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  1. RAF called in to bolster breach in River Steeping
  2. State of emergency declared due to flooding in Wainfleet
  3. Flood warnings remain in place for Lincolnshire
  4. About 100 properties affected by flooding across Lincolnshire
  5. River Steeping breaks its banks at Thorpe St Peter
  6. Several roads in Lincolnshire closed due excess surface water
  7. Sandbags handed out to at-risk homeowners in Holbeach
  8. Flooding 'worst in 40 years' - Wainfleet resident
  9. 'Be a good neighbour' - Lincolnshire flooding advice
  10. Live updates on Thursday 13 June 2019

Live Reporting

By David McKenna and Lynsey Bradford

All times stated are UK

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  1. All the latest updates on Friday 14 June 2019

    For the very latest updates on the current flooding situation in Lincolnshire on Friday 14 June 2019, please click here.

    And keep listening to BBC Radio Lincolnshire for up-to-date information.

  2. Video content

    Video caption: RAF helicopter assessing whether it can drop ballast to block a breach in the river bank.

    An RAF Chinook Helicopter has arrived at River Steeping in Wainfleet. The crew are assessing whether it can drop ballast to block a huge breach in the river bank.

  3. Continued coverage on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

    The team at Radio Lincolnshire are providing more coverage of the operation at Wainfleet.

    They are on air with a special programme until midnight bringing you all the latest updates from the scene.

    Stay safe and we will bring you more updates online from around 06:30 on Friday morning.

  4. Helicopters through the night

    Lincolnshire Police have said they expect the helicopter operation to strengthen the banks of the River Steeping to go on into the night.

    Video content

    Video caption: RAF helicopter assessing whether it can drop ballast to block a breach in the river bank.

    Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Shaun West asked residents in Wainfleet to remain in their homes if they have not been evacuated to ensure the RAF could go about their work.

    He added: "It’s going to take some time so I apologise for the sound of helicopters through the night"

    "Frankly without the support of Fire and Rescue and without the support of Royal Air Force we would struggle to otherwise find a fix for this and return Wainfleet to where it needs to be."

  5. Families leave flooded Wainfleet

    The advice from Lincolnshire Police is to take all members of your family with you if you have been advised to leave your home because of the risk of flooding.

    People in a digger bucket
    Quote Message: Please take pets with you, the rest centre at Skegness can accommodate those, already I’m hearing about a bird, a cat and a dog so again they will be in good company. The prospect of returning tonight will be a difficult one so please take essential items so that you can carry on with your lives. from Temp Asst Ch Cons Shaun West Lincolnshire Police
    Temp Asst Ch Cons Shaun WestLincolnshire Police
  6. Police explained 'two pronged' flood operation

    BBC Look North

    East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

    Lincolnshire Police's Shaun West has explained to viewers of Look North what's happening in the operation in Wainfleet.

    Temp Asst Ch Cons West said there were two approaches being taken with the first being the "phased evacuation" of three streets.

    He also explained the second approach, which is the RAF dropping bags of ballast to stem the water in the area where the River Steeping burst its banks.

    Video content

    Video caption: Lincolnshire Police's Shaun West on Wainfleet operation
  7. Drone footage of flooding shows wider picture

    This drone footage from Chris Dower shows the scale of the water around Wainfleet.

    Video content

    Video caption: Drone footage of flooding at Wainfleet in Lincolnshire
  8. Scene from the air

    These images show the scale of flooding around Wainfleet.

    They were send to BBC Radio Lincolnshire by Twitter user @Richardesty.

    Flooding at Wainfleet
    Flooding at Wainfleet
    Flooding at Wainfleet
  9. Health advice for those in flooded areas

    Lincolnshire Partnership NHS have shared a helpful guide on how to stay safe when near or in flood water.

    NHS flooding health advice
  10. Rescue operation in Wainfleet

    Paul Murphy

    BBC Look North

    I'm in Wainfleet speaking to people and seeing how the emergency services are battling against the flood waters.

    You can see below residents, complete with cat, being moved from a flooded area to drier land.

    Video content

    Video caption: Lincolnshire flooding: Public rescued in Wainfleet
  11. RAF called in to combat flooding risk in Wainfleet

    The Royal Air Force has been called in to help shore up the River Steeping in Wainfleet and a state of emergency has been declared after a breach was discovered in the river bank.

