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  1. Updates for Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare on Thursday, 28 April 2016

Live Reporting

All times stated are UK

Wet and windy this afternoon, drier tomorrow morning

Weather map

The rain will mostly clear through the first part of the night, although it will stay windy, especially over higher ground. 

It will remain fairly cloudy, meaning temperatures will be kept a little higher.

BBC Local Live for Bristol, Bath and Somerset is back tomorrow morning at 7am. Until then enjoy the rest of your day.

Patchway mail moggy gets a warning

Bella the cat might look like a regular cuddly moggy. But, she's had a warning from the Royal Mail for attacking the postie who has been delivering letters.

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#BristolDecides is trending on Twitter


While nationally Ken Livingstone, Ed Balls and the footballer Paul Lambert are trending on Twitter, here in Bristol the up-and-coming mayoral election is just as popular.

According to Twitter #BristolDecides has been trending for the past six hours.

We'd like to think it's because of our live debate on BBC Radio Bristol this morning when John Darvall grilled the 13 hopefuls.

Bath scrum coach Neil Hatley joins England

Neil Hatley
BBC Sport

Bath scrum coach Neil Hatley has joined Eddie Jones' England coaching team. 

Hatley will be England's scrum coach and will leave Bath at the end of this season. 

He joined Bath in 2012, previously the 46 year-old former prop was head of London Irish's academy and scrum coach. 

Hatley will work two days a week with the England team and the rest of his time will be spent working in the RFU's player development pathway. 

Inquest hears pair died after speeding car plunged into canal

Scene of the accident

Two men died when their speeding car crashed through iron railings and plunged into a canal in Bristol, an inquest has been told.

Adam Clifford, 31, and Andrew Sigley, 40, were killed when the yellow Skoda Fabia sank in the Feeder Canal in Bristol just before 6pm on 24 January.

The vehicle was seen travelling at speeds of between 60mph and 70mph on a road with a 20mph limit before it failed to negotiate a junction and "somersaulted" into the water.

Avon Coroner's Court heard Mr Clifford, who was driving, was more than twice the legal drink drive limit for alcohol and had traces of cannabis in his system.

Terence Moore, assistant coroner for Avon, reached the conclusion that both men died in a road traffic collision.

Bath fitness instructor Luke Vella attempts to set new deadlift world record

A fitness instructor from Bath is waiting to hear if he has set a new world record for deadlifting.

The current record stands at 5,520kg.

Luke Vella, 29, hoped to beat it with a lift of 5,600kg.

To be successful he had 60 seconds to lift 126kg off the ground 44 times.

Mr Vella hopes to raise £5,000 for The Grand Appeal, the Bristol Children's Hospital Charity.

A film of his record attempt has been sent to Guinness World Records to be verified.

Police hunt man wanted in connection with sexual assault

How a former library is being transformed in Bristol


Bristol247 reports on the community activists who are transforming a former Eastville library.

Eastville Library

Bristol Airport: 'Disruptive' person taken off flight

An Easyjet plane bound for Malaga had to return to Bristol Airport last night, due to what the airline called a "disruptive passenger".

Bosses said while such incidents are rare, it does not tolerate "abuse or threatening behaviour" on board.

Avon and Somerset Police said a 55-year-old man was arrested at the airport on suspicion of being drunk on an aircraft.


Royal Mail may ban deliveries over Patchway's 'mail snatching' cat


A couple have been told to restrain their cat or face having their mail deliveries suspended, after the pet was accused of snatching mail and putting "fingers at risk".

Matthew Sampson was notified by Royal Mail last week of a "potential hazard" at his home in South Gloucestershire which was "affecting deliveries".


According to Royal Mail, Bella the cat is a "threat" to staff, but owner Matthew Sampson, said he was "shocked" by the notice as he has "never seen her get aggressive".

Bristol mayor debate: Cycling

Brian in Whitchurch asks how would the city "enforce" cyclists to use cycle lanes which have cost a lot to implement?

John Langley (Ind): "We need the right infrastructure for the city". He wants cyclists to be insured and wear a number on their jackets or back packs so they can be identified in the event of an accident.

