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  1. We showed you behind the scenes of Points West on Tuesday, 5 January

Live Reporting

By Richard Greenaway

All times stated are UK

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  1. Goodbye for now

    Richard Greenaway

    BBC Points West

    Thanks for joining us today for BBC Points West live today. We really hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes.If you missed any of our films today press the key video link at the top of the page and you can watch any time.Alex, David and Ian will be answering your questions on our Facebook page until 19.30.

    BBC Points West presenters
  2. A day in the life of BBC Points West

    Take a guided tour of a typical day at BBC Points West with Sarah-Jane Bungay

    Points West Logo
  3. Facebook Q&A

    Ever wanted to ask a question about how we produce BBC Points West? Now's your chance!

    Alex, David and Ian are holding a live Facebook Q&A straight after we finish on air.

    Head over to our Facebook page between 19.00 and 19.30 to find out how you can ask a question.

    Equipment in the gallery
  4. A reporter's day: Part 2

    Laura Jones

    Reporter, BBC Points West

    This afternoon we managed to interview the owners of the Post Office and get a glimpse of the devastation inside. It was shocking. 

    Then back to the office to listen back to all of the interviews we've done, check which bits we want to use and make some calls to the police to check for any updates.

    Finally, time to sit in a darkened room for a couple of hours with our lovely picture editor Caleb, who will hopefully manage to transform my scraps of paper and ideas into a comprehensive, interesting report for Points West.

    Scripts and timecodes
    Caleb the editor
  5. How tapes have changed!

    Dan Pomroy is a BBC Points West cameraman who's worked in news for 20 years. He's seen the size of his tapes change dramatically in that time.

    In this film he takes you on a tour from film to SD card and tells us how his camera can now broadcast using the same technology as your mobile phone!

    Video content

    Video caption: Dan, one of our cameramen, takes us on a tour of tapes.
  6. Don't forget: Watch behind the scenes now

    We've got a live video feed from inside the Points West control room. Why not watch on your tablet or phone at the same time as watching the programme on the telly?

    Hit play at the top or look for the live coverage tab.

    Tablet showing live video feed
  7. A day in the life of a political correspondent

    Paul Barltrop

    Political Editor, West of England

    There's no such thing as an average day, which is part of what makes my job interesting. Today, though, things are fairly typical of what I do.

    Having already prefilmed for a TV report about the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I’ve also used the interviews for pieces on radio stations.

    I also need to research and work up a future piece about May’s local elections, and especially Bristol’s mayoral contest.

    Oh, and at the same time we’re developing our plans for this week’s Sunday Politics West, as politicians return to work and the political tempo picks up.

  8. What do the people behind the scenes do?

    Tonight for the first time you'll be able to watch BBC Points West live on your TV and also online. 

    You'll be able to see and hear everything that happens in our TV control room as the programme is broadcast at 1830, they promise there'll be no swearing! Click on the live coverage tab above.

    As they're going to become stars tonight we thought we'd get presenter David Garmston to introduce the people who really do make the programme happen.

    Video content

    Video caption: Find out what it takes to put BBC Points West on air with a guided tour of our gallery.
  9. Video from control room is now live

    You can now watch our live stream from the control room - which we call the gallery. Just hit the play button at the top of this page or alternatively look for the live coverage button.

  10. Take a look inside our satellite truck

    The satellite or "sat" truck clocks up many, many miles travelling around the BBC Points West patch to provide live reports into our bulletins.

    Here's "Bungie" our sat truck engineer - who makes it all work - showing you what things looks like from his perspective.

    Video content

    Video caption: For big stories we send our truck to help send material back to the newsroom.
  11. My career at BBC Points West

    Mark Leach

    Cameraman, BBC Points West

    My first experience into the world of TV news was back in the 1960s, when I would go out with my father, Les, who started with the BBC in 1961 as a cameraman. 

    Back then the news was gathered on 16mm film and if it wasn't on the way back to Points West by 14.30 it wouldn't make that night's programme.

    Now we can edit on the road and go live almost anywhere in the patch. Even if we send a report when Points West is already on the air it can still make the programme!

    Mark Leach
    Image caption: Mark showing an early love of cameras
    Mark and Les Leach
    Image caption: Mark in his early days as a cameraman
    Mark Leach
    Image caption: Mark filming on the Severn Bridge for Points West
  12. What makes a good lead story?

    David Garmston
    Quote Message: I believe the most compelling lead stories are about ordinary people caught up in unusual situations. from David Garmston Presenter, BBC Points West
    David GarmstonPresenter, BBC Points West
  13. Time to refuel?

    Where would we be without a good source of caffeine? These jars in the BBC kitchen often start the day at the top and empty pretty quickly.Sugar and caffeine are a good way to keep going as we get close to going on air.

    Jars of tea and coffee
  14. New lead story: Hospital black alerts

    Richard Greenaway

    BBC Points West

    We've been keeping an eye on the situation at Yeovil Hospital this afternoon. They've declared a "black alert", the most severe status level, and say they're struggling to cope with demand. 

    We've recently found out that the Bristol Royal Infirmary and several other hospitals in the West have also declared 'black' alerts.

    It's starting to affect so many people this has to be our lead story tonight. We'll have a report and will be live at the BRI.

    Yeovil District Hospital
  15. A reporter's day: Part 1

    Laura Jones

    Reporter, BBC Points West

    First things first – what’s my story for today? It’s a follow up on the story I did yesterday about a cash machine apparently being blown up in Long Ashton. We’ve been told that a lady who lives above the Post Office may be willing to talk to us – and she’s at work in a pub today. Time to find out…

    We manage to track her down and do an interview. Then it’s on to the Post Office to try and find the owners. We bump into David and Andrew in front of the building – they’re upset and don’t want to talk to us on camera, but say they may do later.

    Next up, a live for our lunchtime bulletin. Time to work out what the most interesting information of the day is – and how to sum it up in less than a minute! We have some problems connecting to the studio, but it’s all sorted with a whopping 20 seconds to go before we’re live.

    Laura Jones reporting live on location
    Laura Jones attaching her earpiece