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  1. Our coverage across the evening

    Andy Giddings

    BBC News

    We're bringing our coverage of the Peaky Blinders premiere to a close.

    Cast and fans are watching the first episode of the new series now, but the rest of us will have to wait until it appears on BBC One later this year.

    We're tipping our flat cap to you. And remember - no fighting!

  2. The view from the inside

    The town hall crowd is joyful and excited - cheering and applause has been ringing around the venue.

    Inside screening

    Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight took to the stage before the screening to say season five was the best yet.

    But it also sounds as if we'll be doing all this again soon.

    “We have another two series to do," he said, adding six and seven would feature more of Birmingham where the show is set.

  3. Selfies and autographs for fans

    Well, that's the red carpet cleared. The cast and ticket-holding fans have made their way into the town hall screening, leaving the crowds behind - but not before those all-important selfies and autographs.

  4. 'My stepdad's father was a Peaky Blinder'

    Andy Giddings

    BBC News

    More from the red carpet shortly. For now, here's fan Jayne Hynes who has a special connection with the show - her step-dad's father was a Peaky Blinder in the 1920s and 30s.

    She said he served six years in prison for slashing someone.

    At the premiere tonight, she's wearing his signet ring.

    Jayne Hynes
  5. 'The fun exploring a fantasy land'

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Finn Cole (centre) who plays Michael Gray is another cast member enjoying himself this evening.

    He said: “We have so much fun doing it and exploring this fantasy land.

    Finn Cole

    “When you meet people who have been changed by the show and have learnt from the show, you get [this] appreciation."

    But how does the cast get on?

    "We love each other on and off the camera,” he said.

  6. Actors tell fans 'you're the greatest'

    The cast has made sure to talk to fans who are crowding behind barriers to see them.

    Harry Kirton, who plays Finn Shelby, told them: "You guys are the greatest fans that we could have asked for on the show and we're so, so grateful for your support.

    "To actually be here and to see you guys in the flesh, I'm so, so happy to be here."

    Harry Kirton
    Image caption: Harry Kirton with cast-mate Helen McCrory
  7. Waistcoat look for Peaky creator

    Here are some sharp suits, but what else could you possibly expect from the Peaky cast?

    Those are rather modern looks, though. Thank goodness someone is keeping it authentic with a waistcoat - it's Steven Knight, the show's creator.

    Steven Knight joins the cast
  8. 'Protecting the family'

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Natasha O’ Keeffe, who plays Lizzie Starke, says she is excited by series five.

    “I haven’t seen it as a whole piece but on the written page I was so excited by it.”

    She says her character has become "part of the household" and will be "trying to protect her family".

    Natasha O’ Keeffe
  9. Cast basks in 'amazing atmosphere'

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    It's not long until the screening starts, but in the meantime, the cast has been chatting to the media and fans on the red carpet.

    Sophie Rundle (centre), who plays Ada, said: “It’s an amazing atmosphere with the crowd.

    "Birmingham is such an intrinsic part of the show, it would be wrong to have it anywhere else.”

    Sophie Rundle

    Unfortunately, it seems one person you won't see at the premiere this evening is Cillian Murphy - the star of the show is reported to be filming in the United States.

  10. Blinders in bricks

    Andy Giddings

    BBC News

    We've gone a bit star struck!

    As we try to keep our composure while bringing you more from the red carpet, how about this miniature model of Shelby boozer The Garrison?

    It's part of a Peaky Blinders display that's been created for the Legoland Discovery Centre in Birmingham.

    It's made of 1,043 bricks and features a number of characters from the show, including Thomas Shelby driving a horse and cart - carrying a secret supply of ammunition, of course.


    The Garrison also features a Peaky Blinder opening a safe in a secret room, while a colleague counts all the money they've made; keeping a tally of bets on a chalk board.

  11. Peaky Blinders cast arrives

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Here they are! The cast has started to arrive at Birmingham Town Hall for tonight's screening of the series five opener.

  12. Big Ron is a Pesky Blinder

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    I bet you didn't know Ron Atkinson's golf team is known as the "Pesky Blinders".

