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  1. Goodbye

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    That's the end of this week's live updates for Northamptonshire. Thank you for joining us.

    It's been a busy afternoon and you can scroll back to see reaction from the local election, where the Tories increased their majority at Northamptonshire County Council.

    And you can visit here to catch up with the local election results from across the UK.

    We'll be back with regular news, sport, weather and travel updates for the county from 08:00 on Monday.

    In the meantime, have a great weekend.

  2. Northamptonshire's share of Conservative vote higher than national average

    In Northamptonshire, the Conservative party gained 8,832 votes in yesterday's local elections - 45.54% of the vote.

    It's higher than the national projected vote share for the Tories, which stands at 38%.

    The projected national share figures are what the share of the vote would be if all parts of Britain had local elections and had voted in the same way as Thursday's English county council elections.  

  3. BreakingCounty council election: It's all over

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    All 57 seats on Northamptonshire County Council have now been declared. Here's the final result...

    The Conservatives have extended their control with 43 seats, up from 36.

    Labour have one extra councillor, taking their tally to 12.

    It's been a disappointing day for the Liberal Democrats, who've seen their number of seats fall from six in the 2013 election to two. Their local leader, Brendan Glynane, lost his Delapre seat to Labour. 

    And there'll be no UKIP representatives on the council. Their three seats were Tory gains. 

  4. County council election: Labour group leader to stand down

    Craig Lewis

    BBC News

    John McGhee has announced he is to stand down as Labour group leader on Northamptonshire County Council.

    Mr McGhee won his Kingswood ward and Labour look set to win more than the 11 seats they had before today.

    John McGhee

    He said: "It's been extremely difficult watching the destruction of public services in Northamptonshire [by the Conservatives].

    "I decided [to stand down] well before this election. I've been doing it so long. It has nothing to do with today's results.

    "I think it is time for fresh blood." 

    He added he would continue to hold the Conservatives on the council to account.  

  5. County council election: Tory leader 'very pleased'

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    It's been a good day for the Conservatives in Northamptonshire.

    They've extended their control of the county council from the 36 seats they won in 2013 to 40 so far, with five left to declare.

    Heather Smith, Conservative leader on the council, said: "I'm very pleased. We've exceeded our number from four years ago and our target for 40 seats.

    Heather Smith

    "We expected turnout to be low because of the general election.

    "I expected the Liberal Democrats to do better.

    "I can't foresee a bigger majority will make a difference [to how we govern]. We have to work within a certain budget."

  6. Tories' vote share in East trumps national average

    Deborah McGurran

    BBC East political editor

    These elections have seen UKIP wiped off the county council political map. Most surprisingly, they lost every single seat in Essex, an area that fostered their growth and of course, until recently boasted their only MP. In all they lost 48 seats across the east and now have no representation across its six counties.

    The Conservatives appear to be the beneficiary. They have regained control of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk and strengthened their grip on Essex, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

    Labour held on in some of its heartland seats but suffered elsewhere, particularly in Stevenage and Harlow, where the Conservatives made gains.

    Conservative candidate Dick Madden celebrates

    It was a mixed picture for the Liberal Democrats who lost seats on Essex, Suffolk and Northamptonshire but they made some gains from the Conservatives in Norfolk.

    The Green Party lost their stronghold in Norwich but made a gain in Suffolk where they now hold three county council  seats.

    The vote share from yesterday's local elections confirms that across the east the Conservatives are once again the dominant party.

    With all the votes counted, the Tories share of the vote ranged from 43% in Suffolk and Essex to a staggering 51% in Northamptonshire. The national average appears to be about 38%.

    Labour saw a small surge in support in its traditional heartlands and its average share across the region was 13.7%. But that's way below the national average of 27% and shows how little support the party has in our region.

  7. County council election: Labour 'strengthened'

    Craig Lewis

    BBC News

    Labour's Danielle Stone has told me she thinks the Labour group has been "strengthened in this election".

    She said she believes in strong opposition and Labour can provide that.

    She added: "I only won last time by 50 votes and now I have a huge majority".

    Mrs Stone retained her seat in Abington and Phippsville.

  8. County council election: UKIP wiped out

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    All three UKIP councillors on Northamptonshire County Council have lost their seats, mirroring big losses for the party all over the country in these local elections.

    Brackley, Daventry West and Kingsthorpe North were all Conservative gains.

