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Live Reporting

Sarah Lee and Chirag Trivedi

All times stated are UK

  1. Jury sent home

    The jury have been sent home while legal arguments take place.

    Judge Joseph QC is discussing her plans for her summary and verdict directions with counsel.

    She plans on beginning her summing up at 10:00 tomorrow.

  2. 'Youth didn't do anything in Amy's Park'


    Ms Wong has said: "If on evidence you think Svenson is the stabber then you must think of the 17-year-old's position.

    "The 17-year-old was standing close by but actually he didn't do anything. He was just there.

    "If you strip out the 17-year-old's bad character, you might give him the benefit of the doubt.

    "We suggest you cannot be sure the 17-year-old was involved in a plan to kill or cause GBH that night.

    "The right verdict in this case is not guilty of murder."

    Ms Wong has ended her closing remarks.

    The jury have been sent for lunch.

  3. 'Youth saw Svenson drop a knife on the floor'


    On the evening of 1 March, the 17-year-old began running as he saw Svenson Ong-a-Kwie had began running, Ms Wong told jurors.

    "His first thought was that something had gone wrong. He said he wasn't carrying a knife and that nothing was said in the car," Ms Wong said.

    "He looked at Svenson for him to say something.

    "That's no surprise as Svenson is the one who did the deed.

    "In Lawns Park later that night, Svenson had said he had "****** up," Ms Wong added.

    "As they walked, the 17-year-old saw Svenson drop a knife on the floor with a black handle."

  4. Jury back from break

    The 12 members of the jury have returned from the break.

    They will now hear from Ms Wong who will finish her closing speech.

  5. Jury take break

    The jury have retired for a 20 minute break.

    Ms Wong will continue her closing remarks when they return.

  6. Svenson is cold and callous - Natasha Wong QC


    On the day after Jodie was stabbed, Svenson Ong-a-Kwie went for a meal for his sister's birthday in a "crisp, white shirt", Ms Wong told the court.

    "It's proven from this that Svenson is a man who is cold and callous, who only has thoughts about himself.

    "And he is a man who has not told you the whole truth."

  7. 'You're not being asked to decide if youth stabbed boy in 2018'

    Ms Wong is now talking about the events of 6 September 2018, when the 17-year-old got involved in a fight with two other boys, leaving one of them with a stab wound to the neck.

    "You are not asked to decide who stabbed that boy on 6 September," she said.

    "But even if the 17-year-old did stab that boy, it doesn't mean he stabbed Jodie Chesney.

    "What that footage [CCTV of the 6 September incident] shows, is that Svenson jumped of a motorbike and started an attack."

  8. 'Rucksack knife not used for violence'

    "I am not inviting you to like the 17-year-old, or to agree with him," Ms Wong said.

    In relation to the knife found in the youth's backpack that was "dumped" in resident Mr Mihai's garden, Ms Wong said there was "no evidence" it had been used to cause violence.

  9. 'Only Svenson could have inflicted Jodie's wound'


    Ms Wong has reminded jurors of pathology evidence from Dr Fegan-Earl.

    "I had one question to Dr Fegan-Earl," Ms Wong said. "And that was, how long it would have taken to produce Jodie's wound?"

    "Dr Fegan-Earl said it would have taken a fraction of a second.

    "The only person who could have done that [the stabbing] in that time was Svenson," Ms Wong said.

    She also said that Jodie's wound track, which went in the direction of left to right, "could not have been to conceived with the 17-year-old crossing over and stabbing Jodie."

  10. Boyfriend 'unlikely to forget the face of Jodie's killer'


    Jodie's boyfriend, Eddie Coyle, said he was certain the man who came through the gate of the park was "dark black, quite dark" and "taller than the other boy", Ms Wong has reminded jurors.

    He also had "large nostrils", Ms Wong said, repeating Mr Coyle's statement.

    "The taller one swung his arm in a downward angle and stabbed Jodie in the back and the shorter one was about a metre away," Mr Coyle previously told the court.

    Ms Wong had asked Mr Coyle if he was sure this was the man who stabbed Jodie, to which he replied that he was "certain".

    "There is no room for doubt at all as to the identity of the stabber," Ms Wong said.

    "It is tragic. Eddie Coyle was sitting there watching his girlfriend when this happened.

    "That image is probably never going to leave him. He is unlikely to forget the appearance of the person who did this to his girlfriend."

  11. 'Svenson's position in Amy's Park proves he was the stabber'

    Amy's Park

    Ms Wong has began addressing the jury.

    She said Charlie Sherrard QC's closing remarks had "fatal errors" and failed to discuss "crucial evidence".

    "There is overwhelming evidence of the identity of the stabber," she said.

    "Mr Sherrard missed out one piece of crucial evidence which came from Svenson's own mouth.

    "[It relates] to where he was standing in Amy's Park at the time Jodie was stabbed.

    "The aerial image showed in court, which Svenson was asked to mark his position in Amy's Park, proves that only he could have been the stabber."

  12. What happened last week?

    Svenson Ong-a-Kwie (left) and Manuel Petrovic (right) with security guard
    Image caption: Svenson Ong-a-Kwie (left) and Manuel Petrovic (right) with security guard

    Last week, jurors heard from both Sarah Forshaw QC for Manuel Petrovic and Charlie Sherrard QC for Svenson Ong-a-Kwie.

    Ms Forshaw said Jodie Chesney's murder has attracted unprecedented attention and was "as topical as Brexit".

    She asked the jury to put its anger and prejudice aside in the case of her client Manuel Petrovic.

    "Mani is not someone who carries knives, and if he did, you would have heard about it," she said.

    "He does not operate in the life of violence," she said.

    "Mani is innocent of murder and innocent of manslaughter unless the evidence convinces you that you are sure he is guilty."

    While Mr Sherrard said Amy's Park was Svenson Ong-a-Kwie's "safe place" and so any violence there would be "bad for his business."

    The barrister said it was Mr Ong-a-Kwie's 17-year-old co-accused who stabbed Jodie .

    "The 17-year-old took matters into his own hands that night," he said.

  13. Welcome


    The trial into two men and two teenagers accused of the murder of 17-year-old Jodie Chesney has reached its final week.

    Today, Natasha Wong QC, for the 17-year-old defendant, will begin her closing speech.