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  1. Voters in south of England have overwhelmingly backed leaving EU
  2. Almost 52% of the 1.67m votes counted are for leave campaign
  3. Southampton and Portsmouth vote leave, while Winchester opts to remain
  4. Dorset was a total win for Brexit campaigners
  5. Reading and West Berkshire voted to remain

Live Reporting

By Sue Paz, Marcus White, Michael Stoddard and Sarah Lee

All times stated are UK

South Today live tonight

Of course, South Today will have the full round-up of a dramatic day.

You can watch on BBC One from 18:30 or on the iPlayer.

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That's all from our live coverage of the EU Referendum. Thanks for joining us!

Referendum latest - listen live

Louisa Hannan
Louisa Hannan

From 4pm on Radio Solent, Louisa Hannan will be looking at the fallout from the historic decision, and what happens now following the result and David Cameron's resignation.

You can tune on FM at 96.1 or 103.8, MW at 999, DAB or online via the Radio Solent site.

If you Radio Berkshire is your station, you can listen to Phil Kennedy's drive time show for all the latest.

Tune in at 95.4 and 104.1 Fm or via the Radio Berkshire site

Phil Kennedy'
Phil Kennedy

Brexit fails to ring O2's bell

Telecommunications giant O2, who employ about a thousand people at their UK head office in Slough, have expressed disappointment at the result of the referendum.  

A spokesman said "We believe that large businesses like ours would have been stronger remaining in the EU. 

"Whatever happens next we will continue to fiercely compete in our market, innovate and deliver for our customers."

O2 shop sign
Getty Images

Leave result 'strengthens' Heathrow expansion case

Heathrow airport have said today's leave vote makes the case for expansion at Heathrow "stronger than ever before".

In a statement echoing previous comments, it said: "Only Heathrow can help Britain be the great trading nation connecting all regions of the UK to the world."

Heathrow airport road sign

The airport also reassured travelers that following today's result there would be "no changes to security and immigration” for those traveling in the near future.

'What have we done' - teenage anger over Brexit vote

As the result of the EU referendum became clear, the poll's divisive effects across generational lines became highly visible online.  

BBC Trending investigates.

Picture from Thomas The Tank Engine of bricjed up tunnel

Disaffected voters

Gerry Stoker, Professor of Governance at the University of Southampton, said the Brexit vote was not a big surprise.

He told BBC South Today: "I think the extent to which people were voting against the political establishment was a significant factor.

"I think that was an issue for the leadership of the Conservative Party and also a massive issue for the leadership of the Labour Party."

Professor Gerry Stoker

Leave vote implication on trade 'too early to judge'

Financial markets, businesses and traders are assessing the potential impact after voters opted to leave the EU.

Global financial markets have been rocked by the UK's decision

Associated British Ports, which operates Southampton Port, said it was "too early" to judge the exact implications but added it would continue to fulfill its mission to "keep Britain trading". 

ABP Southampton
Rod Allday

Europeans in Reading worry for the future

A Spanish couple living in Reading have told the BBC they are scared about their future.

Shiela Rodreiguez and Manuel Gonzalez moved to the UK for work just under 5 years ago and bought a house in Berkshire, yet didn't get to vote in the referendum.

They said: "We worked really hard to get our mortgage and now we don't know what to do." 

'Good for the building trade'

Gosport builder David Arundel said the Brexit vote would take his profession back to the "good old days of the eighties".

He told BBC Radio Solent: "We've been brought down by Europe.

"There's a lot of cheap labour coming here... and we're losing a lot of apprenticeships, a lot of tradesmen, because of the wages and cheap imports coming in from abroad."

'A sad day'

Newbury Conservative MP Richard Benyon reacts to the news that the prime minister is to stand down by October.

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Watch: What now for UK-EU links?

BBC diplomatic correspondent Caroline Hawley looks at future travel and immigration relations between the UK and the remaining EU nations.

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Committed to EU research networks

The vice chancellor of the University of Reading has said that the priority for universities will be "protecting access, as best we can, to EU research networks and funding".

