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  1. Updates for Thursday 11 February 2016
  2. News, sport, travel and weather updates resume at 08:00 Friday

Live Reporting

By Amy Woodfield

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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    Updates on Leicestershire Local Live have now ended for the day. They'll start again tomorrow from 08:00.

  2. Weather: Chance of fog overnight

    Charlie Slater

    BBC Weather presenter

    A dry end to the day with clear skies allowing temperatures to drop quickly. However patchy cloud will increase through the night with a few isolated showers. 

    Some fog patches also possible. Min 2C 36F.


    Some brightness first thing Friday but it will generally be cloudy with a scattering of showers. 

    These showers have the potential to be wintry over high ground. It’s a chilly day 5C 41F.

  3. Your comments: Dad films himself delivering his daughter


    On Facebook you've been commenting on the amazing story of Martin Boyce delivering his own baby when his fiance went into labour at home.

    Martin Boyce delivering his daughter

    Pam Dixon-Hersey says: "My dad delivered me 60 years ago when there was no house phones."

    Zoe Scotney Wright says: "Beautiful precious moment xxx"

  4. More Premier League managers back Foxes

    BBC Sport

    The Crystal Palace boss, Alan Pardew, has been quoted saying: "We're a bit jealous of Leicester. The romantic in you wants to see them pull it off."

    Alan Pardew

    Similar comments have also come today from the managers of Stoke and Southampton.

  5. Welford Road Police Station to close

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    First a court, now a police station...

    It's been announced Welford Road Police Station in Leicester is going to close next month.

    Leicestershire Police say they're closing the station because very few people use the front enquiry service.

    Welford Road Police Station

    Other factors were that most of the building is empty, it's expensive to maintain the building and there's two other police stations within three miles.  

  6. Latest Leicestershire headlines

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    • Hinckley Magistrates' Court is to close as part of government plans to modernise the justice process
    • Loughborough's Lego people have returned
    • Leicester City are having their title challenge supported by many Premier League managers
  7. Stars or black holes could have caused gravitational waves

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    Dr Phil Evans, from the University of Leicester's department of physics and astronomy, says the most likely source of the detectable waves would be the collision of either two incredibly dense stars called neutron stars, or two black holes, or possibly a neutron star and a black hole.

    Black holes

    He said: “However, searches for even these waves require extraordinarily sensitive instrumentation, and has only just become possible due to the construction of an advanced gravitational wave observatory.”  

  8. Leicester astronomers respond to detection of gravitational waves

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    Scientists are claiming a stunning discovery in which the University of Leicester was involved.  

    They've detected gravitational waves for the first time, something predicted by Einstein nearly a century ago.

    The LIGO Collaboration fires lasers through long tunnels, trying to sense ripples in the fabric of space-time

    Astronomers at the University of Leicester were among the first to respond to the detection, searching for the counterpart with X-ray and infra-red telescopes.  

  9. Return of the Loughborough Lego men

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    The finished piece - don't they look great? 

    Lego people in Loughborough
  10. Boards 'less important for househunters'

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    In November 2013 the council introduced a voluntary code of practice asking landlords and agents to limit the display of "to let" boards, but many boards are still on display.

    The council is now looking to apply to the government for legal powers to ban the boards completely.

    To Let board

    Councillor Piara Singh Clair said: “We know people were in favour of a voluntary code of practice, but unfortunately only a handful of letting agents have complied with this.

    “When these boards are up almost permanently, they can affect the look of a neighbourhood and they’re not serving their proper purpose – instead, they're just acting as unauthorised advertisements for letting agents.

    “Many students also use online searches when they’re looking for property these days, so the boards are less important for househunters than they used to be.”

  11. Banning boards is 'bad for business'

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    If the council go ahead with banning the boards, a Leicester estate agent claims it will have a huge impact on student letting.

    Kieran is the sales manager of the Lettings Company on Western Boulevard near De Montfort University.

    Rydal Street

    He says: "Boards are necessary for all estate agents especially with us, we get a good 30% of calls a day from the boards alone.

    "As a yearly thing that could be up to 2,500 potential clients that we could be losing if the council banned these boards." 

  12. Too many 'To Let' signs

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    It's quite normal to see a board with "For Sale" or "To Let" outside a house or flat but when does it get too much?

    Leicester City Council wants to ban "To Let" boards from some parts of the city.

    It's after a consultation in the areas around the two universities found some people living there thought there were far too many of them.

    To Let boards on Jarrom Street

    This photo shows some on Jarrom Street but the worst areas are around Narborough Road and Clarendon Park.

  13. Court closure decision 'not taken lightly'

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    The MP for Hinckley has expressed his disappointment that Hinckley Magistrates’ Court is closing but says the news was not unexpected.

    Ministry of Justice

    David Tredinnick said: "Having spoken to the Justice Minister on many occasions about the future of the court, I know the decision to close the facility in Hinckley was not taken lightly but the part-time operation of the building was deemed unsustainable in the long term.

    “The option for local people to use the court in Nuneaton does at least address most of the access to justice issues I raised with the minister and this is a welcome development.”

  14. Couple wouldn't change 'magical' moment

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    The couple say it was very scary but looking back, they wouldn't change it for the world.

    Holly said it was nerve-wracking not having anyone there telling her what to do and what to expect but she feels lucky the whole labour only lasted an hour.

    Martin, Holly and Isabelle right after the birth

    Martin's happy he can tell the story to his daughter when she gets older... and she can even watch if she likes.

  15. From supportive partner to makeshift midwife

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    Holly was in the final stages of labour when she woke up but the couple didn't realise.

    They started loading up the car at first but then it was clear the baby was on its way.

    Martin delivering is daughter

    Holly got onto all fours in the living room, and while Martin started off holding his fiance's hand, he soon became the midwife.

    He says: "Your roll changes from supportive partner to makeshift midwife in a few moments and I think most blokes would step up in that scenario."

    An hour later, after a few pushes, Martin said their daughter Isabelle did a forward roll into his hands.

  16. Magistrates Court closing

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    The government has confirmed it's to close Hinckley Magistrates' Court. 

    It's one of 86 courts across the country, which will close as part of a modernisation programme.

    Hinckley Magistrates Court
  17. Latest Leicestershire headlines

    Amy Woodfield

    BBC Local Live

    • Leicester City Council is looking to ban 'to let' signs in certain parts of the city
    • A dad from Thurmaston captured the moment he delivered his daughter on video
    • Tom Youngs will miss tomorrow's game against Newcastle Falcons