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  1. Updates for Tuesday 16 December 2014

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Good evening

Duncan Smith

BBC News Online

That's all from BBC Local Live for today. I will be back on Wednesday from 08:00 with more news, sport, travel and weather from across London.

Tonight's weather

Tonight will be cold with some clear spells at first, but cloud, rain and freshening winds will spread in from the west later in the evening.


The rain will be persistent and perhaps heavy for a time, but should largely ease later in the night.

The temperature will drop to 4C (39F).

Blues in action against Rams

BBC London 94.9


There will be live commentary from the League Cup this evening with Chelsea at Derby in the League Cup.

Kick off is at 19:45 GMT on BBC London 94.9FM. There's full commentary with

@nickgodwinsport and

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Duncan Smith

BBC News Online

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It's better by far to be young at heart

Feeling young at heart can help you live longer, a study suggests - while people who grumble about being past their prime may be heading for an early grave.

Researchers from

University College London analysed data from a study on ageing which monitored the progress of 6,489 people for more than eight years. The research showed a strong association between self-perceived age and cardiovascular, or heart and artery, health.

Coming up

BBC London News


Tonight at 18:30 on BBC One: Three hospitals are told to improve after a damning report by health inspectors and G4S security guards are cleared of killing a deportee by restraining him on a plane leaving Heathrow.

Mr Turner up for seven London Critics' Circle awards

Mr Turner, the biopic about British landscape painter JMW Turner, has been

nominated for seven awards by the London Film Critics' Circle.

Mr Turner

Its star, Timothy Spall, is up against The Imitation Game's Benedict Cumberbatch in the best actor and best British actor categories.

More than 80,000 sign petition

Supporters of Wadih Chouery yesterday presented an 80,000-signature petition against his deportation to Lebanon, where his family claim he will face abuse because he has Down's Syndrome,

reports the Hounslow Chronicle.

The 44-year-old, who lives in Twickenham but is a popular figure at his family's cafe in Isleworth, Joseph's Patisserie, joined friends and family to present the petition at the Home Office headquarters in Westminster.

Search for National Gallery's new boss

The Independent

Three leading Dutch gallery bosses and the British curator who masterminded the National Gallery's blockbuster Leonardo da Vinci exhibition have been shortlisted in the race to become the UK gallery's new director,

The Independent has revealed.

Luke Syson, who is currently in charge of European sculpture and decorative arts at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, is among the frontrunners to replace outgoing National Gallery director Nicholas Penny.

Coming up

BBC London 94.9


On air now, Eddie Nestor will be talking about the London taxi industry after
a report criticised Transport for London for being "woefully inadequate" when it comes to regulating the taxi and private hire industry.

What do you think of the service provided by taxis in London? Call 020 7224 2000.

Council Library to be revamped by developers

A library will be revamped by a housing developer in exchange for building affordable housing above the facility, reports

This Is Local London.

West Barnes Library in New Malden could be replaced by a five-storey block, adding affordable housing, toilets and a community hall to the site.

James Bond will return... in SPECTRE

Actors Daniel Craig and Rory Kinnear, left, and director Sam Mendes, right, have been spotted today filming a scene on a canal for the new James Bond movie SPECTRE in London.

Filming in London
Associated Press

In a twist worthy of 007 himself, cyber hackers managed to steal and leak an early draft of the

film's script yesterday.

Timeline of the Jimmy Mubenga case

The four-year road from the death of Jimmy Mubenga on a deportation flight to the trial that saw three security guards cleared of his manslaughter.

Along with his wife Adrienne Makenda Kambana, Jimmy Mubenga lived in Ilford, east London, after arriving in the UK in 1994. He spent 16 years in the UK and was on a flight from Heathrow Airport in October 2010 when he died.

CPS reconsidered bringing charges

The decision two years later not to prosecute anyone over the death of the

46-year-old Angolan Jimmy Mubenga caused outrage among family and campaigners.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was forced to reconsider bringing charges against Terrence Hughes, Colin Kaler and Stuart Tribelnig in the wake of an inquest last year.

Home Office reaction to Mubenga verdict

A Home Office spokesman has said: "Any death is a tragedy for those involved and our thoughts are with Jimmy Mubenga's family.

Jimmy Mubenga and son
family handout

The spokesman added: "We expect the highest standards of professionalism and conduct from our staff and contractors.

"Our policy has always been that restraint during removals should only be used as a last resort. Our new bespoke training package for aircraft removals, approved in June this year, will better equip our staff with practical tools to minimise the need for restraint and ensure that only the most appropriate techniques are used."

G4S reacts to clearing of guards

G4S has reacted to the clearing of its former employees over the death of Jimmy Mubenga.

A spokesman said: "Providing a safe and caring environment for those in our custody or care is a priority for G4S. The death of Mr Mubenga was a tragic incident and our thoughts and condolences remain with his family and friends.

"We note the criminal case which has been under way at the Old Bailey in relation to Mr Mubenga's death and three former employees. We respect the legal process and the findings of the court."

CPS reacts to Mubega verdicts

The CPS has reacted to

the clearing of G4S guards over Jimmy Mubenga's death.

A spokesperson said: "This was a difficult case which involved very serious allegations. We considered that there was sufficient evidence and that it was in the public interest for a jury to determine the question of guilt or innocence.

"In this case, the jury has carefully deliberated all the evidence and we respect the verdicts they have reached in acquitting the three men."

