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  1. Updates on Friday 24 June 2016
  2. News, sport, travel and weather updates to resume at 08:00 on Monday

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Live updates for Shropshire have finished for the day but we'll be back from 08:00 Monday with the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

Songs of Praise comes from Shropshire this weekend

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Songs of Praise is marking the centenary of the start of the Battle of the Somme today, and part of the programme comes from Shropshire.

A film crew from the programme joined a group of World War One re-enactors when they spent a weekend living in the replica trenches at Park Hall Farm near Oswestry.

Songs of Praise presenters

Weather: A clear night ahead for Shropshire

Rebecca Wood

BBC Weather

There could be a few showers to come, but it should dry up later and it is forecast to be a rain-free night.

Telford MP says EU campaign 'bitter' and 'divisive'

The Telford MP, Lucy Allan, has said that while she wasn't aware of any issues locally, the EU referendum campaign had been "a bitter one right from the outset".

She also said she was "surprised by how divisive it was amongst the Conservative party".

Lucy Allan

The MP, who supported the Leave campaign, added that the national image of politicians during the campaign was "quite unfavourable".

Shifnal and Bridgnorth carnivals this weekend

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

It's Shifnal carnival tomorrow, but the funfair rides have already arrived and will be there this evening.

As always, the town centre was busy and some roads were closed last night as workmen rushed to get them all set up.

Shifnal carnival

And we mustn't forget Bridgnorth. It also has its carnival tomorrow, with the procession starting at midday.

Lorry damaged as it crashes off M54 in Telford

Shropshire Star

A lorry was damaged when it veered off the M54 in Telford and on to a grass verge today.

Lorry on grass

Headlines: Body found; business leader's economy fears; MP says EU campaign bitter and divisive

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Here's another roundup of the news in Shropshire today

- Body found in search for missing man

- Business leader says economy could take 12 months to bounce back

- Telford MP say EU campaign bitter and divisive

BBC Weather Watchers: A day of contrasting weather in Shropshire today

BBC Weather Watchers

It's been a day of two halves in parts of Shropshire, with bright sunshine this morning and storm clouds this afternoon.

This was a photo I took in Shifnal this morning.


But, there has been heavy rain, thunder and even hail around the county this afternoon and this picture was taken by one of our BBC Weather Watchers in Shrewsbury just after lunch.

Rich T

Your comments: Fears about Britain's influence in the world

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

While some people seem happy with the EU vote, a number of you commenting on BBC Shropshire's Facebook page seem to be worried.

Tim Kemp worries that Britain will lose influence in the world: "The EU was not perfect. But it represented something important. It symbolised the hope we have for being stronger, more visionary and more impressive together. It also offered us the chance to influence well above our weight."

Nigel Farage
Getty Images

And Ian Hayward wrote: "Overnight we've lost our much-trumpeted spot as fifth biggest economy - nice one, Nigel. Brexit was the dumbest idea ever and now our kids have to pay the price."

But some are taking a more laid back approach and Dionne Burgoyne wrote: "I am amazed at the number of people who have gone straight into panic mode - this is the morning after the night before - calm down folks - we will get through this, nothing worth fighting for is ever easy."

Business leader says economy could take 12 months to bounce back

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

The president of Shropshire's chamber of commerce, Keith Winter, says it could take 12 months for the economy to recover, but he says it will grow again.

He said that because it would take some time to go through the process of leaving the EU, there was plenty of time to renegotiate deals.

Keith Winter
Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

Mr Winter also said he was pleased to hear David Cameron would remain as prime minister for the next few months, to allow the economy to stabilise.

Body found in search for missing man

Police say a body of a man found in dense woodland by the A5 near Shrewsbury is that of missing Shropshire man, Stuart Downes.

It was found by officers at 10:25 today.

Formal identification has not yet taken place but Stuart's family have been informed and the death is not being treated as suspicious.

Police warn motorists of bad weather

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

We had forecasts of some showers, but it could be worse than expected and the police are warning motorists to be careful.

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Leaving Europe ‘is not the end of the world’ says Shropshire boss

Shropshire Star

Britain’s historic decision to exit the EU will be felt most strongly among exporting businesses, says the boss of a Shropshire freight firm – but she added that “it’s not the end of the world”.

Telford MP says immigration was a big issue for voters

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

The MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, called the vote to leave the European Union a victory for "ordinary people" who felt "under-represented, ignored, cut off from the political elites".

She was one of the three Conservative MPs in the county who campaigned to leave, and said immigration was a big issue when she was out talking to people.

Lucy Allan

Ms Allan said the country now needed stability and had previously called for David Cameron to continue as prime minister.

It's a question of low wages being undercut by people coming in - those are the issues that people tell me they have concerns about."

Lucy AllanMP for Telford

Wildlife Trusts want reassurances following EU referendum

Wildlife Trusts say they are seeking assurances from politicians after the vote to leave the EU.

They said Europe had left "a legacy of strong legislation and invested in many practical projects" and expressed fears that deregulation could lead to "lower environmental standards."

