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By Alex Rhodes

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  1. Five things we've learned today

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    That's all from me this week but we'll have more news, travel, sport and weather from across Lincolnshire from 08:00 on Monday.

    Until then I'll leave you with five things we've learned today:

  2. Lincolnshire's weather forecast

    It'll stay dry this evening, but cloud will thicken through the night as rain spreads in from the west, accompanied by a freshening breeze.

    The minimum temperature will be about 10C (50F).

    Tomorrow will be cloudy and damp for much of the morning, but it will become drier during the afternoon with some bright spells developing:

    Weather graphic
  3. Mum's warning after freak accident puts baby daughter in burns unit

    Lincolnshire Echo

    A mum is warning other parents after an accident involving a cup of coffee left her one-year-old daughter in shock, blistered and covered in boiling liquid from the waist up.

  4. BBC Weather Watchers: Tranquil scene in Bourne

    BBC Weather Watchers

    It was a rather lovely Lincolnshire morning earlier today, even though it was greyer later on.

    This picture from BBC Weather Watcher FennySky sums that up perfectly.

    It shows off why Lincolnshire is a beautiful county to live in:

  5. Mustard gas investigation: Water samples come back clean

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    Water samples taken from a Stixwould lake as part of an investigation into the discovery of mustard gas canisters in nearby woodland have come back clean.

    The samples were taken to a lab for testing yesterday by helicopter. Even though no trace of the deadly chemical agent was found in the water, a Royal Navy bomb disposal team remains at the site.

    Two men and a woman arrested over the past few days on suspicion of possessing a noxious substance have been bailed by police.

    Supt Phil Vickers says it's expected that the investigation will continue into the weekend at the lake and the site of the original canister discovery in Roughton Moor woods.

    Quote Message: We expect searches to continue at the lake and in Roughton Moor. We will only withdraw when we know they're safe for the public. We won't put anyone at risk." from Supt Phil Vickers Lincolnshire Police
    Supt Phil VickersLincolnshire Police
  6. Drink-drive officer rehired as civilian investigator

    Jake Zuckerman

    Journalist, BBC Look North

    A Lincolnshire police officer who was sacked for drink-driving is back at work just over a month after her dismissal.

    Lincolnshire Police badge

    Rebecca Stevenson, 33, from Louth, crashed her car in July while driving barefoot in her dressing gown.

    She was found to be twice the legal alcohol limit when she lost control of her car and crashed into a ditch in the village of Saltfleet.

    A police disciplinary hearing in August dismissed her for gross misconduct.

    She is now working as a civilian investigator at her former station.

    Lincolnshire Police says it decided to re-hire Ms Flanagan because what she'd done was "exceptional and rare".

  7. In pictures: Lancaster over Lincoln

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    It's the last day of the flying season today for the RAF Coningsby-based Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF), and its crews have been marking it with a Lancaster flypast over Lincoln and nearby villages.

    I happened to spot it during my lunch break:


    A rather dismal effort I'm sure you'll agree. Luckily Matt Smart was equipped with something far better than my smartphone and caught the action on camera:


    He even managed to snap the Lanc over Tattershall Castle:

    Tattershall Castle

    You really put me to shame there, Matt...

    Can anyone beat that? Well, maybe Tim Dunlop who's the Bomber Leader at the BBMF:

    Bomber view

    Talk about the best seat in the house!

  8. Watch: Police drone footage as mustard gas search continues

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    As we told you earlier, investigators are currently searching a lake in the village of Stixwould for containers of mustard gas.

    Three people arrested in connection with the discovery of mustard gas canisters in a nearby wood have been bailed by police after being arrested earlier this week on suspicion of possession of a noxious substance.

    This footage of the scene at the lake, as recorded by a new force drone, has been released by Lincolnshire Police:

    Video content

    Video caption: The police and military have been searching a lake in Stixwould, Lincolnshire.
  9. Traffic and travel: A17 remains partially blocked in Gedney

    BBC News Travel

    The A17 is still partially blocked in Gedney.

    We can now confirm that there has been a crash there involving a car and a motorbike.

    As you may expect, traffic is still backed up around the area so do avoid it if you can.

  10. Your Lincolnshire headlines this afternoon

    Corazon Garcia

    BBC Radio Lincolnshire News

    The top stories from our Lincolnshire newsroom so far this afternoon include:

  11. Your afternoon weather forecast

    Owain Wyn Evans

    Weather presenter, BBC Look North

    We will see plenty of sunshine across the region this afternoon and it'll remain dry.

    Sunshine turning increasingly hazy throughout the day as a weather front approaches from the west:

    Weather graphic
  12. Volunteers sought for Lincolnshire Police force

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    A new campaign's been launched to encourage more people to volunteer to work for Lincolnshire Police.


    There are currently about 530 people who give their time and expertise to Lincolnshire Police for free, but a new campaign's asking more people to come forward to volunteer to help their local force.

    Roles include Special Constables, cadets and volunteer PCSOs.

    Jackie Rowe, Lincolnshire Police's Volunteer Coordinator, says volunteers play an important part and denies accusations from the local Police Federation that the force has become overreliant on them:

    Quote Message: We'd probably be in a worse position without them... but we don't rely on them as such. They do provide an extra additional resource for us across the whole organisation." from Jackie Rowe Lincolnshire Police's Volunteer Coordinator
    Jackie RoweLincolnshire Police's Volunteer Coordinator
  13. 'May must stay' - County MPs back embattled Prime Minister

    Sharon Edwards

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

    A former conservative party chairman calling for Theresa May to step aside as Prime Minister is dominating much of the national headlines today.

    Grant Shapps says he has the backing of around 30 MPs in a bid to bring about a leadership contest but it appears that the MP for Gainsborough, Sir Edward Leigh isn't one of them.