News on the hour

BBC London News


The headlines on

BBC London 94.9 this hour include:

  • Three security guards, from the firm G4S,
    have been cleared of the manslaughter of an Angolan man who died after they restrained him on a plane at Heathrow Airport.
  • A man stabbed to death outside his home on the Broadway in Edmonton on Sunday evening
    has been named as Jack Barry.

Widow says airline should have stepped in

Adrienne Mubenga has said she believed the airline crew should have stepped in before her husband died.

"[The crew] should have saved Jimmy's life. Someone was crying, was begging them 'I'm dying. I'm dying, do something'.

"Now they're coming to me with 'sorry'. What can I do with 'sorry'? Nothing. He was begging them for help and nobody helped."

Adrienne Mubenga: Husband was 'sad' at deportation

Adrienne Mubenga

said her husband was upset the day he was being deported but was not angry or aggressive and would not have been fighting or struggling against the guards.

Adrienne Mubenga

"He was feeling sad. He was down," she said. "Fight is too much, but he was trying not to go back to Angola, he was trying to stay here with his family."

The statement added: "They bitterly regret the death of Mr Mubenga but have always said they were trying to do a very difficult job in difficult circumstances to the best of their ability.

"They are grateful to the judge and jury for the care they have taken resolving these sad events."

G4S guards 'delighted' at verdicts

The three guards said they were "delighted"

to have been cleared over Mr Mubenga's death.

The officers

In a statement issued on their behalf, Alex Preston of Olliers Solicitors, said: "Terrence Hughes, Colin Kaler and Stuart Tribelnig are delighted to have been found not guilty so quickly."

An inquest jury last year concluded that Mr Mubenga was unlawfully killed, prompting the Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider bringing charges against the three men - but not against their employer.

The jury in the criminal case was not told of the inquest verdict for legal reasons or that two of the defendants - Hughes and Tribelnig - had racist "jokes" on their phones.

News on the Hour

BBC London 94.9


The headlines

this hour include:

  • Three security guards have been cleared of killing a a deportee at Heathrow Airport.

During the case, six of the 12 jurors were sat in a mock-up of the Boeing 777 seats in the court to recreate where Mr Mubenga was pinned down.

They were told to place their hands on their head before their right hand was cuffed and placed behind their back by a police officer, and then their left hand was locked in position too.

The court was told when Mr Mubenga was taken on to the plane he was healthy and had co-operated with the guards.

While on the plane, he became upset which led them to restrain him in his seat and after 35 minutes he went into cardiac arrest.

Stuart Tribelnig also denies manslaughter
Stuart Tribelnig also denied manslaughter

He was pronounced dead in Hillingdon Hospital, west London, later that night.

Mr Brown was moved from his seat to the premium economy row 24 but said he could still hear Mr Mubenga complaining.

Colin Kaler and Terence Hughes (right), of the security firm G4S,
Colin Kaler and Terence Hughes (right) denied manslaughter charges

But the defence team questioned Mr Brown's version of events, saying he made two later statements and did not mention he had heard Mr Mubenga say anything from his new seat.

Passenger David Brown told the court he was initially seated in economy row 39 of the World Traveller flight - the same row as Mr Mubenga - and saw him flanked by guards in the middle three seats.

Jimmy Mubenga
Andy Dangerfield

He said Mr Mubenga was on his knees with his hands tied behind his back and he heard the deportee scream and repeatedly say: "I can't breathe, let me up."

The Old Bailey trial was told other passengers heard the 46-year-old Angolan complain that he could not breathe.

The defendants said they were unaware Mr Mubenga was in difficulty.

Mubenga death guards found not guilty

Terence Hughes, Colin Kaler and Stuart Trebelnig had all denied acting dangerously or negligently during the incident on board a British airways Boeing 777.

My Mubenga died of cardiac arrest while being detained at the rear of the plane.


Three G4S security guards found not guilty of manslaughter of Jimmy Mubenga, who died during an attempted deportation at Heathrow airport in October 2010.

More money for Kew Gardens

A further £2.3m to support research at Kew Gardens will be announced by the deputy prime minster today,

reports Your Local Guardian.

The latest announcement from Nick Clegg comes three months after he said the Government would pledge £1.5m to continue to current level of funding for the Unesco world heritage site until at least April 2015.

Edmonton murder victim named

A man who

was murdered outside his home in Edmonton has been named as 53-year-old Christopher John Barry, also known as Jack.

Christopher John Barry
Met Police

A 13-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of murder on Monday, and remains in custody at an east London police station. Four other teenage boys - three aged 14 and one aged 13 - arrested on suspicion of murder, have been bailed to return to an east London police station on a date in late January 2015.

News on the Hour

BBC London 94.9


The headlines

this hour include:

  • A man stabbed to death outside his home on the Broadway in Edmonton on Sunday evening has been named as Jack Barry.
  • At the Palace of Westminster £6m is to be spent looking into repairs. Some of the buildings haven't been updated since the 1950s. It's estimated the final bill for the work will be more than £3bn

Electrical problems

BBC London


tweets: Great Northern - Lines between Finsbury Park and Moorgate are blocked because of electrical problems. Awaiting further details

Hazy sunshine

Sunshine will become hazy as cloud starts to spread in through the afternoon.


Rain and fresh winds will spread in from the west through the evening, turning persistent and perhaps heavy in places.

The top temperature will be 7C (45F).

Joel Adesina murder : Further arrests

Detectives investigating the

murder of Joel Adesina, have made two further arrests yesterday.

A 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. An 18-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the investigation.

They are currently in custody at London police stations while a 20-year-old man arrested in Suffolk on Sunday, also remains in custody.