    We're entering the closing stages of the count now. With six seats left to declare, the Tories are on 40 seats and Labour have 11.

  9. Weather: Mild tonight, cloudy and cooler tomorrow

    Alex Dolan

    BBC Look East weather

    This evening it will be staying mostly fine with some areas of cloud at times. One or two spots of drizzle possible overnight, but staying mild.

    Winds will be moderate, with lows of 7C (45F).

    Weather map

    It will be a rather cloudy start to the day tomorrow. Generally cloudier than today with some brighter spells, but feeling cooler.

    Winds light to moderate and highs of 10C (50F) on the coast and 14C (57F) inland.

    There's more at BBC Weather.

  10. County council election: Tories extend control

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    The Conservatives have increased their control of Northamptonshire County Council.

    They've reached 37 seats, one more than their total in 2013, with nine left to declare.

    Labour have 11 councillors so far, matching their tally from last time.

    The Lib Dems have lost three of their six seats - two to Labour and the other to the Tories. Their other three seats have yet to declare.

    UKIP have so far lost two of their three councillors.

  11. County council election: UKIP 'getting a bit of a kicking'

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    Keith Hudson

    UKIP have suffered big losses in local elections across the country. On Northamptonshire County Council they've lost two of their three seats so far - Brackley and Daventry West - to the Tories.

    Keith Hudson is the UKIP candidate for Oakley - currently a Labour seat - and admitted he wasn't feeling confident about his chances. 

    He said: "UKIP is getting a bit of a kicking. 

    "We can just live in hope, can't we. Keep looking upwards until you go down." 

  12. County council election: Lib Dem leader warns of Tory cuts

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    As we reported earlier, the Liberal Democrats suffered a major blow with their local leader, Brendan Glynane, losing his Delapre seat to Labour.

    Asked about the possible increase in the Tory majority at County Hall, Mr Glynane said: "I think they will be emboldened by this.

    "The finances are not sorted, there is nothing left in the bank.

    "I think you will see some severe cuts." 

    Labour's Julie Davenport has taken the Delapre & Rushmere seat. Mr Glynane said he suffered due to the three-way split in the ward.  

  13. County council election: Tories retain control

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    So, the Conservatives have reached that magic number of seats - 29 - just over half of the 57 seats on Northamptonshire County Council, meaning they retain overall control.

    In fact, as things stand, they now have 32 councillors with 15 seats to be declared. They won 36 in 2013.

    Labour are into double figures. A second gain from the Liberal Democrats - the St George's seat - takes their total to 10.

  14. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: M1 Northamptonshire northbound

    BBC News Travel

    M1 Northamptonshire northbound severe disruption, at J15 for A45.

    M1 Northamptonshire - Queuing traffic on entry slip road on M1 northbound at J15, A45 (Northampton), because of an earlier broken down vehicle. All lanes have been re-opened.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time

  15. BreakingConservatives retain control of the county council

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    The Tories have reached 29 seats meaning they retain control of Northamptonshire County Council.

  16. County council election: Halfway stage

    Stuart Bailey

    BBC News

    Just over half of the 57 seats up for grabs on Northamptonshire County Council have now been declared.

    With 29 results in, here's the situation so far:

    The Conservatives have won 22 seats including three gains - from Labour, UKIP and an independent councillor - and no losses. They won 36 seats in the 2013 election.

    Labour's tally stands at seven - including one gain from the Lib Dem group leader, Brendan Glynane, who loses his Delapre seat. They previously had 11 councillors. Mick Scrimshaw has held on to the Northall seat. He's also the party's general election candidate for Kettering. 

    UKIP have lost one of their three seats on the council so far, with Brackley going to the Tories.

    No wins for the Liberal Democrats yet. They won six seats last time.

    And a reminder that the winning post is 29. Any party that reaches this number of seats will have overall control of Northamptonshire County Council.

  17. Envelope update

    Severe disruption: M1 Northamptonshire northbound

    BBC News Travel

    M1 Northamptonshire northbound severe disruption, at J15 for A45 affecting High Street.

    M1 Northamptonshire - M1 entry slip road closed and queuing traffic northbound at J15, A45 (Northampton), because of a broken down vehicle. Congestion on A508 London Road to the High Street junction.

    To report traffic and travel incidents dial 0330 123 0184 at any time