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Live Reporting

By Sarah Lee and Claire Timms

All times stated are UK

  1. Court finishes for the day

    The court has finished for the day.

    Crispin Aylett QC will finish his prosecution opening tomorrow at 10:15.

  2. Drugs line phone activity stops for a few minutes

    At 21:18 someone had text the drug line number: “M8 what is that”, Mr Aylett said.

    There was no reply to that text. For the next five minutes, Mr Petrovic's drugs line was not used, the court heard.

    It was at this time, around 21:20, that Jodie was stabbed.

  3. 'Screams from the park'

    Jurors were then told of CCTV footage from a property on Retford Close which contained sound of screams coming from the park.

    Mr Aylett told jurors the footage will be shown to them in due course.

  4. CCTV: Two people head towards 'Amy's Park'

    Jurors are being shown CCTV from Friday 1 March at 21:19 of a black car driving along Retford Road away from St Neot’s Road.

    Another camera then picks up one or two people getting out of the car and striding towards the park and heading for the playground - 'Amy's Park', Mr Aylett says.

  5. Public in gallery wear purple ribbons

    Some of the members of the public sat in the gallery are wearing purple ribbon badges on their jackets in memory of the teen.

    Purple was Jodie's favourite colour.

    Purple ribbon
  6. Press and public sit in on the trial

    Old Bailey

    There are eight members of the media covering today's trial at the Old Bailey while a nearly full public gallery watch the proceedings in Court 8.

  7. A short break

    The court has adjourned for a 20 minute break.

  8. Return back to hostel 'consistent with picking up knife'

    Jurors were shown CCTV of Svenson Ong-a-Kwie arriving back at the hostel around 20:51 - where he came out again about a minute later.

    "Of course it will be remembered that, when the police searched Mr Ong-a-Kwie’s room just over a week later, they recovered a knife", Mr Aylett said.

    "There is no evidence that this was the knife that was used to stab Jodie; on the other hand, it can at least be said that Mr Ong-a-Kwie kept a knife (or knives) in his room.

    "Bearing in mind what was to happen, you may think that Mr Ong-a-Kwie’s return to his room at the hostel is at least consistent with his having gone to pick up a knife."

  9. 'I need you ASAP' - texts between defendants

    At 20:38, while Mr Ong-a-Kwie was on his way back to Collier Row, there were some messages between his telephone and Mr Petrovic’s telephone, including "I need you ASAP", the court heard.

    While Mr Ong-a-Kwie must still have been on his way back from Harold Hill, he sent another text to Mr Petrovic saying “Where can I come see you? ASAP..."

  10. Svenson Ong-a-Kwie 'upset' about something

    The prosecution told jurors that while Svenson Ong-a-Kwie was in Harold Hill he must either have heard or seen something that upset him.

    For his part, Joshua Compton said that there was no conversation between him and Mr Ong-a-Kwie.

    In any case, whatever it was, no sooner had the drugs been sold to Joshua Compton than Mr Ong-a-Kwie was anxious to get hold of Manuel Petrovic, My Aylett said.

  11. Further drug deals in the Harold Hill area

    Although Bryce Henderson had no luck getting hold of any "Pineapple Express" from Mr Onge-a-Kwie for himself and Kane Compton, Kane’s brother Joshua, 21, had used the "drugs line" number to order some for himself.

    Joshua Compton lived in Harold Hill, Mr Aylett told jurors.

    Mr Ong-a-Kwie arranged to deliver Joshua Compton’s drugs himself.

    This is important because it places Mr Ong-a-Kwie in the Harold Hill area around 20:00, Mr Aylett said.

  12. The two boys in the park

    Amy's Park in Harold Hill

    One of the boys in the park near Jodie and her friends is said to have been black, aged 18 or more, around 5ft 8-9 in tall; at least one of Jodie’s friends had thought the other male was also black, the court was told.

    "As I indicated earlier, the prosecution do not know who these two males are but it is not suggested that either of them was any of the four defendants", Mr Aylett said.

  13. Drugs delivered to 'Amy's Park'

    Harold Hill Park

    Jurors were reminded that Jodie and her friends had met up at Romford train station before going on to St Neots Road Play Park, known locally as 'Amy's Park' in Harold Hill at around 18:15.

    Jurors were told that some of Jodie's friends had received a text from Svenson-Ong-a-Kwie's "drug phone" advertising a new strain of cannabis known as "Pineapple Express".

    It was decided that on the evening of 1 March, one of the friends, Bryce Henderson, 18, would contact Mr Ong-a-Kwie to buy some of this cannabis to be delivered to 'Amy's Park', Mr Aylett said.

    However, there was no answer from the "drugs line", and they decided to buy from another dealer.

    The court then heard that Mr Henderson had bought cannabis from Mr Ong-a-Kwie in the past and the drugs had been delivered to him while he had been in 'Amy's Park'.

    On this occasion, however, Mr Henderson sent a text to a different drug dealer - named "Jade" - who delivered £40 worth of cannabis to 'Amy's Park' around 20:00 in a blue Mercedes.

    It was at this point that two males entered 'Amy's Park' and sat at the other bench from the group of friends and Jodie.

  14. Back from lunch

    We are back from a long lunch and expect the prosecution opening to continue until the end of the day.

  15. Break for lunch

    The court has broken for lunch and will resume at 14:00.

  16. Defendants' movements before Jodie's death

    Mr Aylett summarised to jurors that when looking at the evidence of telephone contact between the defendants as well as their movements on 1 March, the following is apparent to the prosecution:

    • That the first and third defendants were in business together selling drugs
    • That the first defendant was operating a drug-line and delivering the drugs in his car - a black Vauxhall Corsa
    • That the second defendant appears to have been some kind of "runner" for the first defendant
    • That the third defendant was operating another drug-line;
    • That at least on 1 March, the fourth defendant was helping the third defendant - Svenson Ong-a-Kwie to sell drugs
  17. How yesterday's hearing ended

    Sarah Lee

    BBC London

    Defendants in the Jodie Chesnet trial at the Old Bailey

    Yesterday's trial ended with Mr Aylett telling jurors that all four defendants were involved in the supply of drugs (to greater or lesser extents).

    Jurors were shown a distinctive woollen hat with stitched-in goggles which was worn by one of the defendants, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

    CCTV captured a male wearing this hat when accompanying fellow defendant Svenson Ong-a-Kwie less than half-an-hour before the murder of Jodie.

    This then led to the fourth arrest in the murder of Jodie Chesney.

  18. Jodie Chesney murder trial continues

    Jodie Chesney

    Good morning.

    The trial of four people accused of the the murder of 17-year-old Jodie Chesney in east London continues for the third day.

    Crispin Aylett QC is expected to continue with his prosecution opening.