Sir David Bell
University of Reading

In an open letter after today's leave result Sir David Bell has assured academics: "at this point, we expect existing EU-funded project grants and collaborations to be fully honoured until the end of their contracted period.

"The University will continue to support academics wishing to submit new applications for EU-funded research and, at this point, we expect applications to be considered on their merits, without fear or favour."

Votey McVote face

A Reading based scientist wonders if the decision is really as final as we all thought.

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'If only he had taken a back seat in the EU campaign'

Sean Woodward, Conservative leader of Fareham Borough Council, reacts to David Cameron's decision to step down as prime minister after voters opted to leave the EU.

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'Woo hoo!' - Reading voters react to Brexit

Voters in Berkshire bucked the national trend by declaring they want to remain in the EU.

The county saw 369,158 people take part in the referendum, with 51% voting to remain in the EU and 48% to leave.

People in Reading, which voted to stay in the EU, had mixed reactions this morning.

Reading voters react to Brexit

'I'm off to live elsewhere'

The EU referendum has certainly prompted people to take to social media, with huge numbers taking to Twitter to share their views.  

Alex Cooper, 20, a musician from Hayling Island, tweeted a picture of his guitar and suitcase with the words "I'm off to live elsewhere."

He said he was shocked by the result of the referendum.

"I'm not actually leaving but as a guitarist I do feel it will make touring very difficult in Europe now that's for sure.

"I do dream of living abroad though, maybe that's what I will do one day, I'm thinking France."


'The PM could have stayed on'

The Conservative MP for New Forest West, Desmond Swayne, is a former Parliamentary Private Secretary to David Cameron.

Mr Swayne, who backed the Brexit campaign, told BBC Radio Solent: "Clearly he feels that it is not appropriate for him to lead in the country in a direction which he recommended it should not go in.

"I understand that, but I still feel he could have done."

Desmond Swayne is a former PPS to David Cameron

'Heading back to Poland'

Seen at a dental surgery in Dorset:

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Higher petrol prices

The Basingstoke-based AA has said that Brexit will mean higher petrol prices.

In a statement, it said: "With the value of the pound falling by more than 9% overnight and the weaker pound against the dollar fuel prices at the pumps are likely to creep up."

Petrol pump

Video: UK 'needs fresh leadership'

Watch Prime Minister David Cameron declaring he will be stepping down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.  

EU vote: David Cameron says UK 'needs fresh leadership'

Berkshire results in full

The majority of people in Berkshire voted to remain part of the European Union.

Here are the results by borough.

Reading result
Slough result
Bracknell Forest Result
West Berkshire result
Windsor and Maidenhead result
Wokingham Result

Vodafone: 'Too soon to form a view' on future of British home

Newbury's largest employer Vodafone, which is the world's second biggest telecoms company, said it was too soon to form a view on the future of the company's home in Britain following the decision to leave the European Union.

The group said on Friday it was committed to supporting its British customers now and in the future, but added: "It is too soon to form a view on the implications of the referendum outcome for the domicile of the Group."

'Trade with Europe will be more difficult'

The leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Portsmouth City Council, Gerald Vernon-Jackson, said he feared for the future of British trade with Europe.

"The whole of the UK's business has been centred on trade with the EU for the last 30 years but that's going to be more difficult now", he told BBC Radio Solent.

"Take the motor industry - if we're going to have tariffs put on our exports of cars, why do Peugeot keep building cars in Britain?"

Gerald Vernon-Jackson
Portsmouth City Council

Boris 'would be a good PM'

Edward from Henley has sent a text message to BBC Radio Berkshire with support for former Henley MP Boris Johnson to be next Prime Minister.

I've been under the rule of Boris in Henley before and for all his 'buffoonery' he was dedicated, capable, practical, passionate and politically realistic. Henley moved forward tremendously. He would - no will - be a good PM.

Edward Sierpowski

Gosport voters react to Brexit

The highest majority to leave the EU in Hampshire was 64% in Gosport.

Here's what people thought of the result this morning...