    Flooding Wainfleet

    Shaun West, chair of the local resilience forum, told BBC Radio Lincolnshire RAF helicopters were being drafted in to drop sand and ballast to "try and bolster the breach".

    He said homes on three roads in the town - Matt Pitts Lane, Brewster Lane and Hastings Drive - are being evacuated with residents being sent to rest centres set up at the Coronation Hall, in Wainfleet, and the Embassy Centre in Skegness.

    "What's caused us to declare that state of emergency is we've discovered a breach in the bank of the River Steeping and we are unable to quickly stem the flow of that water, which obviously presents a risk to those residents and communities within immediate proximity," he said

    He said across the county about 100 properties had been flooded.

    Flooded house
    Flooded toilet
  12. Flooding declared a 'major incident'

    Flooding in Lincolnshire has been declared a 'major incident' by emergency services.

    Flood sign

    Teams from the county's fire and rescue are currently moving a number of residents away from their homes in Wainfleet, near Skegness, and Lincolnshire Police is stepping up it's presence in the area.

    However, the weather forecast for tonight and the coming days suggests the worst of the rain has already passed.

    Despite that, Deborah Campbell from the Environment Agency says it will take a while for water levels to subside.

    "We're expecting another 15mm of rain to fall so we're monitoring that closely and working with Met Office and the forecasts that come through to us. We anticipate there may be a slight increase in levels and we don't anticipate seeing a quick reduction in levels, certainly not for the next 24 or 48 hours."

  13. Flood warnings remain in place

    There are seven flooding warnings and 16 alerts in place throughout Lincolnshire.

    Map of flooding warnings

    Flood warnings - where flooding is expected - remain in place in:

    • Areas near the East and West Fen Catchwater and the Maud Foster Drain
    • Great Steeping and Firsby
    • Properties and villages near the Great Eau, Long Eau and Woldgrift Drain
    • Pollution drain in the Covenham St Mary's area
    • River Bain and Haltham Beck in Haltham and Kirkby on Bain
    • River Steeping in Wainfleet All Saints
    • River Waring immediately upstream of Stanhope Road
  14. In pictures: Flooding across Lincolnshire

    Heavy rain has brought flooding to parts of Lincolnshire, with more than twice the average monthly amount of rain falling in two days:

    There are still seven flood warnings and 16 flood alerts in place across the county:

    Welton le Weld
    Woolsthorpe Manor
    Flooded railway line
  15. Holbeach couple rig up pump to keep floods at bay

    A couple in Holbeach have rigged up a pump to try and protect their property from flood water.

    Lauren and Darren Barnes

    Lauren and Darren Barnes have dug trenches and used hose pipes to divert water away from their home and garden and neighbours' gardens.

    Ms Barnes said: "It's taken a lot of effort. We started on Tuesday night trying to dig really deep holes.

    "Yesterday, my father-in-law came over and he was in the army and thought about trenches. So we started digging different trenches and different channels to encourage the water to go down.

    "We've manage to get people we don't even know to donate hoses so we can extend it far enough away from the house to keep the water at bay. It seems so far to be working."

    Video content

    Video caption: Couple rig up pump to keep floods at bay

    She said they woke up on Tuesday to flooding in the garden and have been battling to keep the water at bay since.

    Her biggest concern now is contaminated water - she said she had found human faeces in the garden and the conservatory.

  16. Boston-Skegness railway line 'severely flooded'

    The railway line between Boston and Skegness is now severely flooded at Thorpe Culvert.

    Staff are monitoring the water levels in the surrounding area, according to East Midlands Trains:

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  17. Sandbags handed out in Holbeach

    Sandbags are currently being given out to people in Holbeach at risk of flooding.

    Council staff, police and the fire service are clearing water from Battlefields Lane.

    People should not walk through standing water without adequate footwear, the council warns.

    There have been some reports of sewage in some areas of South Holland:

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  18. Water company working to help people affected by flooding

    Anglian Water is working with the Environment Agency and councils following heavy flooding across the county.

    The company says it is working to make sure there are no blocked sewers and that its pumps are working as they should be:

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  19. Help centre set up in Wainfleet after flooding

    An information centre has been set up in Wainfleet for people who have been affected by flooding.

    The fire service, police and council are at Wainfleet Fire Station:

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