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  1. Updates for Friday 24 June 2016
  2. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume at 08:00 Monday

Live Reporting

By Sandish Shoker

All times stated are UK

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Our live coverage across the day

That's all from Nottinghamshire Local Live for this week - updates will start again on Monday at 08:00.    

Voter hopes Britain can now make right decisions on its own

East Midlands Today

This lady said she voted for the UK to leave the EU because she thought it would be better and Britain could make its own decision without relying on the EU to approve them.

She said: "Hopefully when Britain makes decisions now it will be the right decisions for people."

East Midlands Today

Voter blames Remain campaign

East Midlands Today

East Midlands Today has been out speaking to people shopping in Nottingham.

This lady said she felt "surprised and disappointed".

"I'm disappointed in the Remain campaign more than anything else. Nobody took much initiative to say this is why we should stay in the EU and maybe it's their fault."

Nottingham vox

'Callous' M1 driver to be sentenced next month

Alex Smith

BBC News Online

Leicester Crown Court heard George, a nurse, hit a lorry which crashed into the central reservation between junctions 21a and 22 of the M1 in Leicestershire. It shed its load of beer barrels which caused an eight-car pile-up that closed the road for 18 hours.

The court was also told she "calmly, cynically and callously" deleted a record of phone calls made during her journey.

She will be sentenced on 15 July.

Christy George

M1 crash driver found guilty

Alex Smith

BBC News Online

Speaking of the M1, a Nottingham woman has been found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving after a crash on the motorway in November 2014.

Christy George, 38, of Hucknall, had denied the charge - along with causing serious injury by dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice - but was convicted of all charges following a trial at Leicester Crown Court.

M1 crash scene

Weather: Dry night followed by Saturday showers

Alex Smith

BBC News Online

This evening, showers will die away to leave a mainly dry night with variable cloud. Some mist patches may form in sheltered areas with winds light and variable.  

After a dry start on Saturday, scattered showers will be followed by more heavy and thundery showers - with some sunny spells between the showers likely.

That's going to make my drive on the M1 nice and pleasant tomorrow...

Nottinghamshire weather

'Staff crumbling under pressure'

Alex Smith

BBC News Online

Ian Campbell is a doctor at Park House, where they are now recruiting more staff.

"The most alarming thing this week for me is watching the reaction of my staff who really put themselves out to accommodate all of these patients, who are very welcome, but it's now taking its toll on my staff and I'm starting to see them crumble under the pressure," he said. 

Surgery sees influx of patients

Alex Smith

BBC News Online

A shortage of medical staff is making it difficult for a Nottingham surgery to take on more patients after another practice was closed indefinitely by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Almost 1,000 patients have gone to the Park House Medical Centre in Carlton since The Willows Medical Centre was closed. 

Willows Medical Centre

Experian is 'business as usual' until it gets more information

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Nottingham-based firm, Experian, says it is looking at the implications of a UK exit from the EU.

The company has offices in 37 countries and its revenue, outside of the EU accounts for almost 80% of its global business.

A spokesman from the firm said: "While there is some uncertainty as to how and when Brexit will take effect, and what a future legislative environment may look like, we continue to run our business as usual." 

What does EU result mean for farmers?

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Nottinghamshire crop farmer Peter Gadd says Britain needs to hold "urgent discussions" about the future of the industry outside the EU.

At the moment many farmers get subsidies from Europe which form a large part of their income, but after today the future for funding is now uncertain.

Peter Gadd

Mr Gadd said: "Without those payments a lot of businesses probably won't survive.

"We need to re-establish some of our market place in Europe and outside Europe and trade deals and negotiations need to be re-established, but it's not going to happen overnight."

'Overwhelming majority' of students were in favour of staying

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Nottingham Trent University has also been commenting on the result.

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck, said there would be no immediate change for their EU programmes and international students and staff until the two-year negotiation process starts.

