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Live Reporting

Anna Browning

All times stated are UK

  1. So with that we say goodbye...

    and cheers. Happy May Morning!

    Morris Men
  2. 'Absolutely fabulous'

    Our people on the ground tell us May Morning is winding down.

    So here are a few final words from our very own Lilley Mitchell.

    Quote Message: I love May Morning. I've been joining in folk dancing and I've even interviewed a man dressed as a tree who was being fed water through three straws by a kind person passing by. It's been absolutely fabulous.
  3. Looking good on it

    I am bowled over by this sartorial splendour. 

    Morris men
    Morris dancer
  4. Dancing with strangers

    BBC Radio Oxford's Lilley Mitchell told us her highlight of this morning's shenanigans. 

    Quote Message: Joining in the dancing in front of the steps of the Bodleian, this beautiful old building, with Groovy Sue and the Hurly Burley My God It's Early Band, singing the Cuckoo song and just dancing with someone I've never met before in a floral headdress. from Lilley Mitchell BBC Radio Oxford
    Lilley MitchellBBC Radio Oxford
    Morris Men
  5. Speeded-up Morris dancing

    If you ever wanted to know what Morris Dancers on performance-enhancing drugs looked like...

    (Legal note: There is absolutely no evidence any substances were taken in the making of this film. Well, maybe a leetl real ale...)

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  6. Man does two things at same time

    Smoke a pipe AND play the accordion?

    He makes it look so easy.

    Morris Man
  7. Watch Eynsham Morris

    These fine dancers are from Eynsham and, to quote their website, have some of the most exciting and flamboyant dances in the morris tradition.

    The things they can do with a pair of hankies...

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  8. Selfie alert

    BBC South Today's Sinead Carroll is also a fan of cheese... on head.

    Man with cheese hat
  9. BreakingSpelling mistake spotted in Oxford

    It's home to one of the world's toppest universities, so if there's ever a place to get your signs spell-checked...

  10. Cheese hat

    Because who doesn't love a bit of Emmental... on their head...

    Morris dancers
  11. Wise words from a tree

    Any avid followers of our May Morning coverage will know interviewing Jack the Tree is a career high for the BBC's finest on the ground.

    This year, Lilley Mitchell had the honour of grilling our tree of few words.

    Now he might not say much, but he always cuts to the chase...

    Quote Message: It's a good job it's not raining as predicted. from Jack the Tree Professional May Morning tree
    Jack the TreeProfessional May Morning tree
  12. It's tree

    I love him. 

    Jack in the tree