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  1. Train leaves King's Cross station on time as crowds pack the platforms
  2. Flying Scotsman arrives in York at 13:20 - 54 minutes later than scheduled
  3. Service forced to temporary 'abrupt halt' as onlookers come close to tracks
  4. Safety warning issued as thousands line sections of route
  5. Flying Scotsman passes through Doncaster where it was built in 1923
  6. Famous locomotive returning to York's National Railway Museum after refit
  7. Live coverage of the Flying Scotsman's return to the East Coast Mainline on 25 February 2016

Live Reporting

By Tom Airey

All times stated are UK

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Our live coverage pulls into the engine shed

Tom Airey

Reporter, BBC News Online

That ends our live coverage of the famous locomotive's return to the East Coast Main Line, thanks for joining me.

Over the past eight hours we've had steam, whistles, memories, trespassers and a moving finale at York station. 

We leave you with an image from today which has a timeless quality to it - much like the engine itself.

Flying Scotsman at Colton Junction near York

 Welcome back, Flying Scotsman.   

Your emails: 'Enthralled by the power'

Thanks for sending me your emails and photos today.

Dr Ian Pickering has got in touch from New Brighton, Wirral, to say he saw Flying Scotsman as a young child in Wigan during the locomotive's farewell tour.

He said: "She blasted through at incredible speed and I was enthralled by the power. It is a moment I have never forgotten. It is so wonderful to see her back in service, restored and cared for."

Flying Scotsman
National Railway Museum

When you wait patiently to see Flying Scotsman...

...and then this happens.

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  Unlucky, Ryan.   

Flying Scotsman a 'world icon', National Railway Museum curator says

Bob Gwynne, a curator at the National Railway Museum, said it was great to see the “world icon” back in York.

He told BBC Radio York: "It's not just enthusiasts, all the world and his wife are here.

"It's really become the symbol of the steam age and it has been away for 10 years, so it's not really surprising people have gone 'wow, let's go and see it'".

Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman crew take well-earned rest after London to York run

Soot-blackened faces look out from the Flying Scotsman's cab on its arrival in York after an eventful journey which took more than five and a half hours. 

Flying Scotsman crew at York station

Flying Scotsman to head to nearby National Railway Museum

After about 3,000 people welcomed Flying Scotsman back into Platform 9 at York station, it will now head to the nearby National Railway Museum.

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It will be in steam in the North Yard area of the museum, with the site staying open to the public until 10pm tonight.

It's due to stay at the museum until 6 March, when it starts a tour around the country. 

Long wait over as crowds capture historic moment at York station

Hundreds of people crowded the platforms at York station to capture the moment Flying Scotsman completed its inaugural East Coast Main Line run since completing it refit.

Crowds at York station as Flying Scotsman arrives

Former owner says today's journey 'absolutely wonderful'

Sir William McAlpine, a former owner of Flying Scotsman, told BBC Radio York what it was like travelling on today's service from London.

"I think it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. It's a great pleasure. I don't own her any longer and so I don't have to worry about her! I can just thoroughly enjoy myself."

Sir William McAlpine

Crowds cheer Flying Scotsman into York

Here's Flying Scotsman pulling in at York station a few minutes ago.

It's time for the 300 passengers to depart, with the celebrations moving to the nearby National Railway Museum later this afternoon. 

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BreakingFlying Scotsman completes inaugural East Coast Main Line run

After a £4.2m refurbishment, Flying Scotsman has pulled into York station after a lengthy absence. 

What a moment for those lucky enough to be on board or on the platform. 

It's 54 minutes late, but I don't think anyone minds too much. 

Flying Scotsman

Hundreds gather to greet Flying Scotsman south of York

Hundreds of people have been spotted on a vantage point at Colton Junction near York.

Our reporters on board say they have seen scenes like this almost all the way along the route.

Hundreds out to watch #FlyingScotsman pass Colton Junction just south of #York @BBCYork @ellyfyork

Hundreds out to watch #FlyingScotsman pass Colton Junction just south of #York @BBCYork @ellyfyork

BBC Rewind: History of Flying Scotsman

With the journey to York nearing its end, BBC Rewind have put together a video documenting a brief history of Flying Scotsman.

It's definitely worth a minute of your time...

BBC Rewind looks at the history of the Flying Scotsman.

Flying Scotsman arrival in York imminent

The service is about to reach it's destination any minute now!

Predictably, there are huge crowds at York station. 

Crowds (and anticipation) building at York station ready for the arrival of #FlyingScotsman!

Crowds (and anticipation) building at York station ready for the arrival of #FlyingScotsman!

Alan Pegler: The man who saved Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman was saved from the breakers' yard by a millionaire steam enthusiast, Alan Pegler. 