Mayor Kudehinbu (Ind): "I'd create more cycle paths and encourage cyclists to use quiet streets and paths. I'd encourage cyclists to wear their helmets at all times and to see that they are not drunk when cycling."

Paul Turner (UKIP): "Essential we encourage people to cycle and we give them areas and facilities where they can cycle safely."

Stoney Garnett (Ind): "Cycle lanes are a complete waste of money. If you ride a bike you've got to be seen, ride on the road and not the pavement."

Tom Baldwin (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): "Cycling's great but I do have a problem with bikes on the pavement. People with vision or motability problems are at even more risk from that. There does need to be some enforcement over the rules of cycling."  

Bristol mayoral debate: Bristol Arena

Steve from Warmley want to know if the Bristol Arena decision should have been made before the elections?

Charles Lucas (Con) supports the arena but questioned the timing of the "very rapid planning application" which he called "very interesting".

Kay Barnard (Lib Dem): "The city needs an arena but Steve comes from outside the city - we need to make sure the transport arrangements are absolutely right - especially from the south of the city."

George Ferguson (Bristol First): "We will get an arena and it will open in 2018 - it will be the best in the UK, bringing the biggest acts. I'm proud of that."

Marvin Rees (Lab): "We all want world-class acts in the city. We have to have a transport plan so when it happens it does not log-jam the city or people can't get there."

Bristol mayoral debate: Bristol Arena

Bristol mayoral debate: 30 second pitches

Bristol's mayoral hopefuls on why you should vote for them.

Mayoral candidates on why you should vote for them.

Each one has 30 seconds to put their points forward.

Ready, set, go!

Bristol mayoral debate: Gender-based violence

Hannah Khan wants to know what role the mayor has in tackling gender-based violence in the city?

Paul Saville (Ind): "We need to make this a priority... We need to look at the culture of how women are seen in society."

Christine Townsend (Ind): "The mayor need to champion the endemic levels of violence against women and girls."

Tony Britt (Ind): "We need to go back to our schools and teach our children we are all equal. We need to talk about it more."

Tony Dyer (Green): "The mayor needs to challenge how women are portrayed in public life. Women are the majority in this country but are treated as the minority." 

Bristol mayoral debate: Gender-based violence

Bristol mayoral debate: Urban railways

Angela Essex from Henleaze wants to know if elected how would the candidates speed up the re-opening of local rail stations?

John Langley (Ind): "Part of the reason the Henbury Loop isn't up-and-running is that the the Bristol portal authority is refusing to conhnect it so you need to speak to George (Ferguson) about this".

Stoney Garnett (Ind): "100% behind rail but would have to make the prices cheaper I would definately open the rail stations as soon as possible  - that would get cars off the road."

Tom Baldwin (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): "The rail network in the city is criminally-underused. Trains need to be more frequent, affordable and have more access.

George Ferguson (Bristol First): "Rail is one of the best way of getting people out of their cars - and a sensible way of commuting in this city. 

Christine Townsend (Ind): "I don't understand what the blockages are to getting these stations open - what are these blocks and who do we have to be working with to remove them."

Bristol mayoral debate: Refugees

Camal Mohammed wants to know what the mayor would do to help refugees?

Paul Turner (UKIP): "Where are we going to put them? - we definitely need more houses - I've championed using 21st Century prefab building methods so people have houses quickly."

Paul Saville (Ind): "We have got to get 1,000 empty buildings back in use for both refugees and Bristolians."

Charles Lucas (Con): "No point in welcoming refugees unless we can house them."

Mayor Kudehinbu (Ind): "We should make sure all the city's empty houses can be used for refugees and some of the city's land should be used for new buildings for the people."

Bristol mayoral debate: Race and privilege

Kerry Vernon form Ashton wants to know what you would do to make Bristol a fairer city in terms of race and privilege?

Mayor Kudehinbu (Ind): "We should encourage people to live together in harmony."

Marvin Rees (Lab): "It has to be about educational opportunity. The difference between ending up in prison or standing here as a mayor candidate is education."   

Paul Saville (Ind): "St Pauls carnival is a symbolic event - we should bring it back."John Langley (Ind): "I would get someone in to look at the whole issue across Bristol. We need to have a very inclusive policy."Tony Britt (Ind): "Racisim is a sign of ignorance and arrogance. I would give people the shout to run your own community."

