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  1. At least 15 Britons have been confirmed dead by the Foreign Office, which warned the toll could rise
  2. Three of the Britons who have been killed have been named as Carly Lovett, Adrian Evans and Joel Richards
  3. The majority of the 38 people killed in the attack on a Tunisian beach resort were British, the country's prime minister Habib Essid says
  4. Tour operators are flying holidaymakers home, with the first arriving back in the UK on Saturday morning
  5. UK PM David Cameron says the terrorists "will not succeed"
  6. Foreign Office issues emergency number for people concerned over friends or relatives - 0207 008 0000

Live Reporting

By Ian Westbrook and Dominic Howell

All times stated are UK

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  1. Summary of day

    We are going to bring this live page to a close now.

    To wrap up what we know so far:

     - At least 15 Britons have been confirmed dead by the Foreign Office, which warned the toll could rise. 

     - Three of the Britons who died in the attack have been named as Carly Lovett, Adrian Evans and Joel Richards.

     - Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said it was "the most significant terrorist attack on the British people" since 7 July, 2005.

     - Tour companies and airlines have been flying tourists out of Tunisia and home to the UK.

  2. More Tunisia flights and holidays cancelled and Jet2holidays will now be cancelling all flights and holidays to Tunisia up to and including 5 July 2015. 

    Jet2holidays customers will be offered a full refund or the option to change their booking without an amendment fee. customers will be given a full refund. 

    In the meantime, those people in a resort wishing to return home are already transferring to the airport in Enfhida and are boarding aircraft home to Leeds Bradford and Manchester Airports.

    Customers are also being urged to check the and Jet2holidays' websites and social media channels for immediate information.

  3. Relatives 'shocked' by gunman's attack

    Two relatives of Tunisian gunman Seifeddine Rezgui have been 'horrified' by news of the killings on Friday.

    An uncle and a cousin told the BBC that they had seen him literally two or three days before the event and that there was nothing in his behaviour to indicate he had been radicalised or that he was about to carry out an attack.  

    His parents and sister and all of his close friends have been detained for questioning.  

  4. Blackpool couple alive but injured

    Denis and Elaine Thwaites

    The family of Denis and Elaine Thwaites from Blackpool have been told the couple are alive but injured and in a Tunisian hospital.

    According to the Thwaites' son-in-law the news came via a friend who is in Tunisia who had been told by Thomson representatives. 

    He does not know any more about the condition of the retired couple. 

  5. Sturgeon: 'Perversion of faith'

    Senior Scottish politicians have been taking part in a Scottish government resilience meeting (SGORR), along with officials and senior representatives from Police Scotland, to discuss the ongoing response to the situation in Tunisia. 

    Speaking after the meeting, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "This has been a horrifying and senseless act of violence.

    "Our heartfelt condolences go to all of those who have lost loved ones in this horrific attack. My thoughts are also with any families who are worried about relatives they may not have been able to contact and with all those who have sustained injuries.

    Quote Message: The perpetrators of this atrocity do not speak for Muslims, and their actions in the name of Islam are a perversion of that faith. from Nicola Sturgeon
    Nicola Sturgeon
  6. More injured British victims

    Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has also said that as well as the 15 Britons who are now known to have died "several more people were severely injured".

  7. Missing grandfather

    Dougie Lamb

    This is a picture of Dougie Lamb who has been missing in Tunisia since the attack. The baby is his grandchild, and the photo has been sent in by his step-daughter Carol Mulhall.

  8. BreakingBritish death toll rises

    Fifteen Britons have died in Friday's Tunisian attack and the death toll "may well rise", Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said.

    He added it was "the most significant terrorist attack on the British people" since 7 July, 2005.

  9. 'Mobile networks jammed', says Jet2 spokesman

    Jet2 customers in Tunisia told the BBC earlier they felt abandoned by the company and had not received any support. 

    Steve Lee, the commercial director for Jet2, has since told the BBC it had been difficult to contact customers.

    He said: "The mobile networks were jammed, we were trying to get through to customers who had either left their telephones on beaches or wherever else that they'd left at the time that the incident started. 

    "But we've been working through last night, through today... as we speak we've got around 230 customers on transfer coaches to the airport."

