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  1. Our live coverage across the day

    That marks the end of our live coverage of the Sadie Hartley murder trial. For further information, take a look at the news story.

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  2. Sadie Hartley killing: Women jailed for murdering love rival

    A woman who stabbed a love rival to death in a "cold-blooded" murder plot she orchestrated with a friend has been jailed for a minimum of 30 years.

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh

    Sarah Williams, 35, stunned Sadie Hartley with a cattle prod and stabbed her 41 times in an "orgy of violence".

    She attacked Ms Hartley, 60, at her home in Helmshore, Lancashire, in a bid to win back ex-lover Ian Johnston.

    Her accomplice, Katrina Walsh, was also jailed for life with a minimum term of 25 years.

  3. Sadie Hartley murder: Killing was 'brutal, evil and cowardly attack'

    Sadie Hartley's partner Ian Johnston broke down halfway through speaking outside the court after her killers had been jailed for life.

    Quote Message: No sentence imaginable can ever replace Sadie and everything she lived for. She was kind, loving, thoughtful, intelligent and the best friend anyone could have.
    Quote Message: The brutal, evil and cowardly attack perpetrated against defenceless Sadie tore into our families, friends and the communities we live in. There can be no forgiveness for such vile behaviour.
    Quote Message: I need to reflect, grieve for Sadie and hopefully find the means to rebuild my life.
  4. Sadie Hartley murder: Judge comdemns 'planned and rehearsed' murder

    In sentencing Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh for the murder of Sadie Williams, the judge Mr Justice Turner told them the businesswoman had "died for your amusement".

    He said:

    Quote Message: The meandering and over-elaborate planning served to heighten your pleasure by deliciously postponing your ultimate and inevitable gratification.
    Quote Message: Doubtless, the features of secret agent-style intrigue carried with them elements of fantasy but this was no harmless world of make-believe, it was a game of death.
    Quote Message: I am in no doubt that her murder was planned and rehearsed down to the finest detail.
    Quote Message: The murder method you adopted involved not only taking a knife to the scene but invading your victim's home at night and slaughtering her like an animal by first incapacitating her with a massive electric shock to the head and then hacking and slashing her to death with almost unimaginable ferocity.
  5. Sadie Hartley murder: 'Premeditated act against a defenseless lady'

    Speaking outside Preston Crown Court, Det Sup Paul Withers from Lancashire Police said Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh's crime "was a premeditated act against a defenseless lady".

    Det Sup Paul Withers
  6. Sadie Hartley murder: The scene outside the court

    Dave Guest

    Chief reporter, BBC North West Tonight

    I'm at Preston Crown Court where the media is awaiting family reaction to jailing of killers Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh.

    Media outside Preston Crown Court
  7. Sadie Hartley murder: 'My mum will never see me get married or meet my children'

    Ahead of the sentencing at Preston Crown Court today, Sadie Hartley's children read out victim impact statements.  

    Sadie Hartley

    Williams showed no emotion and Walsh sat with her head bowed as Sadie Hartely's daughter Charlotte told the court:

    Quote Message: I cannot explain how much pain this has brought to my family. The two women who murdered my mum plotted for months. I don't know how a human being can do this to another.
    Quote Message: My mum will never see me get married or have a chance to meet my children.

    Her son Harry described Walsh and Williams as "utterly dangerous creatures".

    The jury of 8 women and 3 men deliberated for seven hours and nine minutes before returning a guilty verdict at the end of the seven-week trial.

  8. Sadie Hartley murder: Killing was 'a game of death' says judge

    Two Chester women have been jailed for life for the murder of 60-year-old Sadie Hartley in her Lancashire home after they described their plot as "the perfect murder" in a diary. 

    Sadie Hartley

    Sarah Williams, 35 and Katrina Walsh, 56, were found guilty of the killing of Sadie Hartley at Preston Crown Court today.

    Before sentencing them both to life in prison, Mr Justice Turner said to the murderers: "There may have been elements of fantasy... but this was a game of death."

  9. Sadie Hartley murder: Williams and Walsh jailed for life

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh, both from Chester, have been jailed for life the murder of Lancashire businesswoman Sadie Hartley.

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh

    Williams, 35 will serve a minimum of 30 years and Walsh, 56 to serve a minimum of 25 years.

    Both were found guilty of stabbing the love rival to death in a "cold-blooded" murder plot at Preston Crown Court today.

    The judge, Mr Justice Turner, told Williams: "This was a crime of obsession, arrogance, barbarity and above all pure evil" and described Walsh as "degenerate".

    Adding: "Neither of you have shown the slightest remorse".

  10. BreakingSadie Hartley murder: Williams and Walsh jailed for life

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh, both from Chester, have been jailed for life the murder of Lancashire businesswoman Sadie Hartley.

    Williams must serve a minimum of 30 years and Walsh a minimum of 25 years.

  11. Sadie Hartley murder: Killing was 'pure evil'

    The judge at Preston Crown Court has told Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh that the murder of Sadie Hartley was "a crime of obsession, arrogance, barbarity and above all pure evil".

    He also described Walsh as a "degenerate" and said neither of them had "shown the slightest remorse".

  12. Sadie Hartley murder: 'Frenzied, brutal attack' motivated by jealousy, says CPS

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh have been found guilty of the murder of Sadie Hartley who was stabbed to death at her home in Helmshore, Lancashire in January.

    Sarah Williams and Katrina Walsh

    Although the attack on Sadie was committed by Williams, the court heard during the trial how she and Walsh jointly planned the murder in great detail in the weeks beforehand.  

    In a statement Wendy Evans, Senior Crown Prosecutor from CPS North West, said:

    Quote Message: Sarah Williams killed Sadie Hartley in a frenzied and brutal attack in her own home. She knew that Sadie would be alone at that time and ensured that she had no opportunity to defend herself.
    Quote Message: She was motivated by jealousy and a desire to get rid of the woman she saw as her rival and recruited her friend Katrina Walsh to the plan. Although Katrina Walsh didn’t take part in the vicious attack on Sadie, she knew what was being plotted and played a full role in the planning and preparations and later in the disposal of evidence.
    Quote Message: They believed they had planned the perfect murder and had covered all their tracks, when in fact they were leaving behind a trail of evidence. The prosecution team sifted through and pieced together the many strands of evidence in this case and proved the defendants’ guilt so that the jury were sure of it.
  13. Sadie Hartley murder: 'Cold-blooded, carefully planned assassination'

    Det Supt Paul Withers, who led the investigation into Sadie Hartley's murder, said it was "nothing short of the cold-blooded, premeditated and carefully planned assassination of an entirely innocent woman".

    Quote Message: I would like to offer my thanks to the jury for their careful consideration of all of the facts in this case and the prosecution team for all of their hard work in bringing this case to court and to a successful conclusion.
    Quote Message: While it may have been Sarah Williams who carried out the actual killing of Sadie Hartley, there can be no doubt that Katrina Walsh helped her every step of the way and was up to her neck in the planning of this brutal slaying.
    Quote Message: They are both as culpable as each other.
  14. Sadie Hartley murder: Police film details investigation

    Lancashire Police have released a film which looks at the investigation into the murder of Sadie Hartley.

    Video content

    Video caption: Two women found guilty of Lancashire businesswoman