He brought the locomotive to a whole new generation, taking it round the country - and often driving it himself. 

In 1969, he even took the historic engine to the United States.

Alan died aged 91 in 2012. 

Alan Pegler
National Railway Museum

Watch: Flying Scotsman as it passes through Doncaster station

Here's some brilliant footage of Flying Scotsman steaming through Doncaster station about half an hour ago. 

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Service on the move again near Selby

British Transport Police has told our reporter Tom Ingall the reports of trespass were false.

We're on the move again and expected in York in less than 20 minutes.


Flying Scotsman in popular culture

While we're waiting for the train to get moving again, here's some Flying Scotsman-related trivia for you:

  • It featured in the The Flying Scotsman, a 1929 film which symbolised a benchmark in British filmmaking
  • The locomotive has a place in The Railway Series of children's books by Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry
  • It appeared in the 102 Dalmatians film, pulling the Orient Express out of London
  • One of the specially-produced £5 coins for the 2012 Summer Olympics featured an engraving of Flying Scotsman on the back

Flying Scotsman on Blue Peter
Flying Scotsman appeared on Blue Peter in the 1960s

BreakingFlying Scotsman held up again near Doncaster

We have had another trespass incident causing the service to be halted again north of Doncaster.

Some police officers boarded the train at Retford in Nottinghamshire in the event this happened. 

It was expected to arrive at York at 12:26, but it's likely to be past 13:00 now. 

#FlyingScotsman held up again just north of #Doncaster by trespassers @BBCYork Police helicopter at the scene.

#FlyingScotsman held up again just north of #Doncaster by trespassers @BBCYork Police helicopter at the scene.

Onlookers improvise for a vantage point

One of our reporters on board captured a group who used a forklift truck to gain a vantage point over a hedge to see Flying Scotsman.

The locomotive isn't something you see on every tea break!


Watch: Flying Scotsman whistles for Donny crowds

Here's the moment they were waiting for at Doncaster station (from both the platform and on board).

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View more on twitter

Flying Scotsman passes through 'birthplace'

Flying Scotsman has just passed through Doncaster, which has a special connection with the locomotive.

Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, it was built here and emerged from Doncaster Works on 24 February 1923.

A legend was born, as they say. 

Flying Scotsman' sheeted down at Doncaster Works on 1 March 1924
National Railway Museum

It is pictured here sheeted down at Doncaster Works on 1 March 1924 ready for transport to the Empire Exhibition at Wembley.   

Expectant crowds pack the platforms at Doncaster station

Look at the scenes at Doncaster as crowds wait for Flying Scotsman to arrive.

Platforms packed ready for the #FlyingScotsman! @TomIngall

Platforms packed ready for the #FlyingScotsman! @TomIngall

Portillo praise for Flying Scotsman designer Sir Nigel Gresley

As Flying Scotsman approaches Doncaster, the town where it was built, Michael Portillo described it as "an engineering triumph".

He praised its designer Sir Nigel Gresley for having "an eye for engineering, for design, for style and for marketing".  

Michael Portillo

Mr Portillo said he was "very excited" to be travelling on the train as part of filming for BBC documentary series Great British Railway Journeys.

"This is certainly the most famous journey and most famous locomotive in Britain," he said.

View from Flying Scotsman's cab

Our reporter Tom Ingall has managed to wangle his way inside the cab of Flying Scotsman.

I think it's fair to say he's currently like a child in a sweetshop.

The service is currently approaching Doncaster, so it's about 20 minutes behind schedule. 

Cab of Flying Scotsman

Flying Scotsman Returns: Your emails

Thanks for getting in touch with us about Flying Scotsman's inaugural journey up the East Coast Main Line today.

Chris Mott, emailing from Baku in Azerbaijan, said: "A shame that the scheduled Flying Scotsman was able to overtake the historic one, however it demonstrates the superiority of current technology.

"I remember burning my finger on the nameplate of the engine as it stood on the main northbound platform at York during its service days."

Paul said: "Flying Scotsman on show today, Aston Martin on show yesterday - so very proud of British engineering".  

You can contact us with your photos and stories here

Star of the show overcomes late fitness setback

Tom Airey

Reporter, BBC News Online

At the risk of sounding like the BBC’s Sportsday Live, Flying Scotsman required a late fitness test before its return to centre stage today after a recent spring failure.

Like a rapid winger pulling up on the football pitch holding their hamstring, the news caused some gasps from the touchline (or the platform’s do-not-cross line anyway).

Train engineer and Lionel Messi
Getty Images/AFP

Thankfully, the engineers did a top job and the star player was deemed ready for today's comeback.  

Watch: Flying Scotsman passes through Newark

If you were one of the people standing on the platform at Newark, I think it's safe to say you may struggle to spot yourself on Tom Ingall's video below.