  10. Ireland's 'grave concerns'

    There are "grave concerns" about two more Irish citizens who were at the scene of the Tunisian beach massacre, Ireland's Foreign Affairs Minister has said. 

    Charlie Flanagan said authorities are in contact with the families of the two citizens who are still missing.

    An Irish mother of two, Lorna Carty, from Robinstown, Co Meath, has already been confirmed as among the dead. 

  11. 'Flabbergasted'

    Steve White, from Cramlington in Northumberland, is concerned about his wife and daughter who are currently trying to get home from the resort.

    He told the BBC: "I appreciate it will be hectic for tour operators in Tunis but I'm flabbergasted as I understand that it appears that all German holidaymakers were repatriated to Germany by 9pm last night, yet the UK-based holidaymakers are still not sure when they will return."

    Quote Message:
  12. Easyjet's extra flight

    The airline EasyJet is to provide an extra flight from Monastir to Stansted today for tourists that want to come home.

    It said it was contacting all of its customers in Tunisia about this flight, though customers can also contact easyJet on 0330 365 5000 to be booked on it. 

    The flight is due to depart Monastir at 17.45 local time.

  13. Gunman's family shocked

    BBC correspondent Jim Muir in Jaafour

    I'm standing now in the village of Jaafour, and this is where where the man who is widely alleged to have carried out the attack down on the beach at Sousse, was born and bred. 

    He lived here until he was 19 or 20 and then he went off to university at Kairouan but he continued to come and go from the village. We've talked to some of his family...they were very, very shocked by what happened...

    It seems that just the day before, on Thursday, he was in the village here and he had his beard shaved off. 

    But everybody we have talked to here in the village... they all said he was just a very normal guy... he prayed like other people here, he fasted like other people here, but he showed no signs at all of extremism. 

    So the tendency here in the village is to blame Kairouan or perhaps radical elements at mosques or wherever in Kairouan itself...

  14. Two more victims

    Adrian Evans - who was an employee of Sandwell Council in the West Midlands - has been confirmed locally as one of the dead from Tunisia. 

    Adrian's nephew Joel Richards, aged 22, a local football referee, is also among the dead, according to reports.

  15. Missing couple concern

    Tourists John Welch, 74, of Corsham, Wiltshire, and his partner Eileen Swannack, 70, have not been in contact with their family since the attack, and concern is growing for their welfare (see earlier entry at 15:24). 

    Now the grandson of Mr Welch has also been in contact with media outlets and said he is preparing himself for the worst.

    Daniel Welch, 29, of Swindon said: "You know that we're going to get some sort of news at some point, whether it be today, tomorrow or the next day, and you know it's probably not going to be great, because they haven't been able to make contact themselves by now. 

    "But it's just that not knowing."

  16. More details on Carly Lovett

    A piece in the Lincolnshire Echo has reported some more details about Carly Lovett. The paper says she was 24 years old and worked as a photographer.

  17. Kent couple happy to be home

    David Schofield and Nicole Harris

    David Schofield and Nicole Harris have told the BBC how relieved they feel to be back home in Maidstone after being caught up in the attack.

    "We're incredibly lucky that we are here in the UK and that obviously we weren't on the beach at the time," David said. 

    "We came down to the lobby at around 10.00 last night and were told that if we could pack in half an hour, those who wanted to can get on a flight.

    "We landed into Gatwick around 6.55 this morning and managed to speak to everyone we wanted to.

    "We really do feel very, very lucky to be back and safe - and thank the people who organised that."

    Nicole said: "I remember saying to David to make sure we stayed away from the windows and the doors and to get ourselves up to our room and to stay safe.

    "I don’t think we would be going back to Tunisia any time soon. We made the decision quite quickly to come home and we are thinking more about the friends and family of those who are not coming home." 


  18. Missing couple

    Sue Fraser from Chippenham in Wilstshire is looking for her uncle and his partner who were at the resort.

    She said the couple were about 70 years old.

    "My uncle, John Welch and his partner Eileen are staying at the hotel," she told the BBC.

    "They're from Corsham, Wiltshire. They are about 70.

    "Eileen's son has contacted the hotel. He's waiting for a call back. The hotel says they're missing and haven't been seen since yesterday.

    "We've asked them to check the room, see if their stuff has been taken or if it's still there."