He said a poll by staff at the university showed there was "an overwhelming majority" in favour of staying in the EU.

Blues sign ex-Forest midfielder Tesche

BBC Nottingham Sport

If you've had enough political news for today, here's some sport.

German midfielder Robert Tesche has signed for Birmingham City on a three-year contract after his release from Forest.

Robert Tesche

University reassures students 'nothing will change overnight'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The leave vote could have some implications for our universities too.

In particular international students and the Erasmus exchange scheme, which allows students within the EU to study abroad.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Greenaway said in a statement nothing will change immediately but they will put in place plans to manage the impact of the UK's exit from the EU on their students and staff once negotiations begin.  

Council deputy leader: 'We must accept vote' and move forward

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Councillor Graham Chapman, deputy leader of Nottingham City Council, says he thinks there will be two to three years of turbulance and will "hit people in their pockets" in the short-term.

He said European funding could dry up in a few years time and then they will be "fighting hard for the government to compensate".

However, Mr Chapman said they must accept the democratic vote and now "move forward as a city and make the most of new challenges facing us".

Your views: People need to 'think positively'


There has been a mixed response to Anna Soubry's comments about today's result being a "very, very bad mistake", on our Facebook page.

Anna Soubry

Ian Marriott said: "Stop talking the UK down you lost suck it up and get behind building Britain and do your job or step down."

Keith Miles wrote: "So many pessimistic. People think positively. We can do far better out."  

Region's enterprise partnership waiting for funding implications

Chris Doidge

BBC Radio Derby political reporter

D2N2 - the Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Enterprise Partnership - says it is "awaiting advice" from the government on what today's result means for their current European Funding programmes.

Corbyn has to 'show up to task' says MP

Tony Roe

BBC East Midlands political editor

The opposition job is to be "calm and reasonable" says Vernon Coaker, Labour MP for Gedling and shadow secretary of state for Northern Ireland on worries about the Irish border.

On Jeremy Corbyn, he says "he has to show he's up to the task".

MEP confident UK can keep strong relationship with Europe

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

East Midlands MEP Andrew Lewer has welcomed the referendum result and said while it will have been a shock to many, it was important to now "act carefully and reasonably to plan and negotiate our exit".

Andrew Lewer

He said the leave vote did not mean the UK was turning its back on Europe, "rather, we have chosen to take control of our own destiny and reject the ever-closer union that was the EU project".

He said he believed the country could still maintain strong relationships across Europe to strengthen trade.

Helmer: Vote 'saved Britain'

East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer was pleased with the result.

View more on twitter

Nottingham has fifth worst turnout in country

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Nottingham has been named as the fifth worst in the country with 61.82% according to a table from the Independent newspaper.

Your views: 'Move forward and make it work'

East Midlands compared to rest of UK

Amy Woodfield

BBC Local Live

Here's how we voted compared with the rest of the country...

Table showing how the East Midlands compares in EU vote

Second highest in favour of LEAVE.

Market should 'level' in coming weeks says expert

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The decision the leave the EU has already hit both the value of the pound and share prices. 

Dr Matt Ashton, politics expert at Nottingham Trent University, said it should "find a level and resolve itself" in a couple of weeks.

He said: "The uncertainty will remain as Britain is much more vulnerable."

Region's business leaders want 'clear plan'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The East Midlands Chamber says there now needs to be a "clear timetable from government on the UK's exit from the EU."

Chief executive, Scott Knowles, said  the government needed a plan to "support business confidence and economic growth, particularly if the economy takes a downward turn."

Trust says it needs to protect environment and wildlife

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

The Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has commented on what today's result means for wildlife and the environment.

A statement from the trust said they were now "under pressure" to protect places like Sherwood Forest and Attenborough Nature Reserve where EU funding has helped invest in projects there.

Attenborough Nature Reserve

'Mixed bag' of reaction in Mansfield

Rebecca Dickson

Reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

There was a mixed bag of reaction in Mansfield this morning but everybody I spoke to had voted to leave and were happy with the result.

