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  1. Updates for Wednesday 13 July 2016
  2. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume at 08:00 Thursday

Live Reporting

By Sandish Shoker

All times stated are UK

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Our live coverage across the day

Live updates for Nottinghamshire have finished for the day but we'll be back at 08:00 tomorrow with all the latest news, sport, travel and weather.

Weather: Dry and bright end to the day

Kaye Forster

Weather Presenter

The showers will become fewer and further between this afternoon and many places will have a dry and bright end to the day.

Staying dry overnight with clear spells but it will be a little chilly for some with lows of 8C (46F).


Owl project has increased population in area

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

We told you earlier about the Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project ringing its 1,000th barn owl.

Howard Broughton from the scheme has been telling BBC East Midlands Today about their work.

Howard Broughton

He said: "When the project started the aim was to improve the barn owl population, which in Nottinghamshire was very low, and that's worked very well."

'What's going on with these Mapperley snakes?'

Owner of Medusa Exotics - the shop where the Mapperley Plains python is recuperating - suspects the snake was abandoned.

Shaun Patterson with the snake
Helen Graper

"It's probably someone who has abandoned the snake or is careless about how they keep it," Shaun Patterson said.

"But two being found in the same place makes me wonder what's going on?"

He said royal pythons are friendly snakes which make good pets.

Snakes on the Plains

Ben Truslove

BBC News Online

Mystery still surrounds why two pythons were found in the same field a year apart by the same dog walker.

Helen Graper told the Nottingham Post how she stumbled upon the live beast this week just eight months after finding a dead one in the same spot on Lambley Dumbles, near Mapperley Plains.

A live python on Lambley Dumbles
Helen Graper

Speaking to the BBC she said: "It's all very strange. People are going to start thinking it's me - but it isn't!

"Someone suggested they might have laid eggs but I think it's a bit cold to be breeding."

Latest headlines for Nottinghamshire

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Here are your final headlines for the day:

Witnesses sought after city centre assault

Detectives have released CCTV images of four people who witnessed a serious assault on a man in Long Row, Nottingham city centre last Wednesday.

Police said they hope the four people might have information that could help their investigation.

Long Row assault
Nottinghamshire Police

Prison population 'out of control'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Terry Fullerton from the Prison Officers' Association said he was "massively concerned" by the figures.

"The increase is because we have a prison population that's basically out of control and less staff to deal with them in the prisons," he said.

Villa v Forest moved for TV

BBC Nottingham Sport

Aston Villa v Nottingham Forest has been moved to Sunday 11 September with a 13:15 kick-off for live TV coverage.undefined

Because of this, Forest's match away at Rotherham has also been put back a day to Wednesday 14 September.

Your photos: Sun makes an appearance

BBC Weather Watchers

Our weather experts were right - the sun did in fact come out this afternoon.

Maggie shared this pretty picture of her afternoon in Bulwell.


Riots in prisons increasing

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

BBC East Midlands Today's Jeremy Ball has been working on a story about the rise of riots in prisons.

Through a Freedom of Information request he has found out that specialist riot squads have been called to Nottingham Prison more than 30 times since the start of 2012. 

Nottingham Prison

They were called for a variety of incidents, including inmates taking hostages and something called "concerted indiscipline" but the Prison Service said sometimes there was no violence and the team was called as a precaution.  

PM jokes about Ken Clarke in Parliament

David Cameron was talking about Rushcliffe MP Ken Clarke during PM's Questions in the House of Commons earlier after the MP thanked him for his leadership over the last six years.

Cameron's tribute to Ken Clarke in last PMQs

Ball to make England debut at Lord's

BBC Sport

BBC Sport has more on the news that Nottinghamshire bowler Jake Ball will make his England debut in the first Test against Pakistan at Lord's which starts tomorrow.

Captain Alastair Cook said the 25-year-old had "been very impressive this year."

