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Live Reporting

By Sarah Lee and Claire Timms

All times stated are UK

  1. CCTV evidence concluded

    Crispin Aylett has finished with the CCTV evidence.

    The jury will sit again at 10:15 tomorrow.

  2. Manuel Petrovic 'assaulted outside betting shop'

    On 4 March, Mr Petrovic was in a betting shop - William Hill - in Collier Row, when he was assaulted by another man, Mr Aylett said,

    Jurors were shown CCTV which captured the assault by a "well-built white man".

  3. Mr Petrovic buys sim card day after Jodie's death


    Jurors are now being showed CCTV footage of Manuel Petrovic and another defendant on Saturday 2 March.

    They both enter Liberty shopping centre in Romford to try to purchase a new sim card, Mr Aylett said.

    They are seen sitting in the shop for a while, the prosecutor added.

    They fail to get a replacement sim card in that store, and instead purchase one from Argos, DC Shaw explained.

  4. CCTV: Two people walk to Amy's Park

    Video content

    Video caption: CCTV shows Manuel Petrovic's Vauxhall driving away from Harold Hill

    CCTV showing two men entering the park on Harold Hill on the evening of 1 March has been shared with the media.

    The footage then shows two men getting back into a black Vauxhall Corsa, which then drives away "at speed".

  5. 'Get the ting' - witness hears

    A witness statement from Richard Alexander is being read out to the court.

    Mr Alexander wrote that he saw a black male standing by the driver’s door of the Vauxhall Corsa on 1 March.

    "He was shouting at a white male in a grey-tracksuit who was stood by the basketball court some distance away", the statement read.

    "The black male was shouting, 'I’m going to get you'.”

    Mr Alexander then said he noticed another black male in the front passenger seat of the car who appeared to be looking for something.

    "The first black male shouted, 'Get the ting'.”

    He wrote he could see cars blocked behind the Corsa, as it was parked in the middle of the road.

  6. Back from break

    The jury has returned after a short afternoon break.

  7. Court breaks for the afternoon

    The court is having a short break for the afternoon. We will be back at 15:25.

  8. Police knock at Manuel Petrovic's house

    PC Livermore had gone to Elvet Avenue at 23:32 on the night of 1 March, to speak to the registered owner of the abandoned Vauxhall Corsa, Mr Aylett explained.

    The officer then went to Mr Petrovic's address in Highfield Road, Romford, where there was a note attached to the front door saying “Please don’t knock. Ring this number", the court heard.

    A woman then came to the window and said that Mr Petrovic was out, PC Livermore said.

    She said that she did not know when he would be back, the officer added.

  9. PC Livermore called as witness

    PC Joe Livermore has been called to the witness box.

  10. 'Car smelt of cannabis'

    Sarah Forshaw QC, for Manuel Petrovic, asked Mr Overton if the stationary car smelt of cannabis.

    He replied: "Yes, a little bit."

    The witness has now left the court.

  11. Next witness enters the court

    Witness Ian Overton has entered the court to be questioned.

    He has told the court how he saw the Vauxhal Corsa stationary with the boot up in the middle of the road.

    After sounding his horn, he got out and walked over to the car, which had its warning lights on, he explained.

    There was no one near the car; the driver’s window was open; as was the glove box. There were no keys in the car, he added.

    "At the back of the car, the lining of the boot was on the road.

    "I tried to call the police but my battery was flat. So I borrowed a phone from the driver of the car behind me."

  12. 'We're going to get in trouble anyway'

    Vicky Gaxha is another person who witnessed the incident of "the stolen car keys", Mr Aylett said.

    In a written statement to the court she said she saw a white male standing alongside the stationary Vauxhall Corsa on the evening of 1 March, he added.

    Ms Gaxha saw a couple of cars mounting the kerb to get around it, the court heard.

    She also heard one of the men say to the other, “We might as well do it. We’re going to get in trouble anyway.”

  13. Back from lunch

    The court has resumed following the lunch break.

    Jurors are expected to hear from three other witnesses throughout the day.

  14. Court breaks for lunch

    The trial will resume at 14:00 when we are expected to hear from more witnesses

  15. 'Something wasn't right'

    Asked why he took photos of the incident, Mr Gibson said "just in case it was involved in a crime".

    "Something wasn't right - it looked like a car-jacking.

    "The white guy seemed he owned the vehicle - while the black guys seemed like they were trying to steal it," he said.

    Then one guy said "just leave it", and then the two black guys jumped over a wall, he added.

  16. Next witness called

    Witness Charlie Gibson is now in the witness box.

    He has told the jury that he took pictures of a mix-raced male with a second male with light coloured trousers standing near a Vauxhal Corsa on the evening on 1 March.

    One picture shows one man trying to push the car while another picture shows a police vehicle at the scene and an officer speaking to people on the street.

    Mr Gibson said he looked down from his balcony to see two men - one white and one mixed race - standing with two black men by a black car.

    "One of them was saying 'where are the keys?'.

    "The two black lads were rummaging through the boot", he said.

  17. Woman sees argument around car

    Crispin Aylett QC has told the jury that a woman named Helen Galaga had been at home when she heard loud male voices coming from the road on the night of 1 March.

    It was evident that some sort of argument was going on, he said.

    Out on the street, Mrs Galaga could see a stationary black car in the middle of the road, Mr Aylett said.

    This was the black Vauxhall Corsa.

    Mrs Galaga noticed a white male in a grey tracksuit and a black youth with an ‘Afro’ haircut.

    As to what was being said, Mrs Galaga could hear: “Where’s the food?

    “Your brefern has told me you’ve got the ting.

    “Where’s the ting...Don’t lie”.

  18. Back

    The jury has returned after this morning's break.

  19. Morning break

    The court will take a short break until midday.

  20. Car abandoned after Manuel's keys stolen from car

    No more than two hours after Jodie was killed in Harold Hill, Manuel Petrovic and the second defendant, were involved in a "curious incident" in Gidea Park, just a couple of miles away.

    It ended with Mr Petrovic being forced to abandon his Vauxhall Corsa after someone stole the keys from the ignition, the court heard.

    CCTV with audio has been shown to the court, where one man can be heard shouting "where are my keys bro?".