on them xx" from Sue Herring
    Sue Herring
    Quote Message: This is a disgusting thing to happen, the police need to catch them and string them up, lock them up and throw away the key. Come on people name and shame these horrible scum." from Kath Burkhill
    Kath Burkhill
    Quote Message: Sick sick sick." from Ron Sitting Buffalo Stancliffe
    Ron Sitting Buffalo Stancliffe
  10. UK Steel: Labour calls for Parliament to be re-called over 'crisis'

    Liz Roberts

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio Sheffield

    Labour's calling for Parliament to be re-called to debate the crisis in the steel industry

    The Indian firm, Tata Steel, says it wants to move quickly to sell its operations in the UK

    It employs more than 2,000 people at plants in Rotherham, Stocksbridge and Brinsworth.

    Angela Smith is the Labour MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge and she says the government must do what it can:

    Video content

    Video caption: UK Steel: Angela Smith, Penistone & Stocksbridge MP says government must do what it can
  11. Barnsley company delivers 3D viewing in the palm of your hand

    Ian White

    Journalist, BBC Look North

    A digital company based in Barnsley is at the forefront of new technology which takes 3D viewing from the big screen to the palm of your hand. 

    3DU has developed an app which turns any normal two-dimensional piece of video into 3D. 

    It'll be launched at a major technology show in Birmingham tomorrow. 

    Video content

    Video caption: Barnsley based digital company at the forefront of new technology for 3D viewing
  12. Tata and the UK steel industry: How many jobs are at risk?

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    Almost 20,000 people are employed in the steel sector, and more than one in six are now either losing their jobs or at risk of losing them.  

    Britain's biggest steel producer, the Indian firm Tata, employs around 17,000 in the UK. Its confirmation of 1,050 job losses comes on top of the 1,200 jobs it axed last October and the 720 jobs it cut in July

    Map showing Tata sites

    As part of the announcement in January the company said it would cut 750 jobs in Port Talbot, Wales, where it employs 4,000 staff and a further 3,000 contractors and temporary workers.

    The implications for Tata sites in South Yorkshire remain unclear, but the announcement of plans to sell loss-making Port Talbot puts a large question mark over the future of more than 2,000 jobs in our region. 

    • Stocksbridge                                       831
    • Rotherham                                         1,235
    • Brinsworth                                          106
    Graphic showing people employed in UK steel industry
  13. Your views: Tata Steel plans to sell loss-making UK plants

    You've been sharing some of your thoughts about the news that Indian owners of the steel firm Tata plan to sell UK assets, including plants in Rotherham and Stocksbridge.

    Here are some of your thoughts from our Facebook page.

    UK steel works
    Quote Message: I fear that the government comment is their usual rhetoric. Sure they will help secure 'British Steel' future! By consigning it to the bin where they put all other British heavy industry!! This is what happens when you sell British businesses to foreign buyers, they asset strip then dispose!! Be warned." from Kevin Richard Garlick
    Kevin Richard Garlick
    Quote Message: Can see them saving the Wales steel industry, but not bothering about the steel plants in the North. Northern Powerhouse, never going to happen." from Joe Noble
    Joe Noble
    Quote Message: While I do feel sorry for people potentially losing their jobs the government should not be funding an industry that's costing the UK money. Just let it fail like any other unsuccessful business." from Thomas Andrew Lilburn
    Thomas Andrew Lilburn
    Quote Message: Great Britain, the cornerstone of the Industrial Revolution. Modern Britain, no bloody industry left." from Beverley Amanda Charlton
    Beverley Amanda Charlton
  14. Twenty lambs killed in 'sickening' farm shootings in Doncaster

    Lara Rostron

    Presenter, BBC Look North

    More lambs have been killed in a second rural shooting spree in South Yorkshire

    The attack on 12 lambs happened at a farm near Doncaster last night

    They were killed in the same way as six lambs (pictured) in a similar incident at a neighbouring farm last week after which two other injured lambs were put down.   

    Dead lambs

    In the latest attack, six lambs were shot dead and six more so badly injured they had to be put down.

    Two sheep were also hurt in the shooting. 

    South Yorkshire Police said the incidents had caused "distress and outrage" and appealed for witnesses.

  15. South Yorkshire's weather: Some showers, feeling chilly

    BBC Weather

    A few showers will spread from the west this afternoon, some of these with a wintry feel on high ground. 

    There'll be light southwesterly winds, with highs of about 10C (50F). 

    Weather forecast
  16. Police appeal for information after lamb shootings in Doncaster

    Mick Lunney

    BBC Local Live, Sheffield

    More on the terrible news of lamb shootings in Doncaster

    Springtime is usually a time for spotting a lamb or two like the ones below. But a Doncaster community is reeling after six lambs were shot dead at a farm in Hatfield. Another six will have to be put down.

    Another eight lambs died after being shot in a similar attack nearby last week and police are appealing for information.

    Lambs in Yorkshire
    Quote Message: Both incidents have caused distress and outrage not only in our local communities, but across South Yorkshire. It is simply intolerable and I want to reassure the local community that we are determined to find those responsible. from Insp Mark Payling Local Policing Team
    Insp Mark PaylingLocal Policing Team
  17. Tata: Yorkshire waits for news of future of UK steel operations

    BBC Look North, Yorkshire

    Hundreds of workers in South and North Yorkshire are waiting to hear whether they'll still have jobs at Tata Steel as rescue plans are discussed. 

    The Indian owners of the firm have said they plan to sell its UK assets, including plants in Rotherham, Stocksbridge and York

    But the government is understood to be ready to step in to save the industry if necessary.

    A total of 2,200 people are employed across the South Yorkshire sites.

    Tata Steel operations in Rotherham

    We'll be live in Rotherham for full reaction to this story on Look North at 13:30 on BBC One.

  18. Latest headlines: Tata won't commit to 'open ended' plan to keep UK steel plants open and lambs targeted in second shooting in Doncaster

    Mick Lunney

    BBC Local Live, Sheffield

    The latest headlines in Sheffield and South Yorkshire so far today include:  

  19. Your comments: Yorkshire man in hijacker picture

    BBC Look North, Yorkshire

    Coming up on BBC Look North at 13:30, more on the man from Yorkshire who posed for a selfie with a hijacker wearing a suspected suicide belt.

    The image of Ben Innes standing next to his captor on the EgyptAir flight has gone viral on social media. He says he was trying to get a better look at the device

    Mr Innes, who now lives in Aberdeen, told the Sun newspaper he wanted to "stay cheerful in the face of adversity".

    Hijacker and Ben Innes

    You've been leaving your comments on our Facebook page:

    Quote Message: Just shows how backward civilisation has become." from Jordan Grace
    Jordan Grace
    Quote Message: Words fail me." from Jeanette Netty Dawson
    Jeanette Netty Dawson
    Quote Message: Maybe by distracting the hijacker for a photo, it gave chance for others to escape." from Helen Burnley Fc Solorz
    Helen Burnley Fc Solorz
  20. Unicef: 'Sheffield is baby-friendly and best for breastfeeding'

    Jenny Cork

    BBC Sheffield, Local Live

    Sheffield has been recognised by Unicef and the World Health Organisation for its work in promoting breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding rates in Sheffield are one of the highest in the country with over 80% of new mothers breastfeeding their babies. 

    Unicef is a charity that works for a better life for tomorrow's children. 

    Officials from the charity are in Sheffield today to present an award to the city's Children's Centres for their best practice standards.

    Mother and baby