    It seems like it's a story of auto-correct...

    You see, the Brummie and former Villa manager told me they all bought Shelby-style flat caps to play some games "against a few lads from up north".

    They sent their opponents a text message, along with photo, saying "don't mess!" But Peaky Blinders came out as Pesky Blinders by mistake - and the name stuck.

    Big Ron

    He says his golfing buddies are all hooked on the series.

  13. Behind the scenes with Finn Shelby

    Harry Kirton, who plays Finn Shelby, controls the show's official Instagram account today - he's giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the season five premiere.

    Follow the action here.

    Instagram image
  14. How's Peaky Blinders received around the world?

    We've been hearing from UK fans and celebrities so far this evening, but the BBC drama is sold across 183 countries worldwide - from the USA to Australia.

    We asked Peaky Blinders' international fans why they love it.

    Video content

    Video caption: Peaky Blinders premiere: Global fans explain why they love the show
  15. World Cup hero Woakes on the red carpet

    Howzat? Fresh from England's cricket World Cup win is Chris Woakes - he was on the red carpet a moment ago.

    And here's a celeb scoop - the team are huge fans. They're feeling Peaky, all right - but obviously not as peaky as World Cup runners-up New Zealand. (Sorry, couldn't resist).

    Woakes said: "The England team are all behind the Peaky Blinders - they're all very jealous I'm here tonight."

    But how would the Shelby gang have played the game?

    "They would have been aggressive, I know that," said Woakes.

    Chris Woakes

    And Brummie "royalty" has recently arrived too, in the form of Ron Atkinson - former manager of Aston Villa.

    But doesn't he know the Shelby clan drinks by Birmingham City's ground? Better keep an eye out, Ron. We don't want any claret spilled.

    Ron Atkinson
  16. What do fans love about Peaky Blinders?

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Crowds are gathering for the premiere of Peaky Blinders' new series this evening, and plenty of those don't even have a ticket to the event.

    So what is it that inspires such affection and gets people dressing up in vintage clobber?

    Ian Reed, 64, from Banbury, said: “The way the plot twists and turns is brilliant.

    "I’m hoping series five will show how gangs evolve."


    Katie Homer, 31, from Wolverhampton, said: “It improves every season. It’s always got a good storyline.

    “It was a very brutal era shown at times but very exciting to watch.

    "And Thomas (Shelby) is like a cat - he has nine lives and keeps coming back."

  17. Brummie cosplay

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Michelle and Paul Taylor from Walsall have really got dressed up.

    And if they look authentic, they should know...

    Michelle said: “A family relative of ours, who is in his 80s now, says [the show] is very like [how] it was."


    They're both looking forward to the question and answer session after this evening's screening.

  18. 'Cillian Murphy is an absolute god'

    Ben Perrin

    BBC Online

    Superfan Clare Brear, 55, from West Yorkshire, has travelled to Birmingham to see the Peaky stars on the red carpet today, but has no ticket for the screening.

    She said: “Cillian Murphy is an absolute god, then Tom Hardy - my husband is third place."

    Super fan

    She said: “I was grabbed from the start of the first series. I love the Wild West side of things, the accent, the period of the 1920s as it’s so glamorous.

    "The cinematography and the music is unbelievable. It sends shivers down my spine.”

  19. A reminder why we're here

    Andy Giddings

    BBC News

    This is the BBC's live stream of the Peaky Blinders premiere in Birmingham this evening.

    We'll be bringing you updates from the red-carpet event - and other Peaky Blinders news - over the next couple of hours.

    If you want to share your Peaky photos or stories, you can get in touch with us via email,Twitter and Facebook.

    In the meantime, please admire the world's greatest byline photo - I don't dress up for just anyone you know.

  20. Playing a Blinder

    Andy Giddings

    BBC News

    Not even Gareth Southgate inspired this amount of sartorial support - you simply can't have a Peaky Blinders premiere without waistcoats and, of course, flat caps.

    I think it's safe to say these are razor blade-free.

    Image caption: Feelin' Peaky
    Image caption: Thumbs up for Tommy