Jake Ball
Getty Images

Your views: Misogyny now a hate crime


Some of you have been commenting on East Midlands Today's Facebook page about the misogyny story.

Nik Boosh French wrote: "Will they be doing the same when a woman attacks a man? Will the Family Courts be adopting the same attitude when women lie to the courts?"

Laszlo Kiss said: "'The classification now means people can report incidents which might not be considered to be a crime and the police will investigate.' .... isn't anyone else terrified by this?

How are people playing Pokemon Go?

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The world seems to be going crazy for Pokemon Go at the moment but to be honest, I don't really understand the fuss.

It's not legally available to download in the UK yet but some clever people have managed to figure out a way to get hold of the game early and play by tweaking the settings on their phones.

Police warn Pokemon Go players to 'use common sense'

Even Notts Police is talking about Pokemon Go, putting out a safety warning to users on its Facebook page today.

The force said to players: "Please use common sense when throwing your pokeballs and enjoy the game."

Pokemon Go
Nottinghamshire Police

Women's centre supports misogyny reporting

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The Nottingham Women's Centre, based in Chaucer Street, Nottingham has been working with the police to define misogyny and train officers on how to tackle it.

The centre says it hopes the changes will help give more victims the courage to report incidents.  

Nottinghamshire Police

Centre manager Melanie Jeffs, said: "We're pleased to see Nottinghamshire Police recognise the breadth of violence and intimidation that women experience on a daily basis in our communities.

"Showing that the police take it seriously will also give people the confidence to come forward and report offences."

Weather update: Showers still to come

Charlie Slater

BBC Weather presenter

There's going to be a mix of sunshine and showers this afternoon along with plenty of dry and occasionally bright weather. Highs of 19C (66F)

Police chief wants county to be 'safer for women'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Chief Constable Sue Fish said misogyny was an "important aspect of overall hate crime" and she wanted to make Nottinghamshire a safer place for women.

She said: "We have listened to the women in Nottinghamshire and their experiences and it is completely unacceptable."

She said while most men were respectful towards women some "simply had no boundaries" and needed to be challenged.

Nottingham third best place to work, says survey

BBC Radio Nottingham

Nottingham has been named as one of the best places in the country to work.

The job site Glassdoor put the city third in its survey, behind Milton Keynes and Cambridge, which took the top spot.

The survey looked at various factors including how easy it is to get a job, affordability of housing and employee satisfaction.

Some of those who trained in Nottingham

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Recognise any of these faces? 

They were all part of the Nottingham Television Workshop and have gone on to direct or star in some of TV and film's best known productions.

Nottingham actors

Actor Vicky McClure in drama school call

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Nottingham has seen a lot of acting talent coming out of it over the past few years.

It includes This Is England actress Vicky McClure who has called for more affordable drama schools in the UK.

Vicky McClure

The 33-year-old attended free classes at the Nottingham Television Workshop and said every city should have places like that for young budding actors.  

Ball set to make England debut

BBC Nottingham Sport

England captain Alastair Cook has confirmed that Nottinghamshire bowler Jake Ball will make his England debut against Pakistan at Lord's tomorrow. 

Jake Ball
Getty Images

Latest headlines for Nottinghamshire

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Airport sees fall in passenger numbers

Kevin Stanley

Reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

There's been a slight fall in the number of passengers using East Midlands Airport but bosses say the business is in a strong position, despite Brexit.

East Midlands Airport

The airport saw just over 4.5m passengers through its terminal in the year 2015/16 - a fall of 0.2% from the previous year.

But its cargo business saw a 4.6% increase during the same period. 

Your views: Hospital was named after the Queen


There's some mixed opinions on our Facebook page about whether the Queen's in the Queen's Medical Centre should have an apostrophe or not.

Jackie Harwood wrote: "Depends. Does the medical centre belong to the Queen????"

Dee Smith, said: "The apostrophe indicates the possessive. It was named after the Queen. Unless they are referring to the drama queens you see in A&E."

