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  1. General election updates for London 9 June

Live Reporting

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Jeremy Corbyn

The party has increased its dominance in the capital, gaining four seats from the Conservatives.

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Labour wins Kensington

Labour has gained the last constituency to declare.

Conservative candidate Victoria Borwick received 16,313 votes; while Emma Dent Coad, the Labour candidate received 16,333.

It means the new MP for the Kensington constituency is Labour - by a margin of 20 votes.

Jeremy Corbyn: The draw for young voters
Young voters have been key to Labour's successes in the general election in Wales and beyond, according to politicians and academics.

Goodbye from BBC London Live

Claire Timms

BBC London News

That's it for our general election coverage for London.

So far, Labour has gained three seats, the Conservatives Party has lost five and the Lib Dems won two.

We are still awaiting the result from Kensington and will update you later. Coverage of the national picture continues.

We'll be back as normal at 08:00 on Monday with all the latest videos, news, sport, travel and weather.

Have a good weekend.

Conservatives suffer losses in London

Election 2017

The Conservatives lost five seats in the capital, losing Battersea, Croydon Central and Enfield Southgate to Labour, who saw its majorities increase in a number of constituencies.

The Liberal Democrats also made gains in London as former government ministers Sir Vince Cable and Sir Ed Davey both won back the seats they had lost in 2015 to the Conservatives.


Reality Check: Has there been a surge in youth turnout?

Reality Check

David Lammy

The claim: Turnout surged among young voters - some are saying to 72% - which boosted Labour's performance in the election.

Reality Check verdict: We do not yet have any reliable figures for turnout by different age groups. While it is true that seats with the highest proportions of 18 to 24-year-olds had above average swings to Labour, there are plenty of seats with big swings to Labour and low proportions of young people.

The anecdotes began to roll in shortly after the polls closed: in places where the young had not voted for years they were turning out in force, queuing down the street for their chance to vote.

Heartfelt thanks to voters, says Diane Abbott

Pessimistic, uncertain, mildly optimistic, surprised - Londoners react to the election result

The BBC has been questioning its nationwide panel of ordinary voters in the aftermath of last night's general election result with this question:

What do you think of the election result? Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic for the future?

Pessimistic. A hung parliament is no good for this country. It will only cause more indecision and bickering amongst politicians.

Lynda, Kingston

I feel mildly optimistic that the Tories don't have the majority they thought they would get. I am very pleased that Labour did so well, despite the media campaign against them. However, I am pessimistic about the instability we are now faced with and I am very uncomfortable with the DUP propping up the Tories.

Sophie, North London

Pessimistic, poor result for the present PM , she has to go.

Tom, Twickenham

Quite surprised. It seems to be that this is the beginning of a new era - young people have finally used their votes and now they can see that they have an effect more young people will vote and they will start to shape society how they want it to be.

Richard, North London

Uncertainty and pessimistic. I kept my eye on the bookies, rather than the pollsters. The bookies called it right - 1/10 odds on for Conservatives to have the most seats and 3/1 on a hung Parliament.

Clive, SE London

Celebratory lunch for Ruth Cadbury and team

New MP for Brentford and Isleworth Ruth Cadbury (Lab)\and her team enjoy a celebratory breakfast after beating Conservative Mary Macleod at the polls.

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City of London Corporation: 'Markets do not like instability'

The City of London Corporation has given its reaction to the general election result:

Policy Chairman Catherine McGuinness said: “The City of London would wish to see an effective and secure government formed as soon as possible.

“Markets do not like instability.

"It is also important for the prospect of successful Brexit negotiations that we have certainty in the political system.

"We cannot risk harming London's position as the world’s leading financial centre or damaging the financial services industry, which supports 2.2 million jobs in the UK and generates £72bn in tax income.

“We will continue working with government and others to ensure this is understood.”

Suspended Ken Livingstone hails Labour's election gains

General Election 2017: London Results

What does London's political map look like now? With Kensington the only constituency yet to declare, Jeremy Vine explains the results in London so far.

Jeremy Vine on how London voted.

George Osborne enjoying life as Evening Standard editor

Diane Abbott thanks supporters

Harriet Harman thanks her election team

May to form a government to 'provide certainty' and guide UK through Brexit talks

Theresa May has said she intends to form a government that will provide "certainty" and guide the country through Brexit talks.

Labour MP Stella Creasy says Britain wants 'different direction' after landslide win in Walthamstow

Waltham Forest Guardian

Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy says voters have called for the country to move in a “different direction” after she was re-elected with a huge majority on a good night for Labour.

Ms Creasy swept the constituency, boosting her majority by more than 8,000 to 32,017 as Labour shocked pollsters to gain close to 30 seats nationally.

The landslide victory means the 40-year-old now has one of the largest majorities of any MP across the UK.

Evening Standard's Rosamund Urwin points to campaign mistakes

BreakingKensington count to resume at 18:00

The count for the Kensington Constituency will recommence in the Great Hall at Kensington Town Hall at 18:00 today.

Paws for thought?

BBC Politics

Larry the cat holds the fort outside No 10 as news of the hung parliament sinks in this morning.

Larry the Downing Street cat

Harman thanks people of Camberwell and Peckham

Diane Abbott: ''The British people have seen past the Conservative campaign''

Diane Abbott increased her majority to win the seat for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.

She paid tribute to public servants and says the Labour party fought a ''positive campaign'' addressing the issues that concern voters.

Theresa May lost the election - but no one else won

Evening Standard leader piece

Evening Standard

Last night the British people voted emphatically for “none of the above”.