"One woman said she had voted out because she wanted to buy her fruit and veg from a local farmer rather than being told by the EU where to get her produce from.

Mansfield market

Another teenager who had voted for the first time said she voted out but didn't realise we couldn't go back in unless we joined the Euro.  

Some people even said they thought the town's market could now improve outside the EU.

Your views: Mansfield seventh highest in leave vote


There's reaction on our Facebook page that Mansfield had the seventh highest leave vote in England.

Mark Paterson wrote: "Well done Mansfield."

While Steven Syme wrote: "hardly a surprise, this is mansfield after all...."

Soubry reacts to Cameron resignation

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry told BBC News after David Cameron's announcement that it was "terrible" news.

She said the Prime Minister had no alternative but to step down and showed "beautiful composure" as he made his speech.

Anna Soubry

"He has been a remarkable Prime Minister and I hope this [the referendum] won't cloud our memory of him."

Your views: 'Vote should have been for younger generation'

'Labour voters won this' says John Mann

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Bassetlaw Labour MP John Mann has been on the BBC news channel giving his thoughts on the results and the future of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.

"Labour votes won this referendum," he said.

John Mann

Mr Mann said he had not signed a letter signed by 55 Labour MPs calling for Mr Corbyn's resignation.

He said the biggest issue now is what the agenda should be not who is in charge.

Student says young people 'didn't want to leave'

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Charlotte Martin, a third year undergraduate at the University of Nottingham, told BBC Radio Nottingham she was "downhearted and devastated" by the results of the referendum.

"Young people didn't want to vote out at all," she said.

"Predominantly they wanted to stay in and when it comes to renegotiation by whoever is in charge, I think university spending should be on the agenda."

'Country can survive outside EU' says Sherwood MP

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

Conservative MP for Sherwood, Mark Spencer, told BBC Radio Nottingham this morning he was "apprehensive" to see what happens now.

"I have always said we can survive outside the EU."

Mark Spencer MP

"I personally thought it would have been better if we stayed in but democracy has taken hold and we are leaving the EU."

Holidaymaker says Greece cash machines now accepting money

Jenrick says there are 'huge opportunities'

Your comments: UK vote to leave the EU


You've been busy talking about the EU Referendum result on our Facebook page.

A neon sign for the 2016 referendum in Manchester Town Hall
Getty Images

Tony Lewis says: "Should listen to the people. time for the MP's to earn their money and start fixing things instead of sweeping them under the carpet."

Andy Sheret says: "A win for the narrow minded and misinformed. Nearly half of the country has been robbed."

Semi-finals at tennis open

Charlie Slater

BBC Radio Nottingham sports reporter

Whatever your thoughts on the voting results, it's back to business at the Nottingham Aegon Open today.

It's semi-final day but first up on centre court today will see Kevin Anderson and Steve Johnson finish off their quarter final.

Bad light saw play suspended last night with the match tied at one set all and going with serve in the third set. Anderson currently leads 4 - 3.

Nottinghamshire mostly votes leave

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

All but one council area of Nottinghamshire has voted to leave the EU.

Alice, a caller to BBC Radio Nottingham from Carrington, Nottingham, said she felt "frightened of the future".

Nottingham count

"It potentially gives a mandate for a lot of prejudice against people who have immigrated here, whether from the EU or elsewhere," she said.  

Market stall holder doesn't think trade will change

Sandish Shoker

BBC News Online

BBC Radio Nottingham's politics reporter Peter Saull has been down to the World Market that's open in Nottingham's Market Square.

One of the stall holders, Richard, who voted "stay" told him he wanted our country to be run by people here and not Brussels.

"No-one knows what's going to happen," he said. "But I don't think trade is going to change."

Cameron says 'British views should be respected'

Here's David Cameron's full speech as he announced he would stand down in the next three months.