  19. 'Want to go home'

    Amy Alcock has been in touch with the BBC. She is from Birmingham, UK  and is on holiday in Sousse, Tunisia, with her partner.

    She said: "There were grown men who were shook up.  A lot of the staff were in tears.

    "I didn't think I would still be here." 

    Quote Message: "We were meant to be here for 10 days but we just want to go home now."
  20. From the scene

    Mark Lowen, BBC's Turkey correspondent

    The clinics of Sousse aren't used to dealing with gunshot wounds. 

    A quiet, tourist town, it's been severely shaken by this tragedy. 

    At the Sahloul University hospital, they're taking in the victims. 

    Over twenty are being treated here: one is in intensive care, others waiting for operations on limbs punctured by bullets. Tony Callaghan, from Norfolk in eastern England, was at the Imperial Hotel with his wife - their third time here. 

    The attack sent him running from the beach into the hotel, crying out for his wife to take cover. 

    One bullet hit his knee. He ended up with a group in one room, barricading themselves in. He could hear his wife outside crying for help. 

    Welling up with tears, he tells me he didn't know if he'd see her alive.

  21. Queues at the airport

    While some tourists are continuing their holidays on the beach, others have decided to head home. This was the scene at the Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport in Tunisia a little earlier.

    Tourists wait to check in for their flight to Manchester, Britain, at the Enfidha international airport, Tunisia on 27 June
    Quote Message:
  22. Tourists hit the beach

    New pictures continue to come in from Tunisia. This shot from news agency Reuters shows that some tourists are continuing with their holidays, and hitting the beach.

  23. Woman waiting for news of mother

    Carol Mulhall from Doncaster is waiting for news of her mother Margaret Lamb and husband Dougle Lamb, who were on holiday in Sousse.

    "Her phone is just ringing out and the Foreign Office can't give me information," Carol told the BBC.

    "It's been fraught this morning. My children and I are her only family and she would have called me to let me know she was OK if she could. 

    "I don't know what to do. I'm so scared she's out there and could now be alone and terrified. I want to tell her everything will be OK and I'll get her home."

  24. Tunisian authorities name gunman

    Ben Brown reports that Tunisian authorities have named the dead gunman as 23-year-old Seiffedine Rezgui, who was an electrical engineering student. They say he was acting alone 

  25. Missing couple sought

    Denis and Elaine Thwaites
    Image caption: Denis and Elaine Thwaites

    Relatives are appealing for any information on missing couple Denis and Elaine Thwaites, who arrived in Tunisia on Wednesday and may have been caught up in the attack.

  26. Armed security guards on boats

    BBC presenter Ben Brown at the scene in Tunisia has said increased security guards are now patrolling the beach area in boats.

    "Some are saying this sort of increased security is too late as there had already been one attack on tourists in March," he told the BBC News Channel.

  27. Tourism in Tunisa will recover 'long term'

    The owner of the Marhaba Imperial Hotel near to where the attack took place has said that he thinks the incident will not affect Tunisia's tourism trade in the "long-term".

    Owner of the Marhaba Imperial
    Quote Message: I think the tourism industry will suffer in the short-term, but in the long-term we will recover. Tunisia will always be a hospitable country. from Hotel owner
    Hotel owner
  28. Bullet holes in bag

    Injured Briton Tony Callaghan has met up with the BBC's Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen. Mr Callaghan (see entry 12.39) is a member of Norfolk Police staff, and the force said his injuries were not life threatening.

    View more on twitter
  29. Police ask for information

    Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has appealed for anyone caught up in Friday's attack to come forward with information that could help with their inquiries.

    He added: "Extra officers are at British airports to support returning travellers and identify potential witnesses."

    Information can be passed in confidence to the anti-Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

  30. Gunman image

    This image taken from a militant website associated with Islamic State purports to show the Tunisian gunman Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani

    This image published on sites associated with Islamic State purported to show the Tunisia gunman - who was referred to by a nom de guerre, Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani.

  31. BreakingBritish victim named - Carly Lovett

    The first Briton known to have been killed has now been named locally as Carly Lovett from Gainsborough in Lincolnshire.

  32. Man seeks missing parents

    Mark Stocker, is appealing for help in finding his father and stepmother, John and Janet. 

    Speaking to Sky News, he said: "We've spoken to every hospital in Sousse and surrounding areas." 