It was not obvious that this option was on the ballot paper but voters found a way to deliver the outcome they wanted.

They were clear that they were not fans of Theresa May.

Her authority is non-existent. She herself said: “If I lose just six seats, I will lose this election.” Team May lost twice that number.

As an unelected premier, she had every right to seek a mandate. But she failed to frame what the election was about.

She made much of the fact that she didn’t play the “political games” of others but voters never believed her decision to call a snap election was anything other than a naked attempt to grab a landslide.

They called her out.

Diane Abbott 'humbled' by increased majority

Hackney North & Stoke Newington MP Diane Abbott got an increased majority from her constituents over 35,000.

The MP was replaced in her role as shadow home secretary by Lyn Brown earlier this week due to ill health.

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Travers: ‘Pretty surprising election result by any standards’

BBC London News

Tony Travers

“It’s a pretty surprising election result by any standards” Professor Tony Travers of the London School of Economics tells BBC London.

“I guess the vote share for London might be 50%. Labour has gained seats in the capital against all expectations. I think that’s in part been a bit of Remainers revenge.

“But beyond that Labour has caught the public’s imagination in a way that only a few of the pollsters had worked out. And that’s led them to this remarkable victory in London and across the country keeping the Tories to a hung parliament,“ he says

There was definitely a big turn-out among young vote would have helped Labour but he said there was also a Brexit overlay.

The Kensington vote is in particular remarkable, he adds.

“Corbyn’s mistakes were seen as a source of authenticity, while May started from a strong position and it all fell away."

Gavin Barwell: "I'll get to spend more time with my sons"

Croydon Advertiser


Conservative Gavin Barwell welled up as he thanked his mum, wife and young boys for their support during his time as an MP and the general election campaign.

Speaking after he lost the seat he has held since 2010, he said the one consolation for him was that the result meant he would get to spend more time with his family.

Mr Barwell saw his narrow 165-vote majority wiped out as Labour won a majority of 5,652 in Croydon Central.

Labour's Sarah Jones took 29,783 votes, with Mr Barwell managing 24,221.

Constituency map of the UK

Despite the general election results map being covered in Conservative blue, Theresa May and her politicians have failed to get a majority.

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Half of London's new MPs oppose Heathrow expansion say campaigners

Getty Images

Campaign group HACAN, has claimed that over half of London’s MPs are likely to oppose a third runway at Heathrow.

The group says its research shows 31 of the capital’s 73 MPs are known opponents of a third runway.

HACAN Chair John Stewart said, “Once the views of all London’s MPs are known, it is highly likely that a majority will be opposed to Heathrow expansion.

“Of themselves they may not stop it but they could act as a very awkward bloc to a new runway ever seeing the light of day, particularly given the fact that the new Government doesn’t have a majority of seats in Parliament.”

Grayson Perry's bid to get there first

Artist and broadcaster tweets...

Young voters deliver Labour gains

A high turnout among young voters boosted Labour's vote share, the National Union of Students said.


Why voting counts...

The General Election count in Kensington has been suspended without a result.

A third recount will take place "as soon as possible" after counting staff have had a chance to "rest and recuperate", the constituency's returning officer said.

Results for the London seat, which was won by the Conservatives in 2015, remained "very close" after the second recount.

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Theresa May made "catastrophic error"

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told BBC London he was “naturally disappointed” Labour didn’t have a majority government elected but points to the “extremely successful campaign in London”.

The MP for Hayes & Harlington also pointed out that people were saying: “Labour would be wiped out just five or six weeks ago.”

Mr McDonnell told the BBC people rejected the idea of the hard Brexit on the doorstep. And that out on the campaign trail most people were talking about “bread and butter issues”.

“They were talking school budgets being cut… what was happening to our health service, home care and social care,” he said.

Mr McDonnell criticised Theresa May’s “catastrophic error” of judgement in calling an election in the first place.

Shadow Chancellor: Labour ran an ''extremely successful'' campaign in London

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell

Shadow Chancellor and MP for Hayes & Harlington, John McDonnell says that the Labour campaign in London has been ''extremely successful''.

He's told BBC London News that Labour will offer itself as a minority government as the Conservative party is ''falling apart''.

Theresa Villers urges Prime Minister to stay on

Tim Donovan

BBC London, Political Editor

Theresa Villers hung on in her Chipping Barnet constituency with a vastly reduced majority.

Talking to the BBC afterwards she acknowledged the need to reflect on the result adding "it was right to listen to London".

But she pointed out: “We had a referendum on a national basis (on Brexit) and I continue to believe we can make a real success of Brexit, both for London and the rest of the country.

"Her position is very secure she is very much the best leader. It’s been a difficult night there is no doubt about that but we face difficult political challenges ahead and she is very much the best person to take forward the government and the Brexit negotiations.”

Labour on verge of historic result in Kensington

Tim Donovan

BBC London, Political Editor

Tim Donovan

Labour are on the verge, they think, of taking a seat which they haven’t held since 1974 – Kensington.

We were told the original margin was 50 votes in Labour’s favour, there was one recount, that came down to 38, there was then a second recount and people here were not told what that margin was….They’ve decided to put it off and they haven’t told us when they are likely to resume. But we won’t know the result until tomorrow at the earliest.

But if it goes Labour’s way it will cap a pretty successful night for them and a pretty dreadful night in London for the Conservatives and quite clearly on this issue of Brexit.

Note: The Labour candidate is Emma Dent Coad and the Conservative candidate is Victoria Borwick