Bristol mayoral debate: Transport

Bristol mayoral debate: Social housing

Mark Watson in Shirehampton wants to know what the candidates will do to increase the social housing stock?

Tony Britt (Ind): "I ain't really looked at social housing - being honest I don't know."

Marvin Rees (Lab): "We've committed to build more social and affordable homes. 25% of the developments over the past year have had zero. That's unacceptable."

Kay Barnard (Lib Dem): "We need thousands of houses where housing associations work transparently with the developers and the council."

Tony Dyer (Green): "We need to build 16,000 homes at social rent levels - I'd like to commit to 4,000 of those over the next four years."

Bristol mayoral debate: Social housing question

Bristol mayoral debate: Disability

Jay Martin from Lawrence Weston asks is Bristol disabled-friendly - and what would you do to improve it?

Stoney Garnett (Ind): "A lot more needs to be done for disabled people to give them more access to buildings."

Christine Townsend (Ind): "The next mayor needs to make sure whenever there is new development those issues are taken into account from the start."

George Ferguson: (Bristol First) "I want to make sure there is the best access possible."

Tom Baldwin (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): "More needs to be done to improve accessibility. We need a mayor who will build a budget based on the needs of the city and not austerity."

Bristol mayoral debate: Candidates quizzed on disability

Bristol mayoral debate: Fracking

Hilary Sanders asks - how would you ensure fracking won't contaminate Bristol's water supply?

Charles Lucas (Con): "We need to make sure the technology is in place to protect residential communities and open spaces."

Paul Turner (UKIP): "We need to learn from possible mistakes from around the world... and have safety measures in place beforehand."

Kay Barnard (Lib Dem) "Not in favour - many houses in Bristol don't have proper foundations."

Tony Dyer (Green): "It's a terrible idea - we need to do everything we can to stop it in this country."

Bristol mayoral debate: Any questions?

All 13 candidates for Bristol Mayor are taking part in a live debate on BBC Radio Bristol.

Members of the audience will be able to ask them questions about their policies. You can Listen live here.

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Feel free to get in touch with any of your questions for the candidates.

Tweet us @bbcrb or email us at

Cat 'snatches' mail and puts posties fingers 'at risk of injury'

You've probably heard of dogs terrorising posties. But, now a cat has taken on Royal Mail.

Patchway moggie Bella "snatches" mail as it's pushed through the letterbox of her home putting the postie's fingers "at risk of injury".

Her actions have led to the firm carrying out a "health and safety risk assessment" ... and they now want her kept away from the door!!

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View more on twitter

Bristol mayoral debate: Candidates arrive

All thirteen mayoral candidates for Bristol have been invited to take part in the BBC Radio Bristol debate today. The debate is live from Knowle West Media Centre.

Listen live from 9am (click the listen button at the top of the page) or follow the debate here on Local Live.

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Bristol libraries shut today due to strike action

Library books

Every library across Bristol will remain shut today due to strike action. 

Library assistants have walked out over a dispute about new shift patterns due to revised opening hours, according to Bristol City Council.

Bristol mayor hopefuls to battle it out


With just a week to go before Bristol chooses its next mayor, all 13 candidates will go head-to-head at the Knowle West Media Centre.

BBC Radio Bristol's John Darvall will be hosting the debate before an invited audience at 9am this morning.


You can listen on 94.9FM, 104.6FM, 103.6FM, on DAB, or online. You will also be able to follow the debate here on Local Live.

Banksy's Dismaland memorabilia to go on sale


Remember Dismaland? Banksy's 2015 summer exhibition which brought more than 150,000 paying visitors and £20m to Weston-super-Mare.

Well the money-making continues.

This afternoon dozens of items of memorabilia, including a brochure, a bank note featuring the face of princess Diana and a few pieces of art work, are being offered for sale at East Bristol Auctions.

Getty Images

Good morning: tale of two forecasts

Hello and welcome - this is BBC Local Live with the latest news and information for Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare.

It's brilliant blue sunshine out there at the moment but watch out - change is on the way! Check out the two weather maps below for 9am and 5pm.

Pack a brolly!

Weather map at 9am
Weather map at 5pm