Gosport voters react to Brexit

What the papers say - Bournemouth

Bournemouth Daily Echo

The Bournemouth Daily Echo thinks an unlucky punter may have lost £70,000 on the referendum result.

Someone in our comments says a woman in Poole put 70k in cash on remain to win yesterday. Not sure we believe it, but if so OUCH

'Hope for stability in financial system'

The Conservative leader of West Berkshire Council, Roger Croft, said he hopes financial stability will continue after the vote for Brexit.  

He said: "The Council has very little involvement directly with the European Union although we recognise that it influences our lives and businesses in many ways. 

"What has been, and still is, important to us is that we have stability in our financial system and we hope that this continues as the country reacts to this decision. 

"A stable financial system will allow us to plan for the future with confidence and help us in providing important services for our local community.”

West Berkshire Council

'Dancing on the quay'

More people voted to leave rather remain in the EU in the Solent area - except in Winchester, Hart and East Hampshire. 

Angela Lloyd from Portsmouth Fish Market said it was a good decision for the fishing industry.

Solent and Isle of Wight
MJ Richardson

We are absolutely over the moon - my boss is out on the quay dancing. The EU regulations that we are up against - and they're changing daily - are causing us so many problems. And the fact we have limited fishing in this country now [means] our whole business has changed. We've had to import from Spain the same product that we've got locally that we could fish, but we're not allowed to.

Angela LloydPortsmouth Fish Market

Eight reasons Leave won referendum

Union flag jackets

The UK has voted to quit the European Union following a referendum on its membership. So how did the Leave campaign win?    

What the papers say - Southampton

Daily Echo

Here is what the Daily Echo in Southampton is reporting about the EU Referendum.

Southampton votes OUT: Reaction as the city votes to leave the EU:

Southampton votes OUT: Reaction as the city votes to leave the EU:

'There is no next time'

"This is the saddest day of my political life" is how Prue Bray, leader of the Liberal Democrats in Wokingham, has reacted on a blog post this morning.

She continued: "Goodness knows, Lib Dems are accustomed to losing elections. But when you lose an election, there is always the chance that you can win next time, because there always is a next time.  

"But there is no next time with the referendum. We are headed out of the EU and there is no way to stop it.

"I am devestated."

Liberal Democrat Pru Bray
Liberal Democrat Party

Migrants don't want more migrants

Despite being home to a high number of migrants, Slough has voted by a majority of 54.3% to leave the EU.

Slough's Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart has said that migrants "don't necessarily see that more migrants are good for them".

She told BBC Radio Berkshire: "Migrants are very often at the bottom of the economic heap, so they want to say that the next lot of migrants shouldn't have the same chances as them. They need the chance themselves to feel secure and succeed."

Commenting on businesses in her constituency she voiced concerns over the result saying: "We'll find out if the companies who base themselves in Slough because we are part of the European Union will stay here."

Brexit: What happens now?

European council of ministers

The UK has voted to leave the EU - a process that has come to be known as Brexit. Here is what is likely to happen next.    

Video: Declaration of result in Rushmoor

Rushmoor Council posted this video of the vote being declared in the borough.

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'The government will be paralysed'

The Conservative MP for Portsmouth South, Flick Drummond, said the vote for Brexit would preoccupy the government.

She said: "We're going to have to do an awful lot of work to try and make sure that we're still open for business, that foreign investment still wants to come here. 

"We're going to have to renegotiate all of our trade agreements, we've got to decide what we're going about the single market.

"It is really going to paralyse all of the other policies because we're going to be concentrating on this."

Flick Drummond

'Profoundly saddened that he is going'

The Newbury Conservative MP Richard Benyon, has given an emotional response to the news that the prime minister is to step down by October.

Speaking to BBC Radio Berkshire, Mr Benyon was audibly shocked by the news. 

He said: "I am profoundly saddened that he is going, I think he has been a great prime minister and has achieved an awful lot. 

"The British people have taken a massive step. We must now just make sure that it works".

Conservative MP Richard Benyon