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  1. Welcome to your social buzz. Here you'll find details of stories making an impact across social media
  2. It's a sporty start to the week with #Euro2016Final, #R1commentary and #Wimbledon currently trending on social media. We'll keep you posted with updates throughout the day.

Live Reporting

By Bernadette McCague

All times stated are UK

Who you gonna call? #Ghostbusters...

The new all-female version of Ghostbusters reaches screens in the UK today.

Reviews so far have been mostly positive but the film has received some mixed reaction on social media. 

And if you were around London's Waterloo station this morning, you might even have seen some spooky if not slimy sights...

Happy to have the family see #ghostbusters

Happy to have the family see #ghostbusters

⚠️ #Waterloo is experiencing some paranormal activity this morning. ⚠️ #GhostbustersWaterloo

⚠️ #Waterloo is experiencing some paranormal activity this morning. ⚠️ #GhostbustersWaterloo

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Eagle set to soar? Time for a General Election?

Now let's move on to the red, or rather the pink corner.......

Ex-shadow business secretary Angela Eagle has launched her campaign to be the next Labour Party leader.

Ms Eagle said she aims to bring the party and the country "back together".

Meanwhile in the Twittersphere there have been calls for a General Election resulting in a lively debate.

Angela Eagle
Getty Images
It's like a Blind Date parody during live shows at Butlin's. #LabourLeadership
It's like a Blind Date parody during live shows at Butlin's. #LabourLeadership

It's like a Blind Date parody during live shows at Butlin's. #LabourLeadership

If Corbyn isn't on the ballot then it is proof a large section of the PLP has forgotten what democracy actually is #LabourLeadership

Watch out for a whole new level of coup with the way this Labour NEC meeting has been called tomorrow. Updates to follow. #LabourLeadership

@David_Cameron We now must have an election.We the people don't want an unelected PM deciding our future. #ToryLeadership #LabourLeadership

I'd love to see a General Election called so we can punish quislings at Westmjnster but it won't happen. This is the establishment winning

Wind of change

The world of UK politics has been in a state of flux over the last few weeks and today is no different.

Current Home Secretary Theresa May is on course to be the next prime minister after Andrea Leadsom pulled from the race to be Conservative Party leader.

Both Teresa May* and Leadsom are trending at the moment and here is the current reaction. *With a spelling correction thrown in for good measure.

Theresa May

So Theresa May is new Prime Minister & trending on Twitter as "Teresa May" if the UK public cannot spell her name right what hope is there

I'm just waiting for Bobby Ewing, to get out the shower, to tell me this is a dream. #Leadsom #Eagle

Beginning to think that social media & 4G aren't fast enough to keep up with modern politics #Brexit #Leadsom #Omnishambles

Theresa May's team arrives to give statement

Theresa May's team arrives to give statement

What makes a Conservative

In America, the top trend #ConservativeBecause is encouraging people to post their thoughts on what makes them conservative - it's been used almost 52,000 times in the last 12 hours.

American comedian Sean Kent's post using this hashtag has attracted several hundred retweets.  

Twitter/ @seankent
@FFL_of_America #ConservativeBecause

@FFL_of_America #ConservativeBecause

#ConservativeBecause Socialism has NEVER worked #tcot #MAGA #RedNationRising #PJNET #AmericaFirst #Hillary

#ConservativeBecause Socialism has NEVER worked #tcot #MAGA #RedNationRising #PJNET #AmericaFirst #Hillary

#ConservativeBecause I believe marriage is SACRED -- and so do almost all my ex-husbands, y'all! #KimDavisIsASaint

#ConservativeBecause I believe marriage is SACRED -- and so do almost all my ex-husbands, y'all! #KimDavisIsASaint

Wonder in the park

After a weekend of sport, it's time for music to take over.

Stevie Wonder performed his classic Songs In The Key Of Life album in full at London's BST festival on Sunday.

Referring to recent outbreaks of violence, the veteran US singer asked the audience to "choose love over hate... kindness over meanness, hope over no hope at all."

Over 17,000 tweets have been posted so far. Here's a selection.

Stevie Wonder

In lift + Louis Walsh 1am. 'good night?' Me 'superb, I saw Stevie Wonder' LW - 'I'm here to do X Factor' Me 'Practically the same thing!' 😉

Stevie Wonder was truly phenomenal every song has meaning every melody speaks to you feel blessed to have seen him

My mum saw Stevie Wonder last night and described it as a spiritual and healing experience. Sounds very superstitious if you ask me

listen to Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder. A fitting score for this time of uncertainty, and a message of hope we urgently need

Let's kick off

Celebrations are continuing in the world of football after Portugal were crowned European champions.

#Euro2016 remains top of the trending league with around 1,750,483 tweets. Following closely is Deschamps as France's team manager admits that the home team wasted a "great chance" to claim their third title.

Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has just posted this picture of the winning team with their prized trophy.

Good morning from London

Monday gets off to a sporty start with #Euro2016Final, #Wimbledon and #BritishGP trending terms on Twitter. It will be another busy day in the political world as Angela Eagle challenges Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn plus all the latest from the Tory leadership contest in the UK. So stay with us as we keep you posted with the happenings on social media throughout the day.