Project rings 1,000th barn owl

The Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project has ringed its 1,000th barn owl chick this morning.

The project was set up 12 years ago to improve the number of barn owls in the area and erected nesting boxes to give them somewhere safe to nest and roost.

Howard Broughton and barn owl
Howard Broughton

Woman regrets not reporting 'intimidating' man

BBC Radio Nottingham

Martha Jeffcott, 22, was followed onto a tram in Nottingham by a man who intimidated her and she said she regrets not reporting it to the police.

"He started making comments about my body and asked for a hug. Then he followed me onto the tram and stared at me for the whole journey," she said.

"He was really threatening and had no boundaries about how far he was going to push it with me."

Why wasn't Sam Oldham picked for Team GB?

Mark Shardlow

Sport reporter, BBC East Midlands Today

It's harsh on Sam who helped Britain win their first Olympic medal in 100 years in London but the selectors decided the team would be stronger without him. 

He started as a 7-year-old and his family have made lots of sacrifices, he has had a career-threatening injury whilst competing on the vault at Glasgow in the Commonwealth Games and it’s been demanding to get back to being a top gymnast. 

He’s absolutely gutted.  He’s worked so hard to get back to form after his injury but he will continue training as he is the non-travelling reserve should anyone get injured.

Amir Khan speaks about his QMC visit

Notts TV

What is being classed as misogyny?

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Police say misogyny is classified as any incidents against women that are motivated by an attitude of a man towards a woman, and includes behaviour targeted towards a woman by men simply because they are a woman.  

The charge includes everything from street harassment and sexist abuse to unwanted sexual advances and uninvited verbal or physical contact can now be reported.

Misogyny to be recorded as hate crime

Next this morning we're talking about the harassment of women.

Nottinghamshire Police has become one of the first forces in the country to record it as a hate crime in a bid to tackle sexist abuse.

Model receiving unwanted attention on the street

That means if a woman receives unwanted attention on the street, it can now be reported to police and officers will then examine if and how a victim can be supported or if anything can be done to help prevent them being targeted again.

Latest headlines for Nottinghamshire

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Original appeal by gymnast turned down

David Jackson

BBC Radio Nottingham Sport

It's our understanding that Sam Oldham appealed the team decision last week, when he received a phonecall telling him he hadn't been selected,

But that was turned down.

Sam Oldham
Getty Images

Sam and his lawyers say they are now considering an additional appeal process and we should know their decision today or tomorrow.  

Boxer hands out gifts at city hospital

Boxer Amir Khan was at the QMC yesterday evening handing out presents to patients on the children's ward.

View more on twitter

Send us your sign errors

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Have you spotted any other grammatical errors on signs around Nottinghamshire that have wound you up?

Send them into us and we can all have a good laugh at them.

Apostrophe error makes grammar expert 'flinch internally'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The misuse of grammar does annoy me sometimes.

But it really, really annoys John Richards, chairman of the Apostrophe Protection Society.

He told BBC Radio Nottingham the tram sign error made him "flinch internally" and he said people were making these mistakes "partly through ignorance and partly through laziness" because they "can't be bothered" to learn.

Gymnast considers legal action over Rio snub

David Jackson

BBC Radio Nottingham Sport

There was good news yesterday for Nottingham gymnasts Becky and Ellie Downie who were selected for Team GB but Keyworth’s Sam Oldham says he was desperately disappointed to miss out on Olympic selection.

He told BBC Radio Nottingham he was deciding whether to take legal action to challenge the decision.

Sam Oldham
Getty Images

Sam was part of the history-making British gymnastics team at London 2012 and picked up a bronze at the Games.

Apostrophe or no apostrophe?

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Now it is part of my job but I pay a lot of attention to spelling and grammar.

But it seems someone at tram operator NET is unsure of when to use an apostrophe.


The hospital says it would like to see some consistency so NET has agreed to restore the apostrophe.