Science Photo Library

The trusts also used today's result and the prospect of shrugging off EU legislation to call for better management of both fisheries and agriculture.

Headlines: MP calls for calm; business leader believes economy could take a year to recover; backing for Corbyn

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Shropshire continues to digest the result of the EU referendum and these are some of our top lines:

- North Shropshire MP calls for "calm heads"

- President of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce says economy could take a year to recover

- Telford council leader backs Jeremy Corbyn

Your comments: Opinion on EU referendum still divided

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

You're continuing to give your thoughts on our Facebook page, following the result of the EU referendum.

EU campaigner

Rachael Jones said she was worried about the future: "This won't tackle illegal immigrants who already are going to drastic measures to reach British soil. This will only penalise the ones who come here on correct measure from inside the EU."  

Chris Hulse isn't concerned though: "No need to be appalled, scared, frightened, we ran our country really well before 1973, we will do it again."

And Liz Humphries said it was the right decision to hold the referendum: "We never had chance to voice an opinion, although we'd lived outside the common market, as it was then. My father never wanted in, he said it would ruin the country. I think many have agreed, something needs to change."

Shropshire business leader calls for calm after Brexit vote

Shropshire Star

The boss of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce has urged for calm after markets took a major hit in the wake of Britain's historic Brexit vote.

Richard Sheehan
Shropshire Star

Polish worker 'really scared' following EU vote

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Adam Fejfer is a Polish man working in Shropshire and he said he's worried about his future in the UK, following Britain's vote to leave the EU.

Eu and Brexit signs

He told us his son has been born here and now he doesn't want to go home, but believes it will be expensive to remain.

The right of Europeans is something which will have to be renegotiated now, but some EU nationals could be left without the right to work in the UK - in which case they would have to apply for work permits or visas.

Probably I will have to spend a few good quid for my British citizenship which will be expensive for me and my family. I am really scared."

Adam Fejfer

Your comments: Callers to BBC Shropshire have their say

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

You've been calling in to BBC Radio Shropshire this morning to give your thoughts on the EU referendum and there have been views from both sides of the debate.

William Mantle from Bridgnorth was delighted, saying: "Finally the glasses are off and people can really see what the European Union is all about, it's a corrupt organisation for the elite".

He also said he had hopes that steel workers and other British businesses would benefit.

EU flags

But Jenifer from Ludlow called the result of the referendum "devastating for the country" and the recovery of the UK economy had been put at risk.

She said "we've had a good relationship with Europe" and that she was worried for small companies which were just getting off the ground.

A reminder of the referendum results here in Shropshire

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

While all the talk is about political leaders and the UK economy, we probably should take a step back and quickly recap the results here in Shropshire.

Campaigners at the count

In Shropshire 104,166 people voted to leave the EU, compared with 78,987 voting to remain - that was 57% in favour of leaving.

And in Telford there was a 63% majority in favour of leaving, with 56,649 voting for Brexit versus 32,954 wanting to stay.

West Midlands Leave campaign celebrates

The West Midlands region had the highest share of the vote for Leave than anywhere else in the UK, with 59.3% of voters backing Brexit. 

Supporters at the regional count in Birmingham took a moment to celebrate as the results filtered in.

West Midlands Leave campaign celebrates after win

How will Brexit affect your finances?

Brian Milligan

Personal finance reporter

Residents of the UK have voted by a majority to leave the European Union - so what will that mean for your finances?

I've been analysing how it could affect mortgages, house prices, mobile phones, wages and more on the BBC website.

Stacks of money under a Brexit sign

Three areas voted to remain in the EU

Mike Taylor


A resounding vote for Leave across the BBC Midlands Today area with only three council areas voting to remain in the EU.

The West Midlands is currently on course to be the most pro-Brexit region of England, just ahead of the East Midlands.

You can find details of all counts on the BBC's referendum results page. 

Results table

Telford Remain campaigner 'fearful for the future of our country'

Bill McClements, the Labour politician who led the Remain campaign in Telford, says he is "fearful for the future of our country" following the EU referendum vote.

The former Telford and Wrekin councillor also accused the Leave campaign of lacking a plan for the country and says he believes the issue of immigration was the key one here.

Bill McClements
Hadley and Leegomery Parish Council

In Telford and the Wrekin, 63% of people voted to leave and Mr McClements says he found it very hard to defend "the status quo and a system that wasn't perfect against a fantasy".

Headlines: Shropshire reacts to the EU referendum vote

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

A summary of the EU referendum fall-out in Shropshire:

- North Shropshire MP urges people to "calm down"

- Labour council leader stands by Jeremy Corbyn

- Shropshire winemaker says his costs up 10-12% because of weak pound

Telford council leader backs Jeremy Corbyn

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Following David Cameron's announcement that he's going to resign as prime minister, there have been questions raised about the future of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

But, speaking ahead of the motion of no confidence, the Labour leader of Telford and Wrekin council, Shaun Davies, said that he should stay on, while admitting he hadn't been a "cheerleader for the EU" during the campaign.