    Quote Message: One of my brothers managed to speak to someone in the hotel - they've gone and checked their room but their stuff is still in there. It's just trying to work out what we do."
  33. Waiting for news

    Among those waiting for news is Ross Naylor, whose father Scott Chalkley, 42, was staying at the Imperial Hotel with partner Sue Davey. 

    Mr Naylor said he has not heard any news on their whereabouts despite several calls to their mobile phones, the hotel, the Foreign Office and a local hospital. 

    Mr Naylor, of Derby, added his fears had increased after hotel staff told him his father and partner were on the beach and had found some of their bags on the sand. 

    Ms Davey's son Conor Fulford, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, earlier said she was missing but he thought he had seen her on a stretcher during a television report.

    View more on twitter
  34. 'It was like war' - German tourist


    Eyewitness Katerina has told BBC correspondent Ben Brown of her experience during the attack.

    The German tourist said: "The security told us to run, go into your rooms, run away.

    "It was like in war. I really was afraid. I don't know why they are doing this." 

  35. Jet 2 to fly customers back to UK

    Jet 2 has said it will fly any customers who want to return to the UK home today. Planes will be arriving in Tunisia this afternoon. 

    Quote Message: In light of the appalling events yesterday, we will be bringing back those Jet2holidays and customers, who want to return home, today. Up to four aircraft will be arriving at Enfhida Airport this afternoon to repatriate those customers. Further details will be provided shortly. Important numbers: - UK customers with Tunisia related queries or concerned relatives should call 0113 457 0550- Customers in Tunisia please call 0044 113 387 9501."
  36. Harriet Harman statement

    Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman has responded to events in Tunisia.

    Quote Message: These shocking events, as well as the attacks in France and Kuwait, remind us of the constant threat the world faces from terrorism and the need for constant vigilance. There is now crucial work being done by staff and services to help tend to the injured, reunite families and bring those affected home."
  37. Western tourists deliberately 'targeted' - police chief

    Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, national policing lead for counter-terrorism, says it is "fairly clear" the location of the Tunisian attack was chosen because of the number of Westerners present in the area.

    Quote Message: We've deployed a large number of officers out to Tunisia, both in terms of our own evidence gathering - forensic experts, helping the Tunisia authorities - and also we've got experts in family liaison assisting."
  38. Police interview returning tourists

    Scotland Yard has said police travelled to Tunisia to help investigate the killings and officers are also interviewing tourists returning at British airports.

  39. 'Cowardly people'

    Sean Tipton

    Sean Tipton, from the Association of British Travel Agents, tells the BBC: "I think it is really that a tour operator should contact its customers to let them know what's going on.

    Quote Message: "Part of the reason why these cowardly people targeted tourists in the first place is they know that one of the main lynchpins of the Tunisian economy is its tourism economy. They get six million foreign visitors a year and over 400,000 of those are from the UK so when you see incredibly shocking sights like we saw yesterday that's understandably going to put people off travelling and that's clearly why they've done this."
  40. 'At least eight Britons killed' - Tunisian health ministry

    The Tunisian health ministry is reporting at least eight of the victims of the attack were British.

    A German and Belgian have also been identified, it said. 

    The Foreign Office earlier confirmed that five Britons had been killed, but this number is expected to rise.

  41. Scottish government issues statement

    The Scottish government has issued a statement on Tunisia:

    Quote Message: We are closely monitoring the horrifying situation in Tunisia and our thoughts are with those affected and families worried about loved ones. The Scottish government is in regular contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and we would encourage anyone with any concerns about the welfare of their friends and families to contact the helpline. We stand ready to offer assistance as appropriate."

    The Foreign Office helpline number is 0207 008 0000.

  42. Police worker injured

    Norfolk Police have confirmed a member of support staff was injured during yesterday's attack. Tony Callaghan was in the country with his wife. Both required hospital treatment, but their injuries are not life-threatening, the force said. 

  43. Injured Welshman to be flown home

    Matthew James and Saera Wilson

    The Welsh tourist who was shot three times during the attack is due to be flown home, BBC Wales understands.

    Matthew James, 30, from Trehafod, near Pontypridd, used his body as a human shield while trying to protect his fiancee when the gunmen opened fire.