Flying Scotsman has now reached Retford, where it's stopping for water before it leaves Nottinghamshire and enters South Yorkshire.

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Watch: Train slows on approach to Newark

Flying Scotsman has slowed to allow a train to overtake on the approach to Newark.

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Flying Scotsman Returns: The BBC's golden ticketholders

The BBC has a couple of TV correspondents fortunate enough to be on board the train today, you can follow Tom Ingall and Richard Westcott on Twitter.

Pictured below is Jean Bacon of the BBC French Service interviewing Mr Howard, the engine-driver, back in 1954.

Judging by Mr Bacon's pristine trousers, he was yet to volunteer to help shovel coal in the engine's cab.

Jean Bacon and Mr Howard

Aerial view as Flying Scotsman thunders towards tunnel

Had to bring you this picture from a little earlier in the journey, as the locomotive entered a tunnel near Hatfield, leaving a trail of steam in its wake.

Flying Scotsman near Hatfield

Driver's eye view: Flying Scotsman from a train cab

This must have given those in the cab of this Virgin Trains service goosebumps.

It isn't every day you pass the Flying Scotsman.

Toot toot! Welcome back to the East Coast Mainline #FlyingScotsman.

Toot toot! Welcome back to the East Coast Mainline #FlyingScotsman.

Flying Scotsman revisits 100mph site

Flying Scotsman has passed the stretch at Stoke Bank, near Grantham, where it became the first steam locomotive to achieve an authenticated 100mph run back in 1934. 

However, some claim City of Truro was the first steam engine to break the 100mph record in 1904 when it apparently reached a speed of 102mph running down a slope near Somerset.

It's the same location as Mallard achieved its 126mph record breaking run in 1938.

Network Rail warning after 'trespass' incident

We've had a statement from Network Rail on the incident which earlier stopped the service for about 15 minutes. 

A spokesman said: "Reports of people trespassing on the lineside meant that services near St Neots were slowed down between 9:00-9:15. 

"The Flying Scotsman was brought to a stop at this time while British Transport Police made sure that everyone was safe. 

 "We are all excited to see The Flying Scotsman return to our rails and we know that many people have waited years for this. Please stay safe and keep away from the trackside."

Leaves on the (digital) line

Tom Airey

Reporter, BBC News Online

Apologies for the delay in posts over the last 30 minutes, it wasn’t trespassers who brought our service to a halt but technical gremlins.

We seem to be back up and running now and will hope to make up the delay by breaking our update speed record over the next stretch.

Watch: Flying Scotsman overtakes Flying Scotsman

Despite giving it a huge head start, the electric Flying Scotsman has overtaken it's historic steam-powered namesake.

You can spot a couple of news helicopters hovering above too. 

Thanks to Richard Salkeld for the footage. 

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Young Flying Scotsman fundraiser on the service

Zak on Flying Scotsman

Zak Parlby, 14, is on board the Flying Scotsman service with his grandfather John Parlby.

His love of the locomotive was passed down to him by his granddad, with his passion leading him to take on a sponsored swim in 2009 to help with the restoration costs.

He wanted to raise £10, but ended up getting £600. Top work Zak!

Flying Scotsman arrives in Peterborough


The Flying Scotsman service has just pulled up in Peterborough, where it's scheduled to stop for about two minutes.

The crowds on the platform here are all after a photo!


Crowds line route as Flying Scotsman heads north

The crowds are out in numbers to see Flying Scotsman pass.

The sunny, clear weather is also providing perfect conditions for a decent photo.

Again, if you're hoping to spot it pass, make sure you keep away at a safe distance. 

People cheering at the lineside on a glorious morning. Amazing scenes as #Flyingscotsman heads North @BBCLookNorth

People cheering at the lineside on a glorious morning. Amazing scenes as #Flyingscotsman heads North @BBCLookNorth

'It's unbelievable': Former Flying Scotsman driver on board

Ron Kennedy

Ron Kennedy, 83, is one of the passengers on board today.

Mr Kennedy, from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, started off as a cleaner at King's Cross' 'Top Shed' and eventually became Flying Scotsman's driver from 1956 to 1963.

"It's unbelievable. I never dreamt about being on it again. To be out with it is just fantastic," he said. "It was a good engine." 

His grandfather'also worked at King's Cross and his dad was a shunter in the goods yard.

Bird's eye view: Flying Scotsman thunders past landmarks

Competing for attention in the morning sun, Arsenal's Emirates Stadium creates an eye-catching backdrop to the Flying Scotsman in full steam.

Flying Scotsman passes Emirates Stadium
Getty Images

And here's a view of it going over the Digswell Viaduct near Welwyn Garden City a little later.

Flying Scotsman on Digswell Viaduct, Hertfordshire