    Sir Edward Leigh MP

    He say's he's firmly behind the Prime Minister and that a leadership contest would be disastrous for the country:

    Quote Message: May must stay... I'm certain nine out of 10 MPs don't want a leadership election, we'd be the laughing stock of Europe. It would take months and the Brexit negotiations would stop dead in their tracks" from Sir Edward Leigh Member of Parliament for Gainsborough
    Sir Edward LeighMember of Parliament for Gainsborough

    He's not the only Lincolnshire MP to come out in support of the embattled Prime Minister.

    Matt Warman the MP for Skegness and the MP for Grantham and Stamford have both posted their support on social media:

    View more on twitter
  14. Council leader defends Scunthorpe homes plan

    Carl Wheatley

    BBC Radio Humberside

    The leader of North Lincolnshire Council has defended plans to build new homes and sport facilities just outside of Scunthorpe.

    Councillor Rob Waltham

    The authority wants to buy a 500-acre plot, called Vale Farm, near the Forest Pines Hotel.

    It's thought the development could create 250 jobs.

    The plans have been criticised by opposition Labour group who say they've been kept in the dark.

    But Conservative council leader Rob Waltham (pictured) has accused the Labour party of jeopardising the plans, saying publicly questioning the proposals was "reckless and irresponsible".

  15. Traffic and travel: Heavy traffic in Gedney

    BBC News Travel

    Traffic is currently reported to be queuing on the A17 Main Road in both directions around Churchgate, Gedney.

    It looks as though there's been a crash there, so avoid the area if possible.

  16. Peace in our time? War breaks out over clashing 1940s festivals

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    A decision by organisers of the Woodhall Spa 1940s festival to move the event to an earlier weekend has been criticised by the people behind the nearby Thorpe Camp 1940s Festival as the events now clash.

    Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival

    Next year, Woodhall Spa's event will be held between 7-8 July - a weekend earlier than usual - much to the consternation of the Thorpe Camp Festival which is due to be held less than three miles away and on the same weekend.

    Andy Hunter, chairman of the Woodhall Spa Festival, says he hopes the two groups can work together:

    Quote Message: We want to work together with them and increase the offer over the weekend. I personally don't see it as a clash, I see it as an opportunity for both events." from Andy Hunter Chairman of Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival
    Andy HunterChairman of Woodhall Spa 1940s Festival

    But John Haywood, chairman of the Thorpe Camp Festival, says he doesn't have high hopes for an alliance:

    Quote Message: I don't think it will work. They've tried to send some of the footfall down the road to Thorpe by bus before and it didn't really work." from John Haywood Chairman of Thorpe Camp 1940s festival
    John HaywoodChairman of Thorpe Camp 1940s festival
  17. Mustard gas investigation: What we know so far

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    We're now in the fifth day of an investigation into the discovery of mustard gas canisters near Woodhall Spa, with the police, army and navy all now involved.


    Let's take a look back at what we know so far:

    • On Sunday, police cordoned off an area in Roughton Moor woods after the discovery of what they thought was an unexploded World War Two device
    • It was confirmed on Tuesday that the items were, in fact, mustard gas canisters, a weapon used in World War One
    • It also emerged that the discovery had been made by two people digging for bottles, both of whom were treated in hospital for minor burns and respiratory problems
    • The area of discovery used to be home to an RAF station and an army base. Investigators are working on the assumption the canisters have been there since the sites closed in the 1960
    • Police announced the first arrest on Wednesday, with two more following. All those arrested were held under suspicion of possession of a noxious substance. They have since been released on bail
    Police at scene
    • A house in Lincoln was raided on Wednesday night by officers wearing gas masks and a house in Woodhall Spa was raided yesterday afternoon. Nothing was found
    • Only low background levels of mustard gas were detected at the Roughton Moor site and police do not believe there is a wide contamination problem
    • The investigation was widened on Thursday to include a lake at Stixwould, with a Royal Navy bomb squad now working at the site
    • Water samples from the lake were taken by police helicopter to a lab for examination and police say they believe any canisters found will have been dumped recently
  18. Concerns mustard gas may have been moved to lake recently

    Alex Rhodes

    BBC Local Live, Lincolnshire

    Investigators looking for more canisters of mustard gas at a lake near Woodhall Spa say if any are found they will have been moved there recently.

    It comes after three people arrested in connection with the discovery of mustard gas canisters in a nearby wood have been bailed by police after being arrested earlier this week on suspicion of possession of a noxious substance.

    Yesterday, police investigating the original mustard gas find at Roughton Moor widened their search to include a lake near the village of Stixwould.

    Water samples from the lake have been taken via police helicopter to a lab, it's not yet been confirmed if it contains traces of the deadly chemical agent:

    View more on twitter

    The original mustard gas find at Roughton Moor wood is believed to be a leftover from when an RAF station and military base stood there.

    However, Supt Phil Vickers says police don't believe any discovery in the lake will be historical:

    Quote Message: We understand the lake had previously been a brick pit. So, we think if anything has been deposited there it will have been fairly recent." from Supt Phil Vickers Lincolnshire Police
    Supt Phil VickersLincolnshire Police
  19. Row over new affordable homes near Scunthorpe

    Richard Madden

    BBC Radio Humberside News

    Plans to build 140 new affordable homes and a sporting facility on the outskirts of Scunthorpe are causing a bit of a stir.

    Vale Farm

    North East Lincolnshire Council wants to buy a 500-acre plot, called Vale Farm, near the Forest Pines Hotel.

    It's thought the development could create 250 jobs.

    However, the plans haven't gone down too well with the Labour group. The leader, Len Foster, says the cost of the land is huge, and developments should be built on land the council is selling in the centre of Scunthorpe.