    Speaking from the hospital on Friday where Mr James, known as Sas, is being treated, fiancee Saera Wilson said: "He took a bullet for me. I owe him my life because he threw himself in front of me when the shooting started.  

    More here

  44. 'No support'

    BBC News Channel


    British tourist Lindsay Nelson, who is staying in the area where the attacks took place, says she and other British tourists have been left without support. 

    She tells BBC News the group has had "literally no support" from operator Jet 2. 

    Some of those waiting to travel back to the UK witnessed the attack and are "devastated", Ms Nelson says. 

    Earlier,  Jet 2 spokesperson told the BBC it would put on extra flights. 

  45. Pic: Tourist passes scene of attack

    Tourist passes scene of attack
  46. Watch UK couple recount experience

    British couple Olivia Leathley and Mike Jones, who survived the attacks on Friday, told the BBC a gunman was "killed about 400 yards" from where they were hiding.

    You can watch their account here

  47. Recap

    Here's the latest we know about yesterday's attack in Tunisia:

     - Some 38 people died in the attacks on a tourist resort

     - David Cameron warned the public must be prepared for a high British death toll 

     - Tunisians, Germans, Belgians, French and at least one Irish citizen were also among those killed 

     - Islamic State extremists say they carried out the attack  

     - Around 1,000 British tourists have returned to the UK. Many thousands are still in the country, but extra flights are being sent to bring tourists bac

     - Police have encouraged the public to attend Armed Forces Day events in the UK as normal after reports Islamic State had planned to target a London parade

  48. Pic: Flowers at the scene of shooting

  49. 'I kissed my wife goodbye'

    A number of accounts of the panic in Tunisia are coming through. One British tourist in Tunisia, whose name was only given as Danny, took refuge under a table with his wife, hearing ''guns and grenades and explosions'' around them.

    ''I hid under a table and kissed my wife goodbye, thinking that was going to be the end,'' he said.

    You can hear more here .

  50. Airline providing extra flights

    Jet 2 has confirmed it will put on extra flights to get people back to the UK from Tunisia today. We'll post details when we have them. 

  51. Confusion still at scene

    Dave Beardman from Accrington was in the area when the attack took place. He says there is still confusion in the area.

    Quote Message: At the moment, we are in the hotel reception. There is a great deal of distress and tension. Children are crying and people are trying to make phone calls."
  52. Travel updates

    Abta, the tourism association, says customers due to travel to Tunisia in the next two days are advised to contact their tour operator for their options. Those due to travel after this are advised to wait for further information, it said. 

    EasyJet says it will provide an additional flight from Monastir, Tunisia, later this afternoon for customers who wish to fly home early. It said in a statement: "We are proactively contacting all of our customers in Tunisia about this flight, though customers can also contact easyJet on 03303655000 to be booked on to this flight. The flight is due to depart Monastir at 17.45 local time." 

    Earlier TUI, which runs Thomson and First Choice, announced that it had specialist teams - directors and trauma teams - in Tunisia supporting those who needed it, and arranging travel for those who wished to return to the UK to be back by tomorrow.

  53. 'They're inside, run'

    Olivia Leathley and Mike Jones

    Olivia Leathley and Mike Jones, who are now back in Manchester after returning from Tunisia, have been describing the scene at her hotel.  

    Quote Message: Me and my boyfriend were in our hotel room. We were about to go down to the beach but I was waiting to charge my phone, so I said we'll go down in half an hour. We then heard what we know now were grenades and gunfire and we saw from our balcony hundreds of people running and screaming from the beach."
    Quote Message: I rang my dad to let him know what was happening and while I was on the phone to him we heard shots from inside the building where we were... someone shouted 'they're inside, run'... all the time I've got dad on the other end of the phone and I'm screaming down the phone to him 'I love you, I love you, I'm so scared' and I can just hear him shouting down to the phone 'Lord, be with them, Lord protect them'."
  54. Beach still closed off

    BBC News Channel

    The BBC's Ben Brown is in Sousse, outside the hotel where yesterday's attack took place. He says the blood of victims is being washed away this morning. 

    The area of the beach where the killings happened remains closed off he adds. 

    The owner of the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba hotel has told him he believes the tourism industry in the country can recover.   

  55. Updates

    We've been having a few technical issues on the site this morning, which we think are now solved. We'll be updating this page with the latest information now. You can access our earlier updates  here