Shaun Davies

Mr Davies also said: "The reality is that I think the Labour party has got lessons to learn" and that the vote had been a "strong message sent to the political establishment", 

BreakingLabour MPs submit motion of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

BBC Politics

Labour MPs Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey have sent a letter to John Cryer MP, chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, submitting a motion of no confidence in leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The letter calls for a discussion at the next meeting of the PLP at 18:00 BST on Monday 27 June. This ballot has no formal constitutional force, but would be a significant expression of the lack of confidence of Labour MPs in their leader.

Follow all the reaction on the BBC Politics live page.

'Everyone needs to calm down' - North Shropshire MP

The MP for North Shropshire says there is no need to worry about the UK economy, following the EU referendum vote and said "everyone needs to calm down".

Owen Paterson called the fall in the value of the pound this morning a "temporary wobble" and that five million European jobs depend on sales to the UK, so the EU would be "stupid to jeopordise that".

Owen Paterson

Mr Paterson said that little would change because people in this country would continue to buy European goods and Europeans would continue to buy from the UK.

We've lived through crises over the centuries and this is not a crisis. This is a vote by the British people in a totally legitimate manner to withdraw from the political arrangements of the European Union."

Owen PatersonMP for North Shropshire

Weather: Some rain for the county this afternoon

Kay Crewdson

Weather presenter

We've had a fine morning, but there are some showers forecast for this afternoon.

Shropshire winemaker says business costs rising because of EU vote

Shropshire winemaker Tom Holt says his costs have gone up 10-12% in the last 12 hours, as a result of the EU referendum and the fall in the value of the pound.

He imports his wine from his vineyards in Spain and is worried about action the Spanish government might take against British producers now.

Tom Holt
Tom Holt

Mr Holt called the referendum an "isolating vote" and said that as a small business he would have to pass his costs on to his customers now.

'Landmark day in British politics' - former BBC Political Editor

The BBC's former Political Editor, Nick Robinson is reflecting on the UK's decision to leave the European Union. 

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Your comments: A mixed reaction to the EU vote

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

People have been giving their thoughts about the EU referendum on the BBC Shropshire Facebook page this morning.

Two flags

Paul Haynes said: "I voted leave, we where an independent country once so i am sure if we all stick together the outcome will be good for us but will take a bit of time for it all to settle down and sort itself out."

Tym Corbet saw things from a different point of view: This will give a green flag to those who feel superior over others. Sad day for a county that was made great by those who came to it as foreigners. Isolation."

And Michael Watkins said - "Just a note to everybody. It's not the end of the world."

Ludlow MP pledges to 'respect decision' of UK voters

Tracey Higgins

BBC Local Live

The Ludlow MP Philip Dunne has pledged to support the decision of the British people who have voted to leave the European Union. 

Mr Dunne was one of two Shropshire MPs campaigning for Britain to stay in Europe.     

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MP for North Shropshire says leave vote is a 'revolt against the establishment'

Tracey Higgins

BBC Local Live

The MP for North Shropshire, Owen Paterson has praised the bravery of Shropshire and the British people in voting to leave the European Union. 

He said people had voted for the right to elect people who make laws and raise taxes and "if they make bad laws they get kicked out".        

Owen Paterson MP

This is a people revolt against the establishment, against big business. People have voted to re-establish the right to make their own laws in their own parliament.

Owen PatersonConservative MP for North Shropshire

Shrewsbury MP hoping for female leader to replace Cameron

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

The MP for Shrewsbury said he would like to see a woman take over as prime minister from David Cameron.

Daniel Kawczynski says the party needs to demonstrate it is diverse and that it was a shame the country has only had one female PM.

Daniel Kawczynski

But he also said the party had to elect the best candidate, with a clear plan for the future.

Headlines: Shropshire votes to leave Europe; farming leader worried for future; Wrekin MP calls for stability

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Here's a round-up of the latest on the reaction to the Brexit vote here in Shropshire:

- Shropshire and Telford both vote to leave Europe

- Farming leader predicts break-up of UK and EU

- Wrekin MP calls for stability for sake of economy

Farming leader: 'We are in unknown territory'

Andy Giddings

BBC Shropshire

Richard Yates, the chairman of the Shropshire branch of the NFU and a campaigner to remain in Europe, says farming "is unknown territory" following the vote to leave the EU.

He predicted the break-up of the UK and "the whole edifice of Europe collapsing over time".

Richard Yates

Mr Yates also said: "We are a divided country with a divided government" and that the economy could take five to 10 years to recover.

Chamber of Commerce calls for Government to stablise UK economy

Tracey Higgins

BBC Local Live

The president of Shropshire's Chamber of Commerce, Keith Winter, has called on the government and the Bank of England to stabilise markets, stablise the economy and take us forward. 

The chamber, which took a neutral position on whether to leave the EU, says decisive action is needed by the government to make sure that the economy doesn't suffer.    

Piles of money

We've got the United Kingdom's Trade and Industry team here in our offices in Telford. In the last 12 months, five people have generated £77m worth of exports out of Shropshire. Is that going to continue? We don't know."